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Best telescope eyepiece set

Last Updated: 19.04.24


Telescope eyepiece sets – Buying guide & Comparison


If you want to find the best telescope eyepiece set available for sale but you don’t have the time to spare for a proper prospecting of the market, this short paragraph should help you find the model you need. After extensive research, we have come the conclusion that the Meade Instruments 607001 is the best option because it comes with a complete set of accessories for your telescope. The kit comes with eyepieces that are good for both terrestrial and celestial viewing, as well as numerous color filters to help make details stand out and protect your eyes, including a moon filter. As a plus, Meade also offers a stylish case to help you store and transport your products without having to fear the possibility of damaging them. In the unfortunate event that the Meade Instruments 607001 is not available to purchase, we recommend the Gosky COMINU029010 as a second option.



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The task of finding the best eyepiece set for telescope can be time-consuming and frustrating as the sheer amount of options to choose from is staggering, which makes settling for just one quite difficult. We seek to help make your decision easier by providing you with the crucial information you need in the buyer’s guide below.

Consider your telescope

Before you go and purchase any product, you have to make sure that the eyepiece you choose will be compatible with the telescope you have. Make sure you are well aware of the size of the opening in your telescope’s focuser. The sizes fall into three categories: 1″ (.965″), 1.25″ or 2″. The size you are most likely to need is the 1.25″ as this is the universal standard nowadays.

You don’t want to rely too much on this certainty as you never know what kind of size the manufacturer of your telescope used. This is why we suggest doing a minimal research by consulting the technical specifications of your telescope in order to make sure that you are aware of the size you need.

Another thing that you should bear in mind is that you don’t have to limit yourself to a particular brand. If for example, you have a Celestron device, you can still use products from other brands. You can use any brand you like as long as you make sure that the size of the barrel in your eyepiece matches the size of the focuser.



One of the reasons you may want to buy an eyepiece set is that you either want more magnification or perhaps less. To make sure that you are aware of how much magnification your devices can provide, you need to make sure that you know both the focal length of the eyepiece as well as that of your telescope.

To calculate the magnification, you must simply divide the focal length of your telescope by that of the eyepiece. So for example, a scope that has a focal length of 400mm used with an 8mm eyepiece will provide you with a magnification of 50x.

You also have to consider that you will be viewing a wide array of objects, which means that you will also need a great variety of eyepieces. High magnification will be ideal for observing the moon and planets. For galaxies and star clusters or if you just want to have a more detailed view of an object, you will need a medium magnification.

Low power magnification is also important for when you want to locate objects. Due to their wide field of view, they are useful for scouting the night sky for new things to point your scope at. Thus, a proper set should have eyepieces that can provide varying degrees of magnification.



Depending on your needs, you will have to choose between affordable and expensive options. If you are an amateur astronomer and don’t want to go all in from the start, there’s nothing wrong if you go for cheaper products. They can still provide quality images and you probably won’t noticed the difference until you try more premium alternatives.

Premium eyepieces will offer better sharpness of the images and wider apparent fields of view. If you can afford to go for more expensive options, we have nothing against it. You will get better details from each object you view which will end up making for a more enjoyable experience.



5 Best Telescope Eyepiece Sets (Reviews) in 2024


Because we want to help you find a good telescope eyepiece set that suits your particular needs, we have showcased some of the best options below. To help narrow down our choices, we’ve gone and read some of the most popular telescope eyepiece set reviews, so that we can better understand the needs and preferences of the customers. Give our top selection a look if you are so inclined.



1. Meade Instruments Series 4000 Plossl Eyepiece and Filter Set


Because you want the best option available, the Meade Instruments 607001 can offer you a complete set of accessories for your telescope. Due to the high quality of the glass used, you will get only the best eyepieces. The optics are designed to work for both terrestrial and celestial viewing, a perfect purchase if you want a versatile product.

Since Meade seeks to provide you with a complete experience, you will also receive numerous color filters to help make details stand out and to protect your eyes. The color filter set includes a Red, Orange, Green, Blue, Light Green, Yellow and ND96 Moon filter. The perfect kit to make observing the cosmos easy and fun.

The products also come in a stylish case that will help you store and easily transport your eyepieces. This is not only practical but also necessary because as is the case with any optics they need to be handled with care, so having a case purposely designed to store and protect them is a big plus.



This comprehensive kit will help you accessorize your telescope with ease as it includes a complete set of items needed to help you improve the way you see things and get you the visibility you need.

The set contains Meade Plods Eyepieces in various focal lengths to meet your needs. All of them feature a 52-degree apparent field of view and high precision. The premium optical glass used ensures great light transmission and contrast.

The quality of the optics renders them perfect for terrestrial and celestial viewing. The various color filters you get will help you enjoy clear details and protect your eyes. They include Red, Orange, Green, Blue, Light Green, Yellow, and ND96 Moon filters.



The material used for the rubber eyecups might not be that comfortable, at least according to one customer. This depends on personal preferences regarding the comfort level, though.


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2. Gosky Plossl Telescope Eyepiece Set


The Gosky COMINU029010 set comes with three Plossl eyepieces with the following focal length: 6mm, 12.5mm, and 20mm. Due to the small size of the focal length, this kit will provide you with powerful magnification, depending on the telescope that you are going to use them with.

The 4-element Plossl design has an approximate apparent field of view of 52 degrees. The high quality of the optical lenses will minimize internal reflections and maximize the contrast and the details of the object you are observing. The black barrel is also designed to prevent any unwanted and troublesome reflection.

To better protect your eyes, and to provide a comfortable experience at an affordable price, the Gosky COMINU029010 also comes equipped with a soft rubber eye guard. The guard is also custom fitted with a bayonet mount to make it easier for glasses wearers to use the product comfortably.



The set includes three Plossl eyepieces of various focal lengths: 6mm, 12.5mm, and 20mm. This means that you can enjoy a powerful magnification if you pair them with the right telescope.

You will get an approximate apparent field of view of 52 degrees as well as great contrast and light transmission thanks to the quality of the optics used.

Internal reflections will also be minimized so you can enjoy even the smallest details clearly. Reflection reduction and elimination are further ensured by the black barrel featured.

The soft rubber eye guard will help you explore and enjoy the views and objects you’re interested in without getting eye fatigue. It will help you keep the entire experience comfortable.



The lack of filter instructions and labels might affect one’s ease of use especially if the person trying the kit is less experienced in this field.


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3. Celestron 94306 PowerSeeker Accessory Kit Telescope


If what you seek is an affordable option that will not have you spent a lot of money, but that can still deliver a quality product that meets your needs, the Celestron PowerSeeker 94306-CGL might be the alternative for you. The set comes with two eyepieces with focal lengths of 9mm and 16mm.

To make viewing your preferred space objects easier and to add some color and details to what you are seeing, Celestron also provides you with three filters. You will get a #80A blue filter, a #25 red filter, and of course a Moon filter that will allow you to view the full details of the Moon even during the brighter phases.

The eyepieces are fully coated to allow for higher magnification. The colored filters will enhance the details on Jupiter, Saturn, Venus, and Mars. The set also comes with a microfiber cloth for the easy maintenance of the optics, without scratching or leaving residues on the glass.



This model is an affordable set that will get you two eyepieces with focal lengths of 9mm and 16mm. They will improve your experience by adding color and details to what you are viewing. They go well with PowerSeeker telescopes and telescopes that have a 1.25-inch focuser.

The set comes with two full size and fully-coated 1.25” eyepieces for higher magnification as well as three eyepiece filters: Red, Blue, and Moon. The latter will enhance your viewing of the Moon by offering amazing details during the brighter phases.

Thanks to the carrying case with a foam interior, the items will be shielded from any damage caused by transportation. You can clean the lenses safely with the micro-fiber cloth included.



At least one review out of the many we have examined mentions that the Moon filter may be a bit too dark for some users. It is a matter of personal preferences, though.


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4. Gosky Plossl Eyepiece


For customers that want to get a set that will offer eyepieces for every condition and every space object you may want to observe, the Gosky LYSB01KQ4GEH2-ELECTRNCS is a choice worthy of consideration. The kit contains 5 Plossl eyepieces with different focal lengths for different planetary and lunar observation, as well as for star clusters and nebulas.

You not only get 5 color planetary filters but also a polarizing filter which can be used to highlight the features of Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. Filters are essential as they allow you to view and even photograph features and details that would have otherwise been hard to notice without them. Besides the colored and polarizing filters, you also get a Moon filter that is indispensable to any astronomer.

To make storing and transporting easier, the Gosky alternative comes with a case. The case is not only useful for holding up your eyepieces, it also comes with extra space for other pieces, a laser pointer, a diagonal, and other smaller accessory.



The set includes eyepieces designed to enhance your experience and improve your visibility no matter the conditions or space objects you’re observing. It is ideal for people new to this field.

Including 5 Plossl eyepieces of various focal lengths for high magnification, this kit will enable you to enjoy different planets, star clusters, and even nebulas.

The package includes 5 color planetary filters for enhanced contrast, a polarizing filter to get exciting views and details of Jupiter, Mars, and Saturn, and a Moon filter. You can even use them to photograph the details you find appealing.

The case the accessories come with will protect them during transportation providing a stylish storage design as well.



Although it can be used by experienced and professional observers, too, the starter kit is better suited for people getting their first instrument.


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5. Orion 08889 Telescope Accessory Kit


The Orion 08889 is an ideal purchase if you want to get a complete starter assortment of some of the most useful accessories that can help you use your telescope to the fullest. In this kit, you will find 7 accessories that are recommended to any hobbyist: 2 eyepieces, 4 filters, and a handy Barlow lens.

The two Sirius Plossl eyepieces come at focal lengths of 20mm and 7.5mm and will allow for different magnifications. The is perfect for observing distant space objects such planets and to get a better view of the Moon’s craters. The 20mm gets you a wider field of view so that you can get a better feel of what you are looking at.

The 4 filters include 3 color planetary filters made specifically for observing planets and a Moon filter. You also get a powerful Shorty 2x Barlow lens that can double the magnification of any of your eyepiece.



This set includes all the accessories a starter needs to enjoy enhanced visibility, great contrast, and detailed views when observing the stars, planets, or the Moon.

The starter kit includes 2 Sirius Plossl eyepieces with focal lengths of 20mm and 7.5mm so you can meet your various needs.

The 7.5 mm will help you enjoy a detailed view of the Moon’s craters and distant space objects whereas the 20mm will provide you with a wider angle view.

The 4 filters included are ideal for enjoying enhanced contrast when observing planets or the Moon. The kit also comes with a Shorty 2x Barlow lens that doubles the magnification of any of your eyepieces.



Although the product has received many positive reviews, at least one person who tried the product experienced eye-flare and ghosting when using the 7.5mm Plossl eyepiece.


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