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Best binocular tripod adapter

Last Updated: 15.07.24


Binocular tripod adapters – Buying guide & Comparison


If you are searching for the best binocular tripod adapter but you don’t have the needed time to do the legwork on the subject, this short paragraph should get you cued up. After reading countless binocular tripod adapter reviews and after taking into account aspects such as overall brand quality and price to value ratios, we have reached the conclusion that the Orion 5271 Versatile Tripod Mounting is the model for you. Among the features that recommend it are its versatile aluminum construction and its slim design. What is more, the device has a 1/4″-20 socket that fits standard photographic and field tripod heads. If the Orion 5271 Versatile Tripod Mounting is unavailable, we recommend that you check out the Carson Tripod Adapter for Binoculars (TA-50) as it is a reliable second option that you might find practical.



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Because we know that finding the best binocular tripod mount adapter is not as easy as it seems, we have put together a list of features that you should consider before placing any orders. When making the list, we took into consideration what the specialists had to say about this line of products.

Why buy a tripod adapter?

Using binoculars is something many of us enjoy. However, all those that own a heavier model know that using it for a long period of time is not particularly comfortable. Moreover, if you intend to use your binoculars to observe an astronomical event, holding the device in your hands at all times is maybe not the best choice.

Additionally, a lot of users have noted that whenever their arms get tired, the image that they see tends to become shaky. Whenever this happens, although the larger image one sees through the lenses is still, small details such as numbers or letters often crumble together and are difficult to tell apart.

In the light of these aspects, it is safe to say that there are specific moments when using a device of this type is crucial.


Types of tripods

At a quick glance at the market, you can see that there are countless similar models up for sale at the current time. In order to decide what product to pick it is important that you understand the difference between the types of tripods available.

Mainly, there are no less than five different kinds of tripods: the traditional models, the compact units, the tabletop tripods, the monopods and the astronomical models.

The traditional models (the tripods) have three legs and are considered the standard, hence the name. These units are quite comfortable to use and easy to adjust. What is more, they can be set on all kinds of terrains, including uneven ground. A good example of a model of this type is the Celestron 93524 binocular tripod adapter

The compact tripods are usually used by people that sit down while using the binoculars. The main advantage that this model has is the fact that it is quite small in size and that, consequently, doesn’t take up a lot of space when used.

The tabletop tripods are, similarly to the compact models, ideal for long-term observation. They have to be set on a table or on a table-like surface and can they can be easily carried in a backpack when needed.

Monopods are also a type of device that isn’t able to stand on its own. The product is ideal for observing moving objects and is also quite portable.

Astronomical tripods are also considerably popular. Just as the name suggests these models are considered heavy-duty because they have to hold astronomical binoculars that are heavier than their alternative counterparts.   However, these tripods are not necessarily heavy themselves mainly because they are made from lightweight metals.


Tips and tricks

From the info that we have gathered from a Vortex binocular tripod adapter review, not all binoculars can fit all types of tripods. Therefore, before settling on a model it is advisable that you verify the technical aspects of the unit that you own. While doing so, remember that the manufacturer usually specifies these details.

Moreover, there are different types of mounts. However, if you are unable to find a mount that can fit your model of binoculars, you can always opt for a universal piece that can safely and securely suit your device.


The different types of tripod adapters and how to find the one that suits your needs

Many people think that there is only one type of tripod adapter mostly because there is one type that is very popular that we are going to talk about later. There is more than one type of binoculars so it is a fair guess that there should be more than one type of tripod adapters. 

A type of binocular tripod adapter that fits all types of binoculars is the one that uses a rubber strap to attach the tripod to the binoculars. This is very easy to use and it is also called a universal binocular tripod adapter. This is usually used for roof prism binoculars that do not have the option of attaching other types of tripod adapters.

There are binoculars that have the option of attaching an adapter to the central shaft of the binoculars and they require a special type of tripod adapter, so you would read the manual to see which one suits you best. Also, many manufacturers have designed the binoculars in such a way that you can only use an adapter specially designed for certain models.

The screw thread binocular tripod adapter 

This is the most popular binocular adapter that we have told you about earlier and it is very popular among users who own a Porro prism binocular. This is because this type of binocular has a certain distance between the barrels and is designed with a place in which you can screw the binocular adapter.

You might think that a screw thread binocular tripod adapter will fit any Porro prism binocular, but this is not the case. If you have experience using Porro prism binoculars, you have probably noticed that not all of them have the same distance between the binocular’s barrels.

Also, not all adapters have the same size, so a logical conclusion is that not all adapters fit all binoculars. Before deciding to purchase an adapter, measure the distance between the barrels of your binoculars, and look at the dimensions of the binocular tripod adapter. 

Some screw thread adapters are thick and some of them are thin, so you can choose between different models according to your needs.


How can you tell if your binocular is tripod-adaptable?

As we have said before, not all binoculars have the option of being adapted to a tripod. To know if yours has this option, you should look between the barrels and see if the central pivoting point of the binoculars has a cap. If it does, try to unscrew the cap. Under the cap, you should have a special place to screw your adapter in.

If you do not see a cap, your binocular might not have this option. In general, large binoculars like astronomy binoculars that have to show precise images and are hard to be kept in place while you hold them are definitely tripod-adaptable or have an incorporated feature that allows you to use a tripod.

It is best to use a tripod also when you engage in activities where you need to see precise details, like birdwatching, and you need high magnification. As you probably know, when you have high magnification, the image is very sensitive to movement. So, in general, binoculars that are designed for activities that need high magnification are designed to be tripod adaptable.



5 Best Binocular Tripod Adapter (Reviews) in 2024


Because picking a binocular tripod adapter quick release can be quite challenging, we have put together a list of quality products that are worthy of your attention. So, read ahead and select the one you find most appealing.



1. Orion 5271 Versatile Tripod Mounting Adapter 


If you want to purchase a product that is both affordable and sturdy, check out the Orion 5271 Versatile Tripod Mounting.

This dependable unit is made from aluminum and is said to allow attachment of either Porro-prism or roof-prism binoculars to a tripod.

Technically speaking, this model can hold binoculars that measure 80mm or that have smaller apertures on a tripod or on a mount so that one can enjoy longer viewing sessions. The product’s socket is said to match both standard photographic devices and field tripod heads.

All possible buyers should know that this model has a height of 4.25″ and a slim design that works with many binocular housings. According to its previous buyers, this product is firm and not very heavy.

Consequently, you can effortlessly move it around whenever you need to. Additionally, most users were happy with the model’s rubberized tightening knob that makes it easy to handle.



The versatile aluminum adapter allows attachment of either Porro-prism or roof-prism binoculars to pretty much any tripod.

It can hold units with an aperture smaller than 80mm, and it is especially handy for extended viewing sessions.

Its threaded adapter 1/4″-20 socket fits all standard photographic and field tripod heads, and it is easy to use even if you lack experience with this type of product, or if you have shaky hands.

The manufacturer decided to create it from aluminum so that it can be both light and perfect for travels. This way, you can give your shoulders and arms a break while exploring.



There were surprisingly few complaints when it comes to his unit. However, we should mention that it doesn’t work with binoculars larger than 80mm, which is a bummer if you own more than one model and you want to use the same adapter.


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2. Carson Ultra-Slim Binocular Tripod Adapter


Another model that you might find interesting is the Carson Tripod Adapter for Binoculars (TA-50). This device stands out thanks to its slim design and the fact that it is compatible with most standard tripods and window mounts.

The product is made from a sturdy aluminum construction that is said to guarantee its user a steady, hands-free viewing of any landscape.

In fact, the product is being advertised as ideal for bird watching and nature viewing. Besides, the current users of the model say that the product is well built and easy to fasten.

In an attempt to make sure that all its customers are satisfied, this manufacturer offers its customers a lifetime limited warranty.

Therefore, if the product that you receive has any craftsmanship defects, your model will be repaired or you’ll receive a replacement. Further information about this deal can be easily obtained by contacting the seller.



Let’s start by mentioning it attaches to most tripod-ready binoculars.

The threaded base fits most standard-sized tripods and window mounts so that you can stop worrying about compatibility possibilities.

The sturdy aluminum craft of the adapter is exceptionally durable, and it facilitates steady, hands-free viewing.

It has an ultra-slim, compact, and ergonomic design that makes it perfect to take with you on your next outdoor or, why not, indoor adventure.

The tripod adapter is backed by Carson’s lifetime limited warranty, and it is highly intuitive so that you won’t waste time with installation and you can enjoy it right out of the box.



Some say that the adapter is not as stable as other products on the market, although it wasn’t something that popped too often in reviews.

Also, you need to know that its surface is prone to scratches since it is black, smooth, and with a metallic texture.


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3. Vortex Optics Binocular Tripod Adapter


If you are looking for a rock-steady product that won’t let you down, we suggest that you look at the Vortex Optics Binocular Adapter VT-400.

Once put in place, this model allows for a full range of motion and is particularly useful if you want to use it to observe a scenery but your binoculars do not have a wide field of view.

Also, as one happy customer reported, with this product you won’t experience any kind of interference from the thickness of the adapter.

Besides, the threads that the unit comes outfitted with are made of brass, so they will not damage your binoculars in any way. The item itself is made of metal and has a powder coat finish.

Furthermore, if you end up buying this model, you won’t have to worry about it wiggling. In fact, this product is particularly sturdy.



A must-have for long hours of watching wildlife in all weather conditions, the adapter takes the weight of the heavy binoculars off your arms and onto the steady support of a tripod, without having to lift a finger.

This unit is a rock-steady tripod mount that allows you to spot small details you might otherwise miss, so you can fine-tune the image the binoculars offer and get perfect clarity even in rough visibility conditions.

Attachment is quick and easy, and it can be used in any type of weather since it is made of rust-proof materials.



As it is the case with many items in this category, there are some compatibility issues, especially if you want to use it with mini binoculars.

Moreover, customers have also complained that the unit is a bit overpriced considering the features it offers and the materials used for its craft.


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4. Eyeskey Metal Binoculars Tripod Mount Adapter


Another model that might stir your interest is the Eyeskey Metal Binoculars Tripod Mount. With a hard to beat price, this unit is said to provide its users with a secure fit. Moreover, because it keeps the image steady, this device can actually help you see a sharper image that is full of easy to observe details.

As a plus, this product was built for binoculars that have between 32mm and 42mm objective lenses that are also outfitted with a socket for tripod-adaptors.

Besides, the unit comes outfitted with a heavy “O” ring that is placed on the binocular attachment side. Its purpose is to enable a secure, non-scratching point of attachment that won’t damage your optical instrument.

Last but not least, this model also includes what the manufacturer calls a recessed rubber pad, placed on the tripod attachment side. This feature is said to securely fixate the binoculars to the tripod and to minimize any rotational movement.



The unit has a hard-to-beat price, and buyers say it provides users with a secure fit, even while moving.

Moreover, it helps keep the image steady while analyzing your surroundings and makes it easy for those with shaky hands to observe small details.

The product was built for optics that have between 32mm and 42mm objective lenses and which are also outfitted with a handy socket for tripod-adaptors.

It comes outfitted with a heavy “O” ring that’s placed on the binocular attachment side to enable a secure and non-scratching point of contact so that it won’t damage your optical instrument.



Because it can fit binoculars with a 32mm to 42mm objective lens, this item is not ideal for larger models. This is quite a limited range when compared with other options on the market, especially since there are plenty of binoculars that exceed the upper and the lower limit.


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5. Binoculars Tripod Mount Adaptor


If you are scouring the net looking for an adapter that is fit for Porro binoculars, the Solomark Tripod Mounting Adapter is the model for you. The manufacturer of this product guarantees that the device

can fit most binoculars that come provided with adapter screws.

When it comes to its construction, it is worth noting that the model is made almost entirely out of metal.

The only part that was constructed from rubber is the knob used to attach the binoculars. Even more so, the bottom of the product is also padded with rubber so that the tripod attachment surface is not damaged in any way.  

Lastly, this product is considered handy and quite portable. Therefore, moving it around won’t mean that you have to put in a lot of effort. Besides, you can actually install it on the window mount.


This is a sturdy and very well-made tripod adaptor, and it seems that it will last long enough to become your go-to adventure companion.

The lightweight piece fits most binoculars equipped with adapter screws, and it has an all-metal body, except the handy knob that helps it attach to your viewing tool.

This part is made of rubber so it won’t scratch your binoculars or damage them in any other way.

The underside of the adapter has a rubber pad so that it will not scratch the tripod’s attachment surface too, a thing which shows the brand’s attention to detail.

Ultimately, it is portable and easy to use.



When it comes to downsides, this unit didn’t seem to have many bad reviews. However, there were some that thought the design was a bit basic and lacking and that it doesn’t match the overall high-quality of the adapter.


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Frequently asked questions:


Q: How do binocular tripod adapters work? 

Using a tripod adapter for binoculars is an easy way to make your image stable. There are many types of tripod adapters out there, but most of them work approximately the same. They have the role of connecting the binocular to the tripod you are using. You attach them to the binocular and they allow you to mount the binocular on a tripod. 

The binocular tripod adapter is attached either to the tripod mounting head or to the tripod head, according to the type of binocular tripod adapter you are using and also to the actual tripod. However, not all binoculars have the option of being attached to all types of adapters, and that is why the tripod adapters models differ and their use depends on the binoculars you want to use them for.

The most popular type of binocular tripod adaptor is the screw thread type, but the models differ and are not all the same so you have to choose one that suits your needs.

Q: How do you mount a binocular to a tripod?

If you have a binocular that is adaptable to a tripod by using a screw thread binocular tripod adapter, then you first have to look for the cap that covers the place where you need to screw it in. Once you have taken it off, you have to place the adapter between the barrels parallel to them and screw it in.

After you have done that, you just have to attach the adapter onto the tripod and the way you do that depends on the tripod that you have which usually comes with detailed instructions on how to do that.

However, if you own a roof prism binocular and are using a universal adapter, you just have to strap the rubber bands of the adapter around your binocular. It is important that you do that correctly and not let the bands too loose because the binocular might fall off and get damaged.


Q: What kind of tripod does Steven Rinella use?

Steven Rinella is a famous outdoorsman who has to always be in contact with his environment and it is essential for him to use the appropriate optical gear. That is also a fact when it comes to accessories such as tripods.

Steven Rinella is an example of a person who has analyzed his activities to make a smart purchase and find a tripod that really suits his needs. As he is always on uneven terrains, he needs a tripod that is adaptable to that. Also, he needs a tripod that can be adjusted in terms of height. 

The tripods he uses are also made of materials that have to combine two essential features: sturdiness and lightweight body. Another feature that is essential for his tripods to have is the ability for the binocular to bend forward and backward to help him look at certain things from different angles to make a fair assessment of his surroundings.




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