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Best car window mounting devices – 2024 Reviews & comparison

Last Updated: 24.06.24


Top Car Window Mounting Devices Reviewed & Buying Guide


Whether you’re a bird watcher or a hunter, you surely want to get one of the best car window mounting device to stabilize your optical equipment. These devices may look simple, but the sheer number of models flooding the market might make it hard to find what you’re looking for without investing quite a few hours in research. The good part is that you don’t have to use your spare time, as we’ve already done that by researching some of the top consumer choices and picking the ones that offer the most reliable support for the price. After comparing numerous models, we think that the Alpen Optics Window is the product you should take a look at. This device has an all-metal body that’s durable, it can be mounted easily on top of your car’s window, and it is also compatible with most scopes and cameras.  If this product is out of stock, you may also want to consider the Bushnell 78-4405 Mount.



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We know that finding a good car window mounting device takes a lot of time and effort, and that’s the reason why we’ve created this short guide, so you get to learn all the important features of these gadgets. Doing so should allow you to make the right choice and get the mount that best suits your devices and needs.

Size and capacity

If you’re looking for a reliable car window mount to use with your spotting scopes, telescopes, or even bulkier DSLR cameras, then you surely want to pay attention to size. You can find small mounts that can measure just 3 inches when folded, or get a larger item that is 6 inches in length – and that with the quick release plate removed.

However, no matter what size you get, you’d still benefit from a smaller and lighter device compared to the heavy although highly stable mounts for telescopes. Depending on the gadgets you want to use with the mount, you should make sure to check the maximum load capacity of the model you’re getting.

A cheap car window mounting device might be able to support a small monocular or scope weighing no more than one or two pounds, while higher-end models can easily support weights of 6 pounds or even heavier and bulkier items such as the long-range spotting scopes.



When comparing car window mounts for sale, you also want to closely look at the construction. You surely want a solid device that can safely hold your precious scopes and expensive binoculars. This usually means that you should get a model with a metal construction. While metal is heavier, it is more resistant to mechanical damage and it is also sturdier.

A metal mount won’t break like a plastic model so if you pack heavy optical devices, you’d better purchase one of the sturdy mounts available on the internet. Another important thing you want to look at is the mount type and plate. You should go for a unit that has a universal ¼-inch screw so that you can use it with just about any standard device.

The mounting plate should have a quick release so that you can easily secure your camera or scope while also being able to remove it fast.


Head type and other considerations

Another important aspect to look at is the type of head the mount comes with. Most small mounts usually come with 2-way heads, although some models feature ball heads or even 3-way heads.

A 2-way head is easy to operate: turn the handle to unscrew and change the position of the head and then screw it to secure it in place. The ball head is even easier to use, as you only need to operate a large knob and move the platform which can swivel in any direction with ease.

Also, don’t forget to inspect the clamps and make sure that they can lock tightly on car windows or other thin surfaces. Check for rubber pads on the interior to avoid damaging your windows if you screw the clamps too tightly.



5 Best Car Window Mounting Devices (Reviews) in 2024


If you’re trying to differentiate between the many types of mounts to no avail, perhaps the following reviews of car window mounting devices could help. We have showcased some of the most appreciated models available today so you can make an informed choice and get the one that offers the most features for your money.



1. Alpen Optics Car Window Mounting Device


Whether you’re looking for a mount for your amazing astronomy binoculars or for a digital camera, this Alpen car model is just what you need. This unit has a simple and effective design that’s meant to last for a very long time. The body is made of quality metal that’s resistant to shocks and weather events so you can trust it to keep your optical instruments safe.

With an intuitive build, this mount can be easily attached to your car’s window edge. You can tighten or loosen the grip with a large knob that offers a smooth operation. This mount has a standard ¼-inch mount which means that it’s compatible with a wide range of devices and instruments. You get a stable platform to look at the stars or admire wildlife.

Not only do you benefit from a simple and reliable stabilizing system, but you also get to track your favorite objects with ease, thanks to the mount head and handle.



With a simple, yet very effective design, this Alpen mounting device is built to last, which is something you are going to see for yourself if you decide to try it out. 

Featuring a metal construction that is both weather and shock-resistant, you will be able to rely on this unit to keep your devices safe.

The mounting device can be attached to the car’s window edge without too much trouble, as all you need to do is simply tighten or loosen the grip. 

Given that it comes with a mounting head and handle that are smooth and easy to operate, the user can enjoy stable viewings while tracking the subject if necessary. 


Depending on how you mount it on the window, it might not tilt horizontally as smoothly as you need if it’s too tightened. 

Using this item might feel a bit weird, especially if you are used to having a tripod instead. 

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2. Bushnell Window Mount


The Bushnell 78-4405 is a reliable mount that can help you benefit from superior performances from all your optical devices, whether you’re using your trusted Bushnell spotting scope, a pair of binoculars, or a DSLR. This unit can stabilize any device that comes with the standard ¼-inch threaded mount.

This product has a sturdy design that should allow it to last for a very long time. The clamps have rubber pads on the interior to provide a secure fit as well as to avoid scratching your car’s window. However, this device isn’t just limited to sitting on your car’s window, as you can also attach it to other surfaces as long as they fit inside the clamps.

With the 2-way pan head, you can track fast-moving objects or lock your scope in any position you want with great ease so you can enjoy unforgettable moments every time.



Given that it comes with a standard ¼-inch threaded mount, this device should be able to accommodate pretty much any optical unit that you need to mount on your car’s window. 

The clamps are fitted with rubber pads so that they don’t scratch the surface to which the item is attached, which is certainly something any car owner wants to hear. 

The good news about this mounting device is that is can be used on any even surface to secure your device, not only car windows. 

Thanks to the 2-way pan head motion that it can attain, you shouldn’t have any trouble tracking your subject for stable and clear viewings. 


Depending on your needs, the mounting threads might be a bit short, so some users have added a quick-release plate to make it easier to adjust.

Since it relies mainly on screws, the device takes a longer time to set up. 

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3. Optix Pro Car Window Clamp Mount


If you’re looking for a strong mount that can attach to your car’s window or to other thin surfaces, then the Optix Pro Clamp is an option you shouldn’t overlook. This mount has a rugged construction and a simple locking mechanism. This unit can provide a stable observation platform that you can use with your excellent monocular for bird watching.

With this device, you get a strength-to-weight ratio that’s hard to beat with a regular tripod. This unit weighs just half a pound, yet it can safely support binoculars, spotting scopes, and digital cameras weighing up to 6.6 pounds – as long as they come with a ¼-inch mount screw.

The protective rubber pads will ensure a proper grip for the clamps as well as protect your car window from scratches. The 2-way pan head makes it easy to track your favorite birds or watch action sports while being able to keep up with the players.



Featuring a rugged construction and a simple mechanism that keeps it locked, this mounting device is one that you can certainly rely on. 

If you decide to try it out for yourself, you will see that the unit offers a strength-to-weight ratio that even some tripods cannot compete with. 

It comes with a ¼-inch mounting screw, which means that it can fit most of the popular types of devices, including binoculars, cameras, and spotting scopes. 

Given that it also includes protective rubber pads on the areas that get attached to the window, you shouldn’t worry about potential scratches. 


The pan could be smoother, according to some of those who have purchased this mounting device. 

If you think that you need a special adapter to be able to mount your device, make sure all of the elements fit together before placing your order, by asking the manufacturer for information.

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4. Vortex Vortex Car Window Mount


The Vortex Optics Car mount gives you a lightweight stabilizer for your beloved Vortex spotting scope or other instruments. You can use it with scopes, monoculars, binoculars and just about any gadget that comes with a standard screw mount.

This unit offers solid support with its rugged body and precisely machined parts. You can attach this mount to your car’s window in just a few seconds and be ready to catch that rare bird sighting. With a weight of 1.2 pounds, this mount can offer support to any device weighing up to 5 pounds.

This product is small and compact, measuring only 3 inches in height so you can easily carry it in your pocket. You can actually use it on a wide range of objects, not only on your car. The pan head mechanism is easy to operate and you get to benefit from smooth action so you can find your target right away.



Sporting a rugged construction and precisely machined elements, this Vortex product is a sturdy one that holds your equipment securely in place. 

Weighing around 1.2 pounds itself, the unit can hold devices that are as heavy as 5 pounds, which means that you actually have a lot of options. 

The pan head is easy to operate, while the 3-inch height means that it can be easily attached to a wide range of surfaces, not just car windows.

This model is a highly versatile one, so if you are planning to use more than one device in your outdoor trips, it might be just what you’ve been looking for.


It’s not the cheapest alternative when it comes to this category, but all the features it comes with make the investment worth it.

In case the product you receive is defective, which rarely happens, Vortex can provide the needed assistance. 

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5. Vortex Summit Car Window Mount with Quick-Release


In case you’re trying to find a professional-grade car mount for your spotting scope, then the Vortex Optics Summit is a sensible choice. This unit has a superb construction and a well-designed operating mechanism that will help you enjoy any outdoor adventure even more by offering support to devices weighing up to 5 pounds.

The mount plate has a quick release lever which allows you to attach or detach your optical instruments fast. The universal ¼-inch screw should accommodate just about any device with a standard mount so you can use it with large binoculars or even small telescopes.

The clamping mechanism ensures a secure lock so you don’t risk damaging your equipment. The ball head offers superior control and smooth operation so you can easily keep track of wildlife species, athletes on the field, or other distant objects with ease. With a weight of just 12.3 ounces, this unit is ultra-lightweight and easy to carry around.



With a sturdy body and an elegant design, this Vortex mounting device will prove to be a reliable partner in your outdoor adventures.

The unit has an overall weight capacity that goes up to 5 pounds, so you have a wide range of devices that you can attach to it in order to use in your car.

Thanks to the standard ¼-inch screw mounting system, there’s little chance that you won’t be able to fit your camera or pair of binoculars on this device.

The clamping mechanism also features a secure lock that keeps your equipment safe, while its ultra-light construction makes it highly portable. 


The unit doesn’t come with a handle, so if this is what you need, you may want to ask the brand if any solution is available.

Some users found this unit to be a bit heavy for the window when the camera or scope was placed on it.

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