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Best binocular case

Last Updated: 15.07.24


Binocular cases – Buying guide & Comparison


If you are looking for the best binocular case on the market, but you lack the needed time to do a thorough research on the subject, we might be able to help you out. After reading countless binocular case reviews and after seeing what models the specialists support, we have concluded that the ALPS OutdoorZ Extreme Bino is the model you should consider. Among the features that recommend it are its quality construction and the fact that this item can be fully adjusted so that it fits you perfectly. What is more, the model comes provided with a practical harness that you can easily wear when out admiring nature. If the ALPS OutdoorZ Extreme Bino is unavailable, our suggestion to you is that you give the Voodoo Tactical Men’s Binocular Case a good look as it is a reliable option that might suit your needs.



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Finding the best case for binoculars for the money is not without difficulties, especially if you are new to this line of products. Because we know the drill, we have decided to help you out. So, after doing the research, we have compiled a list of important features that you should not settle without when shopping for a good binocular case.


Before going online and ordering the first model that you like we suggest that you pay attention to a number of important factors. First of them is sturdiness. Because you’ll be using this case to store your precious, maybe expensive binoculars, it is best that you settle for a model made from a reliable, durable material that won’t break easily.

So, when exploring models, take a good look at the material used in the making of the products as well as at the type of stitching that was used.



Another factor that deserves your consideration is the design of the model. As you probably already know, there are two possibilities that you can choose between. Firstly, there is the case that comes equipped with a strap that goes around your neck or shoulder. This model is quite convenient and compact, and it is usually preferred by most people.

However, the second one features the attachment of the case to a harness. Although this model might seem less aesthetically pleasing for most, it has the advantage of not adding extra weight on your neck. Also, the model is usually favored by people who suffer from neck or shoulder because it is said to be ergonomic.

Moreover, specialists recommend that you pick a model that is compact. By settling for a larger product, you risk ending up with an item that will hinder your moves, and that will prove overall uncomfortable. Additionally, compact designs usually mean that the product stays close to your body. Hence, there won’t be any type of bouncing.



Looking for a quality case for binoculars also implies that you take the time to verify the product’s dimensions. As you already intuit, not all cases come in the same dimensions, and not all cases can fit the model that you own.

In order to settle the issue and be sure that you have found the right case, you should look for the measurements that the manufacturer supplies its customers with and check to see if the product is proper for your unit. Even more to this point, it might be a great idea to go online and read the comments left by previous users as this might help you get a better understanding of the model’s pluses and minuses.


Tips and tricks

Picking a binocular case from the myriad of models that are up for sale at the current time it is not easy. Therefore, here are a few extra tips and tricks that might help you out in your decision.

Purchase a model that is waterproof. Because you are going to use the case when outdoors, it is important that the product that you buy can protect the unit against all types of weather. By doing so you can rest assured that your binoculars are safe and ready to use at all times.

Another thing that you should consider is the circumstances in which you want to use the case. For instance, if you are a hunter, it is wiser to purchase a model that has a camouflage pattern that makes it harder to notice. However, if you are a hiker or a bird watcher, it doesn’t really matter the color of the product.



5 Best Binocular Cases (Reviews) in 2024


Deciding what binoculars case to choose is not an effortless task. Read the following list of quality products and select the one that you like best.



1. Alps OutdoorZ Extreme Bino Harness X


Highly appreciated by its previous buyers, the ALPS OutdoorZ Extreme Bino is a model that is worthy of your time and money. The unit has a sturdy construction and is said to deliver superior performance even in harsh environments.  

This case comes fitted with a practical harness, so the model works perfectly for people that often complain of neck fatigue or sore shoulders. Additionally, this product has an interesting and practical U shaped front that enables the user to easily access the case.

What is more, this model has an adjustable closure that can easily accommodate a variety of binoculars. So, you don’t have to worry whether or not the product fits your binoculars. Also, this case has a fully adjustable harness that is said to fit all body sizes.

This model is usually preferred by huntsmen that recommend it because it keeps the binoculars high and tight to one’s body and because it doesn’t affect one’s shoot.



This case is highly durable since it is made of 680D nylon ballistic fabric, and it might be the ideal choice for long-lasting performance in harsh environments.

It also features a padded back panel that adds an extra layer of protection for the binoculars and that gives you extra comfort, which you\'ll need when you use the case for many hours in a row.

Another highlight has to be its fleece-lined interior that preserves the integrity of the lens.

Moreover, the seller also offers a lens cloth.

Lastly, note that it has an adjustable closure system and a front U-shape pocket that allows a variety of binocular sizes and easy access.


When it comes to downsides, people usually mention that they think the design is not very subtle and clean. Others think it has too many straps, even if they are necessary and comfortable.

Furthermore, it is only available in shades of green and not other colors.

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2. VooDoo Tactical Men’s Tactical Binocular Case


If you are looking for a classic case design that is both comfortable and reliable, check out the Voodoo Tactical Men’s Binocular. The model is quite compact and is said to keep the binoculars tight against one’s body in order to prevent them from snagging any obstacles.

Moreover, this product comes outfitted with an adjustable flap that permits the user to carry it in a wide range of styles. Even more so, additional parading is included so that your gadget is protected against any type of bumps and accidents.

The manufacturer states that the product has been extensively tested with a range of 35 to 50 mm objective lenses in the 6x to 8x range.

However, if you want to be extra safe that the model is right for your binoculars, it is recommended that you measure your gadget. The exterior dimensions of this case are 7″ tall by 6″ wide with 3″ depth.



This piece will allow you to carry your binoculars anywhere you go and to have them close at hand whenever something unexpected happens.

The pouch is adjustable and can fit a variety of styles so that you can match it to your gear.

The dimensions of this case are 7\" in height by 6\" in width and also 3\" in depth. The cover can be adjusted as well to give a little more height if necessary.

Its compact design helps keep the binoculars tight against your body to prevent them from smashing against obstacles. Moreover, the bag is padded and has a minimal footprint.


As anyone can notice, the bag doesn\'t have a universal size, so you\'ll have to measure your binoculars to make sure they will fit it.

It also doesn\'t have a shoulder strap to help you carry it easier while running from one place to another.

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3. VooDoo Tactical 15-9258075000 Tactical Binocular Case


Another model that huntsmen might find appealing is the Voodoo Tactical Men’s Binocular (Army Digital). This camouflage model is quite versatile, as it allows one to use it to carry a wide range of different types of binoculars.

What is more, the product can be attached to any kind of vest, belt or strap. Similarly to the previous model designed by the same manufacturer, the unit has a fully adjustable flap, reason why it can fit different models of binoculars.

Most users of the product claim that this is a nice case that has a soft lining and drawstring cover that can actually protect one’s binoculars.

Moreover, the price to value ratio for this model is great. So, if you own a medium-sized or small binocular and you are searching for a feasible, affordable case, this product might be just what you need.



The compact, light, and adjustable flap design of Voodoo Tactical\'s new and exciting binocular case allows you to carry different styles of binoculars and other small items easily and without any additional straps.

It also offers padded protection and easy access so you won\'t miss the little fleeting moments of life.

The unit attaches to vests, belts or backpacks with the help of the universal straps.

Moreover, cleaning the bag is hassle-free, and it has a cool design that won\'t get boring any time soon.

The flap is secured and will make sure that the binoculars won\'t fall out of it as you\'re running or trying to climb a tree.


Some people had some noise issues because the model uses Velcro and a plastic buckle to keep the flap closed. This means that when you open the flap to reach for whatever is inside it, the Velcro makes a lot of noise.

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4. Red Fox Binoculars Case for Celestron Skymaster Giant


If you own a large pair of binoculars and you’ve been searching for a fitting case but you’ve had no luck so far, check out the Red Fox Binoculars Case for Celestron Skymaster. This product is the go-to model that all those owning large optical gadgets opt for.

Although the model was designed to be used with the Celestron Skymaster Gigant, the product can just as easily accommodate any other model of binoculars. Size wise, this product is perfect for 15×70 binoculars. As a plus, the well-planned layout of the unit ensures enough room for your binoculars.

What is more, the case is convenient for traveling mainly because it features a shoulder strap that is comfortable and easy to carry.

When it comes to the product’s quality, we have to point out that the model is quite sturdy due to the fact that it is made from reliable, long-lasting fabrics.




People love that the adjustable flap, secured by a buckle system, keeps everything inside safe.

The unit is ideal for the Celestron-made binoculars with the same name, but it can fit other models as well.

It has an efficient design that allows easy access and a well-planned layout which provides room for your binoculars and a cleaning cloth. Moreover, it is highly stylish and simple.

The piece is convenient for travel especially since the shoulder strap is there so you can tote your bag easily and comfortably.

And more importantly, the case is made from premium quality materials and offers long-lasting durability.


Because it is made especially for one type of product, other binoculars might not have a snuggle fit.

Other buyers mentioned that since it is black, it will gather dust so it might require a good cleaning once in a while to remove all the dirt.

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5. Steiner Optics 612 Deluxe Binocular Case 30mm Porro Black


Last but not least, we couldn’t have ended this list without mentioning the Steiner Deluxe Nylon for 7×30/8×30. This unit is particularly fitting for those that do not mind making an investment in order to get a high-quality item.

According to the manufacturer, this model is a zippered nylon storage accessory that has been specially made to accommodate the Steiner 7×30/8×30 Porro prism binocular models. So, if you own this binoculars model, you can know for sure that the case is right for your unit.

Additionally, this product is soft-sided, and it includes a removable shoulder strap that is quite comfortable to wear.

What is more, the models produced by this manufacturer are covered by the Steiner Heritage Warranty that guarantees that your Steiner product will be repaired or replaced if it becomes damaged or defective. If so, you don’t have to pay anything for the repairing.



The deluxe piece is a zippered nylon storage accessory for Steiner\'s Porro prism binocular models, so if you own one, no other piece can offer a better fit.

This case is soft-sided and includes a removable shoulder strap, which means you have more than one carrying alternative, a thing that matters to active people.

It is made from sturdy materials that can survive life on the rod, and it will keep the binoculars safe from impact and scratches.

Lastly, note that the zipper doesn\'t malfunction and that the nylon it is made of also offers a small degree of waterproofing.


As with other products in this category, this unit doesn\'t have any thick layer of padding to make sure what’s inside won\'t move around.

The case is also on the smaller side, so you might want to make sure you measure the binoculars to see if they fit inside it.

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