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Best WiFi endoscope

Last Updated: 24.06.24


WiFi endoscopes – Buying guide & Comparison


If you’re looking for the best WiFi endoscope, but you’re too busy to read everything included in this guide, this short paragraph will make things easier for you. After perusing sales figures, customer comments, and social media activity, our researchers discovered that the Depstech WIFI 10M is the model that stands head and shoulders above the competition. This endoscope comes with a 33-foot cable that can be used for exploring areas that are difficult to inspect otherwise. Compatible with both Android and iOS systems, it can be used with a wide range of mobile devices, fast and easy. The 30fps camera will render a high-quality image and smooth video, superior to other configurations available on the market. If the Depstech WIFI 10M is nowhere to be found anymore, we suggest purchasing the Gadgetise WiFi Borescope, as it offers almost the same advantages.



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Depending on what activities you want to use a WiFi endoscope for, you will need to pay attention to various features. Since there are quite a few specs to take into consideration, you will discover that browsing through various product descriptions can be tiring and unproductive. We want to help you out, by offering you actionable information you can use for making an informed decision.


One of the most important aspects to bear in mind while shopping for a good WiFi endoscope is compatibility. While you may have preferences in regards to this aspect, based on what mobile devices you commonly use, your best bet would be a model that works with both major operating systems for smartphones and tablets.

You will notice, in the description offered by the manufacturer that the available compatibility options are listed on top of the list. In case you’re looking for backward compatibility, check the specs in detail, as such information is usually readily displayed there.

Once you know that the product you intend to purchase is compatible with both Android and iOS, see what app you need to have installed on your phone so you can see the image captured by the camera directly on its screen. Usually, manufacturers offer such details in the product description.

There are advantages to having a WiFi endoscope that is all around compatible. In case you need to use it with a different phone, or you may even want to lend it to some of your friends who do not use the same operating system for their phones as you, you will find good compatibility a plus.


Image clarity for both pictures and video

What kind of camera is used for the setup you want to purchase? Normally, to be able to reach difficult areas, such endoscopes come equipped with small cameras. This does not mean, however, that you should settle for a compromise in image quality.

If needed, read as many of the WiFi endoscope reviews available as possible, to get a clear idea about camera performance. The camera installed inside the head of the endoscope will feed information to your smartphone’s screen. If the image is too grainy and unclear, you will not be able to run thorough inspection work.

For image quality, check how many megapixels the camera has. After that, see how many frames per second you can get on the video feed. While a higher quality camera may be more expensive than the rest, you should consider what kind of compromises you are willing to make and what kind of budget you have at your disposal.


Cable length and other features

You will be interested in learning what cable length you have at your disposal. Depending on what kind of inspection work you want to perform, you may need a longer or a shorter cable. It is essential that you don’t spend extra on cable length you don’t need because that will just make everything too cumbersome.

You may also be interested in whether the cable used is rigid, semi-rigid, or flexible. Again, this is something you should pick based on what kind of purpose you are going to use the camera for because it’s essential to choose anything according to your wishes and needs even if you plan to get just 1 room thermometer



5 Best WiFi Endoscopes (Reviews) in 2024


With so many various products available on the market, there is no wonder buyers may feel a bit at a loss when trying to pick a particular product. Here are some popular WiFi endoscopes you cannot go wrong with.



1. Wireless Endoscope Depstech WiFi Inspection Camera 2.0


The Depstech WIFI 10M is a WiFi endoscope for sale that should rank high on your shopping list if you need this type of product to help you in your inspection work. Compatible with both Android devices (2.3 and above) and iOS phones and tablets (6.0 and above), it is a versatile unit you will find very useful for everyday applications.

You can use this endoscope camera to run examination tasks in all sorts of environments, including low light conditions and damp or wet areas. The 33-foot cable extends the possibilities and helps you reach places you couldn’t normally inspect.

The three available resolutions allow you to take snapshots as you like, while the camera can also record HD videos. What must be said here is that the high-quality chip installed on this camera permits recording of videos at 30fps, which is superior to the regular 10fps capabilities of similar products on the market.



This WiFi endoscope is compatible with both Android and iOS operating systems which makes it a versatile device.

The camera allows you to make your examinations in any type of conditions like a low light environment, damp areas, or humidity.

You can inspect with accuracy even the areas that are hard to reach thanks to the 33-foot cable.

When investigating, you can take snapshots and record HD videos due to the three resolutions.

It has a superior capability of recording videos at 30 fps (frames per second) thanks to the high-quality chip that the endoscope comes with.

The waterproof cable has a semi-rigid structure that allows it to bend and access any difficult-to-reach angle.



Depending on the environment, the lighting needs to be adjusted for better images.

If the temperature of the water is too low, the video might be interrupted as some customers signaled.


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2. Wireless Endoscope Gadgetise WiFi Inspection Camera 2.0


The Gadgetise WiFi Borescope works with Windows, iOS and Android devices, so it offers an all-around excellent compatibility with your smartphone or tablet. You don’t need an extra adapter or anything else to stream what the camera sees directly on your phone.

The 2MP camera delivers crystal-clear images and you can use it for video, as well. The head of the camera has 8mm in diameter and can capture as much as possible in the field of view to offer you detailed information in what you seek. The highest resolution possible is 1080p, something that cannot be said about other models on the market.

An interesting aspect about this camera is its waterproof capability. Working with hammed sinks or inspecting possible leaks is possible, as a result. The 5-meter cable is rigid is ideal for performing such inspection tasks. Make use of the 6 LEDs to increase illumination when the need arises.



You can connect this endoscope at your phone or tablet through a WiFi connection no matter the operating system (Android or iOS). 

It can record videos and take high-quality pictures thanks to the 2MP camera.

The camera has a diameter of 8mm and it manages to capture the details with accuracy through a resolution of 1080p.

For professional investigations, the endoscope comes with a 5-meters cable that can access even the most difficult angles.

You can adjust the level of light due to the 6 LEDs so you can work in good conditions no matter the environment.

The endoscope is waterproof which makes it more durable.



When using the endoscope in fluids, the quality of the image is lowered so extra effort and handling are needed when using it.

The cable has an average size as it is not as long as other models on the market.


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3. BlueFire Semi-Rigid Flexible Wireless Endoscope IP67 Waterproof


For both Android smartphones and those working with iOS, this endoscope camera will allow you to reach areas that are difficult to inspect otherwise. While there is an ongoing debate whether you should get a model with a rigid cable or one with a flexible cable, this model solves the said debate by coming equipped with a semi-rigid one.

You will gain superior control over the camera and how to guide it when you’re dealing with cramped spaces that are otherwise, difficult to investigate. The boroscope comes with built-in WiFi so it can transmit signal to your mobile phone or tablet. It must be noted that the Li-Ion rechargeable battery offers an extra convenience.

The camera is easy to use. You only need to scan the code placed inside the manual so you can download the application that allows your phone to connect to the camera. Then you just open the application and enjoy the live feed from the camera, directly on your phone.



No matter if you own an Android or iOS device, this endoscope is compatible with both operating systems, with no adaptor needed.

It comes with a semi-rigid cable to meet all the needs according to the conditions you’re working in.

You can investigate even the tightest spaces thanks to the high-quality camera and the semi-rigid cable which also gives you control.

The device is user-friendly as it comes with a clear instruction manual and a QR code you have to scan with your phone to download the application.

It comes with Li-Ion batteries that are rechargeable.

This model is waterproof so you can enjoy using it for a long period of time without worrying.



You have to carefully set up the WiFi connection, in the beginning, to avoid interrupting the connection when in use.

Some clients complained about the poor quality of the light this endoscope provides.


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4. Fantronics Rigid Cable WIFI Endoscope 


iPhone users, as well as those with Android devices, will find it extremely easy to connect their phone to this endoscope camera when they want to perform inspection tasks. As there is no need for extra cables or adapters, the camera is handy. You are only required to scan the code inside the product’s manual.

The scan will download the necessary application on your phone. With its help, you will see exactly what the camera sees on the display in front of you. The built-in WiFi connection on the camera allows instant access and there is nothing simpler than linking your phone to it.

The camera is capable of recording HD videos, a great plus when you need to examine the results of your findings later on. The semi-rigid cable can bend and reach difficult places, so you can expect excellent results when using this camera.



With this endoscope, you will be able to perform easy investigations that you will be able to analyze on your smartphone or tablet through a WiFi connection.

This endoscope is compatible with both iOS and Android devices, without needing additional wiring.

All the set up you need to do to be ready to investigate is scanning the QR code to obtain the application.

The high-quality camera allows you to record HD videos so you can examine them later with precision.

Due to the semi-rigid cable, you can investigate even the tightest places and difficult angles.

The cable has a 360-degree angle rotation so you won’t miss any important details while investigating.

The 8 LEDs offer you great visibility when dealing with dark environments.



The cable has a short length of only 9 feet which means you’re limited to examine some specific areas.

Some buyers complained about the instruction manual as it is not very clear.


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5. Wireless WiFi Endoscope ieGeek HD Video


This WiFi endoscope cable can come in handy in a broad range of applications, as soon as you connect it to your phone. The model works with both Android phones and iPhones, with a few exceptions mentioned by the manufacturer in the product’s description.

The camera will record HD videos and pictures in JPG format. You can expect superior image quality from the 2-megapixel camera. You can pick from two different resolutions for crispier pictures. Equipped with a cable that can bend and reach difficult spots, this model is an excellent recommendation for anyone looking to perform inspection work.

It must be said that the camera is waterproof, which means that you will be able to use it for wet areas, too. Also, you don’t have to worry about low light conditions, as the 6 LED lights will help you adjust the required illumination.



You can record HD videos and take quality pictures in JPG format thanks to the 2MP camera.

The endoscope can be connected to your iPhone or Android device through a WiFi connection with no extra wiring or adaptors needed.

When dealing with crispier pictures you can choose between two different resolutions.

Investigating with this endoscope allows you to reach even the difficult areas and angles thanks to the bendable cable.

The camera is waterproof so you can examine with accuracy even in humidity without worrying about deteriorating the device.

The illumination can be adjusted thanks to the 6 LEDs this endoscope comes with.

You can connect 4 different devices at the same time.



This model is not compatible with all types of iPhones (4 and 4S) and Android phones (under 4.4 models).

You can’t set the WiFi password by yourself and if you do that the device can’t be used.


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