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Best pocket scale

Last Updated: 15.07.24


Pocket scales – Buying guide & Comparison


If you’re looking for the best pocket scale but don’t know which one to choose out of the plethora of models on the market, then you’ve come to the right place. You probably wouldn’t want to spend hours upon hours doing meticulous research on a pocket scale. The good news is that our team has studied a long list of scales, evaluating performance, measurement accuracy and value for the price. After balancing these features and cost, we have decided to recommend that you get the Smart Weigh Ultra Slim pocket scale. This measurement device can accurately weigh goods of up to 600 grams, is precise enough to detect a tenth of a gram difference, and you can also select from 6 different weight units. In the unfortunate event that this product is already sold out, then you might want to consider the American Weigh Scales AWS-600-BLK, as well.



Finding the right scale can be quite challenging nowadays, with hundreds of similar devices for sale on the internet. However, not all are created equal, and they don’t all serve the same purpose. If you don’t know exactly what kind of scale to get, then our short buying guide should be able to help you out.


Get a larger scale for your kitchen

Just as they say with other things in life, the best pocket digital scale is the one you’ll use the most. However, this means that you have to consider what you need the scale for in the first place so that you choose a model accordingly. For kitchen use, you’ll want a larger capacity scale, while small jewels would require smaller increment readings.

If you want to measure food and spices, then you want to get a unit that has a maximum weight capacity of at least 500 grams, or around 17 ounces. This is so that you can weight separate ingredients as well as entire dishes, especially if you are the type that counts every single calorie intake.


Obtain accurate readings with smaller increments

For finer measurements, you will surely need a scale that can accurately weigh goods in smaller increments, such as within one tenth to one-thousandth of a gram. This can be really important when you need to weigh jewels or precious stones, as even a hundredth of a gram could cost money.

Fine readings are also required for lab work, as some chemicals need to be used only in infinitesimal amounts, such as a few micrograms. The less accurate the measurements are, the more errors will appear along the way, and these could lead to false test results. This is one good reason to go for a precise scale that can measure weights of even up to 0.001 grams.


Weight modes and the tare function

One thing to look at when shopping for scales is that they offer more than one weighing mode. While you might be more accustomed to ounces and other imperial mass units, most science disciplines and precise measurements use grams and gram subunits. You can use the different modes to measure goods and objects in grams, ounces, or carats for jewelry.

Most models also feature a tare mode which can return the reading to zero so that you don’t weigh containers along with the goods. This function is also helpful when you want to make several consecutive measurements in the same container. Measure one ingredient, press the tare button, and then start with a new one, repeating the process for each new item.


5 Best Pocket Scales (Reviews) in 2024


Most often than not, being able to choose the right product means that you must read some of the best digital pocket scale reviews beforehand so that you know which features are important, what a good price is, etc. If you don’t have the time to do your own research, then you can take a look at our top products displayed below.


1. Smart Weigh ZIP600 Ultra Slim Digital Pocket Scale


Whether you need to weigh food, medicine, or jewels, the Smart Weigh Ultra Slim pocket scale is a great choice. With the ability to measure the weight of just about anything weighing up to 600 grams in 0.1-gram increments, this small unit can provide you with the accurate readings you need.

This scale comes with a compact and lightweight design which allows you to carry it in your pocket and have it ready for any occasion. This inexpensive device offers 6 different weight modes so that you get to obtain readings in your preferred mass unit, whether it is grams, ounces, grains, or carats.

This product is manufactured to the highest standards so that you get accurate measures every time. You can also use the tare mode to ensure that you are weighing only the goods and not the container as well. This scale comes with an Auto Off function so that it saves battery when not in use.


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2. American Weigh Scales AWS-600-BLK Digital


If you’re looking for an accurate small scale to weigh all sorts of goods, from foods to spices to coins, then the American Weigh Scales Personal Nutrition is just what you need. This scale comes with many different weight modes so that you get consistent readings in grams, ounces, carats, and more.

This devices has a total capacity of 600 grams, which is more than enough to measure portions for restaurants, or to make sure you’re adding the correct amounts of ingredients to prepare your favorite dish. The LCD is quite large and bright so that you will able to see the measurement readings easily even if your sight isn’t exactly 20/20. 

The pocket scale comes with two AAA batteries which should last for quite a long time. It comes factory-calibrated, although you can calibrate it yourself using a 500-gram unit. With its slim profile and size, you can put it in your pocket and forget it’s even there until you need it.


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3. Homgeek Digital Pocket Scales Milligram Scale 


The Homgeek Digital Milligram Scale is a high-quality digital instrument that can give you readings of any goods weighing up to 50 grams in 0.001 increments, which means that you can accurately measure fine jewelry or powders to a thousandth of a gram, which is no small feat for such a tiny scale.

You can choose to get readings on the large blue LCD screen in grams, ounces, grains, and 3 other mass units so that it will suit any needs regardless of your preferences. You can use the carat measurements to check the weight of precious gold rings or even diamonds. There’s nothing to stop you from measuring more modest goods, from spices to ingredients.

This scale also makes a good partner for lab experiments. You can ensure that you put the right amount of chemicals and powders and avoid errors that could have you doing certain procedures all over again.


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4. American Weigh Scales Black Blade Series BL-100-BLK


The American Weigh Scales Black Blade Series is a small scale that’s perfect for measuring anything that weighs 100 grams at most. Obtaining accurate readings has never been this easy, thanks to this unit’s capability to accurately measure the weight of small objects and goods with a precision of a hundredth of a gram.

This simple device has 3 buttons that allow you to change weighing units, turn it on or off, and select the tare measurement which ensures that the container doesn’t spoil the measurements.

The Black Blade Series scale is 3.8 inches wide on both axes, with an intelligent design that can expand the command module containing the buttons. You can quickly push it back so you can safely store the scale or grab it and put it in your pocket. This unit is powered by 2 AAA batteries that are also included in the package.


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5. EX-650C Black Digital Coin/Jewelry Pocket Scale


Whether you need a scale to measure ingredients in your kitchen or to weigh your grandpa’s coin collection, the Weighmax EX-650C is a versatile model that can suit any needs. With a sleek and intelligent design and simple operation, this small scale can help you measure a wide range of objects and goods with ease.

This scale has an upper limit of 650 grams. You can measure the weight of even tiny things, thanks to the 0.1 increments. That means that you can find out how much an item weighs up to a tenth of a gram. It can also show measurements in other mass units such as ounces and carats.

With this instrument you also get to use the tare function. You can use it to leave out the weight of a container, or you can smartly use it for things such as mixes that require precise measurements, where you slowly add them one by one, pressing the tare button after each item


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