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5 Best Pentax Binoculars – Comparison & Reviews

Last Updated: 15.07.24


The Essential Guide to Finding the Best Pentax Binocular + Reviews


If you’ve been searching for the best Pentax binoculars, but without success, here is all you need to know to make an excellent decision. We looked at multiple Pentax models on the market and compared their specs, overall performance, and looked at the expert reviews as well, and concluded that the Pentax 8.5×21 U-Series Papilio II Binocular comes on top of all the others. The superior optics performance is ensured by the fully multi-coated design that permits excellent light transmission for a clear and crisp picture. Also, the Uni-body design helps stabilizing the internal mechanism and guarantees that you will enjoy what you can see through your binoculars without any shakiness. The aspherical lenses are another great plus for providing the user with outstanding image sharpness. In case these binoculars are out of stock, we suggest the Pentax SP 10×50 WP Binoculars, a model close in quality and features.



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5 Best Pentax Binoculars (Updated Reviews) in 2024



Since there are plenty of Pentax binoculars for sale, your natural concern must be related to the multitude of choices presented. We are here to make things easier for you by offering you a selection of the most critically-acclaimed models so that you can have your pick.



1. Pentax 8.5×21 U-Series Papilio II Binocular


The optics quality is the most critical aspect anyone cares about when picking a pair of binoculars. Pentax is a company known for making all sorts of optical equipment, and its binoculars are no exception when it comes to quality and performance. This pair comes with fully multi-coated optics for superior image delivery.

These coatings help to eliminate glare, and also they increase the transmission of light for a clear, bright picture with vivid colors. That said, this pair offers many other exciting and useful features. For instance, the Uni-body makes it compact and easy to hold.

But that is not all. This particular design is also responsible for excellent eyepiece movement synchronization. As optical alignment can be an issue for many binoculars, you will be glad to see that such problems are overcome without any difficulty by this pair.

Furthermore, you should know that these binoculars come with aspherical lens elements. They are responsible for providing an excellent edge to edge sharpness, so you will see that nothing can beat these binoculars, especially in their price range. What you might like even more is the fact that the manufacturer offers this model in multiple colors so that you can choose the one you like best.



Equipped with fully multi-coated optics, this model offers outstanding image clarity and crispness so that you can enjoy your binoculars in many different settings.

When you want to observe details, the close focus capabilities are more than decent, and they help you notice some fascinating aspects of the objects you examine.

An interesting thing about these binoculars is that they have aspherical lens elements, something that creates exceptional image sharpness.

The Uni-body design helps with the compact structure, and also ensures that optical alignment will not be an issue for you, not now, and not for many years down the road.

A broad selection of colors makes this pair attractive to those who want to adapt their binoculars to their style.



Don’t count on this pair for bringing faraway objects in close focus, as they are not built for that, and their performance under such circumstance is average, at best.

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2. Pentax SP 10×50 WP Binoculars


If you want a pair of Pentax 10×50 binoculars, this model is an excellent recommendation. Combining the excellent magnification with lenses that are large enough to provide you with superior light-gathering, these binoculars are made to satisfy even the pickiest user.

First of all, Pentax thought about employing 50mm lenses on this model to make sure that you can use it in less than ideal light conditions. If you like hiking or hunting, the chances are that you will often find yourself in situations where there’s not enough light. These binoculars are made for such circumstances.

More so, the optics is coated with multiple layers that contribute to the transmission of light for picture-perfect image quality. Such coatings also repel dust, grease, and water, so you will be more than content with how clean your binoculars remain even after a day spent outdoors from dawn till dusk.

Extreme weather is not a problem for these binoculars either. They are built to withstand various conditions, and they are entirely waterproof. Even more, their nitrogen-filled construction makes them ideal to use where there’s fog because there will be no condensation to worry about. You will love the rugged body, as well.



Bright viewing is one of the things that make these binoculars stand out from the crowd, and that happens because of the large lenses they come equipped with.

Performance in low light conditions is an advantage this pair presents, and that’s why they will be a good pick for any activities that do not take place in the middle of the day.

Due to the nitrogen-filled construction, you don’t have to worry about these binoculars not being able to behave exemplary in bad weather.

You will also be pleased with the rigid body of the binoculars that make them sturdy enough to support perfect optical alignment for many years.

Even more, the optics performance is guaranteed by the premium coatings that increase light transmission for vivid and bright colors.



While, overall, the optics performance is superior, you might notice some minor color aberrations around the edges.

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3. Pentax SD 8×42 WP Binoculars


Not all great binoculars must cost you an arm and a leg. A simple look at these cheap Pentax binoculars will convince you that quality can work hand in hand with a decent price tag. They come with 42mm lenses, so they are pretty large for their price range. At the same time, this is a feature that helps you with viewing images clearer and brighter.

For that reason, this pair is ideal for use when there’s not enough light in the environment. The lenses will gather all the light possible and transmit it through the optics so that you can see a clear and bright picture, and the colors will also be vivid and true to life.

The attention to detail is outstanding in this model. There are special coatings applied to the lenses to give dust, grease, and water away. That means that the binoculars do not need extensive maintenance as it will be easy for them to keep clean from environment factors like those mentioned earlier.

If you drop the binoculars in water by accident, you don’t have to worry. They are waterproof and resist even when they are submerged in water. Their nitrogen-filled construction guarantees that.



If you want a pair of full-sized binoculars, this model is ideal for your needs as it comes with superior optics quality.

The multiple layer coatings are there to provide the user with excellent viewing performance, as they provide perfect light transmission.

Moreover, some coatings are there to prevent dust, grease, and water from accumulating on the lenses, keeping them clean and the binoculars ready to use.

The binoculars resist at one meter underwater, as they have a sturdy nitrogen-filled construction that makes them 100% waterproof.

You will also appreciate the rigid body designed to maintain the much-desired optical alignment for years of continuous use without fail.



To keep the price tag low while offering outstanding optics quality, it appears that the manufacturer cut some corners by making the strap and the eyecups of inferior quality compared to the rest.

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4. Pentax UP 8×21 Black Binoculars


Do you like your binoculars to offer a clear, bright view of the objects you examine through their lenses? How about experiencing the same quality when you use these binoculars in low light conditions? If you answered ‘yes’ to both questions, the Pentax UP 8×21 Black Binoculars should be high on your list.

Not only these binoculars feel great in your hands, due to their Uni-body design, but they also offer excellent image performance. Their fully multi-coated optics makes sure that the light transmission is maximized for the best viewing possible. Moreover, these layers guarantee that glare and flares are eliminated without a glitch.

Some definite advantages come from the use of this type of compact design you can see on these binoculars. The body keeps all the moving parts in one place and minimizes their number, as well, which means that you will experience less trouble with the optical alignment, a plight many binoculars fall prey to, with time.

Also, Pentax thought of everything and equipped this pair with aspherical lens elements, something paramount for compact binoculars to ensure that you will see images that are sharp, no matter if you look through the middle of the lenses, or you want to get a clear picture from edge to edge.



Outstanding light transmission is what makes the image delivered by these binoculars bright and clear, as it should be when you use an optical device to bring things closer to your eyes.

The fully multi-coated optics is responsible for the elimination of glare and flare, and that, in itself, guarantees excellent image performance.

You will love the Uni-body design for multiple reasons, and one of them is that the objective lenses are kept in the same housing, thus eliminating problems with the optical alignment.

These compact binoculars come with aspherical lens elements, which means that the sharpness of the image is maintained across, on all sides.

If you like your binoculars to match your style, you can pick the color you want from the variety offered by the manufacturer.



Like all binoculars with a Uni-body design, they might take a little bit of getting used to since they are not exactly the most stylish thing you would take with you to watch a Broadway play.

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5. Pentax Papilio II 8.5×21 Binoculars


The first thing that must be said about these binoculars is that they come as part of a kit, so you will get some pretty great bonuses for settling for this model. Besides the binoculars, you will also receive a harness so that you can move around and use your binoculars only when you see fit while otherwise keeping your hands free of the burden.

Another thing you should know is that the harness provided has a quick-release mechanism. Moreover, it is a good fit for cameras, too, so you can use it as you want, without a glitch. The next object included in the kit is a smartphone adapter so that you can mount other equipment, too. Again, this one is versatile and works with spotting scopes, as well.

Keeping your optics clean on your binoculars is paramount if you want to prolong their lifespan. Pentax included, as a result, a complete kit with this product. You will get lens cleaning tissues, a lens cloth, a small bottle with lens cleaning liquid, a blower brush and plenty of cotton swabs.

The binoculars are lightweight, and they come equipped with excellent optics that will make your purchase worthwhile. The fully multi-coated lenses guarantee you will get more than your money’s worth for your purchase.



These compact binoculars are ideal for any situation where you need to save up space and also find your optical equipment to be easy on your hands, such as when watching a concert.

Equipped with BAK-4 Porro prisms, they offer superior image performance, and you will love how sharp and bright anything you look at will appear.

With the help of the fully multi-coated optics, these binoculars deliver overall outstanding performance and light transmission for a clear image.

The kit includes a harness you can use for cameras, as well; it is the ideal way to carry your binoculars around, without experiencing the usual fatigue.

You will appreciate having a complete cleaning kit included, as the lens cloth, the cleaning liquid, and the other extras, will come in handy for the regular maintenance and not only.



A kit is not always the solution for every buyer, as you might want to get only the binoculars, without all the extras.

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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


You can find many Pentax binoculars on the market today, so you might be wondering what makes them unique. Pentax is a brand well-known for making various optical equipment, and it has the expertise to guarantee that any product with this name you buy provides quality and satisfaction for the price.

However, among the many products created by this company, only some may appeal to you. That is why we will focus here on those aspects that can help you tell the various models apart so that you can make the choice that is most suitable for you.



Lens size and magnification

The optics employed by Pentax on all its products is excellent, so you would have a large selection at your fingertips if that’s the only thing that matters to you. Our mission is to help you narrow down your search, which is why we will start by talking about the lens size and magnification provided.

Maybe you want a pair of Pentax 12×50 binoculars, or perhaps you prefer something smaller. The idea is that you understand what these numbers are and what the main advantages and disadvantages come from each size and magnification pairing.

For instance, a pair of binoculars such as mentioned above, would be quite amazing in terms of how close it could bring an image to your eyes. The 12x magnification is outstanding but has some flaws. It will cause image shakiness, so you will have to get a tripod. Also, the large lenses, at 50mm, will require a bulky frame, which, again, will make the binoculars heavy and hard to hold.

Fortunately, Pentax offers a broad range of products, and you can pick from various magnifications and lens sizes. Without a doubt, you will find something that works like a charm for you.


The Uni-body design

One thing you may notice about the models sold by this company is that some come with a Uni-body design. Some customers think that this single housing design is pretty cool, while others might find them a bit weird looking. As you can see, it’s all a matter of taste, but there are some upsides of this design that we will talk about here.

For starters, this is a good design for compact binoculars. If you want a pair to take along with you when you want to watch a new play or a concert, they are a good idea because they fit in a purse without a problem. Also, they have just the right magnification and lens size to provide you with excellent image quality that’s not shaky, and always clear.


Is it waterproof?

You must be aware that not all the binoculars Pentax sells come with such capabilities. If you intend to use the binoculars for hiking and hunting, you will do yourself a favor by choosing a model that can withstand rainy weather and other extreme conditions.

Therefore, you should look for models that have a nitrogen-filled construction, and even read some Pentax binoculars reviews that can tell you whether they behave well in humid environments or not.


Extras you might want to have

Even if you look for affordable Pentax binoculars, you must not neglect the possibility of getting a model that comes along with some pretty neat extras. For instance, having a strap to carry the binoculars around with ease is a must. Also, eyecups come in handy as they will keep the lenses clean and dry.

You might not need a cleaning kit, for instance, but, as long as the model you want is in your price range, you should go for it, as Pentax never sacrifices optics quality for the inclusion of such extras. Therefore, you can rest assured that you’ll get a top-notch product.



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