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Pentax SP 12×50 – Review

Last Updated: 29.11.21



Main technical features


The large objective lenses incorporated into the design of this unit allow it to offer images that are contrast-rich and bright even under low-light conditions. This feature is helped even further thanks to the premium multi-layer coating. Thus, you will able to enjoy the best results in the widest range of viewing conditions.

Durability is another key feature of this option, and it is achieved thanks to a number of aspects. First, the protective coating will repel debris and water from the optics to keep them clean and preserve the image quality. Secondly, the body is also very rigid, and the unit is nitrogen-filled to handle even the most extreme weather conditions.

In the right eyepiece ring, you can find a diopter adjustment that will help you adjust the image to match your eyesight. What’s more, this unit comes with a built-in tripod socket, meaning that if you ever need to get more stable images, you can purchase and use any compatible tripod.


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In-depth information


If you are in the market for a versatile purchase, you might want to consider the Pentax SP 12×50 as it comes with large objective lenses that will allow you to use the binoculars on a wide range of viewing conditions. You will get contrast-rich and bright viewing under all light conditions, and the premium multi-layer coating will ensure maximum light transmission.

The Pentax’s Super-Multi-Coating can eliminate harmful ultraviolet rays and improve the light transmission for high contrast images with almost no glare or flare. The center-focus system is very accurate and speedy and can be controlled with just your fingertip.

The specialized coating will help maintain the image quality at its peak by repelling dust, grease, and water. Thus, even if you are traversing a very inhospitable terrain, you will never have to worry about debris getting on the optics and ruining your day.

The body features a rigid construction which makes the binoculars extremely rugged and capable of maintaining optical alignment. This will ensure a comfortable viewing throughout the life of the product even if the unit has seen a few drops or shocks.

The Pentax SP 12×50 is waterproof and nitrogen-filled. This means that it can handle anything that the weather can throw at it. You have nothing to worry about even if you accidentally drop it in a river, lake, or a puddle since the unit is submersible to 1m.

The eyepiece rings are made of a soft but durable rubber material meaning that they can be easily folded back to make viewing easier for eyeglass wearers. If you want to prevent unwanted shakes or you wish to make extended observations easy and comfortable, you can also use a tripod since the unit features a built-in tripod socket.


Known issues

Buyers had only good things to report about this model, making the task of finding fault with it that more difficult. While not a problem in itself, you should keep in mind that this is not a compact model and is rather heavy and difficult to hold steady. The good thing is that this aspect can be rectified easily by purchasing a tripod.


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