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Zeiss Terra ED 8×42 Binoculars Review

Last Updated: 29.11.21

Main advantage 


Finding the right pair of binoculars doesn’t always resume to the highest magnification rate. This can help up to a certain point but it is the overall design of the product that is more important for heavy users. Those who enjoy spending time in nature and observing wildlife or even shoot a turkey during the hunting season will most likely use binoculars on a regular basis, which means they should be strong, sturdy, and reliable. 

The Zeiss Terra ED delivers just that, emphasizing on the robust construction. The product is reinforced with glass fiber, making it an ideal candidate for those who spend most of their time outdoors. Whether it’s nature watching, birdwatching, whale watching, hunting or safari, these binoculars provide the perfect combination of durability and lightweight design, feeling perfect in your hands. 

Despite the rugged construction, the device is lightweight and compact, perfectly fitting in your hands and backpack. 

Weighing just 25 ounces, the product is less heavy than many other models in its price range and with similar specifications. Thus, it won’t cause hand fatigue or wrist pain when operating it for long hours. Moreover, the small dimensions allow you to easily carry and handle it using just one hand, providing increased freedom of movement. 

The rubber exterior is constructed to relax the palms. They provide an excellent grip and absorb extra moisture, preventing your hands from slipping and dropping the binoculars. And, if you’re not keen on carrying the device in your hands all day long, you can easily attach a shoulder strap on it for extra mobility. 

The Zeiss Terra ED is 100% weatherproof, making it a strong ally all-year-long. You can take it with you in the summer, spring, and late fall, without worrying about fog or water damaging the lenses and lowering the quality of the images. In fact, the item is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and environments, so you can easily take it with you while camping, trekking or going on a safari. 

To sum up, the number one reason why we consider you should purchase the Zeiss Terra ED is that it is an object suitable for the entire family. Whether you’re a nature enthusiast, a child or person who likes hunting and outdoor adventures, this pair of binoculars are well-constructed, compact, and lightweight, so you can easily grab and lift them quickly to your eye. 

Thus, you will be able to catch wildlife in its funniest or most interesting moments, making memories that will last you a lifetime.


Main disadvantage 


Most customers were pleased with the overall quality and optical specifications of this product, mentioning that it delivers high-quality images without feeling too heavy in the hands. However, the main issue that we found with it is the storage bag. 

We appreciate that it is delivered with a bag and other accessories for easy handling and protection, but this particular bag feels rather flimsy and won’t absorb shocks properly. Moreover, if you leave the strap attached, you won’t be able to close the bag anymore. Thus, every time you want to store or carry the binoculars, you need to take the strap off and place it inside the bag, which can take precious time. 

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Main features explained 


Ability to view wildlife up-close 

Active outdoor lifestyles require compact, versatile, and durable binoculars. The Zeiss Terra ED is equipped with an 8x magnification, allowing you to see sharp images of far-away objects. 

If you’re new in the field of binoculars, you should know that there is a special type of product for main outdoor activities, including wildlife watching, birdwatching, hunting, hiking, and others. Each item differs in characteristics such as size, weight, and magnification rate, depending on the customer’s needs. 

For instance, if you’re into spending time outdoors hiking, biking or camping, you will require a pair of binoculars that are lightweight and easy to handle with one or both hands. This means that you will most likely opt for compact or midsize binoculars with lenses that measure between 20 and 40mm. The most popular versions are the midsize binoculars, with objective lens sizes from 30mm to 40mm and with a magnification rate of 8x or 10x. 

However, there is a considerable difference between the 8x and 10x models. 8x-power binoculars, like the new Zeiss Terra ED, provide a wider field of view and allow you to easily identify targets, even when they are on the move. Thus, they are the perfect choice for bird enthusiasts and even for hunters. 

On the other hand, 10x-power binoculars have a narrower field of view but deliver a closer, more detailed look of the objects in front of you, once you set your eyes on one. 

At the end of the day, it is up to you to pick the right product according to your needs but we consider that the Zeiss Terra ED is a great choice for nature observation, whether the object you are trying to see is across the field or right in front of you. 

Weatherproof design 

As much as we love sunny days with warm temperatures and enough light outside to see all objects perfectly from afar, these conditions rarely happen. And, if you happen to only plan outdoor adventures during the holidays, chances are you will rarely experience safe travels with great weather. 

No matter if you live in a place with warm weather year-round or experience four seasons per year, outdoor adventures need to be properly prepared, and this includes picking the right gear. If you’re considering whale watching, birdwatching, hunting, safari or simply enjoying the wonders of nature, you need a pair of binoculars that are up for the job, regardless of the temperatures and the weather conditions. 

The Zeiss Terra ED will deliver not only that but so much more. We already talked about their compact and lightweight design that perfectly fits in your hands and your backpack but this will sound even better when we tell you that these binoculars are a great choice in all weather conditions. 

They are 100% waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about damaging the lenses when it’s cold and rainy outside. The lenses are coated so that they provide zero glare and, thanks to the O-rings that seal out moisture, they will even survive quick splashes if you’re on a boat or experience heavy rainfalls. 

These binoculars are also fog-proof, meaning that the air inside is purged and replaced with nitrogen to remove all traces of moisture and avoid condensation. 


High-quality images 

Field of view and magnification can only do so much to help you benefit from a great experience while out in nature. No matter how cool the design of the binoculars is or how big the magnification rate is, you will still need other optical features to actually see the images clear and sharp. 

The new Zeiss Terra ED provides maximum optical precision and a hydrophobic multi-coating meeting all demands for versatile use. Thanks to these features, the binoculars will be able to deliver state-of-the-art images in all lighting and weather conditions, no matter how challenging they are. 

Take into account that most birds are active early in the morning and right before dusk, which means you have a small window of opportunity to observe their behavior. Unfortunately, these moments of the day also come with low-light conditions, which can make binoculars useless unless they are specially designed to face these challenges. 

The Zeiss Terra ED guarantees outstanding images and bright colors, as close as possible to the natural ones. This means that you will be able to notice even the slightest changes in a bird’s feathers and details that you might have easily missed without the proper gear. 

The product also aims to fix chromatic aberration so that you won’t see anything else through the lens except for the objects that you want. This means no purple, green or yellow halos or light spots when trying to focus on the objects in front of you. 



Last but not least, a good pair of binoculars is delivered with a wide array of accessories that allow you to transport and store them properly. The Zeiss Terra ED is no different and features a protective storage case and a shoulder strap. 

Although we are talking about a midsize item that is lighter than full-size products, this doesn’t mean that you will be comfortable carrying and holding the binoculars for an entire day. A shoulder strap is a perfect accessory to help you rest your hands and enjoy maximum freedom of movement for mounting your hunting gear or having a snack while you’re waiting for your flock of birds to show up. 

These binoculars also come with a protective case made of sturdy materials and with enough padding to absorb shocks and prevent the item from damage during transportation or storage. 

The case offers easy access to your main device with the help of a sturdy zipper but doesn’t come with a strap long enough to place it on your shoulder or across the body. This means that you need to use an additional strap if you want to carry the binoculars in their case while moving from one place to another. 

As we previously mentioned, there isn’t enough room inside the case for the strap so you will have to remove it every time you want to store the binoculars. This isn’t necessarily a flaw and doesn’t interfere with the purse’s ability to protect the device from scratches, dirt, debris, water, and other damaging substances. 


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