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Best rated monocular pocket scope – Guide & reviews

Last Updated: 08.06.23

Top Monocular Pocket Scopes Reviewed – Buying guide & Comparison for 2023​


If you’re trying to find the best monocular pocket scope but aren’t confident that you can navigate the overcrowded market, then you’ve landed in the perfect spot. We can help you choose the right monocular while saving you the time and effort of doing extensive research on your own. We’ve looked at some of the most appreciated monoculars on the market and picked the ones we thought offered the most features and highest optical quality for the price. Our comparisons have lead us to conclude that the product you should consider is the ROXANT High-Definition Mini. This scope comes with a compact and lightweight body that’s easy to carry, it has quality optics for clear images, and you also get a 7x magnification power to bring objects closer. In case this item is no longer available, you might want to take a look at the Gosky Titan 12X50 as well.



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Are you after the best pocket scope but have limited knowledge regarding this type of device? Then the following guide can give you all the essential information you need to pick the right monocular. Here are some top features you should take into consideration when browsing the market.

Magnification and field of view

While looking for a good monocular scope, you might want to decide how much magnification you want. If you are not interested in getting the best binoculars, you can obtain a decent magnification with a small model offering a 6 or 7x magnifying power or go for one of the 12x scopes. There are some zoom monoculars offering up to 27x magnification, although you can expect to pay considerably more for one.

The high number might also be misleading since the highest effective magnification would still be around 12x or so, considering the limited light-gathering capabilities of the glass lenses as well as the geometric distortions and chromatic aberrations, but if you want to get magnification for concerts, you can also opt for one of the models described right here.

When picking a high-quality monocular for hiking, you also want to consider how wide the field of view should be. You can opt for a wider field of view and a lower magnification for landscape observations, or a narrower field of view which would come with a high magnification power. There are other alternatives as well, just check the specifications.


Construction considerations

Just because you’re opting for a good monocular pocket scope that’s small doesn’t mean you’re supposed to skimp on quality. You should choose a model that has a solid design so that you could use it in all sorts of locations without worrying about damage.

Fortunately, there are quite a few scopes that feature a rubber or plastic armor that’s resistant to mechanical damage. Choosing something like a rugged monocular for hunting which is weatherproof and anti-fog is yet another logical choice, especially if you’re usually traveling through humid environments.


Optical quality and portability

A reliable scope for sale should also come with some quality glass elements. A good choice would be to get a scope that’s built with ED glass. This extra-low dispersion glass prevents chromatic aberrations which could otherwise spoil the natural colors you’re supposed to see as well as blur fine details.

Some monoculars also come with optical elements that benefit from special coatings. These can help improve light transmission which means that you could get brighter and more detailed images even at higher magnifications.

Since you’re after a pocket scope, portability is an essential feature you need to pay close attention to. Depending on your travel style and particular needs, you may want a small scope that weighs only a few ounces or a bit heavier model that’s still able to fit into a larger pocket or a backpack.

For smaller units, you can expect a magnification of 6 or 7x, which should be enough for general purpose observations, but a bit on the low end for wildlife and especially bird watching. If you do get a larger model with a higher magnifying power, you need to take into account that you’ll also have to carry extra stabilization since you need a tripod or monopod as well.



9 Best Pocket Scopes (Reviews) in 2023


If you’re scouring the market to find a decent monocular but have little time to spend on reading reviews of pocket scopes, you might find the following list helpful. We’ve gathered the products that received the highest scores and which have the most useful features so you get to choose one that offers the most bang for the buck.



1. Roxant High Definition Ultra-Light Mini Monocular Pocket Scope


The ROXANT Pocket Scope is a reliable compact monocular that comes with a solid body and quality optics that should help you enjoy outdoor activities, sporting events, or even hunting sessions. This device comes with a 7x magnification which is enough to view distant objects as well as easy to handle, especially when tracking fast animals or vehicles.

Thanks to its miniature size, this monocular can fit inside any pocket so you can take it with you anywhere and ensure you have it at hand every time. Its small size and relatively low magnifying power means that you can use it without having to carry a heavy tripod.

All optical elements are multi-coated to increase light transmission and to offer clear and bright images. These also reduce or eliminate optical defects such as chromatic aberrations. The textured exterior offers a comfortable grip so you can hold it properly without the risk of dropping it. This product comes with a carrying pouch, a neck strap, and a cleaning cloth.



The most significant advantage of this model has to be its low price point which makes it very affordable, all without sacrificing the features that should be found on a quality monocular.

Premium materials are used to achieve superior light transmission and brightness so that users can enjoy an image that is bright, clear, and crisp.

The exterior of the product features a comfort molded grip which is designed to provide less shakiness, especially when using the unit to view distant objects.

Versatility is another key feature of this model seeing as customers had no problem using it for a wide range of outdoor activities that include hunting, hiking, camping, bird watching, and more.

As a plus, this model can also be used by the visually impaired or senior citizens.


Some of the customer reviews have mentioned that the instrument did not perform well when they tried to focus on distant targets.

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2. Gosky Titan 12X50 High Power Prism Monocular and Quick Smartphone Holder


If you’re looking for an excellent monocular for bird watching that doesn’t break the bank, then the Gosky Titan is just what you need. This model comes with a 12x magnification power which should allow you to see up close even distant animals or objects. While a high-power monocular is trickier to handhold, you can always take a stable tripod with you.

The large 50mm objective lens can collect a lot of light and this results in brighter images with a higher resolution, so you get to enjoy that rare bird sighting or your favorite football team’s performance in high detail. You can use this unit as it is or attach the smartphone alignment adapter which should provide you with clear and crisp images on our favorite mobile device.

This monocular has a solid body that benefits from a rubber armor which will protect it from mechanical damage or extreme weather events. The rubber stripes also give you an improved grip so you can use this device worry-free.



This nifty monocular comes with the newest quick alignment smartphone holder that is compatible with almost all the phone models on the market.

The 12X magnification power makes this one of the most powerful models on our list, and the 50mm objective lens diameter will ensure that you will get excellent viewing performance even in low-light conditions.

To help guarantee that the pictures you capture with your smartphone will be bright, colorful, and crisp, the unit features a sizeable BAK-4 prism inside and fully multi-coated elements.

Thanks to the robust framework and the shock-absorbing rubber armor with stripes, the instrument is capable of withstanding even the harshest weather conditions.


Using the quick alignment smartphone holder can be time-consuming and challenging at times, especially when trying to attach it to phones that have a screen equal to or larger than 5.5 inches.

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3. Authentic Roxant Grip Scope High Definition Wide View Monocular


The Roxand wide-view monocular is the perfect instrument to bring along wherever you go outside, whether it is a visit to the local stadium, a walk through the forest, or a week-long trip. This unit comes with a 6 x 30 optical configuration which ensures a decent magnification and wide field of view so you can admire both wildlife forms and landscapes.

This monocular comes with a quality BaK4 prism that eliminates many geometric distortions. All glass elements benefit from special coatings which improve light transmission and image clarity so you enjoy crisp and bright images on all your outdoor adventures.

With the retractable eyecup, you can use this device in great comfort for hours on end whether you’re wearing eyeglasses or not. The exterior features a rubber armor that will protect the instrument from harm while also offering a good grip for precise observations free of accidents.



This model combines the best of comfort and functionality with the help of the no-slip comfort molded grip which will enable you to hold the instrument for longer periods without it slipping or your hand getting tired.

ROXANT uses a premium fully multi-coated BAK-4 prism which helps guarantee superior light transmission and brightness for an optimal viewing experience.

The compact design makes this monocular ideal for a wide range of outdoor activities such as bird watching, climbing, target shooting, hunting, archery, and more.

The retractable eyecup will allow for use with or without eyeglasses so that everyone can enjoy the simplicity and comfort this model offers.

Together with your purchases, you will also get a carry pouch with belt loop, a neck strap, and a cleaning cloth.


Customers have reported that the unit is suitable for shooting out to 50 yards, but beyond 50, the magnification power offered by the instrument is not enough.

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4. Brunton Scope 7 x 18 Black Long Glass


The IBRUNTON EchoAr Pocket is a small monocular that offers a good performance for its size and low price. You get a 7x magnification power which should suffice for most activities, whether you’re using it on your day-long hikes or for urban observations. This optical device can focus at distances of 13 inches and up.

This compact monocular has a 181-foot field of view at a distance of 1000 yards. The eye relief is soft and comfortable so you can use it without tiring your eyes. You can use this model with or without glasses.

The EchoAr comes with a polymer frame which is strong and lightweight. It also offers a good grip so you can use just one hand for observations without the risk of slippage. This product is sold along with a lanyard so you can keep it around your wrist and make sure you don’t miss a rare sighting. You also get a case for convenient transportation.



Thanks to the rubber armor and the polymer frame, this instrument is quite robust and capable of handling bumps and falls.

Similarly, the same rubber armor will provide users with a good grip so that even after long periods of use, the chances of the product slipping are very slim.

Users that wish to get sharp images will be pleased by the image quality that this option can provide. The multi-coated optics and the BAK-4 prism offer excellent light transmission.

Since it weighs only 1.8 ounces, the BRUNTON option is ideal for traveling, and the portable construction is achieved without sacrificing durability.

Your purchase will also include a lanyard to help you keep the device around your wrist and a case to store the unit safely when not in use.


Do keep in mind that the unit is not designed to be used in low-light conditions, and it is possible that you might not be pleased with the results if you do end up using it in such environments.

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5. Celestron 52308 9-27 x 56 mm Hummingbird ED Micro Spotter


The Hummingbird 9-27x56mm is a high-end monocular that can be used for a wide range of activities. This amazing Celestron spotting scope can fit in the palm of your hand, yet it offers an impressive performance. With the variable 9-27x magnification power, you can surely admire even small birds or far-away objects in vivid colors and high details.

Optical elements feature ED or Extra Low Dispersion Glass which improves color quality while eliminating defects such as chromatic aberrations. The lenses also benefit from multiple coatings that improve light transmission which in turn translates into brighter and sharper images. Close focus is at 10 feet, with the focus ring being easy to adjust.

This device can be mounted onto tripods, monopods or other stable platforms. This spotting scope is waterproof as well as Nitrogen-filled, the latter having an anti-fogging effect which should be helpful in cold and humid environments. This device is lightweight and compact and can be carried in a pocket or a backpack.



The pocket monocular can be attached easily on tripods, window mounts, and monopods and it works very well on trekking poles. This feature expands the versatility of this model considerably.

The helical focus dial allows for comfortable usage since users will be able to reach the precision focus quicker, which should produce clearer pictures of even the most distant objects.

If you wish to get a unit that can handle wet weather and humid conditions, this choice is waterproof and nitrogen filled.

The package includes multiple accessories. You get a custom shoulder/belt case, an eyepiece and objective cover, a cleaning cloth, and an instruction manual to help you get the most out of your new purchase.

The scope can zoom from 9X to 27X, allowing users to get a closer look at far away targets.


Customers have commented that when the magnification is set to higher than 15X, there is noticeable chromatic aberration which can ruin the image clarity.

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6. Vortex Recon 15×50 R/T Tactical Scope RT155


The Recon model (a tactical model) comes with a generous 15X magnification power which should be more than enough for the needs of any outdoor adventurer. The unit boasts a 50mm objective lens which transforms the instrument into a great long-range observation and range estimation tool. This feature will also ensure that you will get reliable performance, even in low-light conditions.

For anyone who wants to purchase a night-vision monocular (under 200), the Vortex Optics is a great option since it comes equipped with extra-low dispersion glass and XR anti-reflective coatings that can provide excellent light gathering capability. You will be able to notice the full details of the objects you are observing even in low-light situations.

The large focus wheel and the smaller reticle focus work hand in hand to allow you to focus the image and the reticle to your eye for optimal target milling capability. The unit features a compact design to facilitate quick single-handed operation.



You get a versatile utility clip that attaches to the pack webbing or pocket edges securely for quick access to your favorite observation instrument.

The ambidextrous strap that is attached to the exterior of the product will help you get a superior grip and will add stability so that you can use the device comfortably for extended periods.

To add to that, the rubber armor will not only help improve your grip even further, but it will also enhance the durability of your new purchase.

Speaking of durability, you also get the added benefit of Armortek coatings that will protect your lenses from scratches, dirt, and oil.

As is expected from a premium model, the Vortex Optics Recon is fully waterproof and fog proof, and these features will allow you to use it in almost any environment.


One small complaint we identified has to do with the size and weight of the instrument which causes it not to work well as an EDC optic.

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7. Vortex Optics Outdoor Optic Monocular


The 8X magnification and the 36mm objective lens that the Solo monocular features are the perfect combination if you are looking to purchase an all-around device that can be used for all types of outdoor activities. The instrument is small and lightweight, and you will have no problem fitting it in your pocket.

This option is fully rubber armored, a feature that provides it with a non-slip grip together with increased durability. The instrument is capable of surviving small drops and mechanical shocks. If you like to spend long periods on your monocular, the exterior of the unit features a contour that is designed to mold to the shape of your hand perfectly.

For users who want to use their new purchase for hunting, bird watching, or any other activity that might involve humid conditions, this model is fully equipped to handle even the most inhospitable environments thanks to its great waterproof and fog proof performance.



Whether you are a glass wearer or not, the Solo model is equipped with an adjustable eyecup that allows everyone to use this nifty option comfortably.

While the compact design of this unit enables you to store it in your pocket, you also get a versatile multi-position utility clip that you can attach to your equipment or clothing.

The focus wheel is found on the eyepiece to make focusing on your subjects easier. To use the wheel, you will simply need to turn it until your subject appears crisply into view.

When you are not using the device, you will be able to store it in the soft case you can find in the package. The soft case provides additional protection to the instrument and allows for easy carrying in the field.


The image quality did not manage to satisfy all customers, and some have reported that the picture was too soft and that the edges of the objects they were observing were not as sharp as they wished.

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8. Brunton Echo 7×18


Thanks to the multi-coated optics and the BaK-4 prism used for this model, you will get to enjoy increased light transmission which will translate into sharper and clearer images. With a weight of merely 1.8 ounces, the Echo model is one of the lightest available on the market, as it weighs less than a bag of chips.

The field of view of 181 feet at 1,000 yards will allow you to get a clear wide-range view of the surroundings. You will no longer have to worry that you will encounter problems when trying to keep long-distance moving subjects into view. The 7x magnification is more than adequate for most outdoor activities such as camping, backpacking, hiking, and more.

Durability is also important, which is why this unit features a heavy-duty polymer frame that apart from protecting the instrument, will also help you get a better grip of it so that you don’t risk dropping it.



The near focus of just 13 inches is a nifty feature that we found many people enjoyed. It allows you to use the monocular to read signs that are fairly close to you, but not close enough for you to discern all the information without squinting your eyes.

Together with your purchase, you will also get a carrying case that will allow you to store your instrument in your car or backpack safely.

You also get a lanyard to keep the monocular attached to your wrist while out in the field and a cleaning cloth that you can use to keep the optics in mint condition.

The rubber armor and the polymer frame will protect this compact monocular from bumps and falls.


Some owners were not entirely satisfied with the durability that this unit provides. We found a few reports that after some months of heavy use, the inner workings of the instrument can begin to fall apart.

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9. Brunton Echo Pocket Scope


The Brunton Echo manages to provide an impressive level of performance packed in a 7×18 monocular that weighs just 1.8 ounces. While most manufacturers offer their instrument in dark shades since this option is designed with versatility in mind, it features a warm blue exterior that looks great, and that will have you display your new purchase proudly with each occasion.

The 7X magnification should prove more than enough for a pocket scope and customers were quite impressed with the quality of the optics. The unit features BaK-4 prism glass and multi-coated optics which are designed to increase light transmission and reduce reflected light so that you get clear and bright images even when using it indoors.

Even though some might argue that the 7×18 configuration is not powerful enough, we found that for a weekend explorer or for hikers that want to travel as light as possible, you will be hard-pressed to find an option that manages to offer the same combination of performance and mobility as the Brunton alternative.



The compact design and the quality optics make this model capable of handling a wide range of activities. You can use it for outdoor observation but also when you want to look at your favorite musicians on a stage or get a better look at sculptures and paintings in an art gallery.

Thanks to the close focus of 13 inches, you will be able to get bright and sharp images of close objects such as statues, signs, or insects.

Seeing as the instrument boasts a more than affordable price point, you shouldn’t worry that it will be outside the constraints of your budget.

With four different colors to choose from, you will be able to customize your purchase to meet your unique style.

Customers were also fond of the included carrying case that comes in the package.


Do keep in mind that this unit lacks a waterproof design, meaning that you will not be able to use it in humid conditions.

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