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Best rated vintage binoculars – Guide & reviews

Last Updated: 24.06.24

Top Vintage Binoculars Reviewed – Buying guide & Comparison for 2024


Have you been looking for the best vintage binoculars for a while without any luck, and now you need to find out quickly which ones deserve your money? We will tell you right here, in this paragraph, what you need to know for an informed decision. The Windlass Steampunk Folding came up on top, according to our research, and it looks like a lot of people favor this model. They are exceptionally beautiful and interesting, and their brass construction will make you feel like you are an explorer from the 19th century. They fold easily and they are very compact and easy to carry around for maximum convenience. It must also be said that they come along with a fully functional compass that you can use for your entertainment. If you can no longer find this model anymore, make sure to take a look at the Nauticalmart Marine Brass next, as it is almost as good.


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Vintage binoculars differ from what you would normally use as binoculars in the sense that they do not serve a practical purpose, and they are mainly an accessory that people who are passionate about such items would appreciate. Whether you want to complement your steampunk cosplay outfit, or you like the idea of having a small quirky item in your collection, this buying guide will teach you what to focus on.

Visual appeal and quality of craftsmanship

You cannot expect exceptional performance from a pair of vintage binoculars as they are not built with performance in mind. They are merely an accessory you can have on your desk or use when you go to the theater or a cosplay event. That is why the most important aspects you should focus on are the visual appeal and the attention paid by the craftsman to the overall design.

Just when you are picking a pair of golfing binoculars, you want your pair to look excellent and draw attention. You will be able to see something through the lenses, but do not expect exceptional quality in terms of lens construction and similar technical aspects.

Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean that you should find overall flaws in the exterior design. The binoculars you pick should look like a pair borrowed from the 19th century. Steampunk models are extremely popular, as the Victorian era produced enough interesting visual designs that are as appealing now as they were back in the day.

Do not expect modern accessories such as a binocular harness to be provided with your purchase. Vintage models are usually foldable, and the manufacturer might offer a similar visually appealing case where you can keep your binoculars when not in use. Bear in mind that this is also a matter of taste and that you should like the binoculars you intend to buy.


Are there any accessories included with your purchase?

You will notice that there are manufacturers selling cheap vintage binoculars, but these are not usually sold with accessories you can use. There will be a few things that you might find useful when you purchase this type of product, such as a beautiful case that will allow you to display your vintage binoculars in an adequate fashion.

Mainly, the accessories that manufacturers of such products offer to their customers are not necessarily practical, and, as the binoculars themselves, only serve an aesthetic purpose. However, there are marginal benefits to draw from such things, as a case will protect the binoculars from catching dust or getting damaged by accident.

The binocular accessories you might get with your purchase may also be thematic. As many of these products cater to those interested in the steampunk trend, do not be surprised to find that you will mostly get other steampunk accessories. Bear in mind that such binoculars are compact in size, and they can fit in a case that you can buy separately.


How practical can such binoculars be?

Your binoculars are not intended for practical use, but this doesn’t mean that they are made from ordinary glass. They do provide some magnification power, and, depending on the manufacturer and how much care was invested in making the binoculars marginally practical, you will notice that there are aspects you can read about.

That being said, do not expect a binocular tripod adapter or anything similar to be included in the package. Use these beautiful binoculars for the purpose they were created, which is to complement a vintage outfit.



5 Best Vintage Binoculars (Reviews) in 2024


While browsing through the many vintage binoculars reviews available, we noticed that customers particularly love several models. We are listing them here so that you can take your pick and make an excellent choice.



1. Steampunk Folding Binoculars Compass


If you really want a pair of good vintage binoculars, this particular model will satisfy your desire. This brass device will catch your eye from the first glance, as it is built to impress. The fully machined product unfolds and folds back with ease, and the binoculars are highly portable, allowing you to take them to cosplay events, to the theater, or anywhere you may want to go.

There are a few accessories offered by the manufacturer along with the model. One of them is a beautiful wooden box adorned with brass inlay. You will be able to keep your binoculars stored in this box, on your desk, or the place of your choosing.

You will also get a functional compass that will make you feel like an explorer from Jules Verne’s books. For anyone who is looking for a gorgeous steampunk look, and finds missing only a pair of binoculars to go with the rest, this model is an excellent choice.



Made to impress, this pair of vintage binoculars are built of quality brass that will catch the eye.

This is a model that is fully machined and it folds and unfolds easily, being highly portable, with no risk of breaking.

They are a great choice for a variety of purposes, for passionate vintage theatre participants, or for those that want to take part in cosplay events.

With this pair, you also get some great accessories, including a wonderfully-crafted wooden box, where you can store the binoculars and keep them safe.

Another vintage piece that comes with these binoculars is a compass that will make you feel like an explorer. The pieces together make for an excellent steampunk feel, for anybody looking for that.


They are made to look great, and although they work well in certain situations, they won’t help you see too far away.

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2. Nauticalmart Marine Brass Binocular with Antique Finish


There are plenty of brass binoculars for sale, but if you want something that stands out, your choice should be the Nauticalmart Marine Brass. Even if such binoculars are only supposed to be aesthetically pleasing, this doesn’t mean that you should overlook the quality of the materials used.

You will be pleased to learn that this manufacturer uses high quality brass for these binoculars, and that there are some technical specs that you surely won’t overlook. For instance, this model comes with a 4x magnification power, and offers a decent field of view, which means that you will be able to scout your surroundings with their help.

They can serve as a piece of home decoration if you prefer something of a nautical theme. Their beautiful finish will make you think that the binoculars really belong to a long past era, and they create a beautiful effect, no matter where you put them.



Binoculars like these are usually made only to look good, but in this case, the quality of their craftsmanship shouldn’t be ignored.

High-quality brass is used for them to ensure they stay in good form and can still be used after a number of years.

Taking into account their purpose, the binoculars come with an impressive magnification rate of 4x, and they also provide a good field of view, meaning that they will let you see far away, while still providing a large enough image.

They can serve multiple purposes, and while some people like to keep them as home decorations, they can also be used in nautical situations, especially if you’re looking to portray a vintage era.

The binoculars also come with a leather strap that adds to their style and also helps you keep them safe around your neck.


While they look great as a prop, they won’t provide very clear images.

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3. Classic Marine Spy Glass Antique London 1857 R & J Beck Brass Binocular


The antique finish of these binoculars makes them appear older than they are, and if it is this effect you are after, you will be more than pleased with them. Their stunning looks will convince you to pair them with some interesting outfits, and you will find it easy to complement a steampunk cosplay get-up, or one inspired by the age of sail, by wearing them.

It is true that you can choose from a large variety of vintage binoculars for sale, so it is important to establish what advantages each model presents. In this case, you will be interested to learn that they can be used outside, and can be of help when you go trekking and even bird watching.

They also make a wonderful gift for someone who is into nautical items. The model comes with a beautiful leather box, where they will be kept protected against dust and damage. We must also mention that his model is handcrafted.



These binoculars really look different and you will certainly stand out in the crowd when using them.

They feature an antique finish, which will make them look even older than they are.

If you’re looking for something to add more flair to your costume, they are what you should pick, as they will complement well almost any kind of costume, from one of a pirate to a steampunk role.

Unlike other similar models, these can also be used quite effectively, and they will provide decent images.

They are a great gift for someone looking for nautical items, as they come with a nice leather box and that will protect them against damage and dust.

The quality of the craftsmanship is exceptional, especially when considering the model is handcrafted.


The two large flaps that cover the lenses make them a bit uncomfortable to hold.

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4. Levenhuk Broadway 325F Opera Glasses


A stylish accessory that can accompany you to the theater or the opera, and complement your carefully picked outfit, the Levenhuk Broadway 325F will impress you in more ways than one. Because they are compact in size, they will fit in your purse like a charm, and you won’t have to worry that they will become cumbersome in any way.

Their red color makes them stand out, but this is not the only style element that will convince you that these binoculars are an excellent choice for completing your evening night out attire. The lacquered surface makes them look fancy, while the golden edging adds elegance.

You will get a binocular case, too, as well as a suede cleaning cloth. And, if you are still not convinced, learn that the binoculars have LED backlighting, allowing you to see more clearly in the semi-dark of a theater or an opera house.



This is one stylish piece of accessory that can complement your attire at the opera or theater, or it can add something unique to a costume.

The main benefit of these binoculars is that they are compact and that’s why you can take them with you in your purse at elegant events.

They have a really nice look and feel and the red color makes them stand out, making them ideal for some evening attire.

With these binoculars, you also get a suede cleaning cloth and a case to keep them safe.

An interesting feature they possess is an LED light that allows you to find your seat in a poorly-lit opera house.

With a 3x magnification power, they will offer a big enough picture for you to see what’s happening on the stage.


They’re a bit too small and the distance between each eye-cup can’t be spread wide enough to fit some people’s eyes.

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5. Old Modern Handicrafts Brass Binocular


These wood and brass binoculars are just what you need for a complete Victorian setup. Unlike the other models that we reviewed so far, these are not intended to be portable, so they are not the kind that you will take with you on your visits to the opera house.

However, if you are looking for a piece to install in your room, along with other vintage looking items, you cannot go wrong with this one. It is installed on its own tripod, and the ensemble will look great in a study room. The nickel finish makes the binoculars look elegant and expensive, while you surely won’t pay a fortune on them.

The binoculars are designed according to the model first introduced to the world by scholars during the 19th century. Before the single lens telescope was invented, you could see such binoculars used by the wealthy class interested in examining the surrounding world from their homes.



Most other old brass binoculars are made to be used as props, but these ones really offer quality images.

To help you get those images they come with a tripod, so you can hold them in a stable position for extended periods.

If you already have a room full of vintage-looking pieces, they will be an excellent addition, providing style to the room.

It’s the kind of accessory that looks great in a study room or in an office, giving an air of elegance.

With the quality materials used and the superior craftsmanship, the makers of these binoculars ensured you will be getting the best out of them for a long time.

Placed near a window, the binoculars let you examine the world outside every time you feel the need.


They aren’t made to be portable, so you will have to use them at home, where few people can see how beautiful they are.


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