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Bushnell Powerview Compact 132517CM Binoculars – Review

Last Updated: 06.12.21




Main technical features


The quality optics of this model provide you with a 10x magnification power, with an objective lens diameter of 25 millimeters. Fully-coated, the binoculars boast a BK-7 glass prism with a general roof prism design.

The handles have a rubber armor, so you can rest assured you’ll hold the unit properly.

The close focus point is at 21 feet, and the field of view provided is of 300 feet at a range of 1000 yards. The eye relief distance is of 9 millimeters, with the exit pupil being at 2.5 millimeters. It is a very light and portable item, at only 242 grams or 8.5 ounces in weight.


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In-depth information


One of the more affordable models in this field, this binocular is perfect for concert viewing, sporting events taking place over larger areas and also makes for a great pair of hunting binoculars.

Discover the details hidden from your sight by using this modern and portable item, developed to offer you great value at the lowest possible price.

The general-purpose roof prisms are made using BK-7 glass, which offers enough clarity and contrast for use in lower light situations. By using this type of design, the binoculars become more compact, and therefore portability is increased without sacrificing image quality.

For a natural focus, a central knob is provided; it is accessible with only one hand and can be used while looking through the device.

The lenses are effectively coated; this technology increases image quality by enhancing brightness and by offering vivid, true to life colors across the whole spectrum. Using the item in low light conditions is not too problematic either, thanks to its well-crafted optics.

To make the product suitable for concertgoers, the manufacturer opted for a low weight design which uses modern alloys.

Reducing damage sustained from active use, the rubber armoring also prevents a complete breakdown in the case of an impact.

Included in the package is a reliable binocular case with a neck strap for convenience and comfortable transport. Other accessories can be acquired from the producer too since there are many compatible items and enhancements available for sale.

The Bushnell 10×25 binocular is very versatile, being suitable for many activities. It has high-quality eyepieces which allow both glass wearers and those with normal vision to use the product.

As an extra feature, the eyecups are foldable; its camouflage design is another design retouch which contributes to its popularity.

Known issues


The design is simple and will not match the performance of expensive, professional binoculars. The eye relief is decent but using the item for very long periods of time can prove to be quite tiring for your eyes.

Focusing at longer distances is not that easy because the focus knob used can sometimes have a vague and inconsistent movement which makes rolling over the focus point accidental and very possible.

Seeing how they are made to be affordable, some users note that they might be a little more cheaply made compared to higher end units. Even so, for concert viewing, this device offers good results.


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