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Celestron 21024 FirstScope – Review

Last Updated: 09.12.21


Main technical features


The 76mm optical tube recommends this particular Dobsonian telescope, designed to celebrate the people who advanced the knowledge on optics over the centuries.

You will have no issues with transporting this telescope around as it is easy to carry around, due to its compact and lightweight construction.

Buyers will receive two eyepieces with their purchase, of 20mm and 4mm, and the maximum magnification they can achieve through the telescope is 75x.

Its rotating stand allows you to move the tube with ease so that you can direct it toward the object you want to examine without a glitch.

Another thing you will surely love is that this Dobsonian telescope can be used with an optional accessory kit that will let you focus on various locations on the night sky.


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In-depth information


This model from Celestron truly deserves its name, as its primary goal is to offer a beginner the possibility to start examining the night sky in search of planets. That said, this doesn’t mean that it does not have good qualities that recommend it, such as a sturdy body that makes it durable for years of use. The large 76mm optical tube might make you think that this unit is bulky and not so easy to accommodate anywhere, but the truth is that this tabletop model will surprise you with how portable, lightweight, and easy to carry around it is. You can take it with you on stargazing trips, and you can use it as a nice addition to your room layout.

Examining the night sky is comfortable with this Celestron telescope because it comes with a rotating tube that can be moved around and adjusted in such a manner that you can start watching celestial bodies right away. It is important to mention that an accessory kit is available, albeit optional, and you may use the unit as a finderscope for locating the objects of your interest quickly. While you might not expect extraordinary performance from a model this inexpensive, its power is enough to examine the rings of Saturn, for instance. As two eyepieces are delivered, 20mm and 4mm, you will benefit from a magnification power of up to 75x.

Amateur astronomers will fall in love with this Dobsonian telescope from the very first sight. Created to pay a tribute to all the wonderful people who contributed to the advancement of astronomy, the telescope comes with all the famous names of these men and women displayed around the optical tube. If you are interested in looking at the sky just like Galileo Galilei did centuries ago, this telescope will offer you the optical design used for examining celestial bodies in the same manner. Of course, its modern looks will not make you think of an antique piece, but the principles that make it function are not different from the original ones discovered by the famous Italian scientist who lived in the 17th century.


Known issues

The quality of the eyepieces seems to be somewhat disappointing, as shown by some reviewers in their comments, but seeing that this telescope is cheap, the same people say that it is not a deal breaker.


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