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Best rated safari binoculars – Guide & reviews

Last Updated: 06.12.23


Top binoculars for safari reviewed – Buying guide & Comparison for 2023


Preparing a safari trip can be very exciting, especially if you are looking for an exquisite experience away from the city hustle. However, shopping for all the necessary gear and accessories may not be all fun, especially if you don’t have too much time at your disposal. If you are looking for the best binoculars for safari, our short paragraph will guide you through the best options on the market for a decent price. According to our customers, the Carson VP Series is the most suitable item because it offers an 8x magnification rate, and offers a field of view of 393 feet at 1,000 yards. Moreover, the product is fully waterproof and fogproof, meaning you can use it even on rainy days or early in the morning. If the Carson VP Series is not available for purchase, we also suggest the Steiner AZ830 as a viable alternative in terms of performance and price.



Comparison table


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Finding the perfect pair of binoculars for safari could prove to be a struggle, especially since there are so many viable options on the market. Luckily, our buyer’s guide is here to make things easier and help you make the perfect decision regarding your future gizmo. All the elements that should be taken into consideration prior to your acquisition are showcased below.


A person used to safaris will know that a good pair of binoculars is, first of all, portable. This means it is easy to carry, especially around the neck. But portability also talks about dimensions, another important aspect when looking for such an item.

Sure, you may be tempted to choose the largest pair of safari binoculars found on the market, but are they really going to suit your purpose? If they’re compact and easy to use, it’s very likely that they’ve garnered the best safari binoculars reviews, so it wouldn’t hurt if you checked out some of the critically acclaimed products at most retailers. 

Before buying consider how much of an outside person you are and exactly how much time are you going to spend with those binoculars in your hands? If you plan on a full safari trip, you unmistakably have to consider the size and the weight of the item you want to purchase.

Can you hold it in your hands? Is the strap around the neck comfortable and strong enough for the product to be carried around all day long? A pair of lightweight binoculars for safari shouldn’t weigh heavy around your neck. Answer all these questions sincerely and you will know exactly what product to buy. The matter of portability might be less crucial if you’re searching for the best backyard safari binoculars, for instance.



Obviously, another criterion to take into consideration is the quality of the materials used for manufacturing your item. We are talking about strong, shock-resistant materials which are also reliable and flexible. The outer coating of the binoculars should be made from a hard type of rubber in order to absorb shocks but also to provide a fully waterproof and fogproof design.

This is extremely important because early mornings in the savanna can get not only foggy but also quite chilly and you will require a product which doesn’t “sweat”. The exterior rubber coating will also ensure a non-slip grip and hold tight to your gadget in all weather conditions.

Another important aspect is the quality of the lenses. They should be made out of high-quality materials in order to provide a clear and colorful image of what is in front of you. We suggest opting not only for binoculars with large magnification rate but also for those with a large field of view. This way you will have a clear picture of the surrounding environment or could only focus on one element of nature.


Price range

Last but not least, the price also represents an important decisional factor for all your acquisitions, especially when we talk about gadgets. Depending on how passionate you are about nature and its beauties, we can suggest a different price range for your future pair of binoculars. For instance, if you are an avid observer of the wild and find yourself often enough lost in the safaris, we do suggest you invest in a qualitative piece with powerful lenses and high magnification rates.

Obviously, such items don’t come cheap, and you will have to invest in your hobby. Luckily, deciding on an expensive item almost always means paying extra for better quality which is further translated in many years of observation with the same product. Lower quality products will break easier or won’t offer the same image clarity or focus than professional safari binoculars.

All of our featured products in this article are accessible in terms of price; thus, we trust you will make the right decision based on your needs and desires. A good pair of safari binoculars can be sold for anything from ninety dollars and a couple of hundreds so make sure to choose the item according to your wishes and not only based on its price tag. If you’re looking for a bargain, you can sometimes even get a safari hat and binoculars as a deal. 



5 Best Safari Binoculars (Reviews) in 2023


To help you make up your mind easier, our team of specialists gathered a list of five different models, all showcased and reviewed below. These are our top choices we recommend you test and purchase. Give them a look and let us know which model is best for you.



1. Carson VP Series Full Sized or Compact Waterproof High Definition Binoculars


This Carson item is the one ranked the highest in our reviews, according to our customers. Although it does display the biggest price, it is certainly an item worth purchasing if you are a true connoisseur of the safari. The product will allow you to see all bird flocks from a considerable distance or even watch wild animals in their natural habitats. You can spot lions, zebras, giraffes or even elephants and hippos from a safe distance with this pair of binoculars.

Moreover, thanks to the large field of view, you will have a panoramic view of the entire natural reservation and see more elements at once. The 8x magnification rate is perfect for bird watching or wildlife observing.

You can even attach the device to a tripod in a matter of seconds if you want your hands to be free and enjoy more freedom of movement. In fact, with this pair of specs, you will benefit from a wide range of features specially created to make your wildlife observation more pleasant and fun. If you are looking for good binoculars for safari, this Carson model might be right up your alley.



The product is waterproof and fogproof making it safe to use in all weather conditions, including during the rainy season or early in the morning.

The weight of this item is no more than one and a half pounds, making it extremely lightweight and portable. You can wear it on your wrist or around the neck and it won’t cause you neck problems at the end a long day in the hot safari.

It offers a field of view of no less than 393 feet at 1,000 yards while the eye relief is of 17 mm. Also, the 8x magnification rate will make you see clear from a considerable distance.



Out of all our five top choices, this product from Carson is the most expensive. If you are not truly a safari passionate, we suggest choosing other pocket-friendly options.

The 8×42 model from the same company seems to offer superior image quality at a similar price. Avid wildlife watchers should reorientate towards this model.


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2. Steiner Safari 10×26 Binoculars


This alternative is a pair of quality Steinter safari binoculars. One of the main benefits of this item is its lightweight and compact design, making it extremely portable and able to fit in small backpacks. This is a great quality especially for those who plan on long safari days with loads of visiting and observing. The small dimensions of these binoculars will help you pack more items even in narrow backpacks.

The sports-auto focus system allows you to easily focus each eyepiece to your own comfort vision once, then maintaining the razor sharp from 20 yards. In other words, once you have set the item to your own vision preferences, it will remain in the same position allowing you enjoy a hustle-free wildlife observation, without chasing the focus on moving objects.

The item is made to last and resist to multiple and severe shocks without breaking or scratching. It will certainly be a good investment for all safari amateurs and professionals.



The flexible silicon lenses mount to absorb severe shocks, impact, and abuse without damaging your eyes in the process.

The compact design is very comfortable to carry and will perfectly fit in your backpack. Also, it will shift balance into both your palms for comfortable and long-time observation.

It is made from a polycarbonate fiber with long-life rubber armoring making the product to be lightweight and resistant in all weather conditions.



Slightly heavier than other binoculars, weighing 1.8 pounds. Purchase this item if you have strong hands and are not afraid to use them during long hours of observing.

It doesn’t come with an international shipping available service. In other words, if you are outside mainland US you will not be able to purchase this product. Also, take into consideration that this item may take a while until arriving so make sure you order it in time for your next safari trip.


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3. Carson JK Series Waterproof Bird Watching Binoculars JK842


If you’ve been scouring the internet for a quality pair of binoculars that you can utilize for all of your outdoorsy activities, we suggest this Carson model. It has acquired the widespread appreciation of many of those who have tried it out, and that’s because it comes with plenty of helpful features.

On the one hand, the 8x magnification and 42mm objective lens of the product will enable you to take a peek at your targets without experiencing shaky images. The lenses of the 8×42 choice are fully coated, so there’s nothing to worry about in terms of accuracy and image crispness.

With its waterproof and fog-proof design, this device can be employed under a variety of circumstances and even in extreme weather.

Additionally, the unit comes with rotatable eyecups, which is why it can be used even by people who wear glasses. The kit comes with a number of extras ranging from a neck strap to a lens cloth.



Thanks to its fog-proof and waterproof design, this pair of binoculars can be utilized in a broad array of situations, even those where the weather conditions are extreme.

The model features an 8x magnification and a 42mm objective lens diameter, which means that image shakiness will not have to be something you need to experience.

The fully coated lenses boasted by this choice will help you get clear and crisp images.

Since it boasts rotatable eye cups, this choice can be used comfortably even by glass wearers.

Despite being manufactured by one of the top brands in the industry, this Carson choice doesn’t cost a fortune.



Several customers have complained about the feel of the rubber lamination on the plastic body of this binocular. The lamination might come off after many months of heavy use.


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4. Bushnell Poweview All Purpose Compact Binocular 132514


The great thing about the Bushnell Powerview series is that it offers plenty of binoculars options, suitable for various activities. Most of them have an 8x magnification rate, but the objective diameter varies depending on the activity you are about to perform.

Obviously, a lighter model will provide limited, and a quite narrow field of view but will also be more price-efficient and easy to carry around. As a general rule, the wider/ bigger the objective, the heavier the product will be. Again, it truly depends on your expectations to find the right model of binoculars.

The narrow, 21mm model offers a 378-feed field of view, sufficient for bird watching. If you plan on taking this product in the safari, make sure to be pretty close to the animals you want to observe, otherwise, you won’t get a large field of view. For a more professional look, we suggest you opt for larger variants, such as the 10×25, 10×32 or even the 16x32mm model.



Out of the five products we reviewed, this is the only one coming in three different colors and designs to match your destination or preferences. You can purchase the regular, black version or go for a full camo gear with the earth-sandy color. You can also opt for the “computer” color scheme which includes a dark-green and gray exquisite design.

The product offers an 8x magnification rate with 21mm objective diameter, similar to numerous other binoculars specifically designed for wildlife observing.

It features a non-slip rubber armor to absorb shocks and resist repetitive falls.



Not suitable for low-light environments or watching during dusk/ dawn or night. Although they behave well in natural, bright light, don’t pack these with you for a stargazing experience.

They offer a quite narrow field of view so make sure you only focus on one individual and not an entire flock.


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5. Bushnell Falcon Binoculars with Case


Bushnell is renowned for offering good quality products at more than affordable prices, and this pair of binoculars is no exception. For a good price, you will get a decent item, suitable for taking it with you in safaris or at sports events.

The main advantage of the item is its 35mm lens diameter, which offers a wide field of view. In other words, you will get to see more from a flock or herd of animals from a safe distance and even enjoy once in a lifetime moments into the wild.

Watch out when you order – some customers claimed the product arrived broken but luckily they were able to send the flawed item back and receive a new pair of binoculars or the money back. We suggest you opt for this item if you are a beginner or want something lightweight and easy to handle.



Out of the five products reviewed, this one comes with the most affordable price. It is perfect for beginners or those who do not want to invest all their money in only one pair of binoculars.

It offers a 7x magnification rate and auto focusing Porro prism. The product is suitable for light birdwatching, sports events, concerts or theater plays.

The 35mm lens diameter offers a larger field of view, perfect for those wanting to observe the wild nature in safaris.

The Instafocus System is perfect for targets on the move as it allows easy and fast focusing.

The product also comes with a protective case, easy to transport.



Some customers complained about the parallax being off with no available adjustment to solve the issue.

Also, looking through these for larger periods of time may result in headaches as the image doesn’t focus clearly and shifts from one eye to the other.


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Unavailable products


Nikon 8245 ACULON A211


This Nikon product is extremely accessible for all pockets and will certainly make a great addition to your safari gears and accessories. Most of the customers who reviewed the product ranked it high, praising the item’s ergonomic and lightweight, yet trustworthy design.

The product is easy to handle and is perfect for beginners or those who do not want to spend a tremendous amount of money only on a pair of binoculars. The colors are bright and according to reality, while the focus is quite easy to achieve.

You can use these binoculars on a wide array of outdoor activities, delivering excellent quality in almost all environments. Although they are perfect for wildlife observing and outdoor day activities, these Nikon specs also deliver decent star images if you want to go for a stargazing night. Last but not least, you can use these in almost all weather and lighting conditions, thus you can even take them for a ride during rainy days or early, foggy mornings.



Nikon is a very trustworthy, renowned, and professional brand and is known for its qualitative items.

This product was designed to be as lightweight and ergonomic as possible so that you can enjoy long hours of birdwatching or wildlife observing without tiredness or fatigue on your arms or neck.

It is made using high-quality Aspherical Multicoated Eco-Glass Lenses to deliver a clear, sharp, and bright image in most lighting conditions.

They are easy to focus and adjust according to the shape and size of your face.

The selling price of this pair of binoculars is also a strong point, becoming accessible, yet powerful and reliable observing accessory.



The heavy design weighs around 2.4 pounds, which is heavier than other models reviewed by us. Purchase this product if you have strong hands or muscles as it may not be extremely comfortable after a few hours.



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