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Best rated analog weighing machine – Guide & Reviews

Last Updated: 24.06.24


Top analog weighing machines reviewed – Buying guide & Comparison for 2024


If you are still struggling when it comes to selecting the best analog weighing machine money can get you because you lack the time to read the extensive information that is available online, we are here to give you a way out. To help you out, we have done the research on your behalf, and we have determined that the Update International (UP-72) is the unit that you should consider. This model comes fitted with a sizeable square platform (7-inch by 7-inch) that makes it easy to weigh ingredients on. What is more, this 2-pound analog portion control is effortless to read and clean, and it is perfect when used for measuring portions. If the Update International (UP-72) is out of stock, feel free to take a good look at the Update International (UPS-810) as it is a solid second option that is worthy of your time and attention.

If you are a rookie at finding a good analog weighing machine and you don’t know what features to consider when making your decision, this following buying guide is exactly what you need. So, start reading and decide accordingly.


Total capacity

One of the first aspects that you should not ignore when you are in the market for a mechanical food scale is the total capacity of the unit. Whenever considering this aspect, you should take into consideration how you want to use the device.

In other words, before you purchase the first item that you find up for sale, you should make sure that the model allows you to measure weights as per your request. Therefore, if you need to scale heavy objects, you should go for a high capacity unit. Still, if you are in search of a precision scale that can help you determine the correct weight of ingredients; a lower capacity product might be better suited.


Material and portability

If you have read reviews of analog weighing machines before, you probably know already that another aspect that you have to have in mind before placing an order is the material used in the construction of the product.

Most weighing machines available today are built from durable materials that have a long lifespan. What is more, many of the devices of this type are covered in a substance called enamel, which is a reason why they are easy to clean. Moreover, it is a good idea to buy a product that has a stainless-steel construction that won’t rust as years go by; this way, the model will not get damaged easily.

On top of that, specialized reviews recommend that, when given the possibility, one selects a portable scale and not a particularly heavy one. This has to do with the fact that lightweight units can be easier to transport from one place to another whenever this is necessary.


Additional tips and tricks

Just like when shopping for an analog body weight scale, opting for a unit from this line of products is quite a challenging task. For example, it is crucial that you purchase a product that has a minimalist design and that it is easy to operate. By doing so, you won’t have to deal with the difficulties of figuring out how to manage all the features and buttons that the model includes. Also, it might be prudent to acquire a device that has an easy to read dial, so that you don’t have to spend a lot of time figuring out what is the weight that the product is indicating.

Additionally, similarly to when looking for a home weighing scale, it is best that you take a good look at the characteristics of the unit’s platform. Usually, analog models come supplied with a square shaped platform where you can place the object that you want to weigh.

Because of this, it is vital that you find a unit that has a sizeable platform where you can fit the portions that need to be measured. As a plus, some models have removable platforms that can be effortlessly detached and thoroughly cleaned.

Last but not least, no matter if you are determined to invest in a rather inexpensive scale or in a pricier unit; we recommend that, if you have the necessary time, you read the feedback comments left by previous buyers.

The main advantage of doing so is that you will get a better understanding of the reliability and the overall performance of the product. Besides, you will be able to tell whether or not the unit has recurrent issues that make it challenging to operate.


5 Best Analog Weighing Machines (Reviews) in 2024


To be of further assistance to you, we have put together a short but comprehensive list of the best models out there. So, don’t waste anymore time and begin reading!


1. Update International UP-72 Analog Portion Control Scale


If you are set on purchasing a product that has been specially designed to be used when measuring ingredients and portions, take a good look at the UP-72 model produced by Update International. This model has a total capacity of two pounds, and it is said to be effortless to maneuver when cooking.

What is more, the model allows its users to weigh very small quantities of food/ingredients, because the device displays the measurements in ¼-ounce increments. The dial of the product has large graduations (in pounds and kilograms) and, consequently, you won’t struggle to read the results.

Moreover, the model features a sizeable platform that is simple to use and that can be removed if you want to clean it better. An email finish covers the scale and protects it from scratches and deterioration. The product is well liked by its current users and often seen as the go-to unit in this line of products.


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2. Update International UPS-810 Analog Portion Control Scale


Another product designed and built by Update International is the UPS-810. The device has a total capacity of 10 lbs. that sets it apart from the other similar models. Additionally, this scale features a stainless steel body that is not likely to rust.

Besides, this product includes a large 8-inch analog dial that is convenient to read and a 9-7/8-inch square platform that you can use to actually weigh ingredients. Furthermore, this unit was constructed to be used for scaling food in restaurants, which is a reason why you can trust it.

At the time we carried out our research, this product had received positive reviews from users and critics alike. Even more so, the unit offers excellent quality for the money and, consequently, prior buyers consider it a good investment and, thus, they warmly recommend it to other interested buyers out there. So, make sure that you check it out!


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3. Ozeri Rev Digital Bathroom Scale with Electro-Mechanical Weight Dial


If you want to purchase a product that combines the benefits of digital scales with the durability of analog models the Ozeri ZB19 Rev Digital might be the device that you need. This product features a 5.5-inch dial and integrated digital display that is wide enough to be effortless to read regardless of the angle.

Additionally, this model includes an oversized platform that is constructed from impact-resistant tempered glass. As a result, this device is both sturdy and likely to stand the test of time. Even more so, the product incorporates an alarm that reminds its users to scale themselves at the same time of the day.

The model has a total capacity of 400 pounds and 0.2 pounds or 0.1 kg increments. Because it was developed using StepOn technology, the scale can determine the precise measurements of an object from the first contact. The device is auto-calibrated, and it can automatically turn itself off in order to save battery life.


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4. Taylor Precision Products 32-Ounce Analog Portion Control Scale


If you are found of classical-looking models that are also very reliable, we advise that you consider the item developed by Taylor Precision Products. This model is very durable, as it features a stainless-steel construction that gives the unit a great look and that prevents it from rusting.

On top of that, this item features a shatterproof lens that makes it safe to use in the kitchen. Likewise, an angled dial makes the model effortless to read. The platform included in the design of the item measures 6″ x 5.25,” and it can be removed for cleaning purposes.

Last but not least, it is necessary to point out that previous buyers of the device often describe it as accurate and easy to use. However, you might want to know that, in comparison to digital models, this item is rather sizeable. Hence, if you feel like you are short on space, you should consider purchasing a similar counterpart.


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5. Update International UP-71 1 Lb Analog Portion Control Scale


We couldn’t have ended this list without mentioning the Update International (UP-71). This unit is ideal if you are scouring the net looking for a model that will allow you to weigh products that are rather small (according to the seller, it can be used to measure ingredients to the nearest 8-ounce).

The device has a classical-looking design, and it features a 7-inch by 7-inch square platform that is more than enough when weighing small sized portions. Moreover, because this is an analog device, you no longer have to worry about running out of battery. In fact, this unit does not use any type of power source.

Overall, the product has a sturdy structure that guarantees that it will deliver an optimal performance as the time goes by. The model is easy to be used by seniors because it has large, visible dials. Finally, the unit has good ratings from its users.


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