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Best weighing scales – 2024 Reviews & Comparison

Last Updated: 19.04.24


Top Weighing Scales Reviewed & Buying Guide


If you are looking for the best weighing scale, but you’re in a hurry, you can find here the information you are after. Our research, based on customer reviews, expert opinions, and social media activity, points out that the EatSmart Precision is the product that should grab your attention. The sensitive sensors installed on the weighing scale will tell your readings right away, without needing to tap on it first. The scale can measure up to 400 pounds, and it is made from resistant glass, that is completely slip-free so that you have no reason to get nervous while using it. A free tape measure is included, so you can monitor all the changes, and track your progress. If the EatSmart Precision is out of stock, we highly recommend the Etekcity 400, as the model that comes as a second best in customers’ preferences

Watching your weight is part of taking good care of your health. Regardless the reason for which you want to monitor your body weight, you will need a good and reliable weighing scale. Especially if you’re going through a diet program, you will need to be able to monitor the slightest changes, to see if you are on a good route. Find here what features and options are the most important if you want to get a good weighing scale.


More than just a tool for measuring body weight

You may notice that new weighing scales today do more than just show your body weight. Since most of the models available on the market are digital, you can expect a plethora of features that will give you a clearer understanding of your health.

For instance, there are weighing scales that will show you the body fat percentage. This can be quite important since you cannot count on body weight alone to know that you are healthy. Others will calculate your BMI – Body Mass Index – that shows you whether or not you are at risk of becoming overweight or obese.

A nice touch that many digital scales come with is the ability to transmit all the information gathered to your iPhone or Android smartphone, via an application. You can track the changes in your body weight with ease, as a result, and you may even share your progress with your friends if you so choose.

You may also want a scale that can convert pounds to kilograms and the other way around. The more precision and features a weighing scale has, the better, and you will feel more motivated to reach a healthy body weight if you are aware even of the smallest changes.


Weight limit

This is quite an important aspect to consider when you go shopping for a weighing scale. It is highly recommended to base your choice on the needs of everyone who is going to use the scale. Some models will show weights up to just 250 pounds, while others will go as high as 1,000 pounds.

If you want to make sure that you will purchase the right model, just get one that can measure more than the weight of the largest person in the household. Bear in mind that your body weight can fluctuate quite a lot throughout the day, so you need to allow some room for the weighing scale to register.

Also, for babies, you will need a different weighing scale than for adults. Because babies are so small, it would be impractical to use the tool to measure their weight.


Ease of use and display readability

With so many weighing scales around, it may seem difficult to pick the right one so that we will give you an extra recommendation. Get a model that is easy to use and on which you will have no troubles reading the results. Many of the reviews of weighing scales indicate that you should purchase a model with bright and large readouts. This is the only way to make sure that you got the reading right.

There are even models that will announce the results loudly. The ones that transmit the information to your smartphone may be an even better choice because you will have all the readouts at your fingertips. The easier it is to read the information delivered by the weighing scale, the more likely you are to use it on a regular basis, and that will help you with closely monitoring your weight.


5 Best Weighing Scales (Reviews) in 2024


If you have been looking for a weighing scale for sale for a while now, with no results, here are some great models you can choose from. They are all highly appreciated by users, and they will deliver as promised.


1. Ozeri 200 kg 440 lbs Precision Pro II Digital Bathroom Scale


What do you want in a weighing scale? First and foremost, you want to make sure that it will read your body weight with the highest precision possible. This model comes equipped with four precision sensors that will give you accurate readouts up to 400 pounds. The weight increments used are 0.2 pounds, for an exact result.

The scale platform is made of thick tempered glass, so you don’t have to worry that it will not be able to hold your weight. The surface is also non-slip, to avoid any accidents. The platform sits 1.8 inches off the ground, for maximum convenience.

A nice feature of this weighing scale is that you don’t need to tap the surface to activate it. You simply climb on the scale and it will give you a readout right away. You will also receive a free body tape measure with your purchase, so you can monitor your progress with ease.


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2. Etekcity Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale


The platform of this weighing scale comes already calibrated, allowing you to just step on it and get a perfect reading, with maximum accuracy. You can either have the unit read your results in pounds or kilograms, depending on your preferences. The model is built for accuracy, with four high precision sensors.

The platform is made from 8mm thick tempered glass, so you can rest assured that it will hold your weight, once you step on it. A broad range of features makes this weighing scale a hit with consumers. For instance, the unit can turn off on its own, and goes back to zero, once you get off the platform.

The unit will signal when it has low battery, and it will also warn you when it is overloaded. If you decide to purchase this model, you will also receive a body measuring tape, so you can take pride in your progress in more than just one way.


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3. Etekcity Digital Body Weight Scale


This ‘step-and-read’ model is designed for maximum convenience. It is also a cheap weighing scale, which means that you will make a sound investment, as well. You will get precise readings, every time, which is a great plus, due to the high-precision sensors installed on the unit.

The weighing scale is very sturdy and can hold even a larger person without a problem. The manufacturer used tempered glass for the platform, so there are no issues to worry about in this regard. The model is sold with one year warranty and the manufacturer also offers lifetime support.

The scale can measure up to 400 pounds or 180 kilograms, as you can switch from one way of reading to the other. The graduation increment allowed is 0.2 pounds, or 0.1 kilograms, so you will get a clear picture of your body weight anytime you want.


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4. Greater Goods Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale


Anything you want in a weighing scale for monitoring your body weight, you will find in this one. The large display will allow you to read the results with ease. It must be said that the display is also backlit, making reading it even easier. The tempered glass platform is resistant to scratches and it will look good for years to come.

The unit self-calibrates, for maximum convenience. You step on the platform, you read the display, and, when you get off the platform, the unit turns off on its own. You don’t have to worry about slipping either, as the glass top is built to avoid such accidents.

You will get maximum accuracy, should you decide to purchase this model. 4 high-precision sensors are installed, and they will give you the most precise readouts each time. Two batteries are included, so you can start using the weighing scale right away.


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5. 1byone Body Fat Scale with iOS and Android App


You will get a unit packed with features if you pick the 1byone Smart from the many products currently available. The unit measures more than just your body weight. It uses advanced technologies to read the percentage of body fat, your BMI, muscle mass, and so on. It even has a baby weighing mode, which means that you will not have to purchase a different weighing scale for your little one.

The unit has a compact design, but the LED display is large, so you can read it quickly. It is capable of weighing any weight from 11 pounds to 400 pounds, with increments of 0.2 pounds.

You can send all the information registered by your weighing scale to your smartphone or tablet via a specialized application. There are no setup instructions to worry about, and everything will happen seamlessly. The stats will be delivered to your device fast and easy.


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