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Celestron 22065 Astro Master 102AZ – Review

Last Updated: 29.11.21


Main technical features


The smooth operation of this telescope is one of its main advantages, as the manual altazimuth mount comes with a pan handle control that ensures decent accuracy for viewing celestial bodies.

One thing you will appreciate in this telescope is its steel tripod that can be adjusted and also comes with an accessory tray.

There are several extras included with your purchase that will help you in your endeavor to become an astronomer, such as two eyepieces, an erect image diagonal, and a finder scope.

Regarding optics, you get a fair quality image that is clear and free of artifacts, for overall good performance.

You can take advantage of the Starry Night software that comes with your purchase, to help you learn the celestial bodies and their locations on the night sky.


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In-depth information


You will find this telescope to be your perfect companion for your first observations of the night sky, as a novice astronomer. Exploring the solar system is possible, and you will appreciate how easy it can be to set up this model which is, indeed, created with the needs of a beginner in mind. Through the lenses of this telescope, you will be able to see the planets, the moon, as well as star clusters. Another thing that will convince you of the versatility of this particular model is the fact that it comes with erect image optics, which means that you can use it in daytime for terrestrial viewing without a problem. Whenever you are in the mood for exploring your surroundings, you will find this telescope to be a great ally.

There are many different reasons for which this telescope can prove the ideal choice for a novice. First of all, its altazimuth mount and the easy-to-use pan handle control will allow you to follow the target of your choosing, and, as you do so, you will not lose any of the accuracy and clarity of the image you are inspecting through the telescope.

The model comes along with a lot of accessories, seeing its price tag. For instance, the steel tripod is not only sturdy, but it is also adjustable to provide you with excellent viewing conditions. There is also a deluxe accessory tray that you can use to store maps and other things you might feel useful for the purpose you have in mind. The two included eyepieces increase the maximum magnification tremendously, and the finderscope can prove extremely useful for a beginner. It must be said that this model is sold with the Starry Night software that offers information on the locations of celestial bodies and other handy details that will help you make the best of your experience.


Known issues

The eyepieces supplied with your purchase leave something to be desired, according to some buyers; however, for the price, the same customers say that the telescope is still a good deal. Also, they recommend buying some eyepieces with better performance separately.


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