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5 Best Meopta Scopes – Reviews & Analysis

Last Updated: 24.06.24


Top Meopta Scopes – Guide & Comparison


Finding the best Meopta scopes is not easy, especially if you are a beginner shooter or hunter. Meopta offers various rifle scopes for different purposes and that is why we decided to help you out. After carefully analyzing each product, our team has concluded the model you should consider is the Meopta Optics Meostar R2 Rifle Scope 573860. First of all, the unit comes with multi-coated lenses that generate 99.8% light transmission per each lens surface while eliminating glare and reflections. Moreover, the optic elements are shielded from abrasions and scratches, the entire unit being prepared for any type of condition. Thanks to the elevation turret, the windage is easy to adjust. Our second recommendation, in case the first one is not to your liking is the Meopta MeoPro Optika6 Rifle Scope 653580 which is also an option worth keeping in mind and every penny as well.



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5 Best Meopta Scopes (Updated Reviews) in 2024



Meopta is a trustworthy company that produces high-quality rifle scopes. Finding a good product is not hard but finding the one that is most suitable for your needs may be a bit challenging. Showcased below, you can find five of its top-rated scopes. One of them might be just what you are looking for.



1. Meopta Optics Meostar R2 Rifle Scope 573860


If you are looking for a reliable Meopta scope, you should definitely give this innovative and highly performant model a try. It features the proprietary ion-assisted multi-coating specific for the MeoStar R2 series. This multi-coating generates 99.8% light transmission per lens surface and, at the same time, suppresses glare and reflections. 

These riflescopes generate some of the highest transmission rates in the industry. The Meopta Optics Meostar R2 features the MeoShield ion-assisted coating which protects the external lens surfaces and increases resistance to abrasion and scratching even in extreme conditions. 

Another cool feature of this model is the MeoQuick which is a fast-focus eyepiece that quickly gets your target into sharp focus. It also offers extra diopter travel which is able to accommodate a large range of visual acuity variations. 

Thanks to the MeoTrack II Elevation technology, the user gets finger-adjustable windage while the elevation turrets provide accurate click adjustment with excellent repeatability, as well as unmatched tracking ability and remarkable precision. 

Furthermore, the positive audible and tactile clicks allow precise zeroing and adjustability while in the field. Needless to say, this model has a sturdy fog proof and waterproof construction. 



There are multiple benefits of using this scope, as it does not only deliver excellent optics, but it also comes with a few cool technologies. 

This unit has a fog proof and waterproof construction which can help you in bad weather or cold and humid environments.

The MeoLux is a high-performance proprietary ion-assisted multi-coating that produces 99.8% light transmission for each lens surface while reducing glare and reflections.

The MeoShield ion-assisted coating is there to shield the external lens surfaces. It also offers a high level of resistance to scratches and abrasions in the most severe conditions.

The MeoQuick fast-focus eyepiece is also included in this model and it has the role of bringing the target into sharp focus faster than you can imagine. 



We couldn’t really find any negative aspects when it comes to this piece, except the fact that it’s not for everyone’s budget. 

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2. Meopta MeoPro Optika6 Rifle Scope 653580


When talking about magnification specs and price, this 3-18x scope comes right in the middle of the Optika6 series. In terms of price, this unit is quite accessible to most buyers, despite the fact that it comes with all the premium features of the most pricey scope in this series. 

The 4D Dichro reticle comes with illuminated, thick 3, 6, and 9 o’clock positions as well as an illuminated center dot. The dichroic technology that is present in the Meopta MeoPro Optika6 Rifle Scope 653580 model represents a particular coating that enables several reticle color configurations to allow maximum reticle visibility. 

Basically, it adapts color and tone to changing conditions of light regardless of the terrain, whether it is snow, open fields, or heavy timber. Therefore, you will be able to always see the reticle without any obstruction of the target in any type of lighting conditions you hunt and shoot in. 

Other premium features include a FFP reticle, side focus, and a 30-mm tube. You can also benefit from a tall, exposed elevation turret with a 0 stop and the windage turret is capped. Thanks to the highly visible reticle, high-grade glass, and high-performance specs, you will be able to stay out longer and also see clearer and further.



Due to the amazing features of this high-quality scope, you will be able to stay on your target longer, see it clearer and further than any of your competition. 

Even though it is equipped with all the premium features of the most expensive model in this series, this one is quite accessible to most interested buyers.

Thanks to the dichroic technology used for this model, the tone and colors are adapted for maximum reticle visibility, in any lighting conditions. 

With this model, you also get to benefit from various other premium features such as a 33-mm tube, FFP reticle, as well as side focus. 

The windage turret that comes with this scope is capped, while the tall, exposed turret comes with a zero stop.



Even though it is not the most expensive model in the series, not all hunters will be able to afford this product. 

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3. Meopta MeoPro Optika6 Rifle Scope Z-Plex 653630


While reading various Meopta scopes reviews, we have stumbled upon another model that is worth your attention. One of the best features is the First Focal Plane. This unit comes with an exposed locking elevation and a capped windage. Thanks to the zero stop elevation turret, the shooter has a definite return-to-zero point regardless of the distance he or she has dialed in for. 

A few other cool features make the Meopta MeoPro 653630 stand out. The MeoBrightTM is a proprietary ion-assisted lens multi-coating that is applied to all air-to-glass optical surfaces. This technology is developed by Meopta and it is intended to eliminate reflections and glare. 

Moreover, it delivers an industry-leading 99.7% light transmission for each lens surface. Furthermore, the MeoShieldTM ion-assisted coating protects all external lens surfaces and increases resistance to abrasion and scratching in severe conditions. The riflescopes that feature the RD Illuminated Reticle System come with a well-defined illuminated red dot reticle. 

There is a third turret controller that enables the shooter to select between a minimum of 7 reticle intensity settings, from very low-light to bright daylight conditions. What is more, the intermediate off positions between each setting lets the user find the right illumination fast.



This Meopta scope features the MeoBright which is basically a multi-coating that is applied on all of the optical surfaces. Thanks to this technology, all glare and reflections are eliminated. 

The MeoShieldTM technology protects all of the external lens surfaces. It also maximizes resistance to scratches or abrasions even in the harshest conditions. 

This model also comes with a third turret controller. This enables the user to choose between seven reticle intensity settings, and it also has off positions for a faster illumination setting. 

What is more, the shooter benefits from a definite return-to-zero point, no matter what distance was dialed in for, due to the zero stop elevation turret.

The riflescope comes with the RD Illuminated Reticle System which features a very well-defined red dot reticle.



The Z-Plex reticle offers excellent visibility in low-light settings. However, it does not really make a difference when the surrounding light is very bright.

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4. Meopta MeoPro Optika6 Rifle Scope 653656


Does a 56mm objective sound too large and heavy? However, what is a little more weight when you can get many more low-light benefits? This model offers huge aperture, illumination, as well as superior glass which will keep you way ahead of your competition. This scope is not the most affordable model from the series, but it is not the most expensive one either. 

What you should keep in mind is that the Meopta MeoPro 653656 comes with most of the premium features of the most expensive scope in the Optika6 series. The 4D Dichro reticle offers good illumination, and it will maintain your target clear even in very poor light conditions. 

Moreover, this technology supports maximum reticle visibility and it also adapts tone and color to changing light conditions regardless if we are talking about open fields, snow, or heavy timber. 

In other words, you will always be able to see the reticle without covering any part of the target no matter what the light situation is. With this model, you will also get other premium features such as the First Focal Plane reticle, side focus, as well as a 30mm tube. 



This model is in the middle of the Optika6 series in terms of magnification and price, but comes with most premium features of the high-end scopes. 

Thanks to the dichroic technology, specialized coating enables several color configurations which provide increased reticle visibility, while adjusting color and tone for poor light conditions. 

The elevation turret is tall and has a zero stop, and the windage turret is capped.

The 30mm tube, First Focal plane, and side focus are all included in the design of this model to offer you the best hunting experience possible.

Since this scope comes with multiple premium features, you will be able to enjoy better visibility and get more benefits than those offered by other products in this line.



Due to the fact that the objective is 56mm, the scope is a bit heavier than other models. However, because of the same reason, you get more advantages for low-light conditions.

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5. Meopta MeoPro Optika6 Rifle Scope 653571


The scopes from the Optika6 series offered by Meopta are brimming with specs and features that most shooters and hunters love, require, or desire. The next model on our list is an excellent choice for shooters. 

The scope has the reticle on the First Focal Plane, and it shrinks with magnification while remaining proportional to the target. For this reason, ranging at a distance is more precise. The MOA turrets are zero-reset, non-capped as well as rubber-coated. This makes them super easy to adjust and use, and offer a non-slip grip. 

Like all Optika6 scopes, the Meopta MeoPro 653571 comes with MeoBright lens coatings. Their purpose is a light transmission of up to 88% in twilight and 91% during daylight. Therefore, this model is an excellent choice for most conditions you might want to shoot or hunt in. 

This model also includes the illuminated BDC reticle in its construction. Since it is also fog proof and waterproof, you can use this scope in almost any weather conditions you might like to practice shooting or hunting. With this model, you will also get to benefit from the MeoBrightTM ion-assisted lens multi-coating which is applied to all optical surfaces made of glass. 



This model is a sport shooter’s best friend because it comes with several features that will help him or her stay way ahead of any competition.

Simply by looking at the scope and touching it, you can realize that this is high-quality we are talking about. The unit is sturdy and capable of withstanding any shooting conditions. 

The unit comes with tactical MOA turrets with zero-reset. Moreover, they are non-capped to be easy to adjust and use, and rubber-coated for a secure, non-slip grip.

Thanks to the First Focal Plane that narrows with magnification and maintains proportional to the target, ranging at a distance is extremely accurate.

The light transmission delivered by these Meopta scopes is superior which makes this model suitable to use in pretty much any light conditions you might like to shoot in.



This model is not the most affordable option in the series but all of the excellent features make up for it.

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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


It does not matter if you like shooting for sport or you are a hunter, as you should know that selecting the best Meopta scope for sale is not the easiest of tasks, and there are several variables you have to take into consideration. 

Do not worry if you are a beginner, as we have prepared this buying guide to offer you an outline of the essential things you should know when choosing your Meopta rifle scope.

Cheap vs. quality

First of all, there are no cheap Meopta scopes. If you believe that anything will do as long as it is not expensive, you should be looking for a different brand. If you want quality, you are in the right place! These top-quality, high-end scopes are for hunters and shooters. Most of their models come with a 30mm tube, as well as a 6x magnification power or more. 

They are made with aircraft-grade aluminum that is strong enough to last you for years, even in the toughest conditions. If you search really well, you will see that there are also some affordable Meopta scopes of high-quality, but the price should not be your first consideration. 


Meopta hunting scopes

If we are to look at Meopta’s scopes, we are interested in two series. If you are a hunter, you will definitely have where to select from. The scopes from this category feature a second focal plane reticle. This offers the user a consistent reticle size across the entire zoom range. These products are designed with the hunter’s needs in mind. 

There are several scopes you can choose from in the hunting configuration: 1-6x24mm, 2.5-15x44mm, 3-18x50mm, or 4.5-27x50mm. All models come with various distinct reticle types, including the DichroTech reticles that are illuminated and still battery-free. A very good choice is the BDC reticle which is calibrated for the 6.5 Creedmore.


Meopta shooting scopes

The second series we want to discuss is the one designed for shooters. The scopes in this category come with the reticle in the first focal plane. They are also targeted at competitive shooters. The size of the reticle narrows with magnification and it stays proportional to the target. 

Thanks to this, ranging at longer distances is more accurate. This shooting series comes in several configurations, as well: 1-6x24mm, 3-18x50mm, 3-18x56mm, or 4.5-27x50mm. The 5-30x56mm is usually a long-range model that comes with a tube of 34mm, as well as ED glass that reduces and even eliminates chromatic aberrations. 

Again, for each model, there are a few different reticles available. DichroTech is also included, which offers battery-free illumination. This illumination works great in very low-light conditions, but it is rather weak to make a real difference in bright light.



It is not just the overall specs of a Meopta spotting scope that will captivate your attention when you take a closer look. The remarkable level of quality and craftsmanship you can see as soon as you touch any part of such a scope will enable you to understand that you are dealing with a very high-quality device and that it is worth every cent. 

The power ring does not only feel great but it is also very easy to adjust. It is the same for the turrets that offer excellent feedback when you are dialing them in, and they also feel solid and sturdy. You can select from MOA and MIL turrets with zero resets, which makes it extremely easy to use. 

Furthermore, the glass is simply exquisite. The light transmission and clarity is what you can expect from a European, top-quality rifle scope. It is also important to consider that, in poor light conditions, you will have a very hard time finding a better option in this price range.



This company provides a wide array of various reticles for its scopes. They range from illuminated to non-illuminated variants. Moreover, you can select Z-Plex, MilDot, or MRAD versions. 

In addition, on many models, you can find BDC reticles which are calibrated for the 6.5 Creedmore, like the .223 or the .308 rifles. If you want to get a better overview of the various models available, you can browse the company’s website. 



Most Meopta rifle scopes offer elevation, windage, as well as parallax adjustments. Their turrets are rubber-coated and zero-reset in order to make them easier to use and adjust. They are usually available in MOA or MIL variants. 

The turrets from the shooting category are rubber-coated and non-capped for a non-slip grip. The ones from the hunting series are also rubber-coated but capped for ease of use and protection. 

The elevation and windage adjustment ranges vary depending on the model. It is the same for the parallax correction and field of view.




Meopta Brand


Meopta is a multinational company that has a long tradition of developing, producing, as well as assembling world-class optical, optoelectronic, and optomechanical products. 

This company’s state-of-the-art design, engineering, producing, and assembling abilities allow it to deliver products and services of the highest quality to the military, industrial, as well as consumer markets. Meopta has a broad global reach, and it operates state-of-the-art offices in the United States as well as the Czech Republic. 

This type of presence allows the company to quickly and effectively respond to its customers’ requirements. The company began its activity in 1933, in the Czech Republic, under the name of Optikotechna. 

Its initial activity was to manufacture a limited array of condensers and lenses. However, the production expanded so rapidly that it soon included composite lenses, rifle scopes, enlargers, binoculars, slide projectors, and cameras. 



Meopta U.S.A. Inc. is a separate American company which produces and assembles optomechanical and optical systems for various markets such as industrial, military, or consumer.

The company arose as a fusion of two nationalized manufacturers of optical devices, Optikotechna Prerov and C.P. Goerz Bratislava. The Vienna-based company C.P. Goerz, founded its subsidiary in Bratislava, in 1907. 

It intended to produce optical and mechanical devices. In the beginning, the company delivered military optical units which were used especially by the artillery, but also by the Austro-Hungarian navy. After the First World War, the production plan moved toward civilian products like binoculars, movie cameras, magnifying glasses, field glasses, compasses, but also mechanical gadgets like alarm clocks, manometers, refractometers, and speakers. 

In 1958, the company changed its name to Meopta, and it was nationalized in 1968. Optikotechna was founded in Czechoslovakia, in 1933. The original intention was to produce condensers and lenses. As the production expanded, it began manufacturing other products like enlargers, binoculars, riflescopes, and other optical devices.

Optikotechna was doing great until it was taken by German forces in 1939. The company was forced to cease consumer goods production and to supply military optical equipment for the German army. 

Therefore, until the end of WWII, the company manufactured only military optical devices. It was during this period that the company was renamed Meopta which is actually an acronym for “Mechanika opticka vyroba” or mechanical optical manufacturing.

Nowadays, military production forms only about 10% of the company’s production. About 20% of its turnover is delivered by optics for hunting and sports applications and 70% is being generated by the production of optics for cinema as well as other projectors. 

The company also produces optical devices for microprocessors manufacturing quality control and optics for healthcare that are used in applications such as mammography or RTG.

The company takes pride in its precision scientific and medical instruments, its aerospace technologies, digital cinematic projectors, consumer sports optics, as well as military weapon systems. 

Meopta’s unmatched experience enables it to develop, engineer, and produce a wide range of high-quality devices across a large spectrum of industries and markets, making it a worldwide leader in the optical realm. 



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