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Best rated compact monocular telescope – Guide & reviews

Last Updated: 19.05.24


Top Compact Monocular Telescopes Reviewed – Buying guide & Comparison for 2024


If you are in the market for the best compact monocular telescope money can get you, but you don’t have the time to do the necessary research, we are here to help. After assessing the market by reading what previous buyers had to say about the subject, and after looking at the buying guides composed by experts, we have concluded that the Orion 10×42 is the model that you should check out before placing an order. This choice has a magnification ratio of 10x and an objective lens that measures 42mm. Therefore, it can supply you with a rather wide field of view that is ideal for sightseeing. On top of that, this compact item has a waterproof rubber-armored construction that prevents it from getting damaged easily. If this item is out of stock, be sure to take a good look at the Aurosports 8-24×30 as it might also fit your needs.



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Finding cheap compact monocular telescopes that do their job well is a tricky task, especially if you are not familiar with this line of products. To be of assistance to you, we have prepared a list of features that are considered a must. So, before you order that model that you’ve found for sale, read this guide and make an informed decision.

Power and lens size

To purchase a good compact monocular telescope, you have to start by assessing its power. To put it differently, you have to analyze the magnification ratio of the device. Most monoculars have a magnification that ranges from 6x to 10x. However, it is worth knowing that the units that have a higher magnification ratio are, usually, more expensive.

Furthermore, the experts point out that you should not necessarily invest in powerful models if they do not have a wide lens. For instance, for best results, a 10x model should come fitted with an objective lens of 42mm.

If a device has a high magnification ratio and a small lens, its field of view will be rather small. As a result, your viewing experience won’t be satisfying. When using an item that has a bigger lens, you will also be able to enjoy brighter and clearer images as more light will be able to enter the device.


Size and weight

If you intend to invest in a portable telescope, the size of the model should also be analyzed. According to compact monocular telescope reviews, a unit of this type should be small enough to fit in one’s pocket. Moreover, it should not weight a lot.

However, it is worth pointing out that the monoculars that come fitted with large objective sizes are, generally, heavier than their alternatives.

As a plus, it is advisable that you opt for a choice that comes fitted with a practical bag for telescopes. By using such an accessory, you can rest assured that your new acquisition won’t get scratched during transportation.

Also, before you make a purchase, you should consider your needs. Are you going to use the monocular during the day, or during the night? For nighttime observation, it is recommended that you invest in an item that comes fitted with infrared technology.

Extra features

Just like when purchasing a high-quality computerized telescope, all glass wearers should check to see if the model that they like comes provided with adjustable eyecups. Additionally, if you want to be able to utilize your new acquisition in a wide array of circumstances, it is usually recommended that you get a device that is water, fog, and dust resistant.

On top of that, those models that have sealed O-rings that prevent dust and moisture from entering the device should also be considered.

If you are not sure that you’ve found a device that fits your needs, we recommend that you read what previous buyers had to say about a specific item. This way, you will understand whether or not that particular article can meet your needs. Also, by doing so, you’ll notice if the model has any undisclosed issues.

The coating of the lenses is also essential, as it determines the clarity of the images that one is able to see when using the monocular. Because of this, the experts acknowledge that it is best that one invests in a product that has fully multi-coated lenses.

If you find it challenging to explore the wildlife by using a handheld device, it might be a good idea to go online and search for a reliable telescope stand. Besides, it would help if you also took the time to read this buying guide that we have prepared for you about how to get new mounts for telescopes.



3 Best Compact Monocular Telescopes (Reviews) in 2024


Because we know that finding a compact telescope can be challenging, we have decided to help by putting together a list of items that have received great reviews from users and the specialists. So, read ahead and pick the one that you like most.



1. Orion Waterproof Monocular


If you are in search of a product that has received positive reviews from its previous buyers, the Orion 10×42 might be just what you need. This choice is highly compact and portable, and it is considered a good pick for all birdwatchers out there. Besides, the device can be used when out sightseeing.

This product stands out because it has a waterproof, rubber-armored construction. Because of it, you can use it no matter the weather. However, it is not recommended that you utilize this monocular for scuba diving.

What is more, this compact option has a total length of 6.1 inches in length, and it weighs 11 ounces. As a result, you can effortlessly carry it in your pocket. The fully multi-coated optics of the item allow for sufficient light to enter the device so that its users are supplied with clear and bright images.



The option has a magnification ratio of 10x and an objective size of 42mm. Consequently, the item has a sizable FOV and it can be used for sightseeing.

Plus, this choice measures 6.1 inches in length, and it has a total weight of 11 ounces. Hence, transporting it won’t be an issue.

Because of the anti-reflection coatings that the item comes fitted with, this device allows for plenty of light to get inside it. So, you will be supplied with clear images.

This option has an amazing close focus of just 20 inches. Therefore, one can use it to view birds and objects up-close.



Although most buyers agreed that this option has good optics, some have argued that it is not necessarily easy to focus it, especially for those that have not used items of this type before.

It has been said that this model is not waterproof, but rather water resistant, as it does not deliver great results when it comes into contact with water.


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2. Aurosports 8 Zoom Monocular Waterproof Pocket Telescope


Another alternative that you should also check out is the Aurosports 8-24×30. This model has an easy-to-understand-and-use design, and it can be utilized by both adults and children. What makes this product stand out is that it has a wide range of magnification that varies from 8x to no less than 24x. Even more so, the item has a lens that measures 30mm.

This compact choice is made of a mix of magnesium aluminum and rubber, and its lens is filled with high-purity nitrogen. Therefore, this option distributed by Aurosports is both fog and waterproof, and you can utilize it no matter the weather.

According to the seller, this model has a wide FOV of 45.5m-80.5m/1000m (149 to 264 feet at 1000 yards), and it comes fitted with a BAK4 prism. The lens of the option has been fully multi-coated, and it includes a broadband green film that guarantees an optimum light transmission. Because of its wide lens, this monocular is said to perform well even in low light.



This device has an adaptable focus length, and it comes provided with adjustable eyecups. Because of them, glass wearers can also enjoy using this option.

When shipped, this item comes provided with two eyecups, a cleaning cloth, a carrying case, a practical neck strap, and a user manual that you should read before utilizing it for the first time.

The model is known for being effortless to focus. Hence, it can be used by both the experts and novices.

Finally, this monocular is small in size and pretty light in weight as it only weighs 156g (5.5 ounces). So, you can easily keep it in your pocket.



The one drawback that some have remarked is that the device is a tad challenging to focus on objects that are far away, especially when using a higher magnification.

Some owners claim that, although the item is small, it is not compact enough to be carried in one’s pocket. Not many other users agreed with this assertion.


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3. Gskyer Monocular German Technology Monocular Retro Compact


If you are a fan of German technology, this next Gskyer Monocular should also make it to your list. This alternative has a retro design that you are prone to enjoy, and it features all glass components that have been coated in order to enhance the brightness and the clarity of the images that it produces.

As the seller notes, this device was specially created to be used by astronomers, but it can also be utilized by neophytes as it is not difficult to handle it. The option has a magnification ratio of 25x and an objective that measures 50 mm. As a result, its wide field of view is perfect for wildlife observation.

Although it has a sizeable lens, the item is not necessarily heavy as it weighs 1.75 lbs. This product comes in a wooden box that you are likely to appreciate. Most of its prior users spoke highly of it, mainly because it is easy to focus and because of its impressive magnification power.



The option was created by a manufacturer that has over 20 years of experience in developing products of this type. Also, the model is ideal for a wide array of activities, including star gazing.

Moreover, this choice is small in size, and it does not weight a lot. So, you can effortlessly transport it.

The optical components of the device were created from glass, and they have been coated for better light transmission.

Additionally, this device has a very sturdy body made of aluminum alloy. Consequently, the item is likely to pass the test of time.



One buyer claimed that he received a model that was scratched. However, no other similar reports had been made at the time we did our research.

When compared to other similar devices that are available, it becomes clear that this model is a tad expensive given the basic features that it incorporates.


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