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Best endoscopes for iPhone in 2024 – Comparison & Reviews

Last Updated: 18.05.24


Top endoscopes for iPhone this year – Guide & Comparative Analysis


In a digital era, we stumble across more and more devices that can be easily attached to our primary tech tools in order to increase their specter of use and allow us to easily perform more tasks. It is also the case of an endoscope, a concept that has evolved over the years so that now it doesn’t necessarily and strictly refer to a medical device. If you are in need of such an item to help you perform multiple tasks, you need to know that the market offers quite the competition in this field. Thus, finding the perfect item for you may prove difficult.  We are here to assist you and provide you with the most sought after devices on the market. So, after going through plenty of online reviews, we have concluded that the best endoscope on the market is the Depstech 41111700 because it comes with an included waterproof 2-megapixel camera and a cable length of 11.5 feet, enough for helping you out in most of situations. If, however, the Depstech 41111700 will not fully please you, you can always opt for the Teslong Industrial which has similar features.



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Most of the endoscopes you will inevitably come across while doing your research on the matter will strike you with their design as they are not medical equipment. As the terminology has evolved over the years, what you will find online will be borescopes, not endoscopes. These devices are intended for industrial fields or for those who need to get a glimpse of what’s happening in a corner that they cannot see with their own eyes. If you’d like to find out more about other types of optical devices, maybe you’d enjoy reading more about how to attach your telescope to the mount (or look for an iPhone endoscope attachment). 

To find out more about such endoscopes and learn how to select the right one for your specific needs, all you have to do is read our comprehensive buying guide on the topic.



If you’ve ended up here, you’re probably looking for a model for your Apple device. Therefore, one of your primary considerations should be whether the model you’re thinking of spending your cents on is a good fit for your smartphone.

If you can’t seem to discover this piece of information from the description provided by the manufacturing brand, it might be a good idea to take the time to browse through some of the best endoscope for iPhone reviews. It’s no doubt that people who have run into some sort of issue will likely detail it using the online rating system made available by most world-known retailers.

There are two ways of going about things when shopping for such a product. You can either go for an option that relies on constant USB connectivity or choose one that works with your WiFi network. It’s up to you to select the right one for your preferences.


Look at the camera resolution

One of the primary reasons you’re thinking of getting such a device is that you want to see something that’s out of reach and out of sight. However, the image quality will inevitably impact your entire experience, so the camera resolution should be one of your concerns.

Models that have been outfitted with high-res cams usually cost a pretty penny, so you also have to look at your budget and the money you are willing to spend. When tackling this matter, you should also check for the software made available by the manufacturer as it usually comes in the box where you’ll also find the main unit.

The software needs to be compatible with your iPhone, but it wouldn’t hurt if you benefitted from the freedom of using the endoscope with laptops, personal computers, or even Android devices. Who knows when you’ll lend the endoscope to a friend who doesn’t own an iPhone?


Cable specifications

The length of the cable will be either an advantage or a disadvantage, depending on the model you’ll end up choosing. Another factor to keep in mind is whether you’d prefer using a flexible or a rigid cord. With semi-rigid alternatives, you can somewhat manipulate the shape of the cable so that you can look at the insides of any machine placed onto the ceiling or the interior of a vent, for instance.

Of all the choices that are available for sale nowadays, those that allow you to customize the shape and redirect the cord are those that have likely received the best endoscope reviews, and for a good reason, too. They take usability to an entirely different level.



5 Best Endoscopes (Reviews) in 2024


If you’re still finding it hard to separate the wheat from the chaff even after having considered the details we’ve mentioned above, be sure to look at the following products. The selection is based on the critical acclaim that these models have garnered, so they’re among the esteemed options in today’s market.



1. Depstech Premium IP67 Wireless Waterproof WiFi Endoscope


There are many similarities between this Depstech model and the Crenova one we’ve also showcased in this selection. That’s because this particular alternative has also been outfitted with a camera of which the resolution is 2 megapixels. Something that needs to be added, however, is that the camera of the Depstech is waterproof, so it can put up with moisture and the elements.

With the help of the 3.5-meter cable that the Depstech 41111700 has been equipped with, you’ll be able to see the insides of many mysterious spots in your home or at your workplace. The endoscope does not need an extra cable or adapter as it can simply connect to your WiFi network.

To use this model with your iPhone, all you need to do is install a free application made available by the manufacturing company. Then, you can comfortably use the screen of your tablet or smartphone.



The 2-megapixel camera resolution is an advantage in itself, as it will give you the opportunity to understand what you’re missing or solve the mystery of whatever you want to look at.

The camera that the Depstech alternative has been equipped with is waterproof, which means that you can use it in all kinds of weather without having to worry about whether the endoscope will get damaged or not.

The 11.5 feet of cable is more than enough for most situations.

The product works with tablets and smartphones that run on iOS and Android, so if you have two such devices, you can use it with both.



It’s not particularly budget-friendly, so you need to understand whether or not the expense makes sense for you.

The length of the cord might be smaller compared to that of other choices available for sale these days.


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2. Industrial Endoscope with Screen Teslong


With its compact design and unique progressive camera that is only 0.21” wide in diameter, Teslong’s Industrial Endoscope camera for iPhone will prove to be really helpful whenever you are going to deal with a situation in which you will need to inspect narrow spaces that are otherwise very hard to reach.

The built-in 2600Ah capacity Li-Ion battery provides up to 6 hours of continuous operating time, which means that you most probably won’t need to worry about having to recharge it until the job is done.

Plus, the package contains a wide array of accessories in order to respond to every need you might have while using the device. These include the industrial endoscope, a micro-USB cable, an 8G TF card, attachable accessories (hook, magnet, and mirror), as well as a user manual and a hard plastic case.



The camera can be used for a wide range of situations such as leakages or pipe blockages, given that it is waterproof and can provide good results underwater as well.

Moreover, the 6 adjustable LED lights it comes with provide the necessary illumination for the images to be clear and useful.

The long 9.8 ft. semi-rigid cable is flexible but still maintains its shape in order for you to guide and maneuver it towards hard to reach places. With the help of the 3.5” color LCD display that weighs only 0.44 lbs. you’ll be able to see exactly what the problem is.

The best observing distance is at 1.2 – 2.4 inches, but you also have the option of a close-up focus at 0.4 inches if a detailed view of the area is needed.



Some users have experienced some image clarity issues after attaching the mirror accessory to the camera, making some areas harder to see.


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3. BlueFire Semi-Rigid Flexible Wireless Endoscope IP67


BlueFire’s Semi-rigid Flexible Wireless IP67 model is a versatile device that comes with a useful functionality, namely being compatible with both Android and iOS smartphone systems. This means that you can connect it to your device and directly get live images without needing other additional screens.

Moreover, the connection is easy to establish and you can conveniently do it yourself. All you need to do is to scan de QR code provided within the manual, download the app, connect your phone via WIFI, and once you’ll access the app, the live video provided by the camera will appear on your screen.

This borescope also includes its own WIFI signal, as well as a built-in Li-Ion rechargeable battery which ads to its portability; therefore you don’t need other external cables, adapters or power sources. This is a neat little wireless endoscope for iPhone that can get you out of a tricky situation.



One of the features that make this device a great one is the 2-megapixel camera that provides both HD videos and images. You can use the video to see exactly what is going on, or take a snapshot of the inspected area, in case you need to send it to someone else.

Moreover, the 3 adjustable resolutions available (320×240, 640×480, 1280×720) and 6 adjustable LED lights both work together so that you can get the clear image that you need.

The semi-rigid cable was designed in such a way as to allow you to better control the direction of the inspection camera, in order to reach narrow spaces that otherwise would be very hard to access.

The package also includes other useful accessories such as a mirror, a hook and a magnet.



If you reset the WIFI password by yourself, the right settings will not be maintained and you will render the device useless. It’s better to ask for specialized assistance from the manufacturer.


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4. Wohler 7792 VE 200 Video-Endoscope Blue


Wohler’s 7792 VE 200 video endoscope is an excellent device if you are dealing with any kind of plumbing issues around your house and you need a reliable device to see exactly what is going on there.

The model features both snapshot and video functions, which means that you can either get live video images in order to better understand what the problem is, or take a snapshot in case you might want to save it for future reference.

Moreover, the data can be directly forwarded to where you need to send it, without any additional transmission. All you need to do is to connect your device, and you’ll get the images displayed via WIFI. For the time being, we found no information on whether this is an endoscope for iPhone 8 or not. 

With a slim design and a light construction, this device weighs only 2.2 lbs., and you can take it anywhere with you.



One of the features that make this device very useful and effective is the variable illumination intensity built into the camera through the LED lights included.

Given that you might sometimes need a brighter light, while other times a dimmer light can help you get a clearer view, this functionality definitely comes in handy for a wide range of situations.

Another cool feature is the video recording option which allows you to capture the necessary images and save them for later in case you need to see them again or use them for comparison.

Ideal for inspecting cavities with a diameter of around 3/4”, such as roof insulation, exhaust pipes, fireplaces or sinks, Wohler’s model is one you should consider for your next endoscope purchase.



Although you can connect this model to a wide range of devices such as laptops, smartphones or tablets, you should keep in mind that it is not compatible with Windows smartphones.


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5. Flir VS70 Video Scope


A game-changing device, the Actron CP7669 Video Inspection Scope is a tool that allows you to inspect narrow spaces, around corners, and areas that are nearly impossible to reach otherwise. Given its slim design and lightweight construction, you can easily take it with you wherever you might need to use it.

Ideal to have around the house, this item can definitely come in handy and be used in places such as the garage, your car or truck. The 2.4” LCD color screen means that you don’t need any other additional devices in order to get the images that you need.

The LCD screen also features 8 levels of contrast control and 6 levels of brightness that allow you to adapt the settings in order to get clear images of the highest quality in any given situation. Plus, the camera’s waterproof construction allows you to use the scope underwater as well.



The Actron CP7669 features a standard 3-ft long flexible cable that is conceived to easily guide the camera through the pipes all the way to the place you need to inspect.

Given that the camera is slim, featuring a 9mm diameter, the range of places you can reach with it is wide, thus making the device even more useful.

Another very cool thing about this scope is the fact that you can see around the corners and retrieve lost items or small objects with its help. The complete kit includes a mirror in order to get a better view all around, a magnet, and a hook that can be used to grab non-magnetic objects, and these are all attachable.



The item is not delivered with batteries, so you will need to purchase those separately. However, given that you’ll need standard AA ones, this most probably is not a problem.


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