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Best mechanical powder scales in 2024 – Comparison & Reviews

Last Updated: 19.04.24


Top mechanical powder scales this year – Guide & Comparative Analysis


If you love reloading your own ammo, then you definitely need the best mechanical powder scale you can find. The problem is that finding the right model can be challenging considering the overcrowded markets of today. You might not have the spare time to do your own research, but you can rely on us to help you out. We’ve diligently scoured the market, looking for powder scales that offer lots of features while also garnering plenty of positive reviews. After comparing dozens of models, we’ve come to the conclusion that the RCBS M500 Mechanical is the scale you should get. This device comes with a 505-grain capacity, it can give you precise readings in 0.1-grain increments, and it is also easy to operate by both left- and right-handed people. In case it is unavailable, you could also take the RCBS 9354 RC Kit into consideration.



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Finding the best reloading powder scale is no small task with the immense diversity of models on the market today. There are actually quite a few precision scales that allow you to measure accurate amounts of powder so you can fully customize your ammo. Here are a few things you might want to take into account before buying your first reloading scale.

Ensure precise measurements with an accurate scale

If you want to get a good reloading powder scale, then precision should be the first characteristic you should look at. Depending on the particular types of ammo you need to reload, you might need to weigh tiny amounts of powder so getting a model that’s accurate down to 0.1 grains can be extremely useful.

By getting highly accurate measurements, you can obtain good results every time while also ensuring that the cartridges or shotgun shells have the desired properties. You can also measure just the right amount of powder for particular charges so you can hunt different types of game with the same rifle.

If precision is extremely important, then so is capacity. For smaller workloads, a 500-grain scale might be enough so you don’t have to spend more money on an expensive model. However, if you want faster load times, especially if using one of the fast presses, then you might require a higher-capacity scale that’s able to measure up to 1000 grains or even more.


Ease of use and durability

While you might want to get a cheap mechanical powder scale, you also need to take ease of use into consideration. You can definitely find some affordable models out there, yet you might want a scale that’s easy to operate so you don’t sacrifice speed and comfort for just a few bucks’ worth of savings.

If you’re left-handed or think that you might not be the only person using the scale, then you might want to consider getting an ambidextrous model. The good news is that there are actually quite a few scales that are just as easy to operate with the left hand as with the right.

Whether you’re a passionate hunter or just a hobbyist who enjoys going to the firing range from time to time, you’d be better off investing in a durable model. This usually implies that the body is made of die-cast metal, with a tray that’s made of aluminum or another metal that’s resistant to corrosion. A damping mechanism is also great for lowering maintenance needs.


Don’t forget about other handloading equipment

When looking at powder scales for sale, you might also want to consider getting one of the starter kits. While you could very well get a press, powder measure, priming tool, and other equipment pieces separately, you could save quite a bit of money by getting the full package in one go.

Fortunately, there are quite a few kits on the market that are suited for both beginners and professionals. For the price of a couple of hundred dollars or so you can purchase an entire set that gives you all the tools you need to start reloading shotshell hulls and cartridges of varying gauges. Some packages even include a manual which is excellent for amateurs.


5 Best Mechanical Powder Scales (Reviews) in 2024


Whether you’re looking for a scale to reload your cartridges or shotshell hulls, you probably don’t have hours to spend on reading countless reviews of mechanical powder scales. Fortunately, we’ve selected only the top-rated models on the market complete with short descriptions that could help you make the right choice.


1. RCBS M500 Mechanical Scale


The RCBS M500 is a precision mechanical scale that can help you weigh a variety of powders and it has a capacity of 505 grains. Thanks to the 0.1-grain increments, you get precise measurements down to the smallest unit, a thing that can be extremely helpful when trying to customize your ammo and ensure maximum accuracy or other properties.

Despite its high accuracy, this fine scale actually comes with a solid body that’s made of a tough die-cast metal which ensures a long service life and increased resistance to abuse and corrosion. This unit is easy to operate by both right- and left-handed persons, making it a universal choice.

You also get to benefit from a grain-to-gram conversion table to ensure the proper weight to volume ratios for the best results. The metal pan makes for easy loading while also being tip-proof. The magnetic damping mechanism allows you to get readings very fast.


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2. RCBS Rock Chucker Supreme Master Reloading Kit


With the RCBS 9354 RC Supreme Master Kit, you get everything you need to get started with measuring powders and reloading cases and shotshell hulls like a true professional. This package includes an accurate mechanical scale, a hand priming tool, a Uniflow powder measure, as well as other accessories to ensure precise measurements every time.

The scale can measure powders with a maximum weight of up to 505-grains, with a high-precision down to 0.1-grain increments. The base of the scale as well as the bodies of several other accessories are made of die-cast metal which ensures a long service life and resistance to corrosion or high workloads.

You also get a Rock Chucker Supreme press for super-easy loading that’s easy to operate with both the left and right hands, a universal case load block, a hex key set, a debur tool, as well as other accessories you might need for precision loading.


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3. RCBS Model 505 Reloading Scale


If you’re looking for a fast reloading scale that can provide you with precise weight measurements every time, then the RCBS Model 505 is a product you should definitely consider. This model comes with a maximum capacity of 511 grains and with an accuracy within 0.1 grains, which is perfect for handloading any type of ammo with ease.

The body is made of strong metal alloy that’s resilient against corrosive agents and wear, while the stable aluminum pan gives you an easy way to weigh powders to ensure the desired charge. The surface of the pan prevent powders from sticking.

With the magnetic damping mechanism, you benefit from fast and accurate measurements so you can reload shotshell hulls and cases in no time. The black and white gradations facilitate easy reading without straining the eyes. You also get a chart on the body of the scale which allows for easy conversions from grains to grams.


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4. RCBS M1000 Magnetic 98916 Powder Scale


The RCBS 98916 M1000 is a quality scale that offers precision powder measurements without costing you an arm and a leg. This device boasts a capacity of 1000 grains so you can weigh a large amount of powder in one go for fast reloading operations. You also get superior accuracy with the 0.1-grain increments.

This unit can be easily operated by left-handed and right-handed people. With the magnetic damping feature, you benefit from quick readings as well as an easy maintenance. The pan has a non-stick surface that allows you to work a lot easier, while the tip-proof design prevents accidents.

The frame of this scale is made of high-quality metal alloy which makes it extremely durable and able to last even in the toughest working conditions. You also get an inscribed black and white chart that enables you to convert grains to grams which can be useful in many cases.


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5. RCBS R S-5 Reloading Starter Kit


The RCBS R S-5 is a powder scale starter kit that offers all the tools and accessories required for professional-grade ammo reloading. The 505 mechanical scale has a capacity of 511 grains which is more than enough for most uses. You also benefit from a high accuracy with the 0.1-grain increments.

The scale is made of high-strength metal alloy that’s meant to offer a lifetime of precise measurements. The pan is made of aluminum so it’s lightweight, durable, as well as resistant to corrosion. This scale features a magnetic damping mechanism, black and white gradations for improved visibility, as well as a 3 poise beam

This starter kit also comes with a special single stage press, a debur tool, a powder funnel, a universal loading block, as well as several accessories and a manual. This will enable you to perform extremely fast and accurate reloading operations and obtain the perfect ammo every time.


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