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5 Best Athlon Optics Binoculars Compared & Reviewed

Last Updated: 30.11.21


Best Athlon Optics Binoculars – Top Rated Models with Buying Guide


If you are in the market looking for the best Athlon Optics binoculars and have little time to go through all the research involved, you are in luck, as we have done it for you. Having looked very carefully at most of its products, the components, features, and stats, our team has concluded that your first option should be the Athlon Optics Midas Roof Prism UHD Binoculars. First of all, this mid-to-high value model contains pretty much all of the components and coating of a high-end model, but it is definitely cheaper. Furthermore, the angle of view is 8.1 degrees which means it delivers a wide field of view of 426 feet, measured at a distance of 1000 yards. The 17mm of eye relief is suitable and should be enough for people who wear glasses. In the unfortunate event that our first recommendation is unavailable, we also suggest keeping the Athlon Optics Neos Roof Prism HD Binoculars in mind.



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5 Best Athlon Optics Binoculars (Updated Reviews) in 2021



After reading numerous Athlon Optics reviews and specifications and performing some research, we managed to find five of the company’s top-rated binoculars that are worth your attention. Depending on your level of experience, the intended activity, as well as the budget, one of them might be exactly what you were looking for. 



1. Athlon Optics Midas Roof Prism UHD Binoculars


In case you are looking for affordable Athlon Optics binoculars, you should keep this single-bridge body shape model in mind. At first glance, it looks no different than many other binoculars out there. Once you begin to look closer, they are nothing like most similar items from the market. 

In terms of exterior design, a magnesium chassis was used. This is a bit heavier than other materials, but it is also sturdier and less sensitive to temperature-related contractions and expansions which can easily cause optical misalignments. 

The Athlon Optics Midas Roof Prism UHD Binoculars are encased in a rubber armor that protects the device, provides grip, and it maximizes the stealthiness of this unit. This is an important aspect for wildlife observers, hunters, or birdwatchers. 

Despite the heavy magnesium chassis, this model weighs only 25 oz, which is actually on the lighter end of the scale for 42mm binoculars. The distance between the eyepieces can be adjusted by opening and closing the central hinge so that it matches the distance between your eyes. 

This is also known as the IPD range, and this model has a range between 5.6cm and 7.3cm. This is the typical range for full-sized binoculars, so they should be suitable for most users.



This model comes with ED glass which provides an image with very little or no chromatic fringe so that you will only get clear and sharp images. 

The ESP Dielectric Coating is a multi-layer prism coating which reflects more than 99% of the light to your eyes, making the images bright and clear, and delivering accurate colors.

Furthermore, the Advanced Fully Multi-Coated lenses provide better light transmission for excellent brightness and real color over all of the light spectrum.

This model also features argon purging which offers maximized waterproofing as well as thermal stability.

The long eye relief is especially important for users who wear eyeglasses, as it enables them to see the entire field of view.



If you need binoculars for close focus, this may not be the best option for you. They are an excellent choice for long distances, however.

Also, due to the magnesium chassis, these binoculars are a bit heavier. 

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2. Athlon Optics Neos Roof Prism HD Binoculars


Cheap Athlon Optics binoculars are far from offering poor quality. If you are on a tight budget but still want high-quality optics, we definitely recommend this model. Not only will you be able to enjoy your outdoor activities with these binoculars that offer improved clarity and color, but you will also get a lifetime warranty. 

This unit was built to last. It is suitable for all types of weather, being fog proof and waterproof. The Athlon Optics Neos Roof Prism HD Binoculars are the ideal choice for the new outdoor adventurer or bird watcher who wants good quality and features which are typically found only in more expensive models on the market. 

Furthermore, the multi-coated lenses provide brighter, clearer, and sharper images for all of your outdoor activities. The roof prism uses a silver mirror coating on the prism. Furthermore, like all the models in this series, these binoculars come with a polycarbonate body and are O-ring sealed. Since they are watertight and filled with nitrogen gas, they are also fog proof. 

This model also comes with twist-up eyecups. Furthermore, a diopter adjuster is located on the right eyepiece, and the focus can be adjusted on both of them by turning the centrally-positioned wheel.



This option is ideal for beginner bird watchers or outdoor enthusiasts looking for good quality optics at an affordable price.

Despite the low price, quality materials and great optic abilities were included in this unit. Since it’s waterproof and fog proof, this unit is suitable for all types of weather conditions.

These binoculars come with multi-coated lenses that deliver clearer, sharper, and brighter images. 

The chassis of these binoculars is made of polycarbonate, so you can rest assured that this is a sturdy model that can last you for years.

Focus can easily be adjusted by turning the centrally-located wheel, while a diopter adjuster is positioned on the right eyepiece. 



Close focus is not this model’s best feature, and the field of view is not as wide as that of other similar models.

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3. Athlon Optics Ares Roof Prism UHD Binoculars


This Athlon Optics model is another option that is certainly worth paying attention to. They have a typical open bridge design with two separate hinges that connect the barrels together and a wide-open area that separates them. 

The magnesium chassis is robust and very durable. Thanks to the thick rubber coating, the impact protection level is increased significantly. Moreover, the dull green color creates good camouflage. The exposed metal sections from the bridges are designed with a matt non-smooth finish that reduces light reflections, which is very important for hunters. 

Just like most other Athlon binoculars, this model is waterproof as well as fog proof and can be used in the toughest conditions without worrying that they might get damaged. Furthermore, the bridges and the hinges are made from sturdy metal. This ensures that the optics will not go out of alignment even if dropped. 

The diopter allows the barrels to be focused separately which means that the unit can be calibrated so that it compensates any possible differences between the vision of the user’s right and left eye. The centrally positioned focus wheel is smooth and easy to use.



The ED glass used for these binoculars offers you clear images with little to no chromatic fringe, while the fully multi-coated lenses offer better light transmission.

This model is extremely easy to use, as they can be adjusted using the central wheel and the right eyecup, and they are also convenient to carry since they come with their own bag.

Durability is ensured by the magnesium chassis, as well as the unit’s waterproof and fog proof construction, with Argon purging.

The field of view is remarkable in this model. These binoculars are an excellent option for experienced hunters, birdwatchers, hikers, and for most other outdoor activities.



The 14.7mm of eye relief and only one intermediate click-stop might be an issue for users with eyeglasses, as there is less space to play with.

The diopter of this unit is not lockable, so if anyone else uses your binoculars and adjusts them to their vision, you will have to reset them again.

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4. Athlon Optics Cronus Roof Prism UHD Binoculars 


This Athlon product is also known as the king in the optics field. Since the unit has the E2ES flattening system, the final image becomes vivid, sharp, coherent, as well as aberration-free. You do not have to worry that your target is running at a fast pace because this unit’s technology will allow you to quickly spot it. 

The Athlon Optics Cronus Roof Prism UHD is a full-sized model with 42mm lenses and a 10x magnification power. The ESP dielectric prism coating of this model will deliver a beautifully differentiated UHD imagery. The lenses are made from extra-low dispersion glass to reduce light scattering and well as to repel the false-color composite. 

For increased protection, the lens surfaces are covered with XPL outer coating which keeps them protected from scratching and abrasion. In a hunt session, many things can happen, including you dropping your binoculars. 

For your peace of mind, Athlon offers a lifetime warranty for this model as well, so this is an aspect that should not keep your mind occupied. If you like to go hunting frequently, investing in a reliable pair of binoculars is certainly worth it. Moreover, with this model, you will definitely get your money’s worth.



If you are an experienced hunter, you will need a pair of capable binoculars just like this full-sized, 10×42 unit which is perfect for this outdoor activity.

In order to get bright and clear images, as well as to eliminate chromatic fringes, ESP dielectric prism coating was added to the optic pieces. 

The lenses are protected against abrasions and scratches by an XPL outer coating. 

You can be sure this is a durable unit as the magnesium chassis makes it an ergonomic and sturdy device, while the lens cups are fully Argon-purged. 

Furthermore, since the eyecups are movable, you will be able to adjust the focus immediately with no hassle.



Since it is a full-sized model and it has a magnesium chassis, it is a bit heavier than other similar units. Still, all of the other features totally make up for this slight inconvenience. 

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5. Athlon Optics Talos Roof Prism HD Binoculars


Whether you are hiking, fishing, hunting, or watching birds, this lightweight model is built tough. The unit has a rubber-armor housing that is O-ring sealed and nitrogen-purged as well for complete waterproof and fog proof dependability. 

Due to its design, the unit is capable of transmitting the available light with superior fully multi-coated optics, as well as premium BaK-4 prisms with phase coating which deliver exceptional sharpness and color fidelity. 

The chassis is made from a lightweight composite, and the streamlined, roof-prism construction makes this model very comfortable and easy to carry. While relatively reasonably priced, the level of optics, as well as the components used on this model, is pretty much in-line with what you would expect to see from quality binoculars. 

The main features include a fog proof and waterproof polycarbonate housing, it is tripod adaptable, it has twist-up eye-cups, wide central focus, and also a diopter adjustment dial placed on the right eyepiece. 

Still, you should know that unlike the high-end binoculars from Athlon, this model is not equipped with dielectric coatings. Also, they do not have the extra protective coatings for the outer lens surfaces. However, for the price, these aspects are to be expected.



This is a powerful unit which provides a 10x magnification, and clear images thanks to the BaK-4 glass prisms that reflect more light to your eyes.

The premium fully multi-coated lenses offer you increased brightness and accurate colors across the whole light spectrum.

This unit is built to last thanks to its sturdy construction and the waterproof and fog proof construction.

Since it comes with its own bag and strap, the binoculars are very easy and convenient to carry. Moreover, they provide eye relief thanks to the twisted eyecups.

With this unit, you can simply focus on your target, and connect with the outside surroundings. It is a great option for various outdoor activities.



This model does not come with dielectric coatings. They might be using silver, but the specs do not specify this aspect.

Also, no extra protective outer lens coatings are used for this unit.

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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


Just by reading a simple Athlon Optics review, you can tell that you are dealing with a trustworthy company that takes its business very seriously. It manufactures and sells optical devices including binoculars. 

Usually, the products are sold for very reasonable prices compared to other brands. Even in this case, it has many series and models available and you need to know what to look for.

Athlon’s binoculars

Right now, Athlon has six ranges of binoculars available on the market. Each range is available in various sizes and magnification options. All models are made for the outdoor enthusiast. 

The prices begin at entry-level starting from under $100 and go right up to the high-end where prices go above $500. Athlon’s current ranges of binoculars are Cronus, Ares, Midas, Argos, Talos, and Neos.

Depending on your level of experience and the outdoor activity you need binoculars for, there are certain things you should look at before making the purchase.



These devices come in various sizes for various open-air activities. The size of a model is defined by the objective lens size. Full-size models have common specs of 8×42 and 10×50. This is the best option for viewing wildlife or for use on boats. These types of units can capture more light as well as offer better performance in poor light conditions. 

Usually, they deliver a wider field of view and steadier images. Therefore, they are perfect for hunting or birdwatching. However, they might be a bit too big and heavy for backpacking. Mid-sized binoculars, with common specs of 7×35 and 10×32, are the ideal option for sports and wildlife use. 

Still a bit heavy for backpacking, they balance moderate size and good light transmission. Compact models, with common specs of 8×25 and 10×25, are the best choice for outdoor activities during the daytime. This is the smallest and lightest option in terms of binoculars, and are ideal for backpacking. However, they are less comfortable if used for extended periods.


Magnification power

All binoculars can be identified by two numbers. These numerics show magnification power and lens diameter. For example, if you see 10×42 on a model, that means that the unit has a magnification power of 10x. 

In other words, the targeted object will appear 10 times closer than it would with the naked eye. If you are looking at an elk that is 200 yards away, through the binoculars, it will appear as if it were 20 yards away – 200 divided by 10. 

It is important to consider that magnification powers over 10 also amplify the movements of your hands. Therefore, steady viewing becomes quite difficult.

Lens diameter

There is a second number in the identification of binoculars which represents the diameter of the objective lenses, which are the ones closer to the object being viewed. The measurement is in millimeters. In the same example we used above, 10×42, it means that the binoculars have objective lenses of 42 millimeters. 

The diameter of these lenses determines how much light the unit can gather. If you compare two pairs of binoculars with the same specifications but different objective lens diameters, the device with the bigger diameter will be able to capture a larger quantity of light. More light is important for a better view, especially in low-light conditions.


Weight and sturdiness

Besides good optics, you need to consider other aspects as well. For example, the materials from which the unit is made. If you want a reliable product you can use for many years to come, you should keep this detail in mind. Also, you need to consider the conditions you are going to use the binoculars in.

For example, if you like adventures in extreme conditions, you will need a sturdy unit. A magnesium chassis is as strong as metal, but a bit lighter. If you do a lot of backpacking, you will need an even lighter device, made from polymer, for example. 

Also, if you are going to use the binoculars in extreme temperatures, you will need to make sure that the material will not distort so that the optics go out of alignment. Of course, there are other things to consider as well; however, we have mentioned the most important ones. 

Athlon Optics provides all types of binoculars, for most outdoor activities, and for any type of budget. Once you decide what you need, you will find a unit that matches your requirements.




Athlon Optics Brand


This is an American sports optics company that is devoted to creating and providing premium quality products as well as outdoor accessories at competitive prices. Over the years, Athlon proved to have powerful engineering design abilities, strategic partnerships with trustworthy manufacturers, as well as a fully-integrated supply chain. 

All of these advantages enable the company to deliver the newest cutting-edge technologies and to offer products to individual clients with remarkable cost savings. Athlon’s products generally address recreational shooters, hunters, as well as outdoor enthusiasts. The company prides itself on having an obsession with product quality as well as excellent customer service. 

Athlon’s manufacturing partners own and operate vertically-integrated manufacturing plants and utilize EP-level cleanrooms for the assembly projects, advanced lens polishing, complex high-precision CNC machines, as well as premium coating equipment. 



All of the company’s products are tested for shock-proofing, waterproofing, and fog-proofing prior to being shipped. For example, the Athlon rifle scopes need to withstand recoil tests of up to 1000G for a thousand times. 

Due to the quality of the materials used, the capable manufacturing teams, and the meticulous testing each product goes through, the company is confident enough to offer a lifetime warranty for all of its binoculars, riflescopes, spotting scopes, and red dots. Since it is the company’s goal to create reliable pieces of equipment that will stand the test of time, Athlon has also created advanced technologies and product features it now uses for its products. 

The E2ES System is a field-flattening system which creates clearer and sharper images from one lens edge to the other. ED glass is used to offer an image with little to no chromatic fringe so that the user can enjoy clear images.  ESP Dielectric Coating is a multi-layer coating which reflects more than 99% of the light to the user’s eyes delivering a bright and clear image while also displaying precise color reproduction. 

Athlon also uses magnesium alloy chassis which is a special alloy that includes aluminum, magnesium, as well as other elements to offer the sturdiness of a metal chassis and, at the same time, reduce the weight by 30 or 40%. This material offers a much higher level of strength than typical aluminum materials. 

The XPL Coating is a layer of protective coating that offers the exterior lens surfaces increased protection against scratches, dirt, or oil. The company also uses a special coating called Phase Corrected Coating, and it is used on the prism that creates images with better contrast and color reproduction, as well as a higher resolution. 

These are only some of the technologies and features Athlon uses for its products, but there are many others as well. As mentioned earlier, Athlon Optics produces and sells optical instruments like binoculars, spotting scopes, riflescopes, rangefinders, red dots, as well as accessories. 

Due to product quality, competitive prices, excellent customer support, and information made available regarding its products, this company managed to gain numerous fans who are now enjoying these products.



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