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Best Schmidt Cassegrain telescope

Last Updated: 04.10.22


Schmidt Cassegrain telescopes – Buying guide & Comparison


If you’re short on time, but you still want to find the best Schmidt Cassegrain telescope for your requirements, this paragraph may be able to give you a hand with selecting the right model. According to our research, it appears that the Celestron NexStar Evolution 8 is the one you should give some thought to. This model is portable yet entirely capable of doing its job precisely as it should. The unit comes with a rechargeable battery that can last for as many as ten hours per session, so you needn’t worry about anything if you plan to go out and have some fun while looking at the stars. Besides, since the telescope comes with built-in WiFi, you’ll be able to control it using your mobile device. In case the Celestron NexStar Evolution 8 is no longer available, be sure to check out the second best alternative, the Celestron CPC 1100 GPS SCT.



Comparison table


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Whether you’re looking for a 6 inch Schmidt Cassegrain telescope or a larger one, you have come to the right place. After carefully analyzing the market and establishing some of the factors you ought to consider when trying to get the right model for your needs, we’ve come up with a handy buying guide. It’s packed with all the info you ought to keep in mind when you’re in the market for this kind of telescope.

Schmidt Cassegrain telescope pros and cons

Before deciding on one model and the next, you need to grab a piece of paper and jot down the advantages and disadvantages of getting such a product. The pros are worth considering in that you’ll be able to benefit from portability as even a 10 inch Schmidt Cassegrain telescope can be carried around conveniently.

In short, this type of device is made to be tailored to the needs of many owners. Plus, it’s far more affordable than some other kinds, such as refractors which tend to cost a pretty penny.

As for the drawbacks, there are some you ought to keep in mind. Most models we have come across have an inability to produce bright images or ones that are as sharp as those produced by refractor telescopes. Nonetheless, when it comes to versatility, SCTs are winners.


Usability and convenience

While some models can be used with batteries, and that’s the case for many alternatives available for sale these days, others cannot. That’s because such telescopes require a good deal of power in order to do their job properly. If you’re focused on portability, and there are high chances that you are, you need a model that works with Lithium-Ion batteries or standard ones.

The next factor that needs a bit of mulling over is whether you’ll have to set the date and time each time you start using the product. Some of the choices you’ll stumble upon are outfitted with smart GPS systems that allow them to take the hassle out of the entire experience and do this on their own.



As with many other kinds of telescopes, a 14 inch Schmidt Cassegrain telescope or a smaller one can make the difference when it comes to usability. The aperture is a critical detail that you should take into account because it defines the number of celestial objects you will be able to look at. Superior apertures can allow you to look at a vast array of planets, stars, and even galaxies and nebulas.

On the other hand, smaller telescopes might not be able to satisfy you in this sense, despite being versatile and convenient. However, they do tend to cost less compared to their larger counterparts. So, if your budget has a say in the whole matter, you may need to take a step back and examine the entire decision-making process from a neutral perspective.


While some models come with a computer controlled technology that allows you to take a peek at your favorite celestial objects without really making an effort, others are far less advanced. Even though the mounting system of most Schmidt Cassegrain choices doesn’t resemble that which is typically used in reflectors and refractors, it does have a say in the whole user experience.

Also, as a golden rule to consider, you ought to make sure that the telescope comes with its own tripod. Otherwise, after spending close to one thousand dollars on the main unit, you will have to make another financial effort to purchase the tripod, as well.



5 Best Schmidt Cassegrain Telescopes (Reviews) in 2022


To make it somewhat easier for you to make up your mind, we’ve compiled a list of some of the popular options that you’re likely to discover nowadays. Based on what we have found about them, these units have acquired some of the best Schmidt Cassegrain telescope reviews so they might be worthy of your consideration.



1. Celestron NexStar Evolution Telescope


This 8-inch model can offer you detailed views of deep sky objects as well as the solar system. Having been designed by the professionals at Celestron, it’s safe to say that the unit comes with high-quality optics and has the capabilities to take your sky-viewing experience to a whole new level.

The unit boasts a Lithium Ion battery that can be recharged. The main advantage provided by this type of battery is that it can be used for as many as ten hours at a time.

Therefore, there will be nothing stopping you from taking the NexStar Evolution 8 to a field nearby and looking at the sky when it’s not polluted by the light coming from the cities nearby.

Another important detail about this model is that it comes with the unique StarSense Auto Align feature that can automatically position the telescope so that you don’t accidentally align it as you should not. The SkyPortal app is another neat addition as it will give you the freedom to utilize the telescope by controlling it via your tablet or smartphone.



Indented for professionals and true stargazers, the Celestron Evolution 8 is equipped with everything you need for the ultimate astronomical experience.

It comes with a rechargeable Li-ion battery to ensure up to 10 hours of continuous stargazing, more than enough for all professionals or star lovers.

And, since we are talking about a full 21st-century generation product, this one can be easily connected via WiFi to your smartphone or tablet in real time.

The Auto Align function helps you automatically align the telescope to help you reach the stars and planets as deep as possible.



Because this isn’t your everyday telescope, you might need to make an investment. It isn’t the most affordable device ever to have been invented.

If you’re not a true professional, we suggest sticking to lower-range telescopes with easier functions and diminished performances.


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2. Celestron CPC 1100 StarBright XLT GPS Schmidt Cassegrain 2800mm


If your budget isn’t in the way of your hopes and endeavors, perhaps you ought to consider this 11-inch telescope. The model comes with a computerized dual fork arm altazimuth mount, so you have nothing to worry about in regards to whether or not the image will remain steady all throughout using the device.

Even though it is a bit larger when compared to some of its competitors, the 280mm aperture of this unit allows you to have a peek at a variety of celestial objects.

Also, it’s not particularly heavy, so you will be able to carry it from one spot to the next. The NexStar computer control technology is part of the deal, and the GPS alignment is a pro in itself.

From what we have gathered, there have been few to no complaints expressed with regard to the way this model can do its job. Some say that the price is unbeatable, although the purchase might call for an investment.



It features a great, sci-fi design, and it will perfectly integrate with the rest of your stargazing equipment.

Intended for professionals, prepare to be amazed by this telescope’s performances and durable materials.

This 11-inch diffraction limited Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope is fully computerized and comes with a surprisingly ergonomic design for easy carrying and setting.

It features a Proven NexStar computer control technology so that you can fully enjoy watching the stars, the Moon, or the planets of the Solar system in the comfort of your own backyard.

The internal GPS receiver automatically downloads the time and date from orbiting satellites and help you easier find the location of a certain star, galaxy, or planet.



As with other models in the same line, the cost of this one might be slightly off-putting for those who are on a budget. 


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3. Celestron CPC 925 GPS Computerised Telescope


In some respects, the CPC 925 resembles some of the other models we have showcased in our selection. The 9.25-inch telescope can comfortably allow you to engage in some serious stargazing, so if you have any second thoughts, don’t.

The unit boasts an ergonomic design that will enable you to transport it with ease. Most of the people who are interested in getting such a telescope are hardly keen on the idea of keeping them in their living room and using them in the comfort of their home.

This device allows you to become a real adventurer, whether you’re a beginning astronomer or one who has experience with other devices of this kind.

Packed with GPS alignment and the proprietary computer control technology ever-present in other Celestron models, this particular unit can inevitably satisfy your pressing needs. Some say that, in a way, the device has helped them get closer to heaven.



Slightly less heavy and easier to handle, the CPC 925 is definitely worth a try.

It is built both for beginners and stargazing specialists, meaning it will deliver the best results according to the needs of the customers.

Similarly to other Celestron CPC series models, this one too includes a convenient remote hand control function.

The GPS alignment counts for no less than 40,000 different stars, galaxies, constellations, and planets, helping you easily identify them.

The 9.25-inch design is able to capture up to 33% more light, delivering increased performances and better pictures from far away planets and constellations.



This product does cost a pretty penny, so you need to understand whether the expense makes sense for you.

If you are a not a true passionate or avid astronomer, we suggest opting for more affordable items equipped with similar characteristics.


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4. Celestron 11068 NexStar 6 SE Computerised Telescope 


If you have no intention to either ruin your budget or get a telescope that calls for too much effort when it comes to learning how to use it properly, perhaps the NexStar 6 SE might be just the right choice for what you have in mind.

It’s one of those devices that have been built with high-quality components and come with a series of handy features but don’t cost a pretty penny.

The 6-inch telescope has been outfitted with the SkyAlign function, so you’ll be able to benefit from an especially smooth aligning process. Also, the model comes with a database consisting of approximately 40,000 celestial objects, out of which 200 can be defined by you, the user.

Several of the users who have chosen this model say that they’ve managed to look at spectacular views of Venus, Jupiter, Mars, and Saturn. Since it’s a reasonably priced unit, you probably have nothing to lose if you decide to give this one a go.



It comes with a more affordable price than the rest of the products from its series and is intended both for occasional stargazers and for sophisticated amateurs.

The sleek and modern design feature everything you need from a professional telescope which is still accessible and lightweight enough to be easily moved around.

The product comes in four different sizes, from 4-inch to 8-inch. The 6-inch option is big enough to capture plenty of light in order to deliver high-quality and in-depth images of the surrounding celestial corps.

It is equipped with the StarPointer finderscope technology to help you easily align and locate objects of interest.



While most customers were pleased with the quality of this item, some of them have noted that the mount is not well designed, making for a difficult polar alignment and a poor adjustment.

Some other customers say that they received a faulty item, so make sure to double-check the package before signing for it.


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5. Celestron 11036 NexStar 5 SE Computerised Telescope


Albeit a somewhat smaller alternative compared to those that we have already talked about, the 5 SE can make a great companion during those nights when you don’t feel like sleeping, and you just want to make the most out of your stargazing passion.

As is the case with other models manufactured by the same one, this particular one boasts the SkyAlign feature and features a quick-release fork arm mount for an easy setup when you’re out and about. Both the optical tube and the accessory tray are part of the deal with this model.

Having been designed with the needs of modern users in mind, the 5 SE appears to be worth its weight in gold. So, if you’re searching for a convenient compound telescope that doesn’t cost a fortune, perhaps this particular unit may be worth taking into account.

Plus, the owner feedback is mostly favorable as some consumers speak highly of the excellent performance of the device.



Out of the plethora of products we have come across, this one comes with a quite affordable price, which makes it a perfect addition both for professionals and newbies, or just a very cool birthday present.

It features the exact same design as the 6 SE microscope, meaning it is performant enough to easily help you see the planets, the Moon, galaxies or far-distance stars.

The SkyAlign technology helps you to align up to three bright celestial objects, helping you in your process and increasing visibility.

The nearly 40,000-object database will help you easily locate the most important stars and cosmic items and even map new ones as you discover them.



Most of the reviewers who bought the item vouched for its high quality, but some of them were not impressed by it.

A few customers complained about the instructions being minimal at best and not all that helpful in the end.


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