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Best binoculars for concerts

Last Updated: 29.11.21


Binoculars for concerts – Buying guide & Comparison


If you want to know which the best binoculars for concerts are but you don’t have spare time to do research then read this short paragraph and learn a few tips. According to our findings, the Bushnell Legend Ultra HD Compact 190125 is a great option thanks to its HD clarity and sturdy design. Featuring a 10x magnification and 25-millimeter lenses, the product is completely waterproof and can be used even in fog conditions. Moreover, it comes with an ultra wide anti-reflective lens coating that optimizes the light and the clarity when viewing a specific target or image. If the Bushnell Legend Ultra HD Compact 190125 is not available, don’t forget to check out the Celestron 71341-CGL Outland X, another good option.



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Finding the best concert binoculars can be a tad difficult especially if you’re not sure what to look for. This is why you’ll find useful the easy-to-read buying guide that is showcased below. It offers a short presentation regarding the most important features products like this must possess.

Field of view

When choosing binoculars that are suitable for spectating, you must consider the field of view of these tools. Basically, a wide field allows you to view the image better with much clarity.

If you like to attend concerts often, you must invest in a pair that allows you to see clearly the entire stage, especially if you bought the tickets at the last minute.

The width of the field of view is typically expressed in feet, meters or degrees and you can find in the product description. As a general rule, good binoculars for concerts should have a field of view of 315 ft or above. Just keep in mind that the field is affected by the magnification of the binocular, so pay attention to this as well.



One mistake that all people make is that they believe that the higher the magnification is, the better. This is certainly not the case because higher magnification translates to instruments that have a small field of view. In this situation, you will have to move the binoculars from one angle to another in order to see what’s happening on the concert scene.

The whole point of purchasing binoculars for spectating is to get a close-up view, so you need to be careful to balance the magnification and the field of view if you want to see the action on the whole stage.

According to most concert binoculars reviews, a magnification that ranges from 4 to 10x is more than enough if you’re planning to go to a concert. If the show is held indoors, then a binocular with a lower magnification between 4 and 8x will do the trick. The best part is that instruments that have a lower magnification are easier to stabilize in your hands and reduce the blurriness.



There are so many good options for sale that you can choose from. It all comes down to your personal preferences and style.

There are compact binoculars but also mid sized or full sized ones. Whatever size you choose, you need to be aware that you will carry them with your throughout the entire concert so make sure you opt for something that is lightweight and compact for you.

Full sized binoculars have objective lenses of around 42 mm or even more while mid sized and compact go from 21 to 36 mm.  

Because they don’t weigh much and provide more comfort, compact binoculars are a safe choice for most people. Furthermore, they can be stored in your pocket or handbag. Their size doesn’t interfere with their ability to provide clear images because they can produce a wide field of view and come with a good magnification power.

If you plan on spectating in low light conditions, you might find more useful full sized binoculars that are a little heavier than compact or midsize models.


Waterproof features

The majority of concerts are held outside so it’s quite certain that weather conditions might suffer changes. Therefore, binoculars that are built from waterproof elements might prove to come in handy if it starts raining.

A good advice is to look for tools that are nitrogen purged because this feature prevents the elements of the binoculars from fogging in humid conditions. Otherwise, if you only need them for indoor events, regular binoculars will do just fine.



5 Best Concert Binoculars (Reviews) in 2021


We’ve gathered a lot of information after carefully reading some customer reports and quality surveys and have managed to create a selection of the products that we believe are worthy of your attention.



1. Bushnell 190125 Legend Ultra HD 10x25mm Roof Prism Binoculars


This binocular from Bushnell is an excellent choice if you need an instrument that is lightweight and equipped with an HD clarity feature.

Build from top-notch materials, the product is quite durable and has an ergonomic design that ensures a powerful and safe grip. Aside from that, it can be used in the rain and foggy conditions without having to worry thanks to its magnesium chassis and RainGuard HD water-repellent lens coating. This model can actually be submerged in the water and remain dry inside.

The powerful magnifications and the BaK-4 prisms feature make this binocular a great option for concert viewing. Plus, the ultra wide-band anti-reflective lens coating optimizes the light and ensures a proper spectating even of poor light conditions.

Thanks to the ED prime extra-low dispersion fluorite glass function this item delivers amazing colors and perfect contrast and brings out the most distinct details. Therefore, you won’t have any issues in seeing all the action during the show.  



The stunning HD clarity that this model of binoculars offers will allow you to catch every tiny detail of the performance that you so dearly want to enjoy. The item is tested extensively and manufactured using only high-quality materials.

Its nice looks aren’t the only advantage this design has. The product is also built to last, being durable enough to safely shelter the optical system and protect it from harmful accidents.

Exceptional optics include bak-4 prisms, ED prime glass, band coatings and rain-guard water-repellent layer, all for the comfort of the user.

Equipped with a 25mm objective and 10x magnification power, this device also comes with many useful accessories to help you store it properly.



There have been a few complaints stating that the eye relief for this item is too short, making it uncomfortable for eyeglass wearers to adjust to using it.

Also, apparently the design can be a little smaller than expected.


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2. Celestron 71341 10 x 25 Outland X Binocular


If you want a binocular that you can use in all possible weather conditions, then this choice of product from Celestron will do wonders for you.

Due to its unique rubber and nitrogen purged properties, this tool can be handled even if outside is raining or fogging.

One thing worth mentioning is the compact size of this spectating instrument. It isn’t much larger than an average smartphone which makes it portable and easy to store.

You can use this binocular for a variety of events thanks to its high magnification power of 10x. In addition, the Bak4 premium prism glass and the multicoating of the lenses ensure plenty of visibility and a great optical performance.

There’s no need to worry about comfort while wearing eyeglasses or sunglasses because the twist-up eyecups can be adjusted fast in order to provide an ideal position that works for you. Also, the binocular comes with a neck strap and a carrying bag that keeps the product safe from shocks or scratches.



This model features 25mm roof prism lenses and a 10x magnification power, allowing you to see a great level of detail from a distance. Its fully multi-coated optics are covered in protective layers that preserve the optical system.

By using bak-4 prisms, it offers crisp-clear images and overall high-quality vision. It’s protected by waterproof and fog proof layers that allow you to use this model regardless of weather conditions.

The protective case is covered in rubber armoring that manages to prevent the shock impact from damaging the optical system that’s sheltered inside and to offer a tighter grip to the user.

You can adjust the eyecups by using their twist-up function, and thus employ the product even if you wear glasses on a daily basis.



These binoculars produce minor chromatic aberrations and a less sharp image compared to other similar products on the market, but they’re an overall good and reasonably priced product.


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3. Vanguard 10×25 Orros Compact Waterproof Binoculars


This binocular from Vanguard comes with a magnification of 10x which means that the objects you see appear ten times closer than it would with your naked eye. Therefore, this piece of equipment is ideal for watching concerts or sports events.

The product features 42-millimeter objective lenses that ensure bright images even in low light conditions. Moreover, the small minimum distance allows you to see the fine details especially if you use the binocular outdoor.

Because the item doesn’t weigh more than 20 ounces, the binocular can be used for an extended period of time without having to worry about arm fatigue. Aside from that, it enables the possibility of affixing a tripod that can be purchased separately.

In the center, you will find a knob that allows you to focus both lenses at the same time and make adjustments so that the images appear crystal clear. The twist-up eyecups and the eye relief make it easier for eyeglass wearers to use the binocular.



By using bak-4 prisms and fully multi-coated lenses, this model of binoculars manages to provide a crisp clear view of your surroundings, being ideal for observing a concert performance.

The compact design is also light enough to be comfortable to use without causing fatigue, even for a few hours.

You can adjust the focus by using just one hand, due to the convenient and unique one-handed focus wheel adjustment function.

They are protected by waterproof and fog proof layers that completely seal the optical system from damaging external factors.

Protected by a non-slip rubber armor, the exterior layer of the case offers you a safe grip even in unfavorable weather conditions.



Customers have complained that despite having many useful features, these binoculars are a bit oddly shaped and don’t fold evenly when stored. However, they’re pretty good for the money.


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4. Gosky 10×42 Roof Prism Binoculars HD Professional


This spectating tool is a smart blend of usefulness and modern technology. Thanks to the quick alignment smartphone adapter, the product is compatible with almost all brands on the market and allows you to capture and record the concerts, in addition to your regular viewing activity.

The 10x power magnification and the large field of view make this item suitable for many outdoor events and can be used even for climbing, hiking or birdwatching. Due to this high magnification, you can see the entire concert stage without having to move your sight.

The objective lens feature a multi-layer green film coating that adds to the 18 mm blue film eyepiece, enabling your view brighter and clearer.

You can use the binocular in any weather condition because of the durable framework and the rubber armor. Furthermore, the material is completely shock-absorbing, so it won’t break even if you drop it accidentally.



By using compact roof prism lenses that provide 10x magnification power, this model also offers a 1000-yard wide field of view, being an ideal choice for watching wildlife and scenery.

The fully multi-layered coatings that protect the 42mm green film objective lens guarantee the quality of the image, because they’re key elements to any great optical device.

A brighter, clearer image is perceived by the user.

Another aspect worth considering is the durable framework and the rubberized armor that protect the optical system inside. These elements not only increase the design but also absorb the shock that could result in damaged lenses.

In case you need more reasons to consider this model, you should know that it comes with many additional accessories useful for transportation or storage.



Customers have stated that this model may be a little hard to get used to especially if you’ve been accustomed to other designs.


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5. Bushnell Powerview 10×25 Compact Folding Roof Prism Binocular


For spectating, you’ll most likely need a binocular that is compact and lightweight and offers HD image quality. This is the reason why this model from Bushnell is a great option for viewing your favorite concerts. The best part is that the product is suitable for a variety of situations such as stadium sports, hiking, birdwatching or hunting, in addition to musical and theatrical events.

Made of a durable material, this instrument is built to last, and each element has been previously tested in order to deliver outstanding quality and performance.

Because it features fully coated lens, the objects you view appear crystal clear and the images are bright. There’s no need to worry about comfort if you wear eyeglasses due to the special rubber and the eyecups that can be easily folded down.

You can take this binocular with you at every event because the carrying case and the neck strap ensures easy access.  



The optical system that this product uses is of extremely high quality, offering HD clarity. That mainly because it has been tested extensively beforehand and it’s manufactured using only quality materials.

Its beautiful design isn’t only aesthetic but also functional, since it shelters the optical system and also protects it from harmful impact, being durable enough to last

If you’re keen on outdoor activities, this device is ideal for stadiums, concert venues, hunting or bird watching.

With fully multi-coated lenses and a 10x magnification power, it manages to protect the lenses from exterior factors such as unfavorable weather or debris infiltrations while allowing you to observe your target in close detail.

The eyecups fold down to protect the lenses and are decorated with a camouflage design, ideal for hunting enthusiasts.



There have been a few complaints stating that the eye relief and the distance between eye positions aren’t quite in the right place. Some adjustments are required until you get your eyes lined up.


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Can Binoculars Be Repaired?

From classic binoculars to newer models such as binoculars with camera, repairing your optical instrument can be a scary endeavor until you actually get to it. All that you need in order to fix the lenses, prisms, and the focus knob is a set of proper tools, our step-by-step guide, and a bit of patience.



Repairing binoculars at home

If you notice that your binoculars are no longer working properly, that does not always mean that you will need to discard them and go purchase a new pair since many of the damages that can occur to them either by falling or heavy use can be fixed in the comfort of your own home.

With that said, not everyone will feel comfortable with disassembling their expensive device and doing repairs on it by themselves. In this case, going to an authorized workshop or repair service may be the better choice.

If you want to get an idea of what disassembling and repairing an optical instrument entails, there are tons of video tutorials on video sharing platforms such as YouTube. Seeing the entire process makes it easier for you to assess if you have the skill, patience, and finesse to repair your trusty pair of binoculars yourself.

For people that are ready to get their hands dirty, there are lots of guides to help you repair some of the most common problems with binoculars, and we will present some of them below. Video tutorials are also recommended since they can help make some of the complicated steps easier to understand.

We’ve found that YouTube, in particular, is full of videos that detail how to repair numerous types of binoculars. We recommend using some of those videos in conjecture with our written instructions so that this way it will be less likely for you to feel like you’re not in control of what you are doing.

Having some clear and straightforward videos that are supported by written instructions can make even the most complicated steps a lot easier to understand, especially if you have no prior experience with repairing binoculars.

The repair tools that you will need include a screwdriver, tweezers, the owner’s manual of your device, a scale, cleaning cloth, and some tissue rolls. For collimation, a binocular collimator is better than a screwdriver, but if you do lack it, a standard screwdriver can still fulfill this purpose.


Repairing the lenses

The most delicate and significant part of any binoculars are the lenses, and these are also the components most prone to damage be it from a fall, heavy use, or harsh weather conditions such as a sand storm. If they have moved away from their original spot, and you are now having problems focusing, you can repair them at home by following a few easy steps.

The first step is to locate the tiny screws that keep the lens together. You should consult the owner’s manual to see if your model does not have some nearly invisible screws that are carefully hidden from sight under the rubber coating. You should use a piece of paper to note their location so that you don’t forget where they are positioned.

Once you have opened up the lens screws, before you begin to re-align them, you should first take the time to clean them properly. Use a clean and dry piece of microfiber cloth if they are not extremely dirty. If they are, you can wash them gently in a soapy solution.



With the lenses cleaned and dried, measure the central position of both lens cups and mark it with the scale. Then place the lens exactly at the center point. Placing the lens back in place can be a tedious process, and you will need to use tweezers since using your fingers will leave fingerprints.

When you feel that the lenses are in the correct position, you can look through them to see if they are in the exact place. If not, you will have to continue adjusting them until they are.

Once you begin to tighten the screws back on, it is time for the decisive test. Take the scale and begin to measure the center of the two sides and if they are equidistant from both sides, it means that your repair process was a success. Don’t worry if you don’t get them in position from the first time. Since you will now be familiar with the screws, it will be even easier to follow the entire process again.


Repairing the prisms

The prisms are the second most important components in a pair of binoculars. The prisms help collimate the images coming from both sides, and when they are perfectly aligned they make our brain see one clear image.

When the alignment of the prisms is disturbed, the image quality will get affected considerably. This condition is also known as de-collimation, and it usually occurs due to an internal fault in the instrument, which means that it can be hard to prevent or anticipate it – the only thing one can do is try to repair it.

For this repair process, you will need a tripod stand and a target to help you check the accuracy of the binos while you’re repairing the prisms. The target should be around 100 meters away (110 yards) for 10x binoculars, 50 meters (55 yards) for 5x binoculars and so forth.

The screws controlling the prims are usually hidden under the covering, so you will have to remove it. You can do it using a penknife to peel the covering down until you see the screws. Check the owner’s manual to see how many screws there are on your model, but usually, there are two for each prism, making them four in total.

One screw is for increasing the zooming power, while the other is to align the path of light. You should begin to pinpoint the fault by aiming the binoculars at a target (a straight line or a wire) and if the fault is present, then you will see the target line on different heights through both sides.

If the target line appears lower through the left side, you will have to tighten up the screws on the left side. Each time you move the screws a little you should test your target again. Keep going this until the two lines merge.

When both sides are de-collimated and the lenses show different images, you will have to use your eyes entirely. This process is more time-consuming and it requires you to have sharp eyes since you will need to match the two sides using your eyesight as a tool.

Repairing the focus knob

Once the lubricant used by the manufacturer to ease the movement of the screws in the focus knob fades away with time, it can be difficult to use the knob. Thankfully, this can be solved quite easily in the comfort of your own home. It is also one of the easier fixes.

For this process, you will need grease, and the best one is the colorless and odorless type, which is usually available at optics and automobile shops. Some cotton buds are also necessary to help you apply the grease thoroughly.

The first step is to open the focus knob, and you can generally do it by unscrewing the large screw on the top that holds it in place. As always, take a look at the owner’s manual to see if your model uses a different design.

With the focus knob opened, take a cotton bud and clean the inside until there is no debris left. Then apply the grease on a cotton bud and start applying it gently and thoroughly. With that step completed, you can now put the screws back on and the knob should be fixed. You might have to tighten the screw from time to time since the extra grease might make it a bit slippery.



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