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Best analog kitchen scale – Guide & Reviews

Last Updated: 24.06.24


Top Analog Kitchen Scales Reviewed – Buying Guide & Comparison for 2024


In these times, fewer and fewer people find enough time for cooking, but they usually like doing everything as precise as possible, respecting the recipes they like most. This is why having a small kitchen scale is a great idea, and nowadays there are a lot of different models and designs to choose from. It might be tricky finding the right item, especially if you have little to no time on your hands for searching, and this is where we offer you a helping hand. After doing our research, we have come to the conclusion that the best analog kitchen scale is the Taylor Precision Products Analog Kitchen. The device features a large, oversized 5-inch diameter dual dial with easy to read measurements in both imperial and metric units, a stainless steel finish for a prolonged lifetime and a calibration mechanism that can be operated whenever you need to do so. Besides, it has a lovely retro look. However, the item might be quickly sold out; in this case, you might also want to take into consideration the Excellante Mechanical.

If you like cooking or work in a restaurant, you surely understand how important it is to get the proportions right and to obtain accurate readings of ingredient quantities. There are many kitchen scales available on the market, so getting the perfect product for your needs can be quite difficult. Read our buying guide to find out what features to look after and how they affect overall performance.


Accuracy and maximum capacity

Any scale has to be accurate no matter if it is used to measure the quantity of flour you have to add in a pie or the weight of a fully loaded truck. This is why precision matters a lot, and why it also directly influences the cost of a scale.The average kitchen scale generates errors of under 1 oz. if properly used. These are the items most commonly available for sale, as they are affordable, have great value for the money and they do their job pretty well. If you are particularly exigent, consider a more accurate gadget, but keep in mind that accuracy costs and you might have to spend a little bit more.
Working in a restaurant will also imply using precise quantities, that being another situation when it is advisable to opt for a more expensive product.Most scales have a maximum capacity of 3, 5 or 10 kilograms, these being more than enough for everyday use in a household. However, kitchen scales are versatile items that should be used for as many purposes as possible.
When used in a grocery store or bakery, for example, the 5 kg maximum capacity might prove just not enough, so you might want to consider a scale capable of measuring higher payloads. This might apply to a restaurant where cooking is done in large quantities as well. Ice-cream shops do not require such capacity but definitely need a small and compact, easy to maintain scale. Special designs have been made to fulfill this purpose, with a maximum payload of 32 oz.


Design and looks

You might think this is not important at all, but it actually does matter. Most manufacturers opt for retro or vintage aesthetics when it comes to household kitchen scales. A good analog kitchen scale is not only accurate and reliable but also attractive in terms of aspect. Since it can add a lot to your kitchen décor, the scale should match the surrounding furniture.
Most products are identical from an internal point of view, having the same mechanisms and accuracy, but their outside looks different. The design is not only important from an aesthetic point of view, being also practical, making it easier to store, clean or maintain the item.
A fashionable café or ice-cream shop must also consider the looks of their scale since it will usually be on display. Integrating it into the surrounding décor is a great idea, and there are scales sold purely as decorative items. These do not have any internal mechanisms and are extremely cheap, their only purpose being to look good on the dash.


Other things to take into consideration

There are some extra features that you have to think of. Since it is going to be used in a kitchen, a place with higher humidity and where it is exposed to water, a rust-proof body and bowl are desirable. Even cheap analog kitchen scales are sometimes powder coated, to protect them from exposure to water. Some items are made out of plastic or other materials that do not suffer from excessive humidity, but low-quality products can have no protection at all and suffer from corrosion.
The dial size is also important. With food boiling and frying all around you, there is no time to carefully look at the indicator; a small, overcrowded scale is not beneficial. Most scales have a big, easy to read dial with dual scales, and even compact designs feature a small, built-in magnifying glass to help you read with accuracy.
Since you are not going to use it permanently, storing is another thing to take into consideration. The pricier scales can be stored within their own weighing bowls, which are easily detachable, guaranteeing dust-free and easy depositing. Others can be kept in their box, or are small enough to fit a shelf or drawer.



5 Best Analog Kitchen Scales (Reviews) in 2024


Picking up the right scale for your needs is something only you can do; we cannot decide what is best for you, but we know that some reviews of analog kitchen scales are always welcomed and helpful. This is why we looked at some of the top sellers, and, taking customer feedback and product specifications into account, we reviewed them for you.


1. Taylor Stainless Steel Analog Kitchen Scale


One of the most appreciated and popular products is this high-precision kitchen scale, made by Taylor Precision Products for use in restaurants and households alike. Stylish, with a vintage look, it is designed to occupy as little space as possible, but this does not affect its performances. Available at a very attractive price, the scale is surely worth taking into consideration.

The manufacturer understands how important it is to be able to measure the exact quantity of each ingredient when cooking, and this is why the scale is so accurate. The mechanism is finely calibrated and uses only the highest quality materials, so you can enjoy precise measuring every single time.

Featuring a huge 5-inch diameter dial with both imperial and metric scales, it is easy to read; besides, the increments are of 1 oz. or 50 grams, eliminating reading errors. Calibrating the food scale can be done by using the built-in knob, further increasing its versatility. The stainless steel bowl is easily removable, for hassle-free cleaning.


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2. Excellante 22 Pound Mechanical Scale


Sometimes, cooking implies large quantities of ingredients that have to be measured with a bigger, more robust scale; however, accuracy remains as important as ever. This is why the Excellante mechanical scale has a maximum capacity of 22 pounds or 10 kilograms. Available for an affordable price, this versatile and extremely useful item is popular among customers, being used in restaurants or grocery stores too, not only in households.

Featuring a stainless steel platform and a body covered with a powder coating to make it completely rustproof, the scale surely has a prolonged lifetime. It is reliable and durable, and to make your life easier, it is also washable.

The huge dial has dual measuring units, both metric and imperial, and it is easy to obtain an accurate reading thanks to the 1 oz. and 50 g. increments. It is compact and can be stored in a hidden space when it is not needed; there are no loose parts and there is nothing to assemble or calibrate after receiving it, being ready to use as soon as it is unboxed.


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3. Salter 041Whdr Compact Design Mechanical Add & Weigh Kitchen Scale


When you are cooking, one of the last things you need on the table is a big, chunky and heavy scale for weighing the ingredients. This is why the compact design of this product is so appreciated. Not only is it small, but it is also accurate and has a decent capacity of 5 pounds, more than enough for everyday casual cooking. The handy kitchen scale is durable, reliable and has a 10-year limited warranty which guarantees for its quality and long lifetime.

Unlike more common models, it features a rotating dial placed under the measuring bowl. The dual scales are easy to read from a moderate distance, and the large 1 oz. or 50 g. increments simplify your task of obtaining a precise reading.

It can be quickly reset and recalibrated, and the bowl is detachable for an easy cleaning. A smart thing about this scale is the way you can store it – simply put the bowl over the device, providing a compact and dust-free way of depositing it.


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4. Internet’s Best Mechanical Kitchen Food Weight Scale with Bowl


A simple design and accurate readings made this item particularly popular amongst customers. Perfect for everyday use in a kitchen, grocery store or even restaurant, this classic stainless steel mechanical scale is made with the highest quality materials, is durable, reliable and has a cute, vintage look. The maximum payload it can measure is 11 lbs. or 5 kilograms

It features a stainless steel bowl that can be detached and washed, and its weight can be zeroed out by using the adjustment knob for fine calibration, located underneath it.

The scale measures to the nearest 20 grams or 0.7 oz., and the large dial is easy to read and contains both metric and imperial units. It is not very compact, but it has a beautiful design that will add individuality to your kitchen. This device weighs approximately 2.1 pounds and can be stored in the original box to protect it from dust.


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5. Taylor TP32 Mechanical SS Fixed Dial Portion Scale


If you need to measure small quantities with great accuracy, this compact food portion scale is the answer. This small scale is designed for use in cafes and ice-cream stores, but it can surely be useful in a household, too. The affordable price, quality construction, and reliability make it a desirable item, and this is why it is so popular.

Featuring a corrosion-resistant steel body, the mini scale also includes a shatterproof lens and antimicrobial housing. The maximum capacity is of 32 oz., so it is more suitable for use in a sandwich shop or café, and it measures in a quarter of ounce increments.

It has a large dial with a lens for improved reading accuracy, aided by the carefully graded scale which only contains imperial measuring units. The steel platform is removable for easy cleaning, and the rugged design ensures it will last longer than similar but not so robust items.


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