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Best binoculars for deer hunting

Last Updated: 30.11.21


Binoculars for deer hunting – Buying guide & Comparison


What can you do when there’s no time to do proper research, but you need to buy the best binoculars for deer hunting as soon as possible? Well if you want to avoid having to read dozens of hunting binoculars reviews, you can definitely go through our guide to see if any of our suggestions will help you in taking this decision. Our findings show that one of the first products you should consider is the Bushnell 198104 Legend L-Series. First of all, it’s characteristics manage to set standards in this field when it comes to brightness and definition. A reasonably wide field of view is also a nice feature to have. A permanent water repellent coating will allow you to use this model regardless of the weather conditions. Should this item happen to be currently unavailable, we suggest you check out the Vanguard Endeavor ED 1042 as an excellent second choice.



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Getting the best elk hunting binoculars is certainly a challenge, especially in such an overcrowded market where every producer strives to sell their products by aggressive means of advertising. What you can do, however, is to understand the crucial features that the item you’re looking for should possess in order to answer your requirements.

Once you have that figured out, you can proceed to search the shops or the internet for the pair of binoculars that will perfectly suit you. In order to come to your aid, we’ve put together a set of tips that you should follow.

Lens type

This is probably the factor that most influences the final price of the model, as well as the outcome, meaning the quality of the image that you will perceive using the device. It’s important to adjust to your budget and decide whether you need them for a hobby or you’re a professional hunter and need to update your gear.

Maybe if you’re reading our guide, you fall into the first category, so it’s advisable to restrict your search to a limited budget. This way you would get a reasonably priced product that isn’t as good as the professional ones but still capable of offering good performance.

We recommend you look for lenses that are coated in various protective layers. Their performance will be significantly improved, and your experience won’t be hindered by disturbing factors. For example, a raincoat layer is useful for allowing you to go hunting without having to worry about the weather forecast.

An anti-reflective layer is useful in order to allow a larger amount of light to pass through the set of lenses and prisms inside and thus increase the brightness and the clarity of the final image.



A good pair of binoculars is one that’s user-friendly. For example, there are a few brands that coat their products in a rugged rubberized layer, in order to offer you a firm grip and increase stability. This way, you’ll be able to hold onto your device regardless of the weather, and you won’t have to worry about unexpected accidents damaging the insides.

Another good feature that’s important to consider when setting off to buy a pair of binoculars is the weight of the product and means of transport. Look for a model that’s lightweight and won’t add much to your backpack. In order to be easy to carry, you can opt for a design that includes accessories such as shoulder straps or a carrier bag.


Other important aspects

If you’re looking for a truly useful pair, you should consider more aspects. First of all, you need to understand that there’s no such thing as a perfect model, but rather you need to find the one that perfectly suits your requests.

Apart from assessing your general purpose, you need to judge by brand name also. When talking about hunting gear, it’s best to go with established brand names that have proved their worth by offering great items that have been appreciated over time.  

Also remember to consider crucial aspects such as product specifications, magnifying power, the field of view and other characteristics that can elevate your experience from mediocre to almost professional.


In order to draw a conclusion, it’s safe to say that to find the best alternative you need to understand the general characteristics of the products, but you also need to assess your own purpose and make a decision by comparing and contrasting options according to these two aspects.  If you want to get some further information, keep reading and enjoy our product reviews.



5 Best Binoculars for Deer Hunting (Reviews) in 2021


In order to help you better understand which products meet your requirements as a customer and which don’t, we’ve showcased a few of our top picks for sale. If you feel that the information you’ve received so far isn’t sufficient, we recommend you check out our further recommendations.



1. Bushnell Legend Binoculars L Series


If you’re looking for an affordable pair of binoculars that offers reasonable quality and will get you through any hunting trip regardless of environment or weather conditions, then maybe trying this model

from Bushnell isn’t a bad idea.

With a wide field of view and lenses constructed of extra-low dispersion fluorite glass, this pair is designed to offer you a very high level of brightness and clarity while also being equipped with many features that enhance your overall experience.

For example, every lens element inside the binoculars is coated with an ultra wide-band layer, which serves the purpose of reducing the reflection effect and increasing the amount of light that actually gets through the prism.  

If you’re worried about having to face various unfavorable weather conditions, then this alternative is the right choice for you. The Legend L-Series is coated with a layer of rain guard protection, which will allow you to hunt even in rainy weather.



Bushnell’s new binoculars are category leaders in both image clarity and performances.

The model offers an improved user experience with its soft rubber housing, improved eyecup resistance, thumbhole cutouts, durable objective covers, and a locking diopter.

Furthermore, it comes with ED Prime extra-low dispersion fluorite glass, which allows the colors of the spectrum to be shown with accuracy. The coating eliminates chromatic aberration and color-fringing and brings out detail even under low-light situations.

The RainGuard coating, a premium feature overlooked by many brands, allows great performance in wet weather, and its body is extremely durable even if used intensively and on a daily basis.



The thing that bothered past buyers is the zoom. And this not because it is not enough, but because at the maximum zoom, the clarity is not on the same level with the moderate zoom clarity, and the image gets a bit blurry and shaky.


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2. Vanguard 10 x 42 Binocular


Despite being a product slightly out of an amateur’s usual price range, the Endeavor model offers very high quality in order to make sure you won’t regret paying its price. For example, it uses ED glass to render some of the best images you’ll see in terms of clarity, brightness, and level of detail.

Multiple layers coat the lenses and improve your general experience by eliminating certain disturbing factors such as the reflective effect or water infiltrations. The long eye relief allows you to use this item while also wearing eyeglasses.

The lenses will transmit the biggest amount of light possible even in low light conditions, resulting in a brighter picture richer in details. A large and precise focus wheel placed between the eye caps lets you adjust the focal distance.

This model is light and easy to carry, and the design is ergonomic and user-friendly. This pair of binoculars will surely make a difference when used while on the hunt.



We can safely say that the unit features an ergonomic, open-bridge design which is comfortable to use for extended periods.

It also comes with a wide viewing angle and ultra-reliable BaK-4 roof prisms that make the product a premium option.

The unit is also nitrogen-filled, and O-ring-sealed so that it can be both water and fog proof – this means the product is capable of taking on challenging weather conditions.

Lastly, it rocks three-stage eyecups, it has a soft and pleasant texture, and it is light enough that you can use it for hours without a harness or a tripod, or without getting muscle fatigue.



There were people who noticed a white halo around the edges of the view provided by the binoculars – a thing called bleeding. However, this would only happen at the highest magnifications.

Another setback is the focusing wheel, which is situated in an awkward position that makes using it difficult.


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3. Vanguard Spirit XF 10×42 Binocular Waterproof Fogproof Bak4


This is yet another viable alternative of a hunting device, especially if you’re looking for a pair that can also be used by eyeglass wearers. Due to its elongated eye relief, the Spirit model can be used with the maximum level of comfort.

A series of very useful features define this product as being one of the best deer hunting binoculars out there. For example, the magnifying power is 10x, which means you’ll be able to observe your target in a level of detail you otherwise wouldn’t achieve.

Among the many positive qualities that define this model are the very high clarity and brightness of the image. You’ll get a view as close to reality as possible and probably have a higher chance of actually hitting your target.

This lightweight design is easy to carry and won’t add much extra weight to your backpack. A rugged rubber armor ensures a firm grip.



Spirit XF offers outstanding image quality and user-friendly features.

It is a comfortable-to-use pair of binoculars, which has a unique open-bridge body design that allows it to be lightweight and compact, thus perfect for travels.

Since it is waterproof and fog-resistant, the model is crafted to take on the outdoors and challenging weather.

Its twist-out eyecups with long eye-relief can be positioned at multiple points, and inside, it comes with BaK-4 phase-coated prisms and fully multi-coated lenses.

It delivers excellent edge-to-edge clarity and brilliant color reproduction, while the textured rubber armor makes the grip secure and the unit impact resistant.



Although the unit can be held with your bare hands for long periods, you might encounter some resistance when using it wearing thick hunting gloves.

It is also disappointing that it only offers two objective lens sizes, and that it only comes in black and not camouflage patterns.


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4. Bushnell Legacy WP Porro Prism Binocular


Manufactured using high-quality materials that have been extensively tested to make sure they meet your every expectation, this Bushnell alternative is reasonably priced and offers features worthy of a professional tool.

For example, the adjustable zoom goes up to 22x magnifying power, which is more than you probably need if you’re an amateur hunter. Most products on the market with such a feature cost a lot more and are hard to find.

A Porro prism system paired with lenses coated in multiple protective layers offer good performance in terms of image quality and level of detail, enough to improve your overall experience as compared to other models.

The design is built to last, the durability of the materials combined with a sleek outer shell resulting in a choice that will be fit for long-term use.  Smart design hacks include an adjustment knob on the center and a rugged armor for a tighter grip.



The traditional Porro prism design of this piece has been given a facelift. The new upgrade has a nitrogen-purged construction, a thing which makes it 100% water and fog proof.

Aside from that, the binoculars have exceptional light transmission, contrast, and image clarity. This is due to the fully multi-coated optics that make no compromise when it comes to satisfactory performance.

With the twist-up eyecups and long eye relief, this pair is comfortable to be used even for eyeglass wearers.

The Bushnell-made product is solid, made from premium materials, and it is capable of surviving anything from a drop on solid ground to a sandstorm.



More than one past customer thought that the surface of the model is slippery when used in highly humid environments or with wet hands.

And because it is also shiny and smooth, it is prone to scratches, and they recommend investing in a premium case.


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5. Leupold 119198 BX-1 McKenzie


Try this item from Leupold if you want a pair that is completely waterproof and fog proof within a price range that’s truly affordable. These binoculars will endure various weather conditions and are destined for lifetime use.

A design hack that’s worth mentioning is the large adjustment knob strategically placed so that it’s easy to find and fast to use even when wearing gloves, which certainly is a feature needed by those who go hunting in colder climates. Fine adjustments can be made by using this incredibly smooth focus system.

Medical issues such as focus difference between your eyes are compensated by the diopter focus paddle, which allows you to adjust each lens individually. Multiple coatings on the lenses increase resolution and offer an overall improved performance.

The twist-up eyecups and long eye relief that serve the purpose of increasing customer comfort when using this product will surely convince you that this is a choice worth taking into consideration.



This piece is waterproof and fog proof and preserves its integrity for many years.

One highlight is the large, tactile focus dial, which is easy to find and use even with gloved hands or in the dark.

The phase-coated roof prisms significantly enhance resolution for a sharp picture throughout the visual field, without any edge distortion or color bleeding.

Moreover, for its decent price, you also get multi-stage eyecups with variable heights and the capacity of fine-tuning the image however you want.

Lastly, note that the tool is light and versatile so you can use it for more than one task.



Some stated the design of the product is rather dull, especially when it is compared to its impressive features and other designs on the market.

Others disliked that the binoculars are not snappy as it takes a while to reach the right focusing, which is annoying in situations when you need speed.


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