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Carson RP-400 – Review

Last Updated: 29.11.21



Main technical features


The Carson alternative has a 90mm aperture and 1000mm focal length, features that should allow users to see distant celestial bodies very clearly with minimal adjustments. You also get the benefit of receiving all the required eyepieces and accessories, meaning that the telescope is ready to use right out of the box.

It comes with a 6x30mm finderscope which means that aiming the telescope accurately is effortless. You also get a heavy-duty aluminum tripod with an equatorial mount that will help counteract movements and shakings. The erecting diagonal can be utilized to flip the viewing image right-side which makes the telescope ideal for both terrestrial and astronomical viewing.

The device comes outfitted with superior, fully coated optics that can deliver a detailed and unobstructed view of objects for extensive observation. What’s more, the sleek and sophisticated design is another factor that shouldn’t be ignored, as it will ensure that the device can blend nicely with any décor.


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In-depth information


The 90mm aperture and 1000mm focal length mean that the telescope has an f-ratio of f/11.1. The long f-ratio of this model makes it suitable for general purposes. Users will be able to get both wide fields and high-powered views without the need for unusual eyepieces.

As we mentioned above, the versatility of this model is not observable only through the generous f-ratio, but also through the erecting diagonal that can be used to flip the viewing image and make the telescope viable for both astronomical and terrestrial viewing. Thus, for people that want a multi-purpose purchase, the Carson RP-400 is the right choice.

The use of fully coated optics will ensure that you will be able to view the rings of Saturn, Mars, the Moons of Jupiter and so much more with great detail, brightness, and contrast. The coated optics will also help prevent glare when observing terrestrial objects during the day, and even at night when the moon’s light might threaten the clarity of your image.

The heavy-duty and high-quality aluminum tripod will provide support to prevent the effects of movement and shaking during use. Since the tripod is adjustable, you will quickly get the angle and position that you require, and you will be able to use it almost anywhere. As a plus, assembling it only takes a few seconds.

With the Carson RP-400, you have no difficulty in finding your desired stars because it features setting circles which will allow the user to dial in his or her desired latitude and longitude. This feature will enable users to view stars, moons, planets, constellations and more with minimal knowledge of the night’s sky.

All these features make it an ideal purchase or gift for a beginner level astronomer.


Known issues

Customers have reported problems with the integrity of their packaging, claiming that the unit arrived in boxes that were damaged and that certain components were caved in. A few users were also surprised by the weight of the unit, at 22 pounds it was heavier than they expected.


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