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Best inexpensive scale

Last Updated: 06.12.21


Inexpensive scales – Buying guide & Comparison


Whether you want to be able to track your weight progress throughout the month or need stuff such as packages measured, getting the best inexpensive scale can provide you with the means to get accurate weight measurements every time. However, with so many products on the market, it’s no wonder that you find it hard to choose a specific model. We’ve tried to find the scales that offer the best performance and features while being on the low end of the price so that you benefit from a great purchase. After careful comparisons, we recommend the Etekcity Digital Body Scale as our top choice. This unit can measure any weight between 11 and 400 pounds, is made from resistant tempered glass, and has accurate readings in 3-ounce increments. In case this item is no longer available, you may wish to try the RENPHO Bluetooth Body Scale instead.



If you are trying to find the best affordable scale but haven’t used digital variants before, knowing which one to choose from the huge offerings available can be quite daunting. If you want to learn a few basics about electronic scales, then read the following guide for a few essential tips


Stay in good shape with a quality scale

You can get a good inexpensive scale that can help you monitor your weight. Many scales can provide accurate measurements of up to 400 pounds in increments as low as 0.2 pounds. You can check out your progress day by day, week by way, and the best part is that you can adjust depending on the results.

With a quality scale you can see if your diet or cardio sessions have had any effect on your weight. If you’re one of those calorie-counting geeks, then a scale that can connect to your phone via an app is highly recommended. You can sync the weighing instrument to your phone and have all the data recorded and stored in an online profile that you can study anytime.


Get help in the kitchen

Whether you’re a cooking aficionado or just someone who enjoys making some healthy food from time to time, getting the best cheap food scale can really improve your diet as well as your cooking skills.

There are lots of models to choose from that can measure weights between 0.1 pounds or less to 12 or more pounds. With one of these kitchen helpers, you can ensure that you stay true to a master chef’s recipe by adding precise amounts of ingredients.

You can also boost your creativity by using a scale. It’s not like you can’t create a new recipe from scratch without weighing your ingredients, but not everyone enjoys culinary genius moments, and you’d surely want to see how different amounts of particular ingredients influence taste, texture, and color.

And for the rare case when you do stumble upon a great recipe, you want to make sure that you can recreate it, which should be a breeze if you noted down how much of which you added to the food, a thing possible only if you weighed the ingredients beforehand.


Benefit from precise measurements

Even if you aren’t obsessed with your weight or crazy about cooking, you might still need a scale to weigh fine objects such as jewelry, medicine, or other very light items. There are lots of precise scales for sale that can give you accurate readings in increments of 0.01g or even 0.001g, which are actually a hundredth and a thousandth of a gram respectively.

These scales are excellent for lab work when you can’t go wrong even when it comes to tiny amounts of chemical compounds. You can also get measurements in different weight units, such as carats for jewelry, as well as the ounces and grains you’re more familiar with.


5 Best Inexpensive Scales (Reviews) in 2021


Making a good purchase can be quite challenging nowadays, with so many offers online. If you want to be confident that you can make the right choice, then you should definitely read our popular inexpensive scale reviews which should be able to help you out.


1. Etekcity Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale


The Etekcity Digital scale is the perfect addition to any home, able to provide accurate and consistent readings every time. This device comes with modern sensors, a sturdy construction, as well as several features which make it highly versatile.

This scale can measure the weight of persons or even objects between 11 and 400 pounds, offering a huge range that is quite impressive for such an inexpensive product. Thanks to the precision sensors installed in the main body, this unit has an amazing 0.2-pound or 3-ounce accuracy.

This device features thick 8mm tempered glass that is strong and durable so you can count on it to help you track your fitness levels and improvements for many years to come. You also get auto off and auto zero features, as well as 2 GP AAA batteries to keep this scale powered and working fine for a long time.



This bathroom scale can show you readings up to 400 pounds, and one great thing about it is that it can display the results in kilograms, too, if that’s important to you.

Accuracy is always a sore point with bathroom scales, but, in this case, it is excellent, and you can count on an error of 0.2 pounds.

Its LCD screen is large, and you won’t have to squint to see the results, which is another great plus, especially for people who do not have perfect eyesight.

The platform of the scale is made from tempered glass, and not only it will support your weight, but it will also resist to wear and tear for a long time.

You will know when it’s the right time to change the battery, as the display will show you an indicator for easy viewing and convenience.



You might experience a bit of trouble with making the scale start, and you will have to get on it a few times to make it work.

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2. Renpho Bluetooth Body Fat Digital Scale


If you want to get a scale that can track your progress and do more than just show your weight, then the RENPHO Bluetooth Body Scale is just what you need. This modern device can give you accurate measurements that you can upload on your mobile phone via Bluetooth.

This scale is made from tough glass and hard plastic so it can offer many years of service. This unit provides precise weight measurements for weights of up to 398 pounds in 0.2-pound increments. You won’t just see your weight, but also BMI, body fat, water percentage, muscle and bone mass, etc.

You can easily connect this scale to your mobile phone and then sync it through the easy-to-use app that works well with Apple Health, Fitbit, and Google Fit. You can create a user profile online and then get to see statistics that you can check every day to see how you’ve improved.



This scale is more than your average product, as it is possible to sync it with your preferred fitness app so that you can quickly keep track of your weight management.

It will show more than just your weight, too, as it displays other essential data such as your BMI, or body fat percentage, which are crucial for gauging your overall health.

Synching with its own app is easy, as long as your device is capable of using Bluetooth 4.0 or above, according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Auto calibration is among the features that make this model better than many others on the market that are not accurate.

Measuring up to 400 pounds, it is also capable of displaying your weight in kilograms and uses increments of 0.2 pounds or 0.05 kilograms.



It is a good thing that you can synch this model with various fitness apps, as the proprietary one is somewhat less reliable than others.

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3. NewlineNY SBB0718M NYBK Step-On Mini Travel Bathroom Scale


If you want to benefit from on-the-go weight measurements without having to carry a heavy scale with you, then the NewlineNY Mini Travel is the perfect choice. This scale is incredibly slim and measures just 12.2 inches in length and 6.3 inches in width. Weighing only 1.5 pounds by itself, this device is highly portable so that you can take it with you even if you don’t have a car. 

Despite its small size, this mini scale has a weight capacity of 400 pounds. You can get accurate weight measurements within 0.2-pounds so you can take even extensive notes on your weekly progress in order to make diet or activity changes in a timely manner.

Thanks to the modern sensor technology, all you need to do to obtain instant readings is to step on the scale, you don’t need to tap it first. You also get to switch the weight units from pounds to kilograms or stones to suit your preferences.



Ideal for traveling, this bathroom scale comes in a compact size, so you will easily find a place for this piece of equipment in your luggage.

While small, it has a maximum capacity of 400 pounds or 180 kilograms, and it can display results in both measuring units.

Using increments of 0.2 pounds, it is pretty precise, which means that you will be able to keep an eye on your weight even while vacationing when it’s the easiest time to slip from your good habits.

You will love the ultra-thin design that makes it appear like a luxury item; you will have no problem leaving it on the bathroom floor in your hotel room.

The automatic shut-off function will save up battery life, so you won’t need to replace it too often.



While it is a compact model, you might be a bit surprised how heavy it is, so you might have a bit of an issue if you want to put it in a piece of luggage that goes in the overhead compartment.

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4. Smart Weigh Digital Pocket Scale


For the times when you don’t need to weigh people or heavy objects but do want precise measurements of smaller items, you need to consider scales such as the Smart Weigh Elite. This small scale has a capacity of 100 grams and can display readings with a precision of one-tenth of a gram.

This unit is ideal for measuring jewels, powders, lab chemicals, or medicine. You can get clear measurement readings on the large display that can be switched from grams to ounces, grains, and carats. You also get to use the tare function to subtract the container weight.

The scale is small and lightweight which means that you can easily carry it with you to test that ring you’ve always wanted, or to measure some fine spices. This device can also help you with solution mixing for spraying your yard or plants, or for getting rid of indoor pests.



The beautiful appearance of this digital pocket scale will draw your attention right from the start, and, in this case, it is also a sign of quality.

Its platform is made from stainless steel, so you will have no troubles with keeping it clean and also with its overall durability.

A protective cover makes sure that the scale doesn’t get scratched or damaged in other ways by accident when you don’t use it.

You will love how large the digits will appear, and the backlit display contributes to the readability factor with much ease.

Users can get measurements in four different weight modes, which is something handy for various applications you might have in mind for it.



While the automatic shut-off is convenient for saving up battery life, you might find it a bit annoying when you’re working on something that demands you to take breaks from measuring things.

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5. Ozeri Touch Professional Digital Kitchen Scale


If you love cooking, then you will definitely also love the Ozeri Touch Professional Kitchen Scale. This device can measure the weight of anything from chicken thighs and vegetables to tiny amount of spices and herbs so that you can create delicious dishes and healthy food for you and your loved ones to enjoy.

This quality unit can accurately measure anything that weighs between 0.05 ounces to 12 pounds. What this means is that there’s no limit on your cooking capabilities, as you can go by the book and follow popular recipes, or make your own dishes and ensure that those rare moments of inspiration can be written down to specific quantities so you can recreate them.

With this product, you get to use the tare feature to ensure that you only measure the net weight of ingredients, as well as two Lithium batteries to keep it powered and helping you in the kitchen for a very long time.



There’s nothing more convenient than having a kitchen scale with touch-sensitive buttons that helps everything becomes easy, no matter what you need to weight.

Also, you will get to see the weight displayed in pounds, ounces, kilograms, and grams, which is handy for any home-based cook.

You don’t have to worry that the scale might break since it is made with a tempered glass surface that can withstand four times more pressure than regular glass.

At the same time, the thin design will make its sleek appearance a good fit for any kitchen layout so that you won’t have any trouble with it, design-wise.

The Tare function ensures that you can weigh just the ingredients without the added weight of the container that holds them.



It can indeed handle larger quantities, but fitting such amounts on the scale can be tricky since it’s compact.

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