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Best carat scale

Last Updated: 18.05.24


Carat scales – Buying guide & Comparison


If you’re short on time and you just want to find the best carat scale, this short paragraph should help you get exactly the model you need. According to our findings/research, the GemOro Platinum PCT251 is the best carat weight scale because of its accuracy to 0.005 carats, and a weighing capacity up to 250ct. The 4-button control panel offers easy control and the innovative, low-profile flip-up shield can easily expand to accommodate parcels or large stones while protecting from errors due to external elements during measurement. A rubberized compact carrying case protects this best diamond carat scale during transport and also provides a cool means of carrying and storing the scale and all the other items in the package including the calibration weight, universal voltage 100-240V AC adaptor, Swiss-style diamond tweezers, diamond scoop and stainless steel weighing platform. If the GemOro Platinum PCT251 is unavailable, your second option should be the Sy Kessler GemOro Platinum PCT101.


Having a carat scale handy whether you’re engaged in selling, buying or making jewelry helps you achieve a strong reputation in your business. It’s not easy to gain the trust of your target consumers so you need a good quality carat or jewelry scale as your constant tool. Now what distinguishes the top rated products in the best carat scale reviews from others on the market?


A reliable digital interface

The best carat scales are electronic or digital. They run on batteries and show you the weight displayed on their easy-to-read (preferably) LED backlit digital readout. They also allow you to connect directly to an electric socket using a supplied AC adapter. Digital carat scales are generally equipped with plenty of additional capabilities. Some models are able to store data and others have a parts counting function. Those elements are quite useful when you have to keep track of how many items you have weighed in a set of jewelry for instance, or when you’re counting the stones detached in a setting. It is also useful for data tracking. The digital readout should show a decimal value, which should be accurate to the thousandths of a measuring unit.

Models with enhanced digital features are able to switch between various units of measurement to accommodate the needs of both you and your customers. A premium carat scale should come with options from grams, ounces, diamond weight total (dwt) or pennyweight, troy ounces (ozt) for measuring gold, and grain (gn).


Suitable capacity and sensitivity for your purpose

Consider what you will be weighing so you can determine what capacity you want in your carat scale. A specially sensitive carat scale should be able to weigh up to the largest gemstones while easily handling lightweight ones. A tare function enables a premium carat scale for gemstones to consider the weight of the jewelry setting or the gemstone scoop and will only display the weight of the gemstones. A memory feature keeps track of the items already measured so you don’t get lost in your procedures.

Remember that not all digital carat scales are made equal. Some are quite small and make it difficult to read the display. Give the unit a spin to find out if you’re comfortable with its use. Otherwise, you can always go for a model with a large enough digital display. Make sure the display will still be readable even with the draft shield up or covering the weighing pan. A good carat scale for diamonds and other gemstones should offer a 0.001 gram readability, while lapidary scales or those used by artisans who form mineral, stones or gemstones into decorative items such as faceted designs, cameos, engraved gems and cabochons, should offer a readability of 0.01 gram. For weighing precious coins and metals, you will want a readability of 0.1 gram.

Easy to use

Whether you’re using the device as a carat scale for gold or for any other jewelry application, you want a generously-sized platform where you can have room to weigh a variety of items. Stainless steel platforms are best for their resistance to corrosion and durability to ensure years of use. The supplied scoop serves to hold very tiny stones for weighing. It should be a separate component for easy placement and removal of items.

If you intend to carry the carat scale on business trips, it should come supplied with an AC adapter and a hardy case that protects the scale and all other items in the package. Some premium models ship with diamond tweezers to simplify stone weighing, such as when you need to add or remove a piece from a set. A calibration weight ensures consistent measuring.



5 Best Carat Scales (Reviews) in 2024


There are numerous options on carat scales on the market, which can complicate the buying process for this type of equipment. We offer the buying guide above to consumers who want to make an easier decision for purchase. We have also showcased the best products below for even more shopping assistance.



1. GemOro 9883 Platinum PCT251 Premium Class Carat Scale


1-gemoro-platinum-pct251-carat-scalePowered either by four triple A batteries or the 100 to 240 volt adaptor, the GemOro Platinum PCT251 offers the best value for money especially for those engaged in the jewelry selling, making or buying business. This awesome carat scale handles up to 250 carats capacity with a readability of 0.005 of a specific unit.

Choose whether to measure in grams, grains, diamond weight total or pennyweight, troy ounces and ounces. This carat scale helps you establish a solid reputation in your business thanks to its parts counting function that allows you to keep track of the items measured in a set.

The scale boasts a durable ABS construction for years of use on the go. The EZ-grip rubberized paint finish ensures easy handling. Enjoy durability, precision and style with this feature-filled model with easy-to-use 4-button control panel. The ingenious low-profile flip-up shield expands for hassle-free handling of large stones or parcels.

The rubberized compact and compartmentalized carrying case enables problem-free transport while providing a convenient means of storing all the other components including the calibration weight, Swiss-style diamond tweezers, diamond scoop, stainless steel weighing platform and universal voltage 100-240V AC adaptor.



It is powered by 100-240V Adaptor or 4 AAA batteries, and both are included in the sales price.

It features a parts counting function and comes with a 5-year limited replacement manufacturer’s warranty.

What we liked about the product is that it comes with great precision, helping you measure in grams, troy ounces, ounces, grains, and other measures.

The product features a durable ABS construction, and it is very accurate in counting the carats of diamonds.

It is sold for a very affordable price, making it the perfect tool for professionals who don’t want to spend a fortune in order to know exactly the clarity and price of their gemstones.



Unfortunately, this model might be a bit less affordable compared to others, which makes it difficult to fit in the budget of the people interested in spending as little as possible.


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2. GemOro Platinum PCT101 Carat Scale


3-makna1f0l2-gemoro-platinum-pct101-carat-scaleEquipped with a maximum weighing capacity of 100 carats with accuracy to of 0.005, the Sy Kessler GemOro Platinum PCT101 can deliver measures in carat, grain, gram/milligram, pennyweight, ounces or troy ounces.

The whole package ships with everything you need for accurate weighing every time including a pair of tweezers, batteries and an AC adapter.

Enjoy exceptional durability, performance and style with this carat scale with blue backlit display for easy viewing of weighing information. You can opt to set the desired mode, use the parts counting features using the hassle-free interface, and calibrate the device according to your needs.

The innovative low-profile tinted draft shield ensures the scale delivers the highest possible accuracy by preventing errors in measuring due to external elements. It flips up when needed and also expands to provide more weighing room to handle larger stones or even parcels. Made of durable ABS and featuring a painted-on rubberized EZ-grip finish, the scale stays secure in the hand or on the work surface while being protected against slight knocks and bumps.



This item can weigh up to 100 karats with an accuracy of 0.005, making it extremely reliable and performant among other of its kind.

Similar to other products of this type, the Sy Kessler can deliver measures in grams, carats, grains, ounces, etc.

It comes in a beautiful black design to bring into prominence the clarity and transparency of the weighed diamonds.

The product is also sold for an affordable price, so make sure you give this one a try, especially if you are a specialist and are looking for a high-performance, yet cheap karat scale.



While most of the customers offered positive reviews to this product, some claimed that after only a couple of months of uses with AC power the device broke.

Some other customers said the Sy Kessler didn’t provide accurate weights, so you may want to consider an alternative product to make sure your results are trustworthy.


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3. My Weigh SCGEMPRO250 250 GemPro 250 50g x 0.001g Scale


2-gempro-250-50gx0-001gEquipped to handle up to 250 carats weight or up to 50 grams and able to measure in a variety of units including grams, ounces, pennyweights, troy ounces, carats, and grains, the My Weigh GemPro 250 proves to be the only carat scale you need for your growing jewelry buy/sell business.

Compact at just 5.25″ x 3.75″ x 2.5″, this scale ensures effortless portability and storage so you can take your business where needed. It comes with a wealth of features including Tare, Calibration and Programmable Auto-Off Functions.

The whole package ships with the necessary items for successful weighing and operation including an AC Adapter, Weighing Tray, Calibration Weight and Hard Shell protective Carry Case to simplify portability and storage of all the items.

This scale can also be used with your ammo reloading bench thanks to its liquid leveling adjustable feet and retractable wind shield cover.



Similar to other products from the same category, the GemPro 250 offers different measurements in carats, grams, ounces, grains, etc. This means you can easily determine the clarity and worth of your diamond, no matter your measurement instruments.

It comes with an AC adapter, a weighing tray, a calibration weight, as well as a hard shell case to easily carry around your product and use it anytime you need.

The small size of this device enables you to transport and store it conveniently and efficiently.

The manufacturer of this item provides a 30-year warranty, meaning you can easily build an entire career around the durability and accuracy of this product.



Aside from the rather high price, some customers claimed the product doesn’t accurately weigh diamonds. Others say that the item they received was faulty and that it took them some time for the customer service to respond and send another viable item.


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4. My Weigh SCGEMPRO300 60-Gram Scale


4-my-weigh-gempro-300ctGeared to handle up to 300 carats capacity, this model comes with a programmable auto-off feature so you can choose to have it on until you turn it off yourself or to have it switch off automatically. The backlit display enables viewing even in dim lighting.

The hard protective case keeps the scale and all the other accessories protected during transport while simplifying storage. The hinged platform cover flips up or down as needed to prevent accidental damage to the loading cells.

The scale also remembers the last unit of measure used, which is very convenient when your application requires the same unit of measurement for weights. The durable stainless steel weighing platform won’t scratch easily and is easy to clean while keeping its shine without tarnishing or corrosion.

Calibrating the scale is easy thanks to the handy instructions and the supplied 50 gram calibration weight. Other neat features are the tare button for zeroing the device out and the liquid level indicator to ensure level placement for the highest accuracy possible.



It is manufactured to handle an up to 300 carats capacity, more than reliable for your everyday use diamonds.

Unlike many other similar products available on the market, this one comes with a programmable auto-off feature which allows you to use the product continuously until you shut it down yourself or, on the contrary, program it to work for a certain time.

It is made from superior quality stainless steel tray and features a backlit display. It also comes with an AC adapter included, as well as tweezers, an expansion tray, and calibration weight.



Several owners were less impressed with the instructions provided by the manufacturer, and others claim that it took them about fifteen minutes to get everything up and running.

The fact that it lacks a reboot button makes the item harder to use and reboot when necessary. All in all, this is a great product you should consider purchasing.


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5. Jeweler’s Scale: New 100 x 0.01g Digital Jewelry Sale


5-jeweler-s-scale-new-100-x-0-01g-digital-jewelry-scaleEquipped to handle up to 100 grams or 500 carats, the DigiWeigh/PuriTEST allows you to weigh loose diamonds or gemstones, raw, uncut, rough or cut gems, lapidary materials and other items.

It can provide readings in Carat (ct), Grain (gn), Gram (g), and Ounce (oz). The bright blue high-contrast LCD display ensures easy viewing of weighing results even when ambient lighting is poor.

The clear, durable cover keeps the weighing platform protected when the device is not in use, while doubling as an expansion tray to accommodate larger items for weighing.

The scale comes with free AAA batteries for power. It can also be used for weighing gunpowder for reloading or for weighing archery arrows. Equipped with a high-quality strain gauge load cell system, this scale provides accuracy in full capacity range.

Constructed of high density ABS housing and metal support, it is a very durable device. The scale comes with nifty features that simplify weighing, including a tare function for zeroing it out when weighing powder or liquid.



By far the most affordable option out of all the five products reviewed, the DigiWeigh is a good alternative for those who do not seek extreme precision but also want a good scale.

The item comes equipped with AAA batteries for alternative power, making it a reliable product all day long, and in all environments.

While you’re not using the product, the clear and durable cover keeps it safe, away from scratches, dust or damage.

The bright blue, high-contrast LCD display makes for easy reading in all lights.



Some reviewers claimed the overall exterior quality of the product was not very high and that the scale itself had faults expressing the real value of a weighed gem.

Purchase this item if you’re on a tight budget but keep in mind that you should look for other, more dependable products if your job depends on accurate measurements.


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