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Best spring scale

Last Updated: 27.02.24


Spring scales – Buying guide & Comparison


If you’re short on time and you just want to find the best spring scale, this short paragraph should help you get exactly the model you need. According to our findings/research, the Ohaus 8008-PN is the best because of its reliable use as a weighing instrument for general applications, action-reaction demonstrations and force experiments. Boasting premium quality and craftsmanship, this spring and hook scale is equipped with a metal face plate that is very easy to read, complemented by its metal spring, hook and pointer that provide lasting use. The plastic housing makes it easy to clean and ensures resistance against rust. Designed with an 11.25 pound/50 newtons capacity, this spring scale has a metal face that shows measurements in 0.25 pound or 1 newton increments to make it easy to add or subtract exact values from what is being weighed to minimize the guesswork during the task. If the Ohaus 8008-PN is unavailable, your second option should be the Ajax Scientific ME505-0250.



Known for its simplicity, robustness and pocket friendliness, a spring scale works by measuring the weight of an object through the opposition of the force of gravity moving against the force of an extended spring. A spring hanging scale is typically a small instrument that, in simple words, measures the magnitude of forces which is, in this specific case, weight. How can you distinguish a good quality product in the best spring scale reviews from one that has lower ratings?


Readability and suitable capacity for your application

For a spring scale to live up to its primary purpose of measuring weight, it should be easy to read the result of the weigh in. The numbers should be easy to read especially at eye level, since you’ll be working with the scale hanging by its attachment hook and the user in a standing position. The numbers should be in small enough increments to allow the addition or removal of any items from the object being weighed while minimizing the guesswork you have to do to facilitate the process. Small hash marks are helpful for calculating the total weight. The divisions or lines between the numbers or hash marks should be evenly spaced.

How much weight the scale can measure denotes its range. This element is especially important if you intend to use the instrument for measuring heavy objects. While mechanical hanging scales can measure up to 100 kilograms, the smaller models measure up to 250 grams to 5 kilograms. Other models measure up to 5 newtons only, while some measure to 11 pounds or so. Remember to choose a model that has more than enough capacity to handle the objects you intend to weigh.


Quality materials and craftsmanship

Premium scale manufacturers use metal components combined with durable plastic material in their products. A metal face plate provides lasting use while ensuring resistance to corrosion, with the spring housed in tough metal housing that is not easily breakable. Some models are equipped with a strong polystyrene case with a flat anodized metal scale that allows you to read in both grams and newtons.

Ideally, the back of the scale should be longer than the length of the spring itself when it is stretched out fully, and this will also include the size of the hook and the plastic housing. The best spring scales carry a design that is simple so there are fewer components that could get damaged, break down or stop working. The spring should be thick and durable, capable of stretching to its full length and going back to its original tightly coiled state after every measuring procedure. This component should withstand multiple and repeated use by having a high elastic limit. The ring stand clamp should be durable as well. Some models have chrome-plated rings and hooks.


Dependably accurate weighing performance

Although spring scales are not expected to be as accurate as other types of scales, it still pays to know that you can measure items using this type of device with more-or-less the same accuracy as you would using a standard weighing scale. The scale should be easily adjusted to start precisely at zero, and the readings obtained should not be enormously off. Some models even come with a zero adjuster to ensure consistent accuracy. A vintage spring scale with a dial face should be robust and compact with a large dial housed in a strong metal case to hold the spring components in a solid configuration.



5 Best Spring Scales (Reviews) in 2024


There are plenty of different spring scales on the market, which can overwhelm any first time buyer. The buying guide above is designed to help you make an easier buying decision. We have also showcased the best products below to help you enjoy a smoother shopping journey.



1. Ohaus 8008-PN Pull-Type Hanging Spring Scales


1-ohaus-8008-pn-pull-type-spring-scaleEquipped to handle up to 11.25 pounds or 50 newtons, the Ohaus 8008-PN is designed for quality, consistency and innovation.

Thanks to its fine craftsmanship under strict quality control supervision, this product is engineered to ensure accurate measuring every time.

The pull type spring scale can be used for action-reaction demonstrations in the classroom. It can also be used in the lab setting for performing force experiments. It provides the perfect means to do general weighing. The housing is constructed of shatterproof plastic or ABS for years of use. The metal face plate, spring and hook and pointer ensure resistance to corrosion.

The faceplate is easy to read, with black gradations on a clean aluminum background. The small increments make it easy to add or subtract segments or items from the object/s being weighed. The faceplate is large enough to ensure hassle-free viewing of the readings.

This model offers a rugged construction and an economical choice for field use. Manufactured by an American company, this spring scale boasts top quality craftsmanship and materials for years of dependable use.



Suitable for general weighing, experiments on force, as well as teaching about the action-reaction mechanism, this pull type spring scale features a metal face plate, hook, spring, and a pointer that work together to show you the weight of objects.

To facilitate effortless cleaning during messy types of use, the spring scale comes with a plastic housing that provides easy wipe-off of dirt and grime.

This model is equipped with handle up to 50 Newtons or the equivalent of 11.25 pounds for general weighing applications.

The scale face shows measurements in 1 Newton or 0.25-pound increments, so you won’t have too much trouble figuring out the weight of objects.

Engineered with consistent performance, innovation, and dependable quality, this spring scale offers consistent weighing performance thanks to its dependable craftsmanship and fine materials including the metal and plastic components.



Although this model is made for accuracy, sensitivity seems to be not one of its finer points, according to a customer.


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2. Ajax Scientific Plastic Tubular Spring Scale


2-ajax-scientific-plastic-tubular-spring-scaleThe Ajax Scientific ME505-0250 is a tubular spring scale that ensures easy use. It has a tightly coiled spring with high elastic limit to stretch the scale to the right level during readings and then go back to its original state after the weigh in.

The clear plastic body is calibrated in both newtons and grams to give you the exact reading every time. Both the hooks and rings are chrome plated to ensure better surface hardness, make cleaning effortless and ensure resistance to corrosion.

The dimensions of the scale are around 18 centimeters long and 2 centimeters in diameter without the ring and hook included.

The blue color makes the device a nice, decorative item that you can simply hang on your backpack like a regular keychain. This device makes the perfect on-the-go weighing instrument when you need to make gross weigh ins outside the lab. It also works great for classroom force experiments.



This is a tubular spring scale that features a clear plastic body to enable you to view the measured weight of an object quite easily. No need to do conversions because it is calibrated in both newtons and grams.

For fine craftsmanship and to ensure resilience against corrosion, both the hooks and rings are chrome-plated. Simply use the metal nut at the top to zero the scale.

Just 18 centimeters long and 2 centimeters in diameter, this device makes a handy tool you can bring anywhere in your pocket or purse, for those spur-of-the-moment measurements.

This is a handy weighing scale with a total capacity of 2.5 newtons or 250 grams for small measurements on the go.

The tightly coiled spring inside offers a good elastic limit to suit the small applications that the scale can handle. This blue-colored item also makes a lovely key chain while providing weighing functionality.



The plastic tubing might make some customers think the unit’s quality is not that good, but it is.


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3. Brecknell MSKN11108010000 ABS Hanging Scale


3-brecknell-235-6m-220-100-235-series-mechanical-hanging-scaleThe solid and reliable Brecknell 235-6M-220/100 belongs to the impressive 235 Series that boasts products that are portable, accurate and easy to read. This hanging scale provides a low-cost solution to your lab or classroom weighing needs.

Be assured of accurate weighing and total ease of operation while ensuring a solid design for years of functionality.

The 6-inch diameter dial is housed in a traditional metal case to ensure durability plus protection for the sensitive weighing components. This scale offers accuracy to one part in 250 plus up to 10 percent zero adjustment for consistency and accuracy.

It is supplied with both top and bottom hooks for easy hanging of the object to be weighed at the bottom while providing support from the top. The scale is made resistant to corrosion for lasting use. It is 1.85 inches thick for problem-free carrying and storage.

The low friction acetal bearings ensure positive movement of the dial. This mechanical hanging scale is easy to zero out for enhanced accuracy every time. It enables inexpensive and versatile weight determinations in laboratories, classrooms, field studies and lots more.



With its 100-kilogram capacity and the dial-type display, this tool is practical to use for performing gross weighing.  

Portable, easy to read, and accurate, the device provides an affordable solution to address classroom and laboratory weighing needs with ease.

This solid and reliable weighing scale offers accuracy while being easy to use. Its 6-inch diameter dial is encased in a conventional metal case to protect the sensitive elements involved in its functionality.

Accurate to one part in 250 and with up to 10 percent zero adjustments, it ensures accuracy and consistency.

The top and bottom hooks facilitate hanging on a beam at the top and the object being weighed below for ample support from up and down.



Perhaps owing to the scale being manufactured by a less popular brand, it has not gotten noticed by too many customers on the market.


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4. Ajax Scientific 3 Piece Spring Balance Set


4-ajax-scientific-3-piece-spring-balance-setOffering value for money, the Ajax Scientific 3 Piece ME495-0003 comes with three spring balances in all to accommodate a variety of weighing applications.

The maximum weight for the red scale is 5 newtons, the blue scale is 1 newton and the green scale is 2.5 newtons, giving you the exact tool you need to fit any weighing need in the classroom, lab or out in the field.

The scales are made of a strong polystyrene case that protects the internal components against damage. Polystyrene is a durable type of plastic.

The scales are made of flat anodized metal, which ensures a very long life span, is able to resist chipping and peeling, provides ease of cleaning to restore to its original appearance, and is not harmful to your health.

The scales can be used to measure weights via spring elongation or elasticity, which is proportional to the force applied by the weight of the object placed on the load hook.



Ideal for those who go for value for the money for their every investment, this three-piece spring balance set is suitable for laboratory use. Each of the scales in the set is good for determining the weight of objects by the extent of spring elongation that is in direct proportion to the force applied by the object being weighed.

The flat anodized metal scale is housed in a strong polystyrene case and read in both grams and newtons for simplified weighing operations.

To ensure near-perfect accuracy and consistency of measurements, the scales all come with a suspension ring for hanging, a zero adjuster for hassle-free calibration, and a load hook for holding the item to be weighed.

The three spring scales have maximum weights of 1, 2.5, and 5.0 newtons to accommodate different sizes and weights of objects.



Although the accuracy of the scales is not perfect, one customer believes they are within the acceptable range for classroom demonstration.  


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5. Ohaus 8018-50 Dial Type Hanging Spring Scale with Demonstration Dial


5-ohaus-8018-50-dial-type-spring-mechanical-scaleOutfitted with a large, bright colored dial face, the Ohaus 8018-50 provides a versatile and pocket-friendly solution for displaying measurements.

This dial-type spring scale makes it easy to read measurements of weights for objects in the classroom, lab or field. It displays weights in newtons with an easy readability of 200 grams or 2 newtons per black gradation.

The black hash marks are easy to read against the frosted aluminum background. The metal faceplate, top and bottom hooks and dial offer strength and durability. The large faceplate facilitates easy viewing with its clear black hash marks that are evenly spaced to ensure accuracy and consistency in your measurements. The numbers on the faceplate are large enough to enable viewing from a distance.

This dial plate weighing scale is convenient for use in force experiments, general weighing and action-reaction demonstrations.

This scale produces repeatable results and comes with a budget friendly price. It is easy to adjust to zero simply by rotating the pointer counterclockwise.



Suitable for force experiments, action-reaction demos, and general weighing applications, this spring scale offers a versatile way of displaying measurements on its large, brightly colored dial face.

It has easy-to-read black graduations on a frosted aluminum background so you can easily carry out measurements. They eliminate the need to make double measurements.

The large, bright-colored dial face enables you to see the measured values clearly, with the black graduations made large for problem-free reading even from a distance.

Weights are measured in newtons with an easy readability of 200 grams or two newtons for every black gradation. This eliminates the need to convert between the two units.

You can expect repeatable results for multiple measurements. Adjusting the scale to zero can be done easily by rotating the pointer counterclockwise.



Because of the large gradations and gross measuring functionality, this is not suitable for operations that require extreme sensitivity to the smallest milligrams.


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