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Who we are

Opticsandlab is a part of Sablicon Media. Our website is a trusted source of information on an array of topics related to optical devices and lab equipment. It is a free resource for anyone from medical students who need a microscope to hunters who are looking for the right pair of binoculars for the field or woods.

What is our goal? We try to bring you the accurate information that you need in order to select the right product for your needs. Our research is a lengthy and detailed process, and it is always performed by an expert in a particular field – whether that is a birder, a seasoned astronomer, or a medical worker.


What we do

We use the concept of Simplexity when we create our articles. We try to help the people that visit our site to save as much time as possible so that they can make the best purchase for their budgets and specific needs. Despite being written by experts and curated by a team of editors, you aren’t going to find overly complicated terms or jargon in our articles.

We want to simplify the message so that anyone, no matter their experience or background, can understand it clearly. We also want to help consumers to make the best buying decision, and our mission is providing you with buying advice that’s easy to understand, and that will assist you in finding the right telescope, microscope, borescope, or pair of binoculars.

We’ve written plenty of other articles on a variety of topics from magnifiers to trail cameras and spotting scopes. As you will see, our site is rather diverse and packed with lots of helpful information on almost all types of optical instruments.


Our research explained

Our team is composed of several birders, experienced astronomers, medical students, and lab workers and we always create our articles based on their recommendations. They know what problems they have faced in the past, and they understand the right approach to the product category before even beginning the research process.

Our team reviews all of the topics that we have in line for the Opticsandlab editorial calendar. Following this stage, drafts are checked by our editors. This process is what makes it possible for us to published several articles every month.

We have a consumer first mindset, and that’s the reason why all of the articles that recommend products on this site contain clear and unbiased information. Our site is a resource hub for anyone looking to get an optical device or lab equipment.

Meet our team

  • Ioana Moldovan

    Staff Writer

    Ioana’s professional experience in the optics field has helped her understand the value of passing her knowledge forward. Her curious personality helps her gather useful information for her readers and her goal is to make technical information fun and accessible to everyone.

  • Luciana

    Staff Writer

    As a long-time lover of animals, Luciana became passionate about birding when she was very young. Along with that, she had to learn how to use a variety of optical instruments, especially binoculars. She is a highly skilled writer and puts her expertise to work on an array of our projects.

  • Irina

    Content Editor

    Irina is in charge of editing most of the articles that we publish on our site. She always makes sure that the information is correct and that the readers are made aware of any technical issues they might have to face. She uses a series of monoculars for birding on the weekends.

  • Lorin

    Director of content

    Lorin loves spending time in the middle of nature, and thanks to the access that he has to the property of one of his friends, he has learned a lot about wildlife by using a trail camera. He is our Director of Content and is highly skilled in keyword research and content strategy.

  • Marian

    Website Editor

    As a web developer and website editor, Marian makes sure that no technical problems affect our website. In his spare time, he is an amateur astronomer and he has owned and used a variety of telescopes as he loves taking a peek at the world above us.

  • Tania

    Staff Writer

    Tania has been a valuable member of our team for quite some time. Although she holds a BA in English Literature, she loves using a microscope for students in her spare time. She’s passionate about microbiology and generally about everything that’s hidden to the naked eye.

  • Alin

    Staff Writer

    Hunting has somehow made a way to Alin’s heart ever since he was growing up. Although originally, he has a background in Business and Entrepreneurship, he puts his personal expertise with regard to binoculars and monoculars to good use by producing content for the site.

Our Advisors

  • Eric Spurling

    Eric commanded a Special Forces Reconnaissance Detachment, where the unit was tasked to conduct low signature special operations on the continent of Africa leveraging a variety of day / night and long range optics.

  • Julia Richardson, MS, RD

    Julia has a Masters of Science for The Ohio State University and is a Registered Dietitian. Having years of experience in a clinical and hands on environment, Julia’s insights help to the best possible insights around nutritional health and wellness.
    Study conducted by Julia

  • Cristina Vulpe

    While she was studying for her degree in veterinary medicine, Cristina learned the power of microscopic life. Heavily passionate about microbiology, pathology, and cellular biology, she went on and got her PhD in veterinary oncology. She now combines her scientific background with the marketing experience that she developed over the years and has been a project manager at Sablicon since 2017. Protection Status