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8 Best Vivitar Binoculars Compared & Reviewed 

Last Updated: 24.06.24


Best Vivitar Binoculars Review – Top Rated Models with Buying Guide


If you prefer outdoor experiences such as birdwatching or enjoying wildlife in its natural habitat, you will require professional gear to make the most out of your activity, and that includes a pair of the best Vivitar binoculars. And, if you have trouble finding the right product for your needs, our thorough market research may have the perfect answer for you in the form of the Vivitar VIV-AV-825 Waterproof Binocular. The item features multi-coated optics to provide clear and sharp views with an 8x magnification rate. It is 100% waterproof and fog proof, ensuring maximum image clarity in all weather conditions and all seasons. What we also liked is the lightweight yet durable design with an anti-slip rubber coating to ensure a good grip and prevent hand fatigue when operated for extended periods. If these Vivitar binoculars are not available for purchase right away, perhaps a good alternative would be the Vivitar VIV-CV-1225V 2-in-1 Binoculars and Digital Camera.



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8 Best Vivitar Binoculars (Updated Reviews) in 2024



Spending time outdoors requires the right gear and accessories, so you can add to your shopping list a brand new pair of affordable Vivitar binoculars. Showcased below you’ll find some of the most critically acclaimed products on the market right now, together with their in-depth reviews to help you pick the ideal item for your needs.



1. Vivitar VIV-AV-825 Waterproof Binocular 


While they may not be the perfect accessory for a day in the safari, these binoculars prove their efficiency in various situations. From concerts to a night at the theatre, opera or watching a sports event, the product will help you see the stage or the court from afar without adding too much pressure on your eyes.

The binoculars are compact and lightweight enough to be easily carried with you all day long and powerful enough to fulfill their purpose. They are made of sturdy and reliable materials that absorb shocks and prevent damage to the lenses even if they are dropped on the floor.

Another feature that we liked is the waterproof and fog-proof design, which makes this item suitable in almost all weather conditions and temperatures. Be it sunny, rainy or foggy, you can rest assured you will have a clear and crisp image of the object you are looking at from afar.

Moreover, the rubber coating provides a comfortable grip and prevents your hands from slipping, even when they are sweaty. The binoculars are delivered with all accessories, including a neck strap, and a carrying case to protect them from water, debris, dust, and scratches.



The minimum focus is powerful and close enough to allow you to see a butterfly in detail without forcing your eyes and hurting it.

The product features an easy-to-operate center focus knob placed in a suitable and ergonomic position for quick focusing.

The twist-up eyecups and the long eye relief are designed to offer increased comfort and image clarity even for people wearing sunglasses or eyeglasses, a feature that you would normally see in more expensive such accessories.

These binoculars are delivered with all necessary accessories to keep them clean and protected from scratches, shocks, dirt, dust, water, and debris.



The product seems more of a pocket version rather than a full-size accessory, so don’t expect it to perform miracles, especially in low-light conditions and for far-distance images. If you’re looking for an item that will complete your birdwatching gear, keep on searching because this particular one won’t provide enough image clarity.

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2. Vivitar VIV-CV-1225V 2-in-1 Binoculars and Digital Camera


Having tickets to the concert of your favorite band or the opera is a great way to spend a night out but only if you’re prepared with the right accessories, including these Vivitar digital camera binoculars.

Why spend the entire night forcing your eyes to see the stage when you can enjoy a first-row experience with the help of a good pair of binoculars? And, if you also want to take pictures or record a video at the same time, you can do it with only one piece of equipment instead of two.

The 2-in-1 design features a 12x magnification rate, powerful enough for concerts, sports events or birdwatching. You can take pictures or shoot video thanks to the 8 MP camera that delivers still, clear, sharp, and high-quality images.

The product is rather heavy so it may cause hand fatigue when operated for long hours but the good news is that you can mount a tripod and enjoy a hands-free experience. It is compact enough to fit in a regular-size bag and the sturdy design ensures increased protection against scratches and shocks. The DigiCam runs on regular AA batteries and can take up to 160 pictures.



The product is delivered with a full set of accessories, including a shoulder strap, a carrying case, an editing software CD, an instruction manual, and warranty card. The software is compatible with most OS – Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, and Mac OS.

It is perfect for nature lovers, pro scouts, theatre enthusiasts or those who want to see wild animals in their natural habitats.

It can take clear pictures thanks to the 8MP camera and even short videos.

Zoom in up to 12x and enjoy an experience similar to those who have front row tickets to the hottest sports events or concerts of the year.



The product requires an SD memory card that should be purchased separately.

The LCD doesn’t entirely reflect what is seen through the binocular lenses, which makes it quite confusing for those who want to take pictures and see from afar at the same time.

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3. Vivitar Classic Series VIV-CS-821 Dual Barrel Binoculars


If you’re looking for a lightweight and affordable product, keep on reading this Vivitar binoculars review to find out why this Classic Series model is the right choice.

The product boasts an 8x magnification rate, enough for general outdoor and indoor activities, including bird watching, concerts, sports events or theatre. The diopter adjustment provides precise focusing without putting extra pressure on your eyes and forcing them. Besides, the reliable center wheel focus design ensures easy handling with any of your hands.

The multi-coated lenses deliver clear and sharp views in almost all lighting conditions but you may have trouble seeing clearly at dawn or dusk. There is some chromatic aberration also, which means some of the objects you will be looking at will be covered with a light halo.

If you’re willing to get passed that, you will find that the VIV-CS-821 has plenty of other features to compensate, including a foldable design that gets the product down to almost half of its original size to easily fit in your pocket or bag. And, thanks to the Rubber Shock absorbing armor, you can say goodbye to fine scratches and damage caused by shocks.



The item is made of durable materials and features a rubber armor that absorbs shocks and provides an excellent grip for people with sweaty hands.

It is foldable, lightweight, and compact enough to fit in all pockets and bags so you can take it with you at concerts, sports events or even when you’re out in the wild, searching for the most beautiful bird species.

The multi-coated lenses deliver clear and sharp views in most lighting conditions.

Compared to other 8×40 binoculars, this product seems to truly deliver the 8x magnification, allowing you to see far objects clearly.



As we mentioned in the review, the main downside of these binoculars is the internal reflection or chromatic aberration when you’re looking at something near a bright light source.

Even after adjusting the lenses, looking through the binoculars with both your eyes might deliver a somewhat foggy image.

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4. Vivitar CS850 8×50 Binocular Black


Imagine being able to purchase a pair of binoculars for an upcoming event without having to go through countless Vivitar binoculars reviews to find the right model for your taste. Step into any store or go online to have the Vivitar CS850 delivered at your door in the shortest possible time.

This affordable item is perfect for daily outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, seeing your favorite band playing at a local concert or watching a show on Broadway. Why spend a small fortune on first row tickets when you can enjoy a similar experience with the help of these binoculars?

The product boasts an 8x magnification and features a reliable center wheel focus design that allows you to easily adjust the focus according to your eyes. The multi-coated optics ensure clear and sharp views even in low-light conditions, so you can take the item with you any moment of the day, and even enjoy a romantic sunset with your significant other.

The item is designed to last and features a shock-absorbing rubber armor that prevents scratching and damage. It is lightweight enough to not cause hand fatigue when carried for long periods.



Good enough to get you through a night out at a concert or watching the opera as if you had tickets in the front row, these binoculars are very affordable.

The multi-coated lenses ensure clear and sharp views in almost all lighting conditions, meaning the binoculars are a great choice for adventurous and outdoor people.

They are lightweight, compact, and won’t occupy too much space in your backpack. They can even be carried in your pocket, without feeling too heavy.

The rubber coating provides an excellent anti-slip grip and absorbs shocks to prevent damage to the body of the binoculars or the lenses.



Chromatic aberration seems to be one of the negative aspects of this affordable eyepiece as it won’t allow you to clearly see images if they are close to a powerful light source.

The lenses are misaligned and create a double image that will give you eye fatigue.

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5. Vivitar Value Series VIV-VS-843 8×50 and 4×30 Set 


Why settle for just one pair of binoculars when you can get a set of two, suitable for all your outdoor activities? Take the full 8×50 Porro prism binoculars with you when you’re going birdwatching or hunting and enjoy clear, crisp images in all lighting conditions.

The 4×30 pocket binoculars are perfect for children or newbies who need to learn more about these devices but still want to see objects closer. The pocket version is suitable for watching insects and will also work their magic at sports events and concerts, assuming you didn’t get tickets in the last rows.

Both devices feature multi-coated optics for sharp views and image clarity and, even though they aren’t Vivitar digital binoculars, they will ensure maximum eye comfort, easy focus, and high-quality images.

They feature rubber coatings that absorb shocks and prevent damage while also minimizing hand fatigue when carried for a longer time. The set includes a full set of accessories such as carrying cases, neck-straps and cleaning cloth to keep your products away from dust, debris, dirt, and water.

Although they aren’t marketed as fog proof or waterproof, the binoculars can be used in various environments, temperatures, and seasons, as long as it’s not pouring outside.



The set includes two pairs of binoculars, a full-size item and a pocket one, suitable for all outdoor activities, from birdwatching to concerts, sports events, and even stargazing at night.

The coated lenses ensure clear, sharp views in almost all lighting conditions so that you can take the binoculars with you at dawn or dusk and enjoy nature’s wonders.

They provide ideal magnification and field of view for handheld objects, meaning they won’t feel too heavy or cause wrist pain when operated for hours.

Affordable and reliable, the set represents the perfect gift for children and adults alike who want to see objects from afar but still need to practice with various characteristics and functions, including focus.



The body of the products is made of low-quality plastic that will break if exposed to shocks.

The carrying cases will only protect the items from dust and dirt but are not waterproof or shock-proof.

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6. Vivitar CS530 Binocular Black


Available in two dimensions, these binoculars are the perfect choice for a wide array of outdoor activities, from birdwatching to concerts and sports events.

The 5×30 option boasts a five times magnification, suitable for seeing birds from afar or insects from a close distance. The multi-coated optics deliver clear and sharp views in almost all lighting conditions, so you can easily take this accessory with you and enjoy its perks from dawn to dusk.

The strong structure features a rubber coating that absorbs shocks and provides a good grip in all weather conditions, including when the temperatures are above 90 degrees and your hands get sweaty or when it’s raining outside. Thus, you can rest assured your palms won’t get slippery even when carrying the binoculars for extended periods.

The reliable center wheel focus design ensures easy focusing with any of your hands. We also liked the ultra-lightweight design that won’t add extra pressure on your hands or wrists causing fatigue or pain.

Complete with a comfortable carrying case, a cleaning cloth, and a neck strap, this product is ready for any type of outdoor adventure. The carrying case is made of durable materials and will protect your product from rain, dust, debris, and stains, while the cleansing cloth will make sure your binocular lenses are clean and smudge-free.



The item allows you to see everything nature has in store with the help of a 5x magnification rate. The binoculars are built for up-close viewing, so they represent a good investment regardless of your choice of outdoor activity.

The sturdy and reliable structure complete with a rubber coating ensures maximum durability and shock absorption, meaning your product is resistant to wear and tear.

It is delivered with a full set of useful accessories, including a cleansing cloth, a shoulder strap, and a carrying case to protect the binoculars from scratches, rain, dust, debris, and stains.

They are small enough to fit in one hand but powerful enough for whale watching.



As with many other similar products from Vivitar, chromatic aberration exists and cannot be ignored, especially in bright light conditions. Purchase this product if price value, a lightweight design, and a decent magnification rate are more important than the actual quality of the image delivered.

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7. Vivitar Digital 10×25 Camera Binocular 


These Vivitar binoculars 10×25 are designed to capture up-close images of nature, landmarks, sports events, and others, delivering a positive experience whenever spending time outdoors.

The smart combination of a digital camera and a compact pair of binoculars makes this product a winner in both categories, as it will help you both see and take pictures of your favorite objects at the same time. Thus, you won’t ever miss an important moment again and you will make new memories that will last you a lifetime.

The binoculars provide a 10x magnification rate, suitable for birdwatching or wildlife watching, while the camera will take quality pictures. The large LCD screen is easy to operate and will help you keep track of your photo count and delete the pictures you don’t consider worthy of your outdoor experience.

This 2-in-1 product is delivered with a full set of accessories, including a photo imaging software and a USB cable for easy downloading and uploading pictures to your PC or tablet. You will also receive a lens cleaning cloth to prevent dirt, debris or water from contributing to smudgy, hazy pictures.

The product is lightweight enough to be operated with just one hand and features multi-coated lenses for clear and sharp images.



Why get two separate products when you can enjoy the best of both worlds? This 2-in-1 binoculars and digital camera model is the perfect tech piece for capturing your best moments from your outdoor adventures, be it a concert, an afternoon spent birdwatching or cheering for your favorite football team at a sports event.

It is delivered with all necessary accessories to upload, download, and edit pictures, as well as a cleaning cloth, to keep the lenses of your device clean and smudge-free.

The overall construction of these Vivitar 10 x 25 digital camera binoculars feels sturdy, reliable, and lightweight enough at the same time so as to not cause hand or wrist fatigue even when operated without a tripod.

You will also receive an instructions manual to help you familiarize yourself with the features and functions of this 2-in-1 tech piece.



The camera quality is rather low so don’t expect to shoot pictures worthy of the annual prize from the National Geographic wildlife photography competition.

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8. Vivitar VIV-SP-1050 Porro Binocular 


Affordable and reliable at the same time, this pair of binoculars is a smart investment for all outdoor enthusiasts. The unique Porro prism design allows greater depth of field than what you would get with normal roof prism designs. The feature is great for wildlife watching but might not be the best choice for sports events, concerts or birdwatching when you want to see objects from up-close and memorize all their details.

The multi-layer anti-reflective lens coating is designed to reduce glare and improve image clarity at the same time, making this device useful in all lighting conditions. This product also boasts fold-down rubber eyecups with 11mm eye relief that deliver a comfortable viewing distance even for people who wear eyeglasses.

Another feature that we liked is the rubber coating that provides a good grip and prevents slipping. Besides, it ensures a more comfortable hand and palm position, reducing fatigue and wrist pain.

The product is lightweight enough to be handled with only one hand without causing fatigue after long hours. However, it is delivered with a full set of accessories, including a protective carrying case and a shoulder strap for comfortable carrying whenever you decide on a new adventure.



The item is lightweight and durable at the same time, being made of high-quality materials that won’t break, chip or scratch easily.

The rubber coating ensures a comfortable grip and absorbs shocks, protecting the binoculars even if you drop them on the ground or they are carried in harsh conditions.

The multi-layer anti-reflective lens coating reduces glare and chromatic aberration, a problem that many other Vivitar binoculars seem to be dealing with. As a result, the images you’ll see are clearer.

The item is well-suited for mid-range observations.



Although it is marketed as a great choice for birdwatching or concerts, the product lacks the detail clarity of the images you would require for these outdoor experiences.

The carrying case in which the binoculars are delivered is not waterproof or thick enough to absorb shocks, so we recommend using an additional bag if you want to carry this product with you on your future safari adventures.

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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


If you’re ready to find the right accessory to help you see from afar, perhaps going through some Vivitar camera binoculars reviews online will give you a clear idea. However, if you still have doubts about how the perfect pair of binoculars should look like, here are some features that you might want to take into account before making your decision.

Magnification rate

Don’t settle for cheap Vivitar binoculars if you care about your eyesight and the clarity of the image you are going to see through the lenses of your gadget. The magnification rate is one of the most important characteristics of binoculars, so choose wisely, according to your requirements and budget.

Although you would be inclined to opt for a higher magnification rate, keep in mind that products with over 12x are heavier and harder to manage without a tripod. The best binoculars for daily outdoor activities such as birdwatching, sports events, concerts or watching wildlife should have a 7x-12x magnification rate.


Objective lens diameter

The objective lens is located opposite to the eyepiece and its size is crucial as it determines how much light enters the binoculars. Therefore, if you’re looking to explore birds or other objects in low-light conditions, you will benefit from better images if you choose a bigger diameter objective lens.

You can easily identify the size of the lens in millimeters after the “x” symbol in most binoculars specifications. In other words, a pair of binoculars that says 8×40 means it magnifies images up to eight times and features 40mm lenses that allow enough light coming in.

Generally speaking, the most balanced binoculars you can find on the market have a ratio of 5 to the magnification, i.e. 8×40 or 10×50.



When it comes to size, binoculars can be divided into three large categories – pocket size, medium-sized, and full-size items. Each type has its pros and cons, so you should pick the size perfect for you according to the types of outdoor activities you are interested in.

Pocket-size versions are the most affordable and, just like the name suggests, are small and compact enough to fit in your jacket’s pockets. They are mainstream objects that will provide clear enough images for people looking to see a sports field or a concert stage from a considerable distance.

Medium-sized binoculars are heavier, sturdier, and provide a higher magnification rate of over 12x. They are mainly used for safaris and birdwatching and offer clearer, crisper images. On the other hand, full-size binoculars are designed for professionals, birds or wildlife enthusiasts, and often come with 20x+ magnification. They are heavier and harder to adjust and, often enough, cannot be handled without a tripod.

Choose the right pair of binoculars based on your needs but we suggest sticking to pocket versions, especially if you’re not out in the wild regularly.



If you want your accessory to last you many seasons from now on, you would better opt for a pair of binoculars made of sturdy and reliable materials. It should be strong enough to absorb shocks and prevent scratches but also lightweight enough to be carried without requiring a tripod.

A rubber coating is preferred because it ensures a comfortable, anti-slip grip. You will need this type of binoculars if you want to enjoy wildlife at its best in all weather conditions, including during the hot summer days or on a cold, rainy November afternoon.


Weatherproof design

Speaking of various weather conditions, good binoculars will provide a clear and crisp image regardless of the lighting and temperatures outside.

Keep in mind that binoculars are essentially outdoor products, so look for those usually denoted as “WP” or waterproof. Regular models can stay under limited amounts of water for a couple of minutes but higher-end devices will remain undamaged even when submerged in water.



Last but not least, a good product should be delivered with a full set of accessories to enhance its performance and protect it in the long term.

The main accessory you are looking for is the protective case or pouch. It should be made of hard materials to absorb shocks and keep the lenses away from scratches or damage. However, many regular pouches are soft, lightweight, and only suitable to protect the binoculars from dust, dirt, debris, and a few raindrops.

A shoulder strap is perfect for keeping your binoculars with you closely at all times so you won’t miss a moment. Opt for wide and padded products to reduce friction. Some full-size binoculars are heavy enough and might cause discomfort or even shoulder pain when carried all day long.



Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Where are Vivitar binoculars made?

For all those looking to keep their profits locally, the Vivitar brand may seem like a good option. The Vivitar Corporation is a manufacturer, distributor, and marketer of optical and photographic equipment headquartered in Santa Monica, California. It was founded over 80 years ago, in 1938, and originally branded as Ponder and Best, after its founders, Max Ponder, and John Best.

Since 2008, Vivitar has also been serving as the in-house brand of Sakar International, a manufacturer and retailer of digital imaging, mobile accessories, optics, and audio products. The products sold by Vivitar are marketed for the millennial consumer who is looking for fun and affordable optics equipment to support their active lifestyle.

The Vivitar binoculars can be found in both universal stores such as Walmart and Target, and professional optics stores across the country. And, while some of the pieces are made locally, in the United States, a part of the production remains outsourced overseas, especially in China and Korea.

Q: Is Vivitar a good brand for binoculars?

As previously mentioned, Vivitar rebranded and reinvented itself as a company in the past few years, aiming to attract one of the most important market segments, the millennial customer. With its affordable products available in universal stores like Target and Walmart, the company became a competitor for bigger manufacturers with expensive and professional equipment.

One of the great advantages of Vivitar binoculars, aside from their lower price, is their portability. Most of the models are designed to fit in your jackets’ pockets and are lightweight enough to be taken with you anywhere outdoors. However, if you are expecting a sharp image clarity, there might be other brands you should be interested in.

In the end, it all narrows down to your budget and expectations. If you’re looking for a pair of binoculars to help you see your favorite sports event, theatre play, concert or even the Moon from afar, Vivitar is the right option for you.


Q: How do I clean my binoculars?

Most Vivitar accessories are delivered with a soft cloth designed to clean the lenses and the surface of the binoculars without damage. If your product didn’t come with one, you can still use regular cleaning cloth from any pair of sunglasses or eyeglasses.

The product should be soft and dry to not cause marks or fine scratches when cleaning the lenses. You should also avoid cleaning substances or wipes such as Kleenex as they might leave fine marks and scratches on the lenses, which might interfere with the image quality.

It is important to only use a clean and dry cloth to wipe the lenses but you can use a wet wipe for the binoculars’ frame, as long as it won’t cause corrosion or damage. Don’t forget to always store your product in its protective case, away from direct sunlight, wind, rain, dust, debris, and dirt that can also cause permanent damage.



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