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Best analog weight scales in 2021 – Comparison & Reviews

Last Updated: 06.12.21


Top Analog Weight Scales This Year – Guide & Comparative Analysis


Analog weight scales are some of the most common household items around the world. If the old one broke down or you want to own one but do not have the time to properly search for one, given that there are so many models to look at with different features, we offer you a helping hand in deciding what to buy. The research carried out by our team took into consideration product specifications, price, feedback and accurate presentations of the devices. We came to the conclusion that the best analog weight scale is the HealthOMeter 142 KL Professional. Recommended for professionals and civilians too, it is extremely accurate and reliable, it features a strong and solid build that prevents it from breaking down and it has a dual scale, with metric and imperial units. Since it is available for a very attractive price, it might soon be sold out; in this situation, you might want to take the Ozeri Electro-Mechanical into consideration.



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Before you start prospecting the market in search of the best weight scales available for sale, there are some things you need to take into consideration. These factors will influence your purchase and will help you make the best choice according to your own needs.

Features to look for

Each scale has certain features that contribute to its accuracy, reliability, versatility or ease of use. It is important to find a product that balances all of these, but consider that you might have to spend a little bit more on a perfectly balanced device.

Accuracy is by far the most important characteristic of a scale. Buying an inaccurate product is a waste of money because you will never find any use for it. A good analog weight scale has accuracy comparable to that of an average digital model. Customers tend to consider an error of 1 or 2 pounds as insignificant, but more exigent people will find that an error as small as 0.5 pounds is unacceptable.

Reliability and versatility are results of a good, well calibrated and quality design. Using high-quality materials, fine tools and not so complex mechanisms will offer your scale a prolonged lifetime, while including dual scales, adjustment knobs, and digital displays will turn your device into a versatile and enjoyable tool.


Other details to take into consideration

One of the most common complains about scales is their size. Even though it is important to have a large platform to accommodate a wide variety of people, this might be quite a problem when you want to store the device. Keeping them on the floor will occupy some of your space, placing them in a wardrobe or on a shelf implies sacrificing area yet again, so the best thing to do is to put them under a table, wardrobe or bed.

This means that the gadget should not be too tall so that it fits in those tight places. If the platform is made out of glass, for security reasons you should opt for shatter-proof glass, to prevent injuries in the eventuality that it breaks. The anti-slip material is used on most scales to prevent accidents too, and a good top also protects the device itself against impacts.

If you have failing eyesight, look at the dial model and go for one with very big numbers, or with a lens for accurate reading. The increments are usually tough to see, so for someone suffering from lack of clear vision, it might be tough getting a correct reading.



To begin with, it is very important to know how much you can or is willing to spend on a scale. Usually, these items are not very expensive and do not represent an immense spending, but by making the right choice, you will surely end up saving some money without compromising on the quality of the item. Most everyday scales can be as cheap as $20 or $30, but when compared with a professional scale some inaccuracies might be observable.

Being less qualitative, these might also have a reduced lifespan, tending to break down or become inaccurate much faster. If you only need an estimative reading and not the perfect result, you can opt for such a product too. More expensive items are either more accurate or include extra features, such as LCD displays, illuminated dials or special designs that will make them compact or easy to store

A quality analog weight scale will be found in the $40-$60 price range. This is the perfect choice for the average household, as the accuracy is pretty good, usually, the errors being 1-2 pounds or less – these are not so relevant for the ordinary buyer. They usually feature an anti-slip top, a compact design for easy storage beneath a bed or wardrobe and a dual dial, with metric and imperial scales.

If you demand very precise data, then you have to take into consideration purchasing a more expensive, high-end scale. These are usually both digital and mechanical, having a display for accurate readings, dual scales, and great accuracy, the error being inexistent or insignificant. Such scales are found in clinics or gyms.


5 Best Analog Weight Scales (Reviews) in 2021


We cannot tell you exactly what to buy, but, in order to help you decide, we have analyzed a number of products that are appreciated and popular and we wrote some reviews of analog weight scales. These take into consideration customer feedback and product specifications, being as objective as possible.


1. Health O Meter Floor Scale 2″ Dial


While we were doing our research, we observed that some devices stood out from the rest. The HealthOMeter professional scale is the scale that came up most often, thanks to the attractive price, high quality and extra features that make it popular amongst customers.What matters most about a scale is how accurate it is. Most producers try to make them as precise as possible, and HealthOMeter is no exception from this rule.

Many customers compared the results obtained while using the scale with those read on professional devices found, for example, in a hospital or clinic, and they were identical. It requires no batteries to be operated, it is versatile and reliable and, when these qualities are accompanied by excellent accuracy, you got yourself a great product.

Other extra features that this compact scale incorporates are a dual dial, in both imperial and metric units, and a special design that allows it to be small enough to fit under a desk or bed, without being heavy. The dial, however, might be hard to read while standing by someone with weakened eyesight. 



With an overall capacity of 330 pounds, this scale is a great device to have around the house, that any family member can use.

Thanks to the large dial scale that shows the user’s weight, the numbers are easy to read, so even elderly family members should be able to use it without any hassle

The non-slip mat is a great addition from a safety point of view, which means that there’s little chance to slip off the scale

The increments are of 1 pound, thus anyone who needs to closely monitor the weight evolution can do this in helpful detail.


The dial scale might be a bit hard for some users to get used to since it’s not as straightforward as a digital alternative. 

Foot placement can affect readings, so test it out a bit at first and see what is the position that ensures the most accurate reading in your case. 

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2. Ozeri Rev Digital Bathroom Scale with Electro Mechanical Weight Dial


No one would have thought that the aesthetics of a scale can matter at all, but the designers at Ozeri decided to combine accuracy and a compact design with a stunning look that is a combination between modern and vintage. Besides, the affordable price and quality build make the product desirable and appreciated; it is also quite a bestseller.

The scale features a big mechanical dial, 5.5 inches in diameter, with large and clear numbers; it is also marked with both imperial and metric units, and it incorporates a digital backlit LCD for easy reading without glasses. It has a maximum measuring capacity of 400 lbs. (180 kilograms) with 0.1 or 0.2 increments, and it is extremely accurate by using 4 precision sensors.

It requires 3 AAA batteries to operate, this being done to preserve the compact design. The platform is large and made out of impact-resistant glass, with anti-slip material patches glued on it for safe operation; it is also delivered with everything you need to start using it.



The first thing anyone is going to notice when it comes to this scale is the stylish and highly elegant design that ranges from modern to vintage, given the analog mechanism. 

The mechanical dial is 5.5 inches in diameter and features large numbers in both imperial and metric units, so anyone is going to be able to use it. 

Given that the display also comes with a digital backlit LCD, you can really say that this unit fits anyone’s needs.

The large platform is made of impact-resistant glass and the scale has a maximum capacity of 400 pounds. 


In some cases, the batteries were not included in the package, so you may need to purchase some separately. 

Slight reading variations can appear and if this happens you can try changing the batteries first, and if you need further assistance you should contact the manufacturer.

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3. Health O Meter Mechanical Floor Scale


Sometimes, people will stick to old and time-tested scale designs that do not incorporate anything electric, because they are easier to use and require no batteries or power plugs. This is why HealthOMeter manufactured this mechanical scale, ideal for household use but also for less important measuring such as periodic medical controls.

The striking design feature of this device is the large, raised and easy-to-read dial. It is not double, however, and this one is only available in the imperial measuring system. The platform is large and can accommodate multiple users, different in size, and the maximum weight that can be measured with this product is around 400 lbs.

Customers appreciated the accuracy, guaranteed by the use of fine and well-calibrated mechanisms, and the easy to read dial, very popular amongst those with failing eyesight. Apart from this, the scale is pretty compact and can be easily stored when it is not needed.



This handy device has a compact construction that allows you to move it around the house wherever you might need to use it. 

Given that its overall weight capacity is of 330 pounds, pretty much anyone can use it, making it a great tool to have around the house

The dial scale is large enough to be easily read even by someone with less-than-perfect eyesight, so this is not something you should be concerned about. 

The non-slip mat works great and prevents the user from accidentally slipping off the scale, which is always a good idea from a safety perspective. 


Not everyone is used to an analog scale, so some of the users might need a bit more time getting used to this scale. 

Make sure to read the details provided by the manufacturer in terms of its size, given that some users found the scale to be a bit too large. 

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4. Mechanical Medical Scale Cap


This is one of the most precise and well-graded items found on our list. The scale can be used for medical purposes too, and it is not only appreciated for the performances it shows in households, being very useful in a clinic too. It is sold for an attractive price, this being another reason for its popularity.

With a maximum loading capacity of 330 lbs. the scale is versatile enough to meet common expectations. The large dial has an easy to read the scale, which, albeit not dual, has 1 lb. graduations. Those are pretty difficult to read through, and for a very accurate reading, it is advisable to ask someone for help.

It is made out of metal and is entirely mechanical, requiring no batteries or power plug to operate. Large, easy to use and very sturdy, it is a perfect choice for most applications. Accuracy is guaranteed, customers testing it against results obtained with professional, digital scales and they observed no significant difference.



While this Rice Lake model is great for home use, this doesn’t mean that it cannot work well for clinics too, as some reviews have pointed out. 

The large nearly 8-inch dial makes everything easy in terms of reading the scale, so not even elderly family members should have any problem using it. 

The steel base is highly durable, while the non-slip mat helps prevent potential small incidents when using the scale. 

This is a versatile and reliable scale that meets most expectations, as many of the reviews it received pointed out, and it’s a truly mechanical system. 


The scale doesn’t have dual units, so for those who would like to have this feature as well, other products might be better suited.

If you have questions regarding this unit’s weight and on whether you can easily carry it around the house, the seller can provide all the details. 

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5. CTG Standard Vinyal Bathroom Body Scale


Simplicity is sometimes essential to obtaining a great product that will work in any conditions and without requiring any other extra accessories. The Bodice standard scale is as elementary as it can get – it is a mechanical device without any electronics, designed to precisely measure your weight.

It is reliable and robust, is meant to survive for as long as possible without failing, and besides the price, it is being sold for is affordable, offering it great value for the money.Meant to be used as a household scale, it is pretty compact, making storage easy.

The classic analog scale features a multiscale dial, with both metric and imperial units. The maximum capacity is about 280 lbs or 130 kilograms. It features a vinyl top to prevent accidental slip and protecting the device against impact. Accuracy is guaranteed by using a well calibrated and quality mechanism, so there is no need to worry about false readings



Featuring a mechanical system that doesn’t require any electronic elements, such as batteries, this unit is very easy to use, but also precise in measuring the user’s weight. 

Thanks to the high-quality materials used, this Bodice model features a sturdy and reliable construction, so there’s little chance that you are going to need to buy a new one anytime soon. 

Specially designed for home use, this product is also pretty compact, which means that you shouldn’t have any trouble storing it whenever you don’t need to use it

Both metric and imperial units are displayed on the generous analog scale, while its maximum capacity stands at 280 pounds. 


Given that the analog design might not be familiar to every family member, some might need a bit of time getting used to this scale 

In case you have any specific questions on how the scale works and on its mechanism, the manufacturer can help with all the answers. 

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