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Best digital pocket scales – 2024 Reviews & Comparison

Last Updated: 19.04.24


Top digital pocket scales reviewed & buying guide


If you’re short on time and you just want to find the best digital pocket scale, this short paragraph should help you get exactly the model you need. According to our findings/research, the Spirit I-2000 is the best digital pocket scale because of its high accuracy and impressive weight capacity up to 3000 grams. The scale cover and platform cover both protect the scale from damage, especially the unit’s vital load cells. Made for the perfect measuring of ingredients in cooking, for postage, jewelry, medication and other purposes, this handy digital pocket scale calculates in g, oz, dwt, ct, and gn and also converts between units instantly at just a press of a button, without the need for remeasurement. You can do your work in the evening or even under poor lighting conditions thanks to the bright blue backlit LCD screen of the device. If the Spirit I-2000 is unavailable, your second option should be the Smart Weigh SWS100 Elite Series.



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Whether you are on a diet program in this age of prepackaged meals and fast food, or employed as a model builder, cook or jewelry artisan, you need a good quality digital pocket scale to make your job less stressful and each transaction more productive. Now what is the best digital scale .01 gram accuracy? This isn’t exactly the right question to ask as there is now a huge number of companies that manufacture this type of product which makes it quite challenging to pick the perfect model. It would be more sensible to be aware of what distinguishes a premium quality digital pocket scale from a mediocre product.


Suitable for your purpose

When you look over the products in the best digital pocket scale reviews, you will notice that they are designed for a variety of purposes. To determine what is the best one for you, take into consideration first the primary use for the instrument. One of the most common uses of a pocket digital scale is for postage. You get charged extra if the letter or package you send through the US Postal Service weighs greater than a specified amount. If you regularly send mail, you will want a digital scale that can weigh packages and letters. For first class mail, 3.5 ounces is the maximum weight, while small packages and large, flat envelopes can be sent through first class postage if they weigh no heavier than 13 ounces. Postal digital pocket scales can even calculate the overage charge should your package or envelope be heavier than the first class amount.

The best digital mini scale for jewelry applications can determine the carat weight of gemstones, with one carat being equal to two grams or 0.007055 ounces. Jewelry scales are geared to work with three measurable elements for weighing that include material, grams and ounces. For precious stones like rubies, diamonds and sapphires, you want the scale to be able to read from 0.001 gram or 0.0000353 ounce. Gold, silver, platinum and other precious metals should be measurable from 0.01 gram or 0.00035274 ounce. For pewter, brass, copper and other metals, you want the scale to be able to measure from 0.1 gram or 0.0035274 ounce. Try to get the best 0.01 gram scale if you can. 

In the kitchen, you will require the best portable food scale as it ensures that you not only get the ingredients right but you also use the exact amount as called for in the recipe. Sometimes, one tablespoon is just not a practical means of knowing if you’re doing the recipe right especially when baking. You need the precise element that actual weight provides to ensure the proper proportion of ingredients. Weight can be better than volume. This is no truer still than when you’re watching what you eat, especially when you’re counting calories. .

For model builders, a pocket digital scale is handy for ensuring the exact balance of components when they have the correct weights. Thus, if you are building a model for an airplane or helicopter, the best pocket scale enables you to ensure the proper measurements and equalization as needed. The other uses for the best pocket digital gram scale include weighing fish, pets and medicine. Some models include other measurements such as moisture, height, force and temperature.

Suitable capacity and size – Best pocket scale

While digital kitchen scales are equipped to handle a maximum weighing capacity of 30 pounds, digital pocket scales for hobby or jewelry applications come with a much lower capacity. Typically, accuracy is compromised to accommodate capacity. However, scales at the higher end of the spectrum do not suffer from this element. Remember that the load cells can get damaged with overloading. Pocket digital scale size is variable across different models and manufacturers. Jewelry scales are logically smaller compared to postage scales, which also have a larger weighing tray to hold small parcels and letters. Portability comes with a small size scale, with the weighing tray being made under similar dimensions as well. A weighing container or expansion tray is a sensible addition to enlarge the weighing area a bit. Bear in mind also that smaller pocket digital scales can only be powered by batteries while larger models can run on both an AC adapter and batteries.

Reliable accuracy and easy calibration – Best digital scale .01 gram accuracy

The smallest increment of weight that the best gram scale can provide in a readout denotes its accuracy. While a postage scale need not be as precise, a jewelry scale should be accurate to at least 0.001 gram. Information on maximum capacity and accuracy can be gleaned from the product datasheet. Scales with a higher level of accuracy generally cost more. The scale design also determines how the device rounds up and down, which can be essential when assessing accuracy.

Typically, scales will have to be calibrated periodically. Out of the box, they won’t. Calibration is performed by comparing the measurement with a calibrated weight or calibration mass. Some models do not require external calibration and do not also come with calibration instructions. Go over the manual prior to executing calibration measures. As a cardinal rule, recalibration is needed if the instrument exhibits more than three increments or divisions off.


5 Best Digital Pocket Scales (Reviews) in 2024 


There are plenty of pocket digital scales on the market. This may unduly complicate the shopping process for the consumer, but the list our team has assembled provides valuable information that can smoothen the journey. The best products are also featured below for more help.



1. Spirit Digital Kitchen Accuracy Pocket Food Scale

1-spirit-0-01oz-0-1g-3000g-digital-pro-pocket-scaleStrong, fast, accurate and user friendly, this pocket scale is ideal for postage, cooking, ammo reloading and jewelry applications.

Never lose track of the items you are weighing thanks to the part/pieces counting feature. Use the M function to select the proper unit and the T function to get the net weight.

The clear LCD screen comes with bright blue backlighting to facilitate readings in g,oz,ozt,dwt,gn and ct even in dim lighting conditions. Engineered with high precision sensors, the scale delivers highly accurate readings in 0.03 increments for 106 oz or in 0.3 increments for up to 3000 grams.

Powered by two triple-A batteries, the scale also comes with two plastic trays. The platform cover and scale cover protect the sensitive load cells from damage.

Easy to manually calibrate, the scale also features auto taring capability for hassle-free summation and subtraction.



This digital multifunction pocket scale comes with a backlit display, which makes it easy to read the measured dimensions in a variety of lighting conditions.

This is a digital scale with a maximum capacity of 3 kilograms and that delivers fast and accurate measurements while working great with user-friendly features to enable its use in a variety of applications including cooking, mailing weigh-ins, jewelry, and firearm reloading needs.

This digital scale doubles as a postage scale with its speedy and effortless taring and calibration features plus the piece counting function that facilitates a quicker measurement of quantity.

The clear LCD screen supported by a bright blue backlight shows readings in grams, ounces, ounce-troy, grain, carat, and pennyweight (dwt), with a 3.94 by 3.94-inch platform to accommodate the item being weighed as well as the container.

The scale is manufactured using high-precision sensors to deliver extremely accurate weight measurements with a higher accuracy to 0.1 gram/ 0.01 oz.



The small size of this weighing scale makes it useful for light-duty weigh ins but not for food baking and full-scale food preparations.


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2. Smart Weigh Digital Pocket Scale 


2-smart-weigh-sws100-elite-series-digital-pocket-scaleReliable and accurate yet amazingly lightweight and pocket-friendly, the Smart Weigh SWS100 Elite Series is a product of advanced technology that will surely upgrade your item weighing options.

Enabling you to accomplish a range of weighing applications, this product can be used to weigh items on the go such as medicine, powder, food, coins, gemstones, gold, silver and jewelry. Geared to accommodate up to 100 grams in 0.01 gram increments, the scale features a stainless steel platform and is also easy to operate using the three sleek buttons.

For weighing larger items, the scale has a protective cover that also doubles as a weighing tray. The tare function makes weighing tasks efficient and convenient as it subtracts the weight of the bowl so you only get the net weight of the item being weighed.

The reading is displayed on the stark contrast blue backlit LCD in large, easy-to-read digits. Choose the most suitable units of measure from gram, ounces, grain, and carat using the mode button.



This unique pocket scale is designed with strength, portability, and durability to accommodate a wide variety of portable weighing requirements including tablet manufacture, food preparation, powder weighing, gemstone, jewelry, and coin weighing, as well as value assessment for gold and silver, among many others.

This device is intended to make weighing tasks efficient and convenient, with a nifty tare function that determines the net weight of any product simply by subtracting the weight of the receptacle.

The weighing scale makes measurements easy to do with its tactile, easy-touch buttons, stark-contrast LCD blue-backlit display, and large-size digits that facilitate the reading of measured quantities.

The device includes all the essential units of measurement to enable you to perform effortless weight conversions including grams, ounces, grain, and carat. Simply set the scale to your desired unit with a simple press of the mode button. Some might say that this is the most accurate gram scale out there.



The scale is suitable for weighing items heavier than 10 grams but it is not suitable for things that weigh less than that.


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3. American Weigh Scales Gemini Series Precision Digital Scale 


This option delivers extreme precision that lets you weigh very small amounts of volume between 1 and 20 milligrams, and this makes it perfect for jewelry artisans. The product can also prove handy around the house since it can be used for weighing human and pet medication, ingredients and herbs for cooking, and much more.

It comes with all the accessories that you need included in the package so that you can start using the scale immediately. It includes a calibration weight that you can use to keep the product as accurate as possible. It may be compact, but this model is durable since it comes with a clear flip lid that’s designed to protect the scale when you’re not using it.

You can trust this model to serve you for many years to come, especially since the quality of the unit is backed by a long 10-year warranty, as is the case with most American Weigh Scales products.



You can select between six different weighing units to allow for multi-use purposes and fit the habits of all users.

The package comes with a few extras, including two AA batteries, two calibration weights, 4.5” tweezers, and a 1.3” tray.

The clear flip-top shield will not only protect the unit during storage, but it is also designed to isolate the weighing object so that you can get the most accurate results.

The blue backlit LCD display features large digits that are very easy to read from afar without glasses and even in dark environments.

The manufacturer puts a lot of care and trust in the quality of this product, and it backs it with a 10-year warranty.



There are a few quality control issues, such as the buttons not working properly, but the company always makes good on their warranty.

It is a bit expensive, but the good news is that being such a popular product, it goes on sale frequently.


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4. AMIR Upgraded Digital Mini Pocket Kitchen Scale 


This high-precision and affordable kitchen scale can handle a wide range of applications since it can provide accurate and instant results when weighing objects from 50 milligrams to 500 grams. It is also easily adjustable so that you can convert between different units instantly without having to re-measure.

You can use it to measure jewelry, medicine, or cooking ingredients, especially since the ABS plastic frame is very easy to clean after each use. It comes with the PCS function that can eliminate guesswork and make mundane tasks more manageable since it enables you to count pieces such as beads, screws, or pins.

Another smart feature that guarantees that you’ll always enjoy the most accurate readings is the fact that the scale can tell if it is placed on an uneven surface. If the placement is not done right, the device will send an alert so that you can reposition it correctly.



It has a stylish and compact design that’s available in four different colors so that it can look great in any kitchen.

The package includes two trays of different sizes that can be used as scale trays or as protectors when weighing items that could stain or damage the scale.

You can convert the measurement results between different units such as grams, ounces, teraliter, grain, and carat without having to re-measure.

It comes with a Tare feature that lets you set the empty container weight to zero so that the scale will only show the weight of the item that’s being measured.



The lower base housing is made of plastic with four very small pin-sized feet that can make the scale wobble a bit when placed on certain surfaces.

The instructions don’t tell you how to calibrate the unit so that you can get the most accurate readings.


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5. American Weigh Scales Blade Series Precision Pocket Scale 


This inexpensive model is your answer if you’re looking for a portable yet accurate scale that you can take anywhere, and that can fit comfortably in your pocket. This unit is only 3.8” in length and width and has a height of 0.8”. You can take measurements in four different units, including grams, ounces, grains, and carats.

Don’t let its size and price fool you since, as is the case with all American Weigh Scales products, you are guaranteed excellent accuracy, performance, and quality. The scale is accurate to the 10th of a gram, which makes it flexible enough to handle multi-use purposes.

You’ll also notice that the scale has a unique design with a section of the body that swings out to reveal a blue backlit display and a set of three buttons. With a single press of the right button, you can power the unit on and off, activate the Tare mode, and switch between different conversion units.



This model uses a unique engineering design that allows it to be thin and compact so that it can fit in your pocket discreetly.

It comes with two sizes of expansion trays that will let you measure items without risk of spillage or of damaging the surface of the scale.

It comes with batteries included, and you can trust the unit to deliver excellent battery life since the auto-off feature will turn the scale off when you’re not using it.

The LCD is large enough to make the digits easy to read, and it is lighted by blue LEDs so that you can see the measurement even in poorly lit rooms.



The Tare mode isn’t very reliable, and for the most accurate results, you’ll need to recalibrate the scale frequently.

It is not the most durable item on the market, so you’ll need to be careful about how you store it or purchase a protective case.


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Unavailable products


Smart Weigh ZIP300 Digital Pocket Scale 


3-smart-weigh-zip300-ultra-slim-digital-pocket-scaleThis ultra slim digital pocket scale comes with a parts counting feature for error-free and convenient tracking of items being weighed.

Lightweight and compact, the scale has a flip open cover that not only protects the sensitive weighing components including the weighing platform but also doubles as a convenient weighing tray when detached from the scale.

The blue backlit LCD screen makes it easy to view readouts even when lighting conditions are not optimal. Geared with high precision electronic sensors, this scale delivers measurements with high accuracy and reliable consistency.

With easy weight translations or separate weight modes for grams, ounces, Troy ounces, diamond weight total or pennyweight, grain and carat, this scale offers flexibility. The efficient tare mode ensures reliable net determinations. If you need a weighing scale for on-the-go weight determinations, the Smart Weigh ZIP300 always makes the best choice.

It guarantees precision on the go and works in any environment whether in the home, office or on business trips. The small size doesn’t compensate on quality, performance and reliability.



Built with a lightweight design, this pocket scale is a slim and compact device with a flip-open cover to protect the unit, which can also be removed and utilized as a weighing tray to hold small samples.

The smart count functionality facilitates the counting of weighed items while the blue backlit LCD display enables the easy reading of the measured values regardless of the lighting conditions.

This product is manufactured using high-precision electronic sensors that guarantee it can provide dependably accurate measurements on a consistent basis.

This tool is designed to deliver a maximum capacity of 300 grams in increments of a hundredth of a gram to ensure that every reading is consistent and accurate.

The instrument is equipped with six independent weighing modes that facilitate the conversion of weight measures easily, enabling you to select from gram, ounce, ounce-troy, pennyweight, grain, and carat, to fit the task.



The functions are quite easy to use but the platform is rather small so if you intend to weigh food on a plate, you might not be able to use the scale at all.



Smart Weigh Ultra Slim Jewel Digital Pocket Scale


4-smart-weigh-jds20-digital-portable-milligram-pocket-scaleSlim and compact, this digital pocket scale works well for gold, silver, jewelry, coins and postage applications.

The add-up function enables weighing of a few single items and then adds up the total weight measurements. The tare function gives you only the net weight without including the weight of the weighing tray. The scale provides the necessary unit measurements including g / ct / gn / dwt.

Simply select which one works for your needs using the mode button and just let the scale do the work. The scale also ships with all the needed accessories for successful weighing tasks including a set of tweezers and two 10-gram calibration weights, which also enable proper and accurate recalibration when necessary.

Powered by 4 triple-A batteries, the scale boasts premium quality electronic sensors. The LCD is equipped with bright backlighting for hassle-free reading of weighing results in large size digits.

This is genuinely the perfect on-the-go pocket scale for your mobile weighing needs.



Constructed with a lightweight, sleek, and portable design, this nifty scale accommodates your needs to weigh jewelry, silver, gold, coins, as well as mailing items for accuracy and good business.

The device comes with an add-up function that makes it possible to weigh a few single items at a time while the instrument adds up the total weight measurements for convenience. The tare function provides net weights by subtracting that of the container so you only get the actual item weight.

This model is able to weigh items using any of the six critical units of measurement for this kind of device, allowing you to select from gram, carat, grain, ounce, ounce-troy, and pennyweight to facilitate the effortless unit conversions as needed.

The weighing scale set includes a pair of tweezers that enable you to add gemstones one at a time, along with two 10-gram calibration weights to facilitate an accurate re-calibration for consistent accuracy with every use.



The weighing spot is really small and has a convex configuration so anything with a flat bottom can be difficult to position.



Dapai Mini Digital Kitchen Scale Multifunction


5-dapai-digital-kitchen-food-scale-silverDesigned for meticulous accuracy, the DaPai 3000 is equipped with high precision sensors to deliver weight measurements of high accuracy of 0.1g / 0.01 oz.

Geared to accommodate up to 3000 grams or 6.6 pounds, this scale provides quick unit conversions in g, oz, ozt, dwt, ct, gn. Reading the values is effortless thanks to the clear blue light screen. The two plastic trays in different sizes serve to hold loose or powdery items well.

This scale is ideal for baking, portion control, cooking, reloading, postage and jewelry applications or even for laboratory experiments. Sleek and compact, it ensures problem-free storage and portability. The modern stainless steel build ensures hassle-free maintenance.

The platform comes with reinforced strength for durability. The tare and calibration functions ensure the highest possible accuracy.

The piece counting function enables number tracking of items weighed. The low battery power,and overload indication ensure proper and hassle-free use. The 3-minute auto-off function saves on battery life.



Able to measure between 0.1 gram to a maximum of 3 kg, this instrument is precise up to 0.1 gram to ensure an accuracy of the measured values for sensitive weighing applications.

The device supports multiple weight units including grams, ounces, pennyweight, carat, ounce-troy, and grain, enabling you to use the scale for a variety of light measuring applications such as mailing, jewelry, precious stones, precious metals, and more.

The unit accommodates the need for a counting function with 4 options on pieces to choose from including 25 pieces, 50 pieces, 75 pieces, and 100 pieces, effectively reducing the guesswork.

The pocket travel size of this scale is similar to that of an iPhone 5S so it can be easily carried in your pocket when you have to do mobile weigh-ins of various items such as hair color, spices, pills, and medicines, among many others.

The backlit display allows you to view the readings on the LCD screen regardless of the lighting conditions.



This scale is rather tiny so care must be taken when weighing food items since weighing in a container might not provide you accurate results.




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