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Celestron Outland X 71341-CGL Binoculars – Review

Last Updated: 29.11.21


Main technical features


With a 10x magnification power and a 25mm roof prism, this binocular is one of the most appreciated alternatives currently available. It uses high-tech materials which make it lightweight, and the coating applied on the lenses help provide an excellent image.

It is waterproof and will not fog when subjected to rapid temperature changes. It uses a BaK-4 prism and features an optical roof design. The focus knobs provided allow you to customize the image with ease. The field of view is of 110 m at 1000m, and the angular field of view is of 6.3 degrees.


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In-depth information


This great small binocular incorporates the latest advancements in optical technology, offering you a clear and detailed image even when the weather conditions are not optimal.

The prisms are made of BaK-4 glass, enhancing color fidelity and providing a clearer picture. Apart from this feature, the optics are multi-coated, which increases the resolution and contrast, permitting you to observe even the smaller details in poor light conditions, similar to excellent night vision binoculars.

To make the item suitable for concert goers or sports enthusiasts, the manufacturers fitted it with pre-attached straps and with a semi-attached objective lens cover, which can no longer get lost.

Furthermore, a specially designed, moisture resistant neoprene carrying case is delivered along with the product, together with a neck strap.

Portability is enhanced not only by the features mentioned above but also by its very design. It is compact, and the materials used for the outer shell are as light as possible without compromising safety.

Protecting the binoculars in case of an accidental impact, the rubber armor covering it also ensures a firm grip. Twist-up eyecups are easily adjusted and offer increased comfort over extended periods of time.

Other accessories included are a lens cloth and an instruction manual. Apart from the many features it comes with, an essential aspect of this item is its versatility. It can be used for many activities, including bird spotting and event watching.

The high-quality optics provide crystal clear images in all of these circumstances, giving the product great value for the money. It is an inexpensive, multi-purpose binocular which can be used for everyday activities.

Another feature most customers have appreciated is its ruggedness. The high-quality construction is a must-have, as it directly influences the lifespan of the product. If dropped, it is less likely to shatter or suffer damage to one of its internal lenses or focusing mechanisms.

Known issues


The eyepieces are adjustable, but they can quickly go out of focus from one day to another.

Readjusting, however, is not difficult nor does it take time. The focus can be not fine enough, customers finding it too easy to turn the knobs past their focus point, having to back up and refocus.

People who aren’t tech-savvy might find it hard to use the first few times, but it doesn’t take that much time to get used to.


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