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Best Wingspan binoculars

Last Updated: 24.06.24



Wingspan binoculars – Buying Guide & Comparison


Every once in awhile you find yourself forced to make rash financial decisions, especially when faced with the necessity of buying some gear you don’t really have much knowledge about. Shopping for binoculars is no different. Luckily for you, we’ve put together a comprehensive buying guide to deliver all the information we’ve gathered by reading Wingspan binoculars reviews and help you make a rational choice. Our research points out that the first option you should take into consideration is the Wingspan Optics ProBirder, due to its sophisticated design and advanced features. Firstly, the Ultra HD technology will surely impress you and allow you to enjoy the scenery like never before. This might be a compact and lightweight prototype, but its quality is sure to last in time. The ED glass used for the lenses will render an image of irreproachable clarity and brightness. Should this product be unavailable, we recommend you to check out the Wingspan Optics SharpView for an equally good second choice.



Comparison table


The Good
The Bad



Finding a pair of binoculars that perfectly suits you and your requirements can be a tough task in a market overflowing with options. Luckily for you, in order to get the best Wingspan binoculars, all you need to do is follow the tips in our buying guide.

Although no one knows what you need better than you do, just in case you’re a bit confused as to what to look for in a pair of binoculars, we’ll present a few characteristics to make sure you know where to start from. This might help you find some good Wingspan binoculars.

But in order to find excellent binoculars, it’s important to remember not to rely entirely on tips and consider your purpose and exactly what you expect from the product you buy if you want to make sure you won’t regret your purchase.


Depending on your purpose for the item, you must choose the material resistance accordingly. Wingspan, otherwise known under the name of Polaris Optics, usually manufactures their products using high-quality materials, so chances are that whichever one you buy you’ll end up with something durable and long-lasting.

However, you mustn’t rely on this assumption. Before making checking out what’s for sale, analyze your requirements and only this way will you be able to accurately respond. If you’re an amateur and you’ll be needing your pair of binoculars to enjoy concerts or outdoor activities such as family trips and so, you may not need an expensive item manufactured with strong materials.

On the other hand, if you’ll be needing your pair for professional purposes, we strongly recommend you to get the best Polaris binoculars you can find. Make sure they’re waterproof and fog proof so that weather won’t be an issue. Keep an eye out for nitrogen filled models, or the ones treated against internal fogging for additional security and performance.


Lens type

Perhaps the feature that most influences the final outlook of the binoculars, the lens type should be your comparison criterion when it comes to buying them. From diameter to the focal distance, magnifying power to field of view, everything is determined by the type of lenses.

Pocket binoculars have small lenses, with a diameter close to 30-40 millimeters. Choose this size if you’re looking for an alternative which will be easy to carry around and bring out at the right moment. Larger sizes of lenses are usually destined for professional use and are above 40 millimeters.

Magnifying power in Wingspan binoculars generally varies between 8x and 10x, the first being usually encountered in amateur, small size products, while the latter, capable of rendering a higher level of detail, is kept for professional products. A pair of good Polaris Optics binoculars will have 10x magnifying power, although that can be a little more pricey and you should opt for the less powerful one if you’re currently living on a budget.

The field of view is measured at one thousand yards and can vary between 350 and 450 feet for most options. A larger field of view is advised if you wish to observe targets on the move, while a smaller one is likely used for static observation.



Keep an eye out for the little details that can make a difference. For example, a rubberized exterior will offer you a firm grip and will reduce your chances of unwillingly damaging your pair of binoculars. An easily accessible focus-adjusting knob will increase your chances of catching sight of a target on the move.

Don’t neglect these small design hacks that can turn a good product into a great one.

Follow our rules if you want to buy the best binoculars from Wingspan. If you still have no idea where to start from, we’re going to make a few suggestions below.



5 Best Wingspan Binoculars (Reviews) in 2024


If you haven’t made up your mind yet about which alternative meets all of your requirements, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to showcase a few of the designs that Wingspan, otherwise called Polaris Optics, commercializes.



1. Wingspan Optics ProBirder Ultra HD 8X32 Binoculars for Bird Watching


Such an item is a great choice for outdoor use, especially for observing the wildlife while on a trip. It is equipped with all the necessary characteristics to flawlessly serve its purpose in this circumstances.

The state of the art Ultra HD technology and Extra-low Dispersion glass will provide you with some of the best views you’ve ever seen.

With 8x magnification, all the negative effects such as color fringing or chromatic aberration are corrected by the fully multi coated lenses, so that you won’t have to worry about poor image clarity.

Using revolutionary technology, the Wingspan Optics ProBirder offers an entirely new spectrum of color, while simultaneously preventing eye fatigue. They also allow you to travel light since these compact nitrogen purged binoculars are lightweight and come with a set of accessories to facilitate transportation.

No need to worry about unfavorable weather conditions. Despite their appearance, they’re both waterproof and fog proof and safe to travel with, also protected by a lifetime warranty.



You should definitely try this Wingspan model if you want to have access to brighter, clearer images and enjoy a lightweight design that allows you to track your target on the move by using a wide field of view.

By using extra-low dispersion glass, the lenses eliminate color fringing and chromatic aberration at high magnification, allowing you to zoom in without encountering these unpleasant setbacks.

The lenses are also fully multi-coated, preventing the unfortunate weather conditions from interfering with your activity. The phase correction coating is useful for enhancing the resolution of the final image.

Don’t let yourself be fooled by the light design of this device. In actuality it’s durable as a tank, protecting the optical system from harm while also allowing you to travel light.



Customers have stated that despite offering good value for the money, these binoculars are generally oriented towards outdoor activities performed during the daytime. They’re not so great for stargazing.


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2. Wingspan Optics SharpView 8X40 Birding Binoculars


Without having to empty your pockets, you can purchase a pair of binoculars capable of just as high performance as other pricey models, all in the form of the Wingspan Optics SharpView.

Ideal for amateur use and for beginners, especially great when used for birdwatching, these binoculars offer you a bright image of high clarity, even from a distance up to one thousand yards. The magnifying power reaches up to 8x, which is perfect for observing wildlife, and is also reasonable for their price.

Despite its sleek design, this pair offers a firm grip, to ensure safe travel. It can be used by everyone in your family, children or adults. The wide eye relief guarantees it can also be used by people who wear glasses.

There’s no need to pay a higher price because the packaging you receive will include various accessories to make storage and transportation less of a worry.

Needless to say that the Wingspan Optics SharpView, as many of their other products, is protected by a lifetime warranty.



This model of binocular is ideal for birdwatching and provides the user with the perfect balance between design, an affordable price, and a good quality image.

You’ll be able to observe details previously overlooked, in the bright and crystal clear images that this device renders. The extra-wide field of view is great for birdwatching since it allows you to track a target on the move.

The ergonomic design is not the only factor that makes the exterior case of this item attractive to the users. It’s also very durable, managing to protect the insides from an impact.

These binoculars are great for traveling, both because they can be stored without any risks of damaging them and because they allow you to observe the world from another perspective.



The lens covers apparently aren’t well enough attached. Chances are this depends on the individual model, but some customers have complained that they tend to fall off.


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3. Wingspan Optics NaturePro HD 8X42 Professional Binoculars for Bird Watching


Another item manufactured by Wingspan that’s perfectly equipped for outdoor trips, the NaturePro is one of the best choices out there if you’re enthusiastic about birdwatching.

This well-built pair of binoculars will offer you the most vibrant colors you’ve ever seen, due to the latest Ultra HD technology. The fully multi coated lenses will offer the best resolution, clarity, and color fidelity you could possibly get for this price.

The extra wide field of view, which is a remarkable 430 feet at one thousand yards means you can track any moving objects more easily, and thus capture stunning images of wildlife in its natural habitat.  

Equipped with cutting edge close focus technology, the NaturePro will make you feel like you are just a few inches away from your target, despite the actual distance. You don’t have to worry about potential damage since this product is protected by a lifetime warranty. Hopefully, it won’t come to that, as this model can withstand even the toughest weather conditions.



This model of binoculars is ideal for outdoor activities such as bird watching, because they offer a very clear and bright image, with the color true to reality, whether you’re observing a target that’s close or far away.

You can spend hours on end watching your favorite species since this model doesn’t cause fatigue due to its ergonomic design and easy-to-turn focus wheel that can be activated using just one hand.

A close focus paired with an extra wide field of view allows you to track a target’s movements without missing out on any detail.

Since they’re great for outdoor activities, they also need protection against harmful factors. They are waterproof, fog proof, drop proof and also have an anti-slip grip for enhances safety in slippery environments.



The only relevant aspect that has proven to be a setback in this item’s case is the fact that it can’t be mounted on a tripod since there is no screw for it.


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4. Wingspan Optics FieldView 8X32 Compact Binoculars for Bird Watching


Small, but high powered, this is perhaps one of the best choices when it comes to pocket sized binoculars fit for any outdoor activity, from birdwatching to stargazing.

The powerful 8x magnification will allow you to observe even the most intricate details, while the wide field of view, 326 feet for one thousand yards,  will prove to be very useful when tracking down targets on the move.

The exterior rubberized armor will offer you a firm grip in order to increase stability and prevent the binoculars from slipping out of your hand while using them in a wet environment.

The packaging will include various accessories, such as non-abrasive lens cleaning cloth, neck strap and carrying case to ease transportation and lens protection covers to prevent damage and to make them simple to store.

You can adapt them to a tripod to get a steady view, and you can use them regardless of weather conditions since the Spectator binoculars are both waterproof and fog proof.



Perfect for any outdoor activity in general and birdwatching in particular, these binoculars are a lightweight, pocket-sized alternative to other professional items with heavier designs.

They have a wide field of view, allowing you to track the movements of any species of bird and to focus in on your target at up to 1000 yards out.

You’ll get a bright and clear image, filled with colorful details due to the 8×32 magnification power that allows you to see in depth.

A non-slip grip means that you can now go birdwatching regardless the weather conditions because you won’t have to worry about the item accidentally slipping out of your hand and getting damaged.

What’s more, this model is also protected by a lifetime warranty.



Despite being good for the price, some customers have stated that this model tends to have blurry edges that affect the overall clarity of the image.


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5. Wingspan Optics NatureScout 8X32 – Compact Binoculars for Bird Watching


Perfect for people who have an active lifestyle, the RuggedEagle design will offer you many of the characteristics of Wingspan products that you already know and love in the form of a small, compact alternative easy to store or travel with.

Magnifying power goes up to 8x, which is more than reasonable for a pair of binoculars of this size. Needless to say, this feature will allow you to observe your target in great depth of detail, while the lenses will provide a bright image of high clarity.

This design offers a non-slip grip and ergo comfort technology so that you can use it for hours on end without experiencing fatigue or accidentally damaging them. Built of resistant materials, the RuggedEagle is a waterproof, fog proof item, fit for any weather conditions.

Protected by a lifetime warranty, these binoculars are likely to last. In addition to that, the packaging offers a wide range of accessories to help you store or transport your new Wingspan model.



A compact model that’s ideal for birdwatching and other outdoor activities, the RuggedEagle is a lightweight, pocket-sized alternative to other heavier items that offer roughly similar characteristics.

It has a wide field of view and you can focus on your target at 1000 yards out, immediately after you spot it, allowing you to track its movements but also observe a great level of detail.

The ergonomic design is completed with a non-slip exterior armor, that allows you to use this device regardless of the weather conditions.

In addition to this protection, the item is also waterproof and fog proof, in order to allow you not to worry about water infiltrations or fogging, events that might affect the quality of the view.

If you need any more reasons to check out this product, you should know that it’s also protected by a lifetime warranty.



There have been a few customers complaining that it takes some adjustment to get the focus just right, and this might result in you missing some of the targets.


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