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Best rated borescopes for Android – Guide & Reviews

Last Updated: 18.05.24


Top borescopes for Android reviewed – Buying guide & Comparison for 2024


Finding the best borescope for Android takes time, but if you are in a hurry, you can read this paragraph and find out which product to get. After comparing the top models in this range, we have concluded that the one that offers the most impressive set of features for a good price is the Depstech Wireless Endoscope IP67 Waterproof. It works with all Android 5.0+ smartphones, as well as iOS 9+ iPhones. It uses a 2MP camera that can record HD videos and capture images that you can review and save using the Depstech app. The cable is semi-rigid, which means that it can bend and it will hold its shape so that it can meet different needs and access a wider variety of confined places. If you find that our first option is no longer available for sale, we recommend you take a look at the BlueFire Semi-rigid.



Comparison table


The Good
The Bad



These are just the basic things you should have in mind when you decide to open the wallet. Other features are varied and even brand specific, we just pointed out some of the more general concerns


When referring to borescopes that are used specifically for Android devices, the best Android borescope reviews show that compatibility is the most important feature to be considered.

Since most producers make a list of all compatibilities as well as conflicts or warnings, that is the first place you should be looking. Older versions of an updated system might no longer be supported. Check your brand and model and compare the specifications with the producer’s detailed list.

A problem Android owners might be confronted with is that the same product is compatible with their phone, for instance, but doesn’t work with their tablet. Some borescopes will work with both; others just won’t. It is from this kind of unpleasant surprises that you’ll want to be exempt from.

One other thing you should check is whether you have OTG (USB on-the-go), or if your phone or tablet can access external data. The best borescope for Android reviews warn that most restrictions concerning compatibility are caused by this inconvenience.



Depending on the type of Android phone borescope you’re about to choose, you will be using a USB connection or Wifi. Some inspection cameras you’ll find for sale use both of them since the USB is required to power themselves by the use of your battery.

When you choose an Android USB borescope, the connection is simple, but there’s also a downside. While you are tied up to the borescope listening to the depleting sound of your battery, someone else could enjoy the inside view of his engine on a wifi connected laptop.

Signal strength and range should be on your mind if you choose the other option because you wouldn’t want to stare at a blank laptop screen while someone else finishes his job, unplugs the USB and leaves for home.

While the range of the Wifi signal should appear in the product description, the details about signal strength could come up in the customer reviews. Think about the obstacles and work conditions before concluding that the range and strength are good enough.

Instructions concerning setup will vary at one point: some borescopes use your Wifi connection settings while others have their own wifi signal you get to hook onto. Don’t forget to look for specifics about acquiring a password, the app download or CD drive you have to install.

Cable length

This detail is always relevant because it refers to the utility and efficiency of a borescope. Your choice will vary dependent on a number of factors. If you’re a professional interested in purchasing a backup for when you’re out of battery or have to deal with an on spot situation you probably know what you lack.

For those who just don’t want to call the plumber because they can handle it, a 3 to 5 meters waterproof borescopes will be perfect for unclogging the drainage or fixing the vent. Bore inspection in the shop and repairs in the garage could benefit from even shorter cable length.

Also, length should be associated with the right amount of rigidity or flexibility that will allow you to point the borescope and at the same time receive clear images of the place you need to inspect.

Other features you should pay attention to have to deal with USB and micro-USB additions, image quality and lighting as well as accessories.  



5 Best Android Borescopes (Reviews) in 2024


Hopefully, the short guide we compiled for you will give you a better idea of how the best borescopes for Android got on the list showcased below.



1. Depstech Wireless Endoscope IP67 Waterproof 


This inexpensive model can help you navigate through old walls, pipes, and other confined spaces thanks to the semi-rigid cable that can bend and still hold its shape. This makes it possible to access a wide variety of places and take corners without the cable getting stuck or tangled.

The user-friendly design makes it effortless to use the product, and you don’t need to be tech-savvy to understand the process. It comes with an app that is straightforward and clean without clutter that can get in the way. The camera on the endoscope will connect to the app via WiFi, so there’s no need to worry about extra cables or cumbersome adapters.

The app will let you adjust the image quality, starting with the lowest resolution of 640×480 and going all the way up to 1920×1080. Add to that the adjustable LED lights, and you will be able to enjoy a clear image quality in all manners of environments.



The probe is IP67 waterproof, which means that it can be dropped into bodies of liquid up to 3.3 feet for half an hour without water getting in the camera.

The semi-rigid cable is a very useful addition to this product since it can bend, angle, and snake around corners, making it easier to navigate through confined spaces.

The cable is 11.5 ft. long, which means that it is capable of extending to all corners of your house and handle a wide variety of home applications.

The package includes a mirror, magnet, and hook that can be attached to the end of the probe to help you retrieve lost objects.



The magnet attachment is useful, but it also causes light to bounce back into the camera, making it difficult to see what’s around the magnet.

The six LED lights don’t shine very far, and this makes observing distant objects more difficult.


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2. BlueFire WiFi 1080P HD Borescope Snake Camera for Android


In terms of compatibility, you can’t get a modern endoscope that’s better than this model, as it works with both Android and iOS devices. Because it comes equipped with a semi-rigid cable, you will be able to use this endoscope for many various applications. You will be able to bend the cable so that the camera can reach cramped places you can’t inspect with the naked eye.

Because it has an HD camera, this endoscope comes in handy in many situations. The 2MP camera will let you take pictures and record videos, while the adjustable resolution and LED lights allow some level of customization.

Equipped with a Li-Ion battery, this endoscope is designed to serve you for a long time. You will be able to recharge the battery over and over again, and the battery itself offers decent runtime. Connecting other devices via Wi-Fi is easy, and the manufacturer provides clear instructions.



You can connect your endoscope with almost any Android or iOS device, which means that you will quickly find a use for it and consult the videos and pictures it records without a glitch.

In case you need to add more light to an area, the six available LED lights can be adjusted so that you can notice details which, otherwise, you would not have found easy to investigate.

The semi-rigid cable is an excellent option if you need to push your endoscope through cramped places and reach difficult areas.

Users like that this model has a CMOS HD camera that allows them to take pictures and record videos with ease, and later see them on a phone or tablet.

It comes with a rechargeable battery, and many appreciate the convenience provided this way since they won’t have to purchase batteries separately.



Getting the cable to turn when many corners are involved appears to be tricky, so its applicability may be reduced.


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3. Wireless Inspection Camera Depstech Premium IP67 Borescope 


One of the most significant selling points of this model is its extensive compatibility. Unlike other models on the market that work only with the latest Android and iOS versions, this one works with anything above Android 2.3 and iOS 6.0. In case you have an older phone, you will have no issues with using it with this endoscope.

The 2MP camera is a good trait and lets you record HD videos that will be later rendered in the AVI format when you must see them on a computer. Another thing that must be noticed about this model is that it has four different resolutions, unlike many other models on the market, which generally have just three.

You should also know that this model is waterproof and that it comes equipped with adjustable LED lights that let you see in the dark. Due to these features, you can easily use this endoscope for plumbing work.



This endoscope has a semi-rigid cable that will let you reach areas that are difficult to access otherwise.

It comes equipped with a rechargeable 2200mAh battery that will allow you to work continuously for four or five hours, but without turning on the LED lights.

In case you have an older phone, this model might still be compatible with it since it can connect with any device that is Android 2.3 or newer, or iOS 6.0 or newer.

With the help of the 11.5-foot cable, you will be able to reach cramped areas that would remain uninvestigated otherwise.

As it uses Wi-Fi to connect to mobile devices, you will not need any cables or other accessories that could hinder you in your work.



Users have reported some issues with the focus when exploring cramped areas, but almost everyone says that the endoscope delivers as promised.


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4. T TAKMLY USB Endoscope for OTG Android Phone 


This is one of the most affordable options you can get, and the manufacturer has managed to achieve this without sacrificing durability or image clarity. The secret to it is that instead of using a wireless connection, this endoscope uses instead a traditional micro USB interface, which helps keep the unit cheaper but just as reliable.

The advantage of a wired connection is that you can get a live feed of the camera in real-time and with less lag or delay compared to a wireless interface. The device is compatible with both micro USB and Type-C Android 4.0+ devices. It can also be connected to Windows 7, 8, and 10 computers.

The camera is smaller, and it can record videos at a resolution of 640×489. The smaller diameter of the camera has the advantage of allowing the endoscope to fit into even narrower places. The cable measures 16.4 ft. and its semi-rigid design makes it easier to control.



The package includes a set of multi-functional accessories, namely a mirror to enlarge the viewing angle, a magnet to attract small iron items, and a hook to catch jewelry or rings.

This device is IP67 waterproof, which means that it can handle inspection in a wide variety of environments, including very humid ones, such as pipes and toilets.

The probe has six adjustable LED lights located around the camera so that you can see clearly even in dark or low-light environments.

The camera lens has a diameter of only 0.21-inches, and this allows it to access even the narrowest places, such as car spark plugs, wall drills, plumbing pipes, and more.



It is not as convenient to use as a wireless alternative since you’ll always need to keep your phone very close to the borescope.

The included accessories don’t attach firmly to the probe, and it is easy to lose them if they bump into many obstacles.


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5. Depstech WiFi Endoscope 8.0MP HD Inspection Camera 


This model adopts an impressive 8-megapixel camera that can record videos in HD resolution at 30 frames per second and capture pictures at an impressive resolution of 3264×2448. This way, images will appear clearer even when zoomed in so that you can see what’s in front of the probe and plan the repair accordingly.

It works with both Android 4.4+ and iOS 8.0 + phones and tablets. To connect to the endoscope, you will need to install an app, and once you have done that, things are pretty straightforward. Connecting to the same wireless network will give you access to a real-time video feed from the probe.

Compared to other models that only use six LED lights, this one has eight to help the camera capture the best possible images even in dark or low-light areas. The focal distance of the camera is 2.76-15.7-inches, and the autofocus feature makes it easier to achieve a clear image.



The waterproof design allows this model to handle even the most inhospitable areas since it can handle moisture, and it can even go underwater up to a depth of 3.3 ft. for half an hour.

The control unit is equipped with zoom in/out buttons that let you get a closer look at what’s ahead of the probe without compromising image quality.

The camera can take pictures at an impressive resolution of up to 3264×2448, and it can display fluid HD videos in real-time using the included app.

The borescope is fitted with a massive 3350mAh battery that, once charged fully, can keep it working for up to four hours.



The focal range is fixed between 2.76 to 15.7 inches, which means that if you place the camera closer or further away than that, the image quality can be affected.

The app only lets you view a real-time feed from the camera, you can’t control it in any way, and you will need to use the physical buttons on the device instead. 


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Unavailable products


Gadgetise Borescope


The Gadgetise features many of the characteristics other endoscopes in the category possess. Nonetheless, it stands out as a top choice as some of its characteristics are unique.

The product supports USB or micro-USB compatibility. It’s a 2 in 1 device that doesn’t require additional adapters. You can confidently use it on the Samsung Galaxy series, from the S4 to the S7 and from Note 2 to Note 5. It also works with HTC (HTC M9, M9+, M8) and LG as well as other mobile units.

The Windows, MacBook OS, and Android compatibility are a relief for any tech fan, even though OTG has to be checked first.

The camera on this endoscope measures only 8 mm in diameter and brings you images of 720 pixels in both video and JPG format. The close range HD picture with three adjustable resolutions is just what you need for a good inspection.

The waterproof feature and 5 meters long cable make it able to comply to the most difficult of tasks.



The Gadgetise Borescope offers excellent convenience and adaptability by embedding USB and micro-USB capabilities. Most portable devices on the market, including smartphones and tablets, lie in that category, and this is a great cell phone endoscope.

The model has good compatibility with the most frequently used operating systems. That includes Windows XP/7/8/10, MacBook OS and Android.

It also has a top inspection 2MP camera with adjustable LED lights and 720p HD. The close range performance and great resolution make it a decisive tool.

The optimum cable length and waterproof feature make this device operable in most conditions and environments for a well-done job.

The endoscope can operate at temperatures that range from 0 to 70 degrees Celsius, while most instruments of this kind can’t cross the 50 degrees barrier.



The instructions for this device are poorly written, and that is confusing. Some owners had to go through a `trial and error` figuring out process.




Potensic Snake Wire 16.4 ft Smartphone Borescope


A semi-rigid borescope, this model is compatible with a great number of technologies and operating systems.

You can plug it into a PC, laptop, Android pad or smartphone. It works with Windows XP/ 7/8/10 and MacBook OS or OTG Android devices (you will have to check for OTG or UVC function support).  

The Potensic Phone Snake Camera features a waterproof 2MP resolution camera with a diameter of 0.33 inches and six adjustable LED lights that can be turned off.

It uses the Blue LED technology, that enables it to capture images in low light environments and take close range clear snapshots with resolutions reaching up to 1600×1200.

It can also make good quality videos, and save them to your computer.

The 5 meters long semi-solid cable gives it plenty of flexibility and area coverage to allow you decent optical navigation and access to confined and remote areas.



The endoscope is compatible with a large range of devices and operating systems. You can put the USB plug into PCs, laptops pads and smartphones as long as they run on Win/MacBook Os or OTG Android.

The waterproof camera has 0.33 inches in diameter and is accompanied by 6 LED lights for clear image capture. That makes it adaptable to various environments and tasks.

The long semi-rigid cable gives you the opportunity to inspect areas that would otherwise be inaccessible or difficult to reach. That makes it suitable for checking the car engine or ventilation system without too much trouble.

The camera potential for capturing great images sets this product apart. The CMOS camera can seize close range pictures that reach up to 1600×1200 resolutions, even where the light is dimmer or missing.



The camera focus doesn’t rise to the expectations, and that reflects in the lower image quality.



Wireless Depstech Wi-Fi Inspection Camera Waterproof Borescope


With a Wifi transmission distance of up to 10 meters and the capacity to connect with 3 or 4 mobile devices simultaneously for live inspection, this tool stands on among similar products on the market.

Other features that set this item aside are the long waterproof cable and camera that help the investigator retrieve HD images of the viewed objects and record AVI videos or JPG images in three adjustable resolutions, 320×240, 640×480, 1280×720.

The semi-rigid cable is of great importance since any soft cable of this length would be impossible to maneuver for convenient use.

Using the camera from a 3 to 8 inches distance is enough to get a close look at the inspected body, for good focus and clear images. The six circled blue tempered light LEDs are specifically designed to reduce image over-exposure and produce color temperature in a dark environment.



The new endoscope issued by Depstech is compatible with mobile devices most buyers use, such as Android smartphones (above Android 2.3) or iPhone IOS systems (above IOS 6.0).

You can easily use the wireless capabilities by connecting it in your phone network settings. No additional cables or adapters will be needed.

It features a 2 MP HD camera that can make close range recordings in AVI format and take snapshot pictures at three different resolutions.

The 7 m cable is just what it takes to go everywhere your inspection carries you. You don’t have to disassemble the jet or air conditioned system to diagnose the problem.

Waterproof and holding adjustable LED lights, the camera is suitable for various types of environments, from poorly illuminated areas to humid or water filled places.



This endoscope model doesn’t support video recording for the systems lower than IOS 8.0.

Discarding previous limitations that endoscopes had concerning compatibility, this new Depstech product is destined to match Android (2.3+) and iPhone (IOS 6.0+) devices.



Inspection Camera Giwox 2.0 MP USB Smartphone


This borescope is an efficient and well-designed piece of equipment. It works on multiple mobile devices, and it’s compatible with Windows and Android systems (if the OTG function is available).

It has good resolution (1024×768 or 1280×720, depending on your choice) and captures clear snapshots and videos. The bendable cable helps with the job, reaching inaccessible places.

The adjustable LED lights have the advantage of providing the just the amount of light that is needed. You can decide on the level of brightness by controlling a small wheel.

The optimal focal distance is within the 6 to 10 cm range. That is usually a good choice for applications that require less finesse and a more ample view of the object under scrutiny.

Since it has a 5 meter USB endoscope cable, the instrument can cover most of the usual inspection work, from plumbing to vents, from maintenance to cable routing.



The GIWOX Borescope has a very easy setup, so everyone can use it confidently. There is no need to get install an extra adapter or read complicated instructions. Plugging it into the computer will do the trick.

The device is capable of running on multiple Windows editions (Windows XP/7/8/10) as well as OGT Android. Good adaptability turned it into a possible candidate for your purchase.

The GIWOX is efficient in dealing with most of the inspection work, no matter if that takes place around the house or on the premises of an institution.

The model’s 2 MP camera has a good level of performance, based on the two basic resolutions it can manage and the 60-degree view angle that allows it to collect more information than other cameras.



The default settings will not get you where you want, so customizing them is the first thing you should start with.



BlueFire Android OTG 2.0MP HD Micro-USB Borescope


Selecting the BlueFire Snake Tube as a top product was based on the simple features and useful specifications.

The endoscope is capable of supporting Android smartphones of various models and brands as well as pads, laptops, and PCs. A CD drive is provided for software installation that will result in Windows compatibility. As long as your mobile devices have OTG and UVC function, the process will go easily.  

The 2 MP CMOS camera with HD lens does a great job for high-resolution images. It is a waterproof inspection camera of 8.5 mm that functions with the help of 6 LED lights.

It delivers its most efficient performance when the focal distance is 6 cm. To facilitate better quality and meaningful interpretation you can use the 1280×720 resolution settings.

It can be used with both USB and micro-USB devices and has a converter cable to facilitate the switch.  



The BlueFire Snake Tube uses a 2.0 CMOS camera for the HD image you need. That will help you see things clearly and figure out the problems. With 1280×720 resolution, there is little you can miss.

It supports Android OTG as well as PC and laptop. Most of the mobile gadgets we use every day are compatible with it, so you can probably start working with it right away.

The borescope has a waterproof camera of 8.5 mm in diameter. It delivers its greatest performance at a focal distance of 6 cm, and the resulting video should be set to a 1280×720 resolution for improved results.

The standard 6 LED lights situated on the inspection camera offer sufficient brightness for the capture of clear images in dark surroundings.

For Windows XP and lower, the device works as plug and play. More recent versions need to be installed by using the CD drive.

Thanks to a redesign, the accessories are now easier to use. They consist in a side mirror, hook, and magnet.

You’ll save some money by picking this endoscope.



The software is of a rather disappointing quality.

The cable is lacking in strength so it could actually call for some support.




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