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Smart Weigh ZIP300 Ultra Review

Last Updated: 06.12.21

Main technical features


What you get when you pay for this scale is high-quality and no compromise, digital pocket scale reviews seem to suggest. The manufacturer knows its customers and has incorporated tons of technologies meant to make the daily user’s life easier. The piece is lightweight, slim, and it comes with a flip cover to protect the scale while traveling. The blue LCD screen is a pleasure to look at, and all of your readings are going to be accurate and reliable. The maximum capacity is of 300 grams or 10.5 ounces, and your results are going to be consistent.

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In-depth information


Premium built

Besides having an attractive design, this model is lightweight. It can fit in your jeans back pocket since it weighs close to nothing. Slim and compact, this is an option for those who lack storage space but love to cook complicated recipes, or for chemists who have to work with limited counter space. A high-quality flip open cover protects the scale from drops and dust, which can as well be removed and used as a weighing tray if you feel it’s rather inconvenient and not helpful at all. The simple lines and timeless colors transform it into a suitable gift for any homeowner.


This is not a machine that is lacking when it comes to features. On the contrary, it has inbuilt functions like the smart count PCS which enables easy item counting. Or like the blue LCD backlight display, known for the fact that it doesn’t hurt your eyes and that it makes it easy to read the values of all the measured things in all light conditions, even in total darkness. Like all items from this brand, it is manufactured with high-precision electronic sensors that, although power-consuming, they can provide the most accurate measurements you’ll need.


Weighing specifics

The tool can weigh around 300 grams or 10.5 ounces, usually in increments of a hundredth of a gram or 0.01g (0.15 grains), which makes sure you can put it to good use for many tasks. The brand takes pride in its versatile products, which seem to stand the test of time successfully. But the list of features is not over, as it incorporates six separate weight modes, all for you to take advantage of, and ideal for easy weight translations: g/oz./ozt/dwt/gn/ct. If you require it, you also get a tare mode for net determinations.


Known Issues

One flaw that might scare possible buyers, as this Smart Weigh scale review will show, might be the fact that the batteries drain quite fast. This is due to its high-performance sensors, which require a little more energy than your standard ones. The issue shouldn’t bother you, as it is a minimal price to pay if you think about what you’re getting instead.


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