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10 Best Tasco Binoculars – Reviews & Analysis

Last Updated: 19.05.24


Top Tasco Binoculars – Guide & Comparison


Are you interested in getting the best Tasco binoculars on the market, but you’re too pressed for time to run a thorough comparison? We did the heavy lifting for you, and now we can tell you which model is worth your money. According to our researchers, the number one model you should look at is the Tasco Essentials Porro Prism 170150, a consumers’ favorite, as well. With its 10x magnification and large 50mm lenses, you will find the performance of this decently priced pair to be on par or even above what you might expect. Add the multi-coated optics, and you will get image quality that is definitely superior to what binoculars in the same price range can offer. Also, the long eye relief makes its use with prescription glasses a real breeze. In case this model is no longer available, we have another suggestion lined-up for you, the TASCO ES10X42 Essentials MC Box Binoculars.



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10 Best Tasco Binoculars (Updated Reviews) in 2024



We looked at the Tasco binoculars reviews available from both experts and users and compared various models that enjoy popularity among consumers at the moment. The result of our research is the following compilation of products. One of them might just tick all your boxes.



1. Tasco Essentials Porro Prism 170150


These binoculars from Tasco have the advantage of power on their side, as they come with a hefty 10x magnification and large 50mm objective lenses that gather enough light to ensure that the image you see is bright and clear. Also, it must be mentioned that the multi-coated optics is a great plus, since that contributes to the image clarity, as well.

In case you like to go hunting or hiking, you will find that these binoculars are great at offering you a large field of view, which is 367 feet, an excellent number, especially given the fact that the binoculars are so reasonably priced.

Other advantages might just convince you that these are great for you, such as the long eye relief, something that people who wear prescription glasses will surely appreciate. The highly resistant rubber-coated housing provides superior durability to wear and tear as well as the occasional mishap.



Due to the high 10x magnification, these binoculars are pretty powerful, and you will be able to scout your surroundings with ease.

The large 50mm lens diameter is ideal for gathering light and making the image you see through your binoculars bright and clear.

Also, the multi-coated optics adds to the overall high value of these binoculars for the price, as they contribute to a crisp, clear image that you can easily appreciate.

Let’s not overlook the 15mm eye relief, which is pretty good and allows people who wear prescription glasses to use this model with great ease.

Its field of view is 367 feet, so excellent for observing nature and targets on the move.



While these binoculars are well-made and great for use in less than ideal lighting conditions, they appear a little bulky, and their portability might not be optimal if that matters to you.

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2. TASCO ES10X42 Essentials MC Box Binoculars


These Tasco Essential binoculars are part of a line-up that is dedicated to providing customers with the right means to enjoy trips to the great outdoors or just the occasional use of such gear. While large objective lenses offer excellent advantages, such as excellent light gathering and transmission, not everyone likes the idea of hauling a large pair of binoculars.

That is why this particular model is an excellent option. It comes with 42mm lenses, so it is not as bulky as other models on the market. You will discover that taking the binoculars everywhere with you is easy and enjoyable. The lens size also makes the pair of binoculars more compact.

You will like the twist-up eyecups, and the image quality will convince you that this is an excellent model for you. The optics is multi-coated, and you will like that the field of view is pretty generous, one aspect that will help you when you go exploring the great outdoors.



Whether you want to go camping or hiking, you will find these binoculars to be all that you need, in terms of portability and image performance.

Since they weigh less than models with a bigger lens diameter, they allow you to be more mobile, but without sacrificing image quality too much.

With 16mm eye relief, these binoculars are quite comfortable for people with glasses, and overall, easy to use.

The twist-up eyecups are convenient and another feature that adds value to this particular model.

You will be pleased with the superior quality of the optics used that comes multi-coated to allow the binoculars to deliver image quality that is both bright and clear.



These binoculars are not precisely the most attractive pair you could ever find, and if aesthetics are important to you, this low-key model might not be for you.

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3. TASCO Offshore Blue Binoculars


Unlike other Tasco models that are pretty much good for everything, this pair is specialized for marine use, which is why it comes equipped with specific features that cater to this particular aspect. For instance, the binoculars are 100% waterproof, and their construction also ensures that fog won’t be an issue, either.

The tubes are nitrogen-purged to prevent condensation when the weather is foggy, while the rubber O-rings make sure that not one drop of water will get inside and damage the lenses or any other internal component.

As expected from a pair dedicated to marine use, this one comes with a sturdy rubber coating applied to its housing. This also means that you will enjoy non-slip use, which is pretty much mandatory in any wet environment. As it’s the case for other Tasco models, this one comes equipped with excellent quality optics, to ensure proper performance all around.



You can use these binoculars when you go fishing, or whale watching, because of their sturdy, waterproof construction that won’t allow humidity to become a problem.

They are also fog proof since their nitrogen-purged tubes will not allow a speck of water to get inside and blur your vision.

Users also appreciate the excellent rubber housing that’s pretty much a requirement for a pair of binoculars created for marine use.

You will get excellent optics quality, multi-coated to ensure proper light transmission with the ultimate goal of delivering proper image performance.

A few extras, such as a case, a neck strap, and a cleaning cloth, are included with your purchase, making it easy for you to keep your binoculars away from dust and damage.



Although the binoculars are blue in the description and the pictures listed by the manufacturer, you might get a black pair instead.

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4. Tasco TAS169735-BRK Essentials Binoculars


This configuration is intended for people who look for something compact and easy to use. Not everyone is after powerful magnification, and large lenses and Tasco proves again, with this model, that it always thinks of all categories of consumers. The 7x magnification is enough to see clearly targets that are far from you, and the great part about this aspect is that it won’t cause the image to shake.

Therefore, you will not be forced to keep your hands completely steady – especially since that can be impossible for most people – or use a tripod for your binoculars. These are pretty inexpensive binoculars, so it’s a great thing that they have good optics, nonetheless.

With a lens size of 35mm, they are smaller than other models we mentioned so far, but that helps with their portability. As mentioned earlier, Tasco seems to have the right model for every customer, and if portability and decent performance are high on your list, the Tasco TAS169735-BRK Essentials Binoculars may be right up your alley.



Everything you want in a pair of binoculars that are made for everyday use, you will find in this average yet dependable unit.

The 7x magnification is manageable, and that’s a great plus since you won’t have to deal with image shakiness at all.

You will find that the binoculars come equipped with 35mm lenses, which keep the weight of the binoculars to a minimum, providing you with much-needed mobility.

At intermediate distances, this model appears to perform quite well, which is another plus to consider.

Each lens has a plastic cover, so you won’t have to worry about dust and grime ruining the optics of your binoculars; also, the manufacturer includes a case and a neck strap so that you can carry it around.



You should be well aware that these small binoculars are only intended for amateurs, so you will not get outstanding image quality.

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5. TASCO ES16X32 Essentials MC Box Binoculars


Any Tasco 16×32 binoculars review will point out at this particular model from the Essentials line to be an excellent choice. First of all, by their configuration, you can tell that these binoculars are made with a specific purpose in mind. They will help you see at long distances, and they will not take up a lot of room in your baggage.

The 16x magnification is a feature that will draw your attention right from the get-go. The binoculars are not designed to deliver an outstanding field of view, but they still manage to deliver 185 feet, which is pretty good seeing how the lenses have only 35mm in diameter.

These binoculars are ideal when you try to examine a small area or a target that is located quite at a considerable distance from you. They focus the image so that you can see it clearly, and the fact that you get multi-coated optics with this pair helps, as well.



You can hardly get a higher magnification on binoculars that are this cheap, so you will be more than excited about the 16x configuration of this pair.

The overall optics quality is superior as the lenses are multi-coated to ensure proper light transmission and deliver more than adequate image quality.

As it weighs only a little over 10 ounces, this pair of binoculars is pretty lightweight, and its compact shape will fit easily into any backpack.

Its rubber armor housing will make sure that even if you drop the binoculars, they won’t get damaged with ease.

Also, it must be mentioned that its housing is weather-resistant and created with durability in mind, so your money will be well spent.



As long as you can live with the fact that these binoculars are good enough for the price, and don’t expect superior performance, you will find them average in quality.

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6. Tasco Essentials Roof Prism 178125B


Tasco undoubtedly excels at providing customers with configurations that other brands don’t readily offer. In this case, you get a 12x25mm model that is great for mobility, without sacrificing power. There are several great things about this pair of binoculars that might convince you that it is just the right one for you.

For instance, although the lens diameter is on the smaller side, the field of view is 288 feet, which is quite remarkable for a pair of binoculars made to occupy as little room in your backpack as possible. You will also notice the 9mm eye relief among the specs, which may not be the best, but it still accommodates people with glasses.

The binoculars are pretty lightweight, and that’s great, seeing how you may not want a bulky pair to take along with you on trips. The pair weighs just 8.4 ounces, much less than other models on the market.



You will be happy with how lightweight and portable these binoculars are, as their total weight is just 8.4 ounces, less than most of the pairs you can find now on the market.

Due to the roof prism design of the optics, you will notice that the binoculars are pretty compact, too, and that will help with portability, as well.

Image brightness and clarity are above the price range, and that happens because of the multi-coated optics that adds value to this design.

Its rubber armor housing ensures that the delicate optical mechanism is kept away from damage.

Overall, sturdiness makes this pair of binoculars an excellent option for anyone who values a great deal.



The binoculars appear to perform well, as long as you look at objects that are not too far from you; as you go farther, you will notice the image becoming blurry.

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7. Tasco TAS178125-BRK Essentials Binoculars


Another pair from the Essentials line, this 12x model is a good representation of the good quality Tasco offers at low-end prices. Magnification can be a sore point for some users who want to be able to see images that are really far from them; that is why this model can be an excellent choice for them.

The 25mm lens diameter will help you carry these binoculars around, without any problem. They are compact for the power delivered, and they are made with sturdy housing that you will appreciate. Although cheap models are not usually seen as ideal in terms of durability, Tasco manages to deliver exactly that.

The multi-coated optics is another thing worth mentioning, seeing how image performance can be a breaking point for many users. You can rest assured that the image you see is pretty clear and bright, and you can observe details with ease.



If you want a pair of binoculars with 12x magnification, you will be pleased to see that this decently-priced model delivers.

Also, the relatively small lens diameter, of 25mm, makes this pair ideal for taking it everywhere with you, since it’s compact and lightweight.

You won’t have to worry about the binoculars getting damaged easily, as they have a rubber coating at the exterior to prevent any such mishaps.

Whether you want to go for a short trip to the great outdoors or full-fledged camping, you will find these binoculars an excellent companion.

As the model comes with multi-coated lenses, you will find the image quality to be beyond reproach, especially given the price tag, bright and clear, and quick to deliver details.



The field of view on this pair of binoculars is pretty narrow, but that’s to be expected from a model with such small lenses.

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8. TASCO Essentials MC Box Binoculars


This Tasco binoculars 10×25 review might just convince you that such a pair is ideal for what you have in mind. Provided that you want some binoculars that you can take with you to sports events, they are quite a good pick. At 10x magnification, they are powerful enough to bring the action on the field closer to your eyes.

At the same time, these cheap Tasco binoculars have 25mm lenses, which manage to keep the weight and size of this pair to a minimum. As their primary role is to help you watch such events, it is a good thing that they don’t take up a lot of room in your pocket.

You will like the fact that the manufacturer includes a carrying case that will protect your binoculars from damage and accumulating grime and dust. Also, you will get a neck strap so that you can easily have the binoculars accessible.



Due to the 10x magnification, you will find this model ideal for watching sports events, as it will bring closer everything happening on the field.

The 25mm lens diameter makes these binoculars pretty compact, so they are easy to carry around, without a glitch.

A case and a neck strap are included, making it easy for you to protect your binoculars from damage, and to carry them around while keeping your hands free.

You may find that these binoculars are pretty good for bird watching and other outdoor activities.

Another nice touch is the availability of different colors for these binoculars.



For little kids who want to watch sporting events with the help of binoculars, this large pair might be a challenge to use and hold for longer times.

There is some shakiness to worry about, as the magnification is pretty high.

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9. TASCO ES82425Z Essentials MC Zoom Box Binoculars


If variable magnification is something you’re after, again, Tasco has something for you. You are bound to be impressed with the TASCO ES82425Z Essentials MC Zoom Box Binoculars, as they have a magnification that goes from 8x to 24x. When trying to watch small targets at great distances, these reasonably priced binoculars are unmatched.

Of course, the fact that the binoculars come with 25mm lenses has an impact on the field of view, but you will be pleased to hear that it will still manage 190 feet when you set the binoculars for 10x magnification.

Optics quality is something that has always promoted and ensured Tasco’s popularity, and this pair is no exception as far as image performance is concerned. Due to the multi-coated optics, the binoculars manage to deliver an image that is both bright and clear so that you can observe a plethora of details with great ease.



Variable magnification makes this model unique among many other binoculars on the market; you can adjust it from 8x to 24x, which expands its usability.

On the other hand, the 25mm objective lens diameter manages to keep the binoculars compact and lightweight, for maximum portability.

You will still get a 190-foot field of view when using the binoculars at 10x magnification, which is pretty good and can help you when trying to scout your surroundings.

With the help of the multi-coated lenses, the binoculars are capable of delivering excellent image quality for the money.

The Porro prism design is another outstanding feature that must be mentioned for these binoculars.



Adjusting both eyepieces can be a challenge, and you might have to invest some trial and error efforts to get them right.

They appear to be a better choice for kids than adults, seeing how close together the eyepieces are.

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10. TASCO ES8X42 Essentials MC Box Binocular


A popular configuration that comes with its fair share of advantages is 8×42, exactly what these binoculars offer. At 8x magnification, the image won’t become shaky, and you won’t need additional stabilization options. At the same time, the 42mm lenses are large enough to ensure proper light gathering and transmission.

To that, add the fact that the lenses are multi-coated, and you will get the perfect recipe for decent image quality in a package that doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg. While Tasco is known for the great deals it offers, it must be mentioned that this model only serves to enforce this aspect.

The rubber armor coating the housing will keep the binoculars protected, and you will get to use them for a long time without worries. Also, the roof prism design helps with the overall image quality provided by these binoculars from Tasco.



If you dislike your binoculars to provide shaky, hard to control performance, the 8x magnification will give you the stability you’re after.

At 16mm, the eye relief present on this model will ensure that even people who wear glasses will manage to use the binoculars without any issues.

Equipped with a roof prism design, the optics delivers above expected image quality, which contributes to the good deal the binoculars offer for the money.

If you happen to drop the binoculars, you don’t have to worry about a thing since a sturdy rubber armor protects them.

The objective lenses have 42mm in diameter, and excel at gathering light and providing the user with a bright image.



Seeing how cheap their pricing is, it shouldn’t come as a big surprise that these binoculars have a somewhat cheap appearance, as well, although they are pretty sturdy for the price.

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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


If you want good quality at a reasonable price while aiming for low-end products, the Tasco binoculars available on the market offer an excellent line-up for you to choose from. While you can’t expect the same bells and whistles as high-end pairs offer, you will undoubtedly find many products that provide great satisfaction for the money spent. Here are some ideas to get you started when you want to select a model.



A wide variety of configurations

One great thing about this company is that it offers a wide range of models, so you are more likely to find a configuration that fits your needs than you would when shopping for other brands. Whether you want a large magnification with a small lens diameter or a model that comes with variable magnification, or something that works for everything, you will find it if you look at what the company offers, even Tasco focus free binoculars.

Therefore, you will not have to limit your choices to something you have no need for or a pair that is only marginally adequate for what you have in mind. Make sure that you pay attention to the magnification and objective lens size so that you can choose the exact model you want.


Decent optics

Another great advantage of these cheap binoculars is that they come equipped with decent optics. Most of the models you will find work with roof prism or Porro prism optics, so you will get the same thing as when shopping for a more expensive model.

Also, it is worth noting that the optics is multi-coated for most of the products offered by Tasco, which means that they will combat glare and help with providing you with image quality that you wouldn’t usually get in such inexpensive products.


Accessories that might be included

Even when you purchase affordable Tasco binoculars, it is worth looking at what accessories are included. For instance, it is always useful to have a case for storing the binoculars when not in use. A cleaning cloth for wiping the lenses is another nice touch, as is a neck strap. The latter is excellent for mobility and will allow you to keep your hands free.

Overall, the quality of the accessories offered by Tasco is decent, so you will be pleased to get some extras with your purchase. They will be handy for keeping your binoculars away from dust and damage, and that will prolong their lifespan, as well.


Specialized models

Even though Tasco may be known mostly for offering all consumers the possibility to use a pair of binoculars that’s good for pretty much anything, you should know that the company also sells some specialized models. For instance, you can find binoculars that are ideal for marine use, due to their waterproof construction and non-slip design.

From the same company, you can purchase binoculars that are ideal for watching sports events, stargazing, hunting, bird watching, and so on.



Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Where are Tasco binoculars made?

Although the company is based in the US, the products Tasco sells are imported, so they are not made locally. This trend is shared by multiple other binocular sellers in the US, as the optics used, if not the models entirely, are made in Asian countries, such as Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Japan.

That said, Tasco sells binoculars imported from other countries under its name, but the focus of the company is to get the most quality while keeping the prices down. Therefore, you can’t expect out of this world quality, but you can expect a decent pricing and equally decent quality.

For this reason, whenever you read a Tasco binoculars review from a user, you will notice that the main focus is on the great pricing and the good value received for the money paid rather than on the outstanding quality of the optics or other features.



Q: Is Tasco a reliable brand?

Tasco is an American-based brand with its headquarters in Miami, Florida. As mentioned earlier, it doesn’t make the optics or the products it sells, as it imports them and sells them under this American name. However, this doesn’t mean Tasco is not a reliable brand.

A lot of people in the US use such binoculars, and the satisfaction rating is pretty high. That means that the brand has managed to conquer the hearts of consumers by offering reliable quality at very low prices. It is often said that even if you happen to lose or break a pair, you won’t have big regrets since these binoculars are so reasonably priced.

Even so, some models, such as the Tasco World Class binoculars are still mentioned by consumers as having been among the most reliable binoculars they have ever had. Other vintage Tasco binoculars also enjoy the same reputation.


Q: How good are Tasco binoculars?

There are plenty of models with this name on the market, from the Tasco Imperial binoculars to the Essentials series. So, the natural question on anyone’s mind would be whether such binoculars are any good. The simple answer will be ‘yes’. While Tasco doesn’t invest in bells and whistles, it provides reliable products that offer satisfaction for the money.

That said, you shouldn’t have outstanding expectations in terms of quality and performance. After all, most of the models sold by this company are incredibly cheap compared with the vast majority of similar products on the market.

Overall, the optics are reliable, and you can expect the construction to be sturdy, too. For the low-end quality you might expect, the products sold by Tasco will offer you a pretty pleasant surprise, and that’s the reason most people rely on them when they want something inexpensive, but still capable of providing decent quality.



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