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Best portable binoculars

Last Updated: 06.12.21


Portable binoculars – Buying guide & Comparison


When you go outside for a walk in nature, you need the best portable binoculars in order to see the wildlife and admire its beauty. If you don’t know where to start your search, read this short paragraph and you might learn a few tips. According to our findings, the Bushnell 138005 H2O 8×25 is a great choice because it is built with waterproof and fog proof elements and features a non-slip rubber that ensures a strong grip. In addition, it is outfitted with a BaK-4 prism that ensures the images are bright and clear. If the Bushnell 138005 H2O 8×25 is not available, you might want to take a look at the Merytes Binoculars 20160325 10×25, another good choice.



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There are so many good portable binoculars on the market to choose from. All you need to learn is what features matter most in terms of this type of products. In order to ease your job, we’ve gathered some useful information and made this buying guide that is showcased below.



Magnification and objective lens diameter

One important aspect when talking about small binoculars is the magnification power. The first thing you’ll notice in the product description is a set of two numbers, such as 8×35. The first number indicates the magnification of the binocular or to be more precise, how many times the object you are viewing with the naked eye appears larger.

The second one relates to the size of the front lens which is measured in millimeters. A large number means that more light enters the lens and the images resulted are brighter and clearer.

The reason why the objective lenses are quite important is that their size affects the weight and shape of the binocular. Therefore, portable and compact binoculars have in general smaller objective lens compared to larger items. The images might suffer a loss in quality, as well. But the advantage is that such an option can fit easily into your backpack or jacket pocket.

When in the market for the best mini binoculars, you need to understand that products that have a magnification of over 10x aren’t necessarily a good choice if you can’t control the shake of your hands.

Because they have a compact size and are easy of use, binoculars with smaller magnifications and objective lenses are more portable and practical.


Field of view

Depending on the purpose you intend to use the binoculars you will need a different field of view. This refers to how wide the scene you see through the binoculars is. If the magnification is higher, then the field of view will decrease substantially.

If you need binoculars for watching sports or birds, you’ll most likely need a pair that comes with a wider field of view. You need to pay attention to the information given in the number of meters that can be seen through the lenses at a specific distance.


Eye relief

Binoculars for sale come in different styles and have certain technical specifications that are suitable for specific purposes. For instance, the eye relief is a feature that refers to the distance that your eyes need to be from the binocular lenses.

You need to pay attention to this aspect because if your eyes get too close to the lenses, you will see a black crescent moon shape right in the bottom of the field view. On the contrary, if your eyes are too far away, you’ll see a dark ring around the field.

Eyeglass wearers need a tad more distance between their eyes and the lenses, so binoculars that have a 15mm eye relief and eyecups that can be twisted or folded down are a major plus.


Waterproof and fog proof

Many portable binoculars reviews recommend getting items that are built to face different weather and environment conditions.

In general, people purchase binoculars to use them outside for activities such as hiking, hunting, birdwatching or spectating music concerts. This is why you should invest in products that are waterproof. Models that are sealed with an O-ring enable the moisture from entering the binocular.

Especially if you plan on sailing with your boat, you’ll face conditions of fog when the visibility is quite reduced. Several binoculars on the market are outfitted with a special feature that consists of the air inside the binoculars being replaced with a gas that has no moisture content, like nitrogen or argon. If the product you buy has nitrogen purged in its description, then you’re good to go.



5 Best Portable Binoculars (Reviews) in 2021


In order to speed up the process, we’ve taken some time and looked at several customer reports, efficiency studies, and expert surveys, and managed to create a list of products selected according to the features mentioned in the buying guide.



1. Bushnell H2O 8 x 25 mm Compact Binocular 138005


This 8×25 compact binocular is a great choice if you need a piece that has waterproof and fog proof elements. The product can be used for a variety of purposes, especially for outdoor activities.

Because the product has a soft texture, it ensures a strong and easy grip no matter the weather conditions. Besides, the rubber has non-slip properties that absorb the shocks and keep your hands safe and comfortable during the entire viewing process.

Thanks to the multi-coated optics, the light transmission is optimal, and the images appear brighter and clearer. Also, the BaK-4 prisms add more clarity and allow you to see the all the details of your target.

The item is sealed with an O-ring and is nitrogen purged. Therefore, you won’t be affected by foggy conditions. What’s more, it is comfortable to wear even if you have eyeglasses due to its twist-up eyecups.



The compact design is made better with the non-slip rubber armor and the soft-texture cover which is capable of absorbing the shock from drops as well as provide a more secure grip.

The large center focus knob is very easy to operate and that will allow the user to make small adjustments without taking his or her eyes from the target.

It is O-ring sealed and nitrogen-purged which means that the product is 100% waterproof and fog proof, thus capable of handling use in even the most inhospitable environments.

Despite its small size and affordable price, the product features premium components capable of providing outstanding performance.

You can use the product even if you wear eyeglasses since the eyecups can adjust with a twist to accommodate them. 



There are a few reports from buyers saying that their product arrived with the two lenses misaligned and that the focus can be tricky to get right.


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2. Merytes Binoculars with 10×25 Portable High Definition


This binocular is made of a durable rubber that has a skid-proof handwheel design. Basically, if you want the image to appear clear and with a higher definition, you simply turn round the handwheel.

Due to the FMC multilayer film, the optical glass lens delivers images clearer and sharper, that show the natural true colors.

Even in poor light conditions, the image remains visible with all its details because of the perfect light transmittance.

There’s no need to worry about your eyes getting tired because the objective lens is larger and the field of view is wide enough to allow you to see the target without too much effort.

Suitable for a variety of outdoor activities such as sports, concert spectating or hiking, the product can be used by both adults and children. Because the binocular are so lightweight and the shape is small, you can take it with your anywhere your desire.



Thanks to their lightweight design and the small size, these binoculars are easy for adults and children alike to use and carry.

It is a versatile choice that you can use for a wide variety of activities both indoors and outdoors such as climbing, sightseeing, concerts, sporting events and more.

They are extremely affordable but capable of providing reliable use and durability, thanks to the high-quality optics and to the durable metal alloy body.

The area of the binoculars where users place their hands is covered with top-quality rubber which is skidproof and comfortable.

The eyepieces have a blue film which has the advantage of good-transmittance and non-aberration, and it will provide sharp and bright images without affecting the color of the scene. 



The quality of the craftsmanship could have been better, especially in the case of the rubber around the lens which according to customers can get damaged fast.


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3. Archeer 22×32 Folding Binoculars


If you’re looking for a great binocular that allows you to see the target during the day and in bad ight conditions, then this 22×32 model is the perfect choice for your needs.

The higher magnification of 22x means that you get to see the target 22 times closer than you would see it with your naked eye. Also, the large objective lens has a 32-millimeter diameter which is more than enough if you plan on going hunting or birdwatching.

The prism type and the wide field of view enable you to see the target in full detail even if the light is low. Just keep in mind that you can use the binocular for night vision purposes, but you’ll need a little light to see clearly.

The product is quite lightweight and easy to handle thanks to its easy adjustment and rapid focus features. Inside the package, you’ll find a carrying case, a neck strap, and a cloth to clean the lenses.



The main advantage of this option has to be its versatility since it can handle a wide variety of uses in both daytime and low-light conditions.

It has an impressive magnification of 22x, one of the largest you can find in portable binoculars, and that means you will have no problem observing distant objects.

They come with a protective pouch which is very useful when traveling since it allows you to carry the instrument in your purse or backpack without fear of it getting scratched.

Many of the positive customer reviews have praised the low price of this unit that makes it a perfect choice for anyone who is on a budget but still wants to get a high-performance device. 



The focus this model provides is not always reliable and it can be difficult to adjust properly which will leave you with a fuzzy image until you find the right settings.


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4. Bushnell Poweview All Purpose Compact Binocular


This compact roof prism binocular from Bushnell is the perfect viewing tool for delivering clear images in any outdoor activity, like stadium sports, hunting, hiking, or birdwatching.

Thanks to its magnification of 8x, the product ensures that you can see the target eight times closer than you would without using a binocular.

Given the fully coated lenses, the objects you are viewing appear clearer and brighter. Plus, the wide field of view enables you to watch the target from a far distance of 1000 yards.

There’s no need to worry about your hands getting tired because the item is incredibly lightweight.

If you want your images to be sharp and the details fully visible, then you can adjust the focus of the binocular using the special system located in the center. This model comes with a focus distance of 21-feet.

Inside the package and in addition to the binocular, you’ll find a carrying case and a neck strap that provides more than enough comfort and full access.



These binoculars are crafted with lightweight yet durable materials and they feature a streamlined design so that you never have to travel without them.

It doesn’t matter for what you intend to use this product since the manufacturer has made sure it can satisfy the needs of all types of users, from travelers and nature observers to concert-goers.

The fully-coated optics will provide buyers with bright and vivid images no matter the environment since they perform very well even in low-light conditions.

The non-slip rubber armor will keep the sensitive components of the binoculars protected from shocks, while the grippy texture will guarantee you’ll never accidentally drop the device while you’re holding it.

The manufacturer includes a nifty pouch that you can use to store or transport the product. 



Customers recommend new owners to replace the neck cord with a more durable string since the included option is flimsy.


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5. Tasco Offshore 8 x 25 mm Compact Binocular


You can forget about bad weather conditions with this 8×25 binocular. Built from durable materials, the item benefits from a complete rugged waterproof construction.

There’s no way for the water or moisture to enter this piece because it comes with a sealed O-ring and nitrogen-purged gas that prevent them from damaging the binocular.

Thanks to the multi-coated optics feature, the light transmission is high and comes in handy for poor light situations. Moreover, it eliminates the glare that you can often find in the marine environment.

The high magnification ensures you see the images eight times closer than you would normally view, while the large objective lens diameter is more than enough for outdoor spectating.

In addition to the sleek design, the binocular comes with a useful carrying case for safe storage. You have the option to attach a neck strap if you want to take the tool with you and a cleaning cloth that helps remove the dust.



While most products employ a black or camo design, the Tasco alternative is perfect for customers who want their gadgets to look good since the stylish blue has a lot of flair.

The medium magnification will help you observe distant objects up-close without affecting the quality of the image so that you can still discern every little detail.

The device is wrapped in a textured rubber armor to protect it from drops and impacts and it can also provide a slip-resistant grip in wet, hot or cold conditions.

The optical tubes are O-ring sealed and nitrogen-filled and that lets the product withstand not only rain or water sprays but also internal fogging during extreme temperature changes.

It weighs only 10 ounces and that ensures the binoculars are compact enough to fit in any pocket. 



The only negative review we could find came from a customer who received a faulty product that did not zoom properly.


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