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Best weighing machines for home in 2021 – Comparison & Reviews

Last Updated: 06.12.21


Top Home Weighing Machines This Year – Guide & Comparative Analysis


If you are in the market for the best weighing machine for home, but you have little to no time to do your own research, we are here to give you a hand. From what we have gathered by going through hundreds of consumer reports, it appears that the model that’s most worthy of your consideration is the Etekcity Digital 440. This unit boasts a durable and modern design and has been outfitted with a large display that allows you to check your weight both easily and conveniently. The screen is backlit, so you can use the scale even at night or early in the morning. The platform is made of 6mm tempered glass. This unit has a maximum weight capacity 440 pounds. If this particular model is no longer available, perhaps you might want to check out the Etekcity Digital 400, which is almost just as good. 

Because it takes time and a bit of effort to come across the best home weighing machine, we’ve decided to take some of the hassle out of your decision-making process and put together a straightforward buyer’s guide. Below you’ll find all of the info you ought to consider to make sure you’re spending your cents on something worth the while.


Maximum weight capacity

While it might be less important for some people, the fact of the matter is that the weight capacity of the scale matters quite a bit, especially if your weight tends to fluctuate a lot. Furthermore, most prospective buyers who are looking for this kind of product don’t plan to use it just for themselves.

In actuality, home scales end up being used by everyone in a household. With that in mind, our first piece of advice to you is to get a model with a weighing capacity as generous as possible.

Bear in mind that a home scale can be used for other purposes than just weighing your body. You can, in fact, find out the weight of your pets by subtracting the weight the machine can show you when you’re holding your cat or dog in your arms and that which it tells you when you’re weighing your body alone. 


Durability and materials

Typically, if you get a plastic weighing machine, it is likely to break down at some point or the other, unless the material is particularly thick and as such, resilient. Make sure you choose a unit that can withstand the test of time. 

Those that are made of thick tempered glass have been found to be more durable compared to their plastic counterparts. There are several metal models, too, and they also do a good job if you’re focused on a getting a long-lasting alternative



Not all of the products you will stumble upon while doing your research are easy to use. You’ll notice that, while some are large enough to accommodate your feet comfortably, others are a bit more narrow and as such, might be inconvenient to use. The size of the product is a factor you ought to consider.

In addition to this, it’s worth noting that the model should be equipped with a display that’s easy to read. There are some mechanical weight scales available out there, but they’re usually less accurate compared to their digital counterparts. 

The neat thing about digital scales is that they typically come with a backlit screen, which means that it is practically no chance of you failing to see the number displayed. Just make sure to change the batteries when the image starts getting fuzzy.


5 Best Home Weighing Machines (Reviews) in 2021


If you’re still having trouble getting a good home weighing machine, maybe you should take the time to read the reviews below. They are of the most critically acclaimed choices one can make these days. These units are highly usable and come with pretty much any feature you might be looking for in such a product. 


1. Hot Chili Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale with Step-On Technology


It shouldn’t come as a surprise that this Etekcity model has acquired more than enough favorable reviews of weighing machines for home use. It’s one of the most convenient and durable units available for sale nowadays, so if you want your scale to stand the test of time, definitely check this one out. 

The product has a maximum weighing capacity of 440 pounds, which means that it can be utilized both by slim and by bigger people. It’s outfitted with an easy-to-read, backlit display, and is made from tempered glass that’s on the thick side of things. What this means is that you won’t have to replace it ahead of time.

One of the coolest things about this model is that it comes with a stable platform which makes it possible even for people whose feet are big to make sure that they get their weight reading comfortably.


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2. Etekcity High Precision Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale


If getting back in shape is one of your major concerns for the year to come, this model can help you achieve your goals in a more consistent and efficient manner. It even comes with a body tape measure that can help you keep track of the size of your gut. 

Unlike other models we’ve analyzed, this one has a maximum weighing capacity of 400 pounds. The minimum one is 11lb. The bright backlit display that this unit is outfitted with will enable you to get your readings even when the other people in your home are sleeping. You don’t have to turn on the lights to see how much you weigh. 

As is the case with other options developed by Etekcity, this one is made from a thick tempered glass. It works with two standard AAA batteries, so you needn’t worry about the ways you can provide power to the weighing machine.


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3. Zerla Digital Bathroom Scale with Large LCD Display


Having been outfitted with as many as four high-precision sensors, this scale is accurate and can tell you your weight in a timely fashion. What’s more, we couldn’t help noticing that this Zerla alternative has one of the largest displays available on weighing machines. The 4.5-inch screen will tell you what you want to know

As for the weighing capacity of this option, it can only weigh people who aren’t heavier than 400 pounds. Based on our analysis, the feet of this scale can assist you in remaining stable and safe as it remains in the same place even if you misstep. 

It stands to reason that, since this unit is made from a thick 8mm tempered glass, it can be used for as long as possible. The company backs the product with a three-month warranty, but you’re covered in case you fail to be impressed by its quality, especially if you order from a renowned retailer. 


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4. Etekcity High Precision Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale


One of the nicest things about this weighing machine is, without a doubt, its design. Its sleek looks make it possible for it to blend in any living environment, so you can leave it in your bathroom, kitchen, or even your living room if you have nothing against seeing it all of the time. 

Just like other Etekcity scales, this one has a minimum weighing capacity of 11 lb and a 400 lb maximum one. It’s fitted with four highly precise sensors, which means that you’ll finally be able to find out how much you weigh, and in an accurate fashion, no more. 

The unit is relatively easy to utilize as all you have to do to start seeing the results is step on it. You needn’t tap its surface as is the case with other scales. Also, the 3.25-inch display is backlit, so you can use the weighing machine even in the dark. 


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5. Ozeri Precision II with Weight Change Detection Technology


One of the details that made us include this Ozeri alternative in this selection is the fact that it can actively help you lose weight. The unit is capable of telling you in which direction your body weight has changed. What this means is that a red indicator will show up on the display if you’ve gained weight and you’ll see a green one if you’ve lost some pounds.

Also, this unit has a 440 lb maximum weighing capacity so it can be used by thin and thick people at the same time. Moreover, it’s made from impact-resistant tempered glass which enables it to be as durable as possible, and it’s been outfitted with non-slip feet to prevent any accidents. 

A body fat caliper and a body tape measure are included in the deal, so you have everything you need to keep tabs on your weight. You’ll need 4 AAA batteries to power this model. 


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