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Best Celestron Spotting Scope

Last Updated: 23.06.24


Celestron Spotting Scopes – Buying guide & Comparison


If you are on the lookout for the best Celestron spotting scope, you will find this short paragraph instructional and useful. We conducted a thorough research on the topic, looking to evaluate the existing customer reviews and comments so that we could tell which product has managed to garner the most attention. This research concludes that the Celestron 52334 TrailSeeker is the model worth the money. Using proprietary multi-coated optics, the company making it ensures that you will get the image quality you deserve, bright and crisp. Following moving subjects without losing image quality and details is easy, due to the fast focus and fine adjustments you can make to the magnification power and field of view. A rotating tripod is provided with your purchase. Should the Celestron 52334 TrailSeeker be out of stock, the next product in line we recommend is the Celestron 52257 Ultima.



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If you want a spotting scope that does the job and helps you with the purpose you have in mind, whether that is bird watching or hunting, Celestron is one of the brands that are highly recommended. In case you want a good quality model, here are some considerations that might be your starting point.

What does light transmission have to do with anything?

When you shop around for a spotting scope, and you read reviews written by users and critics, you will notice that light transmission is a topic of conversation. What is this and why does it matter? Good quality models, like the ones made by Celestron, are meticulous about delivering excellent light transmission.

When light travels through the optics, it creates an image that you see through the eyepiece. If the optics are not of good quality, the image you will be able to observe will be fuzzy and far from being exactly like what the landscape in front of you looks like. That will cause loss of detail, and the image will also look dark and difficult to observe properly.

Multi-coated optics helps with adjusting image quality to the point that what you see through the eyepiece is clear and crisp, as well as bright. That happens mainly because the high-quality optics manages to absorb light from the environment to create this type of picture.

This is also a handy feature when you want to observe nature or practice hunting in low light conditions. Normally, you would not be able to see clearly in such conditions, so the spotting scope you will use will offer an extra enhancement, on top of zoom.


Fine adjustments and fast focus

The best spotting scope from Celestron should also come equipped with the possibility to adjust the magnification and focus so that you can easily spot your prey and follow it while on the move. You may feel tempted to think that only hunters are interested in this particular feature, but it is not true. Bird watchers and people who like observing wildlife will take advantage of such features.

The mechanisms used for making fine adjustments should be easy to access. You should just reach for them and be able to bring the image closer, as the need arises. Of course, that means that image stability is paramount, under the circumstances.

This is where the fast focus feature comes into play. If the model you pick is capable of following moving targets without losing too much detail, you just got yourself a winner.


Is a tripod really necessary?

There can be all sorts of extras available with your purchase, such as a carrying case, but the most important of them all must be a tripod. And, if you want to push things even a little further, you can search for a model that comes with a rotating tripod. Some products from Celestron offer this outstanding option.

The Celestron spotting scope reviews can tell you that this is what you should get if you want to be efficient and accurate when following moving subjects that you can observe with the help of your scope. Ease of use and convenience are two important advantages that you should seek most and foremost in any scope you pick.



5 Best Celestron Spotting Scopes (Reviews) in 2024


From all the Celestron models available for sale, one must be the right one for you. We are here to help out, by offering you a shortlist of the most popular models created by this manufacturer.



1. Celestron 52334 TrailSeeker 100 – 45 Degree Spotting Scope


The company uses a proprietary technology for the multi-coated lens on this product, to ensure that the optics will allow proper light transmission for top-notch picture quality. You will ensure the fine tune adjustments that allow you to capture the subject in the field of view and observe it without losing detail quality.

This process is ensured by the dual focus feature that lets you customize your setup for easy viewing. And, if what you want most and foremost from a spotting scope is to follow the subject of interest without the usual glitches, this one truly delivers. This model is a good Celestron birding scope, for this reason.

One of the things that will surely draw your attention is the 100mm objective. The large size of this essential part of the spotting scope allows an incredibly large field of view, and the rotating tripod helps, as well.



This product features multi-coated optics that allow proper light transmission for high-quality viewings, and it also enables you to make the necessary fine-tune adjustments for watching the subject with detailed accuracy.

This model is a very good birding scope, as the dual focus it features allows you to easily customize and adjust it in order to watch your subject without any glitches.

The scope also has a large field of view due to its 100mm objective, while the rotating tripod enhances the user experience.

Thanks to its nitrogen purged and waterproof construction, it is able to face pretty much any weather conditions that you might encounter in your adventures. 


Some customers stated that the case this product comes with does not feature the same high-quality construction as the other parts of the product. 

Also, the product is quite large and it does not come with a long-term storing option.


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2. Celestron 52257 Ultima Spotting Scope Straight


A versatile spotting scope can take you a long way, and there are definite benefits to this choice. The Celestron 52257 Ultima is built for versatility and it can help you in a broad range of situations. You will love how easy it is to zoom in and out, without sacrificing image quality, and your trips to the great outdoors will be more satisfying than ever.

As many other products from this company, this model comes equipped with top of the line optics. The lens features multiple coatings that allow image quality to be greatly enhanced. Light transmission is superior and you will get a crisp, clear image that will allow you to observe fine details.

The large aperture is another handy feature that makes this model from the Ultima series to offer excellent performance even in low light conditions. The waterproof construction definitely helps with the overall durability, and all in all, you will get an excellent product.



This is one model built for versatility, as you will notice if you decide to give it a try, given how easy it is to zoom in and out without losing any image quality in return.

The top-notch lenses feature multiple coatings that significantly improve the image quality due to the enhanced light transmission that further allows you to see fine details and a much clearer image. 

The large aperture the product comes with offers outstanding performance even in low light conditions.

Being waterproof is what makes this model even better, as it means it’s suitable for any weather and landscape conditions, therefore adding to its overall durability and versatility.


As some customers have claimed, the eyepiece may sometimes fall out, which can be a nuisance.

The lens cap cover seems to be unattached, hence there is a real risk of losing it if you are not careful enough.

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3. Celestron 52252 Ultima Spotting Scope 45 Degrees


The manufacturer places a lot of trust in this particular model, and offers a lifetime warranty. That means that you will enjoy extreme durability, should you decide to purchase the Celestron 52252. However, the extra sturdiness provided is not the only reason why you should prefer this one over others.

A lot of care is employed in making this spotting scope an excellent buy. The multi-coated lens ensures that you will experience no glare and that the light transmission will be powerful enough always to provide picture-perfect clarity. A nice touch that you may not find in other products is the sight tube.

This simple feature helps you with quick targeting, and you will be able to follow your prey without a glitch. The manufacturer also provides a soft carrying case that will protect the scope against any type of damage. The rubber housing ensures that the scope is 100% waterproof.



The manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty for this particular model, which comes to prove just how much trust the company invested in it, and one of the reasons is the extra sturdiness and durability ensured by its construction. 

This product comes with multi-coated optics that allow proper light transmission ensuring you experience a glare-free, high-quality clarity, especially since this particular model has a special feature, namely the sight tube.

A soft carrying case designed to protect it from any potential damage is also provided with the product. 

The item’s construction is also waterproof, thus making it suitable for a variety of landscapes and weather conditions, while the exterior ergonomic rubber elements add to its maneuverability. 


The soft carrier case can break quite easily, according to some customers; however, replacements are not that difficult to find.

It seems there may be some slight loss of image quality as the magnification increases.

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4. Celestron 52291 C5 Spotter


Another model from Celestron that will surely convince you that this company means business when high quality optics are involved, the Celestron C5 52291 offers an array of features you will find helpful and convenient. The special StarBright XTL multiple coatings applied on the lens contribute to the high performance image quality.

Don’t be surprised to hear that the optical performance of this model has already made it famous. It is used by NASA during shuttle missions, which should tell you something about its superior qualities.

The unit does not sacrifice portability for the sake of performance. The 5-inch aperture makes it a fine choice for outstanding purposes as mentioned earlier. At the same time, the unit measures only 11 inches in length, and weighs only six pounds. A soft carrying case is provided with your purchase, so you can ensure that no harm will harm its way.



This model features an array of convenient and helpful improvements, such as the multi-coated lens that delivers a high-quality image for the user to enjoy.

A surprising fact about this product is that NASA chose it for its space shuttle missions, which only comes to show the high-quality performance this item constantly delivers.

The product is 11 inches in length, with an aperture of 5 inches and weighs only 6 pounds, making it quite obvious that the manufacturer does not sacrifice portability for performance, but that it found a way to have both benefits within the same product.

The unit is delivered with a soft carrying case that helps the owner avoid potential shocks that could damage the scope. 


According to some customers, it’s quite hard to find the right position to watch the night sky.

This may not be the only issue regarding the finderscope, as it may sometimes be out of alignment.

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5. Celestron 52268 C90 Mak Spotting Scope


No matter what you have in mind and the subject you want to observe, the Celestron 52268 C90 Mak will deliver beautifully. The lens is multi-coated which means that you can expect tremendous image quality. Capable of absorbing light from the environment to provide you with a crisp and clear picture, this model is ideal for all sorts of viewing conditions.

For wildlife enthusiasts and people who like spending time outdoors, this model is ideal. The portable construction makes it easy to carry around, so you will have no excuse for postponing a trip that you might have been waiting for a long time.

The backpack carrying case is a nice touch and it allows you to carry the spotting scope around without a glitch. The Maksutov-Cassegrain optical system is one of the reasons why this model performs so well. A lot of engineering is employed into making the Celestron 52268 C90 Mak a spotting scope worth buying.



This is one model that is ideal for a wide range of viewing conditions, due to its multi-coated optics as well as to its outstanding capacity to absorb light, translated into a clear and crisp picture.

The product is quite easy to carry around due to its portable construction, making it an ideal choice for those of us who are really into spending time outdoors.

The special optical system it features makes it an ideal choice, while the backpack carrying case provided upon purchase ensures the unit’s protection.

The manufacturer went the extra mile when it comes to the engineering put into this model thus making it an item definitely worth buying. 


It might feel a bit heavier than expected; however, with a little bit of practice, it is not hard to maneuver.

It would have been a nice touch if a tripod was made available upon purchase, especially given its weight.

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