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Celestron 80LCM 22015 – Review

Last Updated: 06.12.21


Main technical features


Ease of use defines this telescope from Celestron that comes equipped with a computerized mount that allows you to follow your targets in the night sky swiftly.

Another advantage of this particular model is the StarPointer finderscope that does a great job at locating the celestial bodies you are interested in examining.

The 80mm lens is capable of gathering a lot of light from the environment, to provide you with a clear optimal image that you will be able to observe with ease.

It comes with a tripod made from aluminum and with an accessory tray; both features make it an excellent choice for a beginner who needs to keep maps and other useful information at hand.

As a bonus, each customer receives the Starry Night software that contains a database with no fewer than 10,000 celestial objects, as well as sky maps you can print for comfortable use.


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In-depth information


One thing you will probably love about this telescope right from the start is its motorized mount and the built-in computer that make exploring the night sky a real feat. Pinpointing locations for celestial bodies with high accuracy, it will help you start on the right foot as a novice astronomer, and you will get to work and learn quickly. With the help of its internal database, you will begin to identify various stars, as well as planets and galaxies. If you don’t know where to start, the telescope offers the possibility to take customized tours of the night sky.

The optics quality is always a subject of debate for people who compare various telescopes to discover which one is better. In this case, you needn’t worry, as the 80mm lens is fully coated, to ensure superior light-gathering abilities for a clear image. Although two eyepieces are delivered with your purchase, they may not be of the highest quality, as some buyers have already noticed. Nonetheless, if you want to harness the power of this telescope, you will be able to do so by getting some better quality eyepieces to use them with it.

You will be impressed with the plethora of accessories supplied with your purchase. The aluminum tripod is sturdy and easy to adjust, while the accessory tray will keep close to you everything you need, such as sky maps and the like. The StarPoint finderscope comes in handy, too, because it allows you to identify celestial bodies quickly and without too much bother. It doesn’t matter that you’re new to astronomy. You will be able to make good use of the included Starry Night software that will guide you through the night sky.


Known issues

Some customers talk about some difficulties in getting the telescope aligned the first time they used it, but once that issue was solved, they also report that ease of use is indeed true for this model.

Also, the included eyepieces are not of the highest quality, and you might want to invest a little more in some with superior performance.


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