Refractor vs Reflector Telescope

  Owning a telescope is really fun and many people around the world have started to use one to observe planets and to take photographs. If you want to buy one and you don’t know which one to choose, you can find more info here.  Many people don’t know the basics when it comes to the different types of telescopes. When they have to choose, they see a lot of scientific terms, like refractor or reflector, and do not know what the differences are and how they can use these according to their needs.  This is why we have gathered Read More

Who Invented the Telescope?

  The telescope is a great invention that has been used in many fields across history, but its main impact was on how we understand the universe, therefore life itself. Telescopes are now available to almost anybody, you can even buy a portable telescope - you can check it out here. However, back in the days, the telescope was available only to scientists. There are many types of telescopes and you should know that the first telescope was a refractor one. This type of telescope uses two lenses, one to gather the light that comes into it and a small Read More

Tips for Using a Telescope

  Everything is ready for your next trip. All the luggage is in the car, you’ve got somebody to take care of the plants, food is packed, and you even purchased an affordable water container. But this trip is more special because you are taking the telescope. However, you can’t simply get it out of the car and expect to be blown over by the sky’s beauty. But don’t worry as we;’ve gathered some of the most useful tips when it comes to using a telescope.     Plan ahead Make sure to take with you sky maps so you Read More

What You Should Know About Telescopes

  The sky is incredibly starry and the moon looks gorgeous so you tried to take a photo with a camera. But no matter how expensive the camera was or how good the lenses were, it simply didn’t look the same. However, you can go from not looking the same to looking better while using a telescope. But you can’t simply take home the first telescope you see. So keep reading to find out what suits you best.     A telescope’s essentials When it comes to telescopes, there are two fundamental characteristics: high-quality optics and a reliable, smoothly functioning Read More

Celestron Powerseeker 70az Review

    Main advantage   What’s most impressive about the Powerseeker 70az is without a doubt its low price point. Celestron has managed to make a product that comes with all the features and the performance amateur stargazers need at a price that is hard to compete with. This low-cost telescope is designed to provide amateurs, families, and children with an affordable and appealing way to step into the fascinating world of exploration that the nighttime sky brings. Despite being an affordable option, this scope still manages to offer a wide variety of eyepieces and magnifications. You will be able Read More

Celestron C90 Review

    Main advantage   The C90 model is a Maksutov-Cassegrain, and this optical design puts a lot of emphasis on mobility and it is suitable for use in schools and the military. This innovative design uses a fast primary mirror with a corrector lens at the front. It is very compact and manages to provide exceptional results for a fair price. This model works very similarly to the Schmidt-Cassegrain and the main difference is in the shape of the corrector since while a Schmidt uses a nearly flat fourth-order curve on a very thin piece of glass, the Maksutov Read More

Celestron Powerseeker 127eq Review

    Main advantage   The Powerseeker 127eq is aimed at amateur astronomers who are looking to buy their first telescope and want a product that is affordable and can offer the performance needed to explore the beauty of the night sky. It is one of the most popular entry-level Newtonian reflector telescopes currently on the market. This model performs very well and it is a beautiful instrument to behold, and truth be told, we expected nothing less from one of the most appreciated telescope manufacturers. It is part of the popular Powerseeker series which is specifically designed for aspiring Read More

Orion 10012 SkyScanner 100mm – Review

  Main technical features   The 100mm mirror optics is the most outstanding feature of this telescope that proves, at a glance, that specialized optical devices can offer excellent performance at a convenient price. You will receive two eyepieces with your purchase, to add some variety in the magnification power of your device. One of the features that expand the usefulness of this particular model is the Orion EZ Finder II reflex sight that is capable of helping you bring forward the area you want to explore with great ease. Because it is a compact version of a telescope, it Read More

Celestron 21024 FirstScope – Review

  Main technical features   The 76mm optical tube recommends this particular Dobsonian telescope, designed to celebrate the people who advanced the knowledge on optics over the centuries. You will have no issues with transporting this telescope around as it is easy to carry around, due to its compact and lightweight construction. Buyers will receive two eyepieces with their purchase, of 20mm and 4mm, and the maximum magnification they can achieve through the telescope is 75x. Its rotating stand allows you to move the tube with ease so that you can direct it toward the object you want to examine Read More

Celestron PowerSeeker 70EQ – Review

  Main technical features   Novice astronomers will love this particular model because it can be used with the same excellent results for terrestrial and astronomical applications. The optics quality is among the first things that recommend this particular model that comes with fully coated lenses to improve brightness and provide the user with a clear image. This telescope comes with two eyepieces you can use and a 3x Barlow lens, thus providing you with up to 525x magnification power. It doesn’t matter if you’re new to astronomy, as this model comes with bonus software that features thousands of celestial Read More

Celestron 22065 Astro Master 102AZ – Review

  Main technical features   The smooth operation of this telescope is one of its main advantages, as the manual altazimuth mount comes with a pan handle control that ensures decent accuracy for viewing celestial bodies. One thing you will appreciate in this telescope is its steel tripod that can be adjusted and also comes with an accessory tray. There are several extras included with your purchase that will help you in your endeavor to become an astronomer, such as two eyepieces, an erect image diagonal, and a finder scope. Regarding optics, you get a fair quality image that is Read More

Celestron 80LCM 22015 – Review

  Main technical features   Ease of use defines this telescope from Celestron that comes equipped with a computerized mount that allows you to follow your targets in the night sky swiftly. Another advantage of this particular model is the StarPointer finderscope that does a great job at locating the celestial bodies you are interested in examining. The 80mm lens is capable of gathering a lot of light from the environment, to provide you with a clear optimal image that you will be able to observe with ease. It comes with a tripod made from aluminum and with an accessory Read More

Carson RP-400 – Review

    Main technical features   The Carson alternative has a 90mm aperture and 1000mm focal length, features that should allow users to see distant celestial bodies very clearly with minimal adjustments. You also get the benefit of receiving all the required eyepieces and accessories, meaning that the telescope is ready to use right out of the box. It comes with a 6x30mm finderscope which means that aiming the telescope accurately is effortless. You also get a heavy-duty aluminum tripod with an equatorial mount that will help counteract movements and shakings. The erecting diagonal can be utilized to flip the Read More

Best rated compact monocular telescope – Guide & reviews

  Top Compact Monocular Telescopes Reviewed - Buying guide & Comparison for 2024   If you are in the market for the best compact monocular telescope money can get you, but you don’t have the time to do the necessary research, we are here to help. After assessing the market by reading what previous buyers had to say about the subject, and after looking at the buying guides composed by experts, we have concluded that the Orion 10x42 is the model that you should check out before placing an order. This choice has a magnification ratio of 10x and an Read More

A short history of telescopes

A telescope is a sharp optical instrument used to bring distant objects into focus via a series of magnifying lenses. Telescopes have been part of our history books for over 400 years and have acted as tools for both professional and amateur astronomers, and have helped them see far beyond the biological limitations of the rudimentary human eye. The most powerful devices of today can detect distant objects billions of miles away from Planet Earth and its Moon, even if this wasn’t always the case. But who did it first? Most people, unless they are part of the scientific community, Read More