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Bushnell Falcon 10×50 Wide Angle Review

Last Updated: 06.12.21

Main technical features


This model comes with 10x magnification, which makes it the ideal choice for those who want a bit more magnification power when they go hiking, trekking, or they want to examine targets in the distance.

You will appreciate the large 50mm diameter lenses that allow superior light gathering so that the image you see through them is bright and clear.

Offering an excellent 300-feet FOV at 1000 yards, this pair of binoculars offers superior value for the money.

Another thing that many people like about this model is the 9mm eye relief that, while not the most generous available, it is still a useful feature.

The binoculars are equipped with a rubber armor that prevents damage and also provides you with a good grip so that they don’t easily slip from your hands.


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In-depth information


You will appreciate the fact that this model from the Falcon series created by Bushnell offers a high magnification without asking for an arm and leg. Because the binoculars are decently priced, you may be surprised to discover that they have 10x magnification, a feature that you usually find in models that are more expensive. While it may not be packed with features, this pair offers excellent performance for what it is.

Image quality is always an essential aspect for binoculars, so we should talk about it. The Porro prism construction of this model ensures proper performance, while the coated lenses ensure that the image you will observe through the lenses is sharp and bright. It helps to have the InstaFocus lever that offers smooth feedback. The 50mm lenses are large enough to offer proper performance even when the light conditions are less than ideal.

You can use this pair of binoculars for a wide variety of activities. If you like bird watching, you will discover a great companion in this Bushnell Falcon. Also, if you intend to go hunting, the wide field of view will allow you to follow targets in motion with great ease. In case you’re not exactly a fan of outdoor adventures, but you like attending sports events, you can take these binoculars along because they provide excellent performance.

Another thing that makes this model stand out is the level of comfort it provides to the users. You will notice how nice the firm grip feels. It all happens due to the rubberized texture of the outer layer. Should you drop the binoculars by accident, you will not have to worry that they might get damaged since the rubber armor protects them. Also, the 9mm eye relief is a feature that caters to the overall comfort levels.

Known Issues


In case you want to use the binoculars with a tripod, such a thing is not possible. The model is not designed to be mounted on a tripod, which is quite a shame seeing its otherwise great value for the price.

Also, you will notice that image stabilization is not the best, so you might experience a bit shaky image experience.


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