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Best rated borescope inspection camera – Guide & Reviews

Last Updated: 24.06.24


Top borescope inspection cameras reviewed – Buying guide & Comparison for 2024


If you don’t have the time, but you have to find the best borescope inspection camera, this short paragraph will tell you exactly what model you need. We spend some time researching the topic and it seems that that the Teslong Semi Rigid Borescope is the best because it has the compact design that makes it ideal for an inspection camera. With the small size and lightweight design, this is the easy-to-carry instrument with a 3.5 inches color LCD screen is perfectly suited for most scenarios. The semi-rigid cable has the flexibility required for investigating small cavities and narrow conduits without losing its shape. The long battery life is capable of powering the borescope for up to 6 hours of continuous work, so you can rest assured that you’ll finish a day’s work. If the Teslong Semi Rigid Borescope isn’t available, your second best option should be the Extech BR80.



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A borescope inspection camera is a system that combines a small camera placed at the tip of a cable with an LCD screen that displays the images taken by the camera. Here are some features you shouldn’t miss when you’re in search of one.



The borescope inspection cameras that are out for sale can be put into categories based on the characteristics of their operating probe. Since the nature of various investigations demands different capabilities, producers provided the devices with different kinds of arms.

Rigid borescopes are mainly used for applications in which there are no obvious obstacles to surpass. Gun barrels, pipes and cylinders can be examined with a fixed camera on a straight arm.

Semi-rigid borescopes are in high demand. Their cable is capable of holding a given shape in order to successfully go around a corner or obstacle.

Flexible borescopes are made of coherent fiber optics gathered in bundles and conveying an image to the other end of the device. These are easier to break and cost more than the other borescopes. Although the resolution is lower than in the other two cases, the capacity to snake into a tube makes it just as necessary.

Articulated flexible borescopes are much more useful, as you can move the head of the probe and take a look around at destination point.


Portability and ergonomy

Since they are handheld and have an integrated LCD screen, they are usually carried around. But some are heavier and bulkier, that is why a smaller screen can make the borescope much easier to handle.

Design plays an important part in making them more compact and keeping them efficient at the same time. Some manufacturers also made the handle demountable.

Some are more ergonomically build, ensuring access to functions for those who would use them with only one hand. The user would direct the cable through holes and niches with his other hand.

Many of these are not able to face the best USB borescope camera to measure up, but they have other advantages.


Battery life

The preferred use for the borescope inspection camera is in the automotive industry, aviation, military, maintenance or other areas of activity where usage is frequent and can last for hours.

A powerful, rechargeable battery can always make a difference. But not all units have Lithium batteries for long hours of continuous use. So as some of the best borescope inspection camera reviews show, it’s important to remember that replaceable batteries are preferable to the built-in ones, but not so when the replaceable are non-rechargeable.

The borescopes that provide the opportunity to change rechargeable batteries are a top choice for those who have serious business to solve.


Making investigations on turbines, valves, tanks, pumps, boilers, cylinders, fuel injectors or cast parts is supposed to be a high responsibility that is why it is imperative to have a good image quality when doing the inspection.

So when the confronted with a choice, specifications about the tube and field of view are important. The manufacturers usually provide the diameter and the length of the cable.

For thorough inspections, the viewing angle is essential since it gives you the borescopes ability to ‘look around,’

The field of view measures the wide or narrow image the inspection camera can acquire, an imaginary cone that starts with the tip of the probe and ends where the depth of field ends, too.

When referring to image quality, the number of fps or the HD lenses can also make a difference. The power of LED lights brings a dramatic change to that.



5 Best Borescope Inspection Cameras (Reviews) in 2024


For those who don’t want to waste the opportunity of showing off with what they’ve learned from our guide, the best borescope inspection cameras are showcased below and you can make your pick.



1. Teslong Industrial LCD Screen Borescope


This endoscope is a portable inspection system, used as a handheld gadget. It uses a 3.5 inches color LCD screen for viewing images captured by a semi-rigid probe camera. The camera is waterproof and uses progressive scan technology, as opposed to conventional scanning of other products on the market. To make sure you obtain the data you need for your inspection, you get to choose between the long and short focus probe.

The probe is a good quality semi-rigid snake-tube that is both strong and flexible. Reaching small niches and tight spots is the right job for it.

The rainproof main body has a 3.5 inches QVGA color LCD monitor, and it’s light and comfortable to use with only one hand. The 8G TF card allows you to capture and store quality images and videos with resolutions that go up to 3MP or 720P.

Besides the endoscope, card, and micro-USB, the pack contains accessories than can be attached to the probe for improved performance.



The borescope has the compact design an inspection camera needs. It carries a scanning camera probe that measures only 0.21 inches in diameter and is provided with 6 LED lights. That makes it a good choice for most tasks.

It’s portable thanks to small size and weight. Designed with a 3.5 inches screen and 0.44 pounds, this borescope can be operated with one hand.

The semi-rigid cable is capable of good flexibility and holds shape. When you have to inspect tight spots in hard to reach areas, it will show its usefulness.

It has long battery life, enough to get your job done for the day. It relies on rechargeable Li-ion batteries that can power up to 6 hours of continuous operation time.

The kit content is useful. The accessories (mirror, hook, and magnet) can always be of help.



The focal distance is an impediment for those who rely on a close-up investigation.


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2. Extech Instruments BR80 Video Borescope Inspection Camera


The Extech BR80 is a good inspection instrument with distinctive features. The compact, handheld design makes it portable and easy to operate in quick, on spot diagnosis of problems.

The camera, though bigger in diameter that on regular models, is lightweight and efficient. Thanks to the waterproof feature and the 4 LED lamps on the sides, it can collect good quality images of the places it reaches.

The flexible gooseneck on the 39-inch arm gives it better hold of the shape it is given. In addition, up to two more optional extensions can be used to extend the cable.

The dimmer for the LED lights as well as the possibility to rotate the image are features that add value to the product.

The 2.4 inches color LCD monitor is lightweight and has a glare-free close-up field that allows better vision.

The accessories consist in a mirror, hook, and magnet which you can attach to the scope.



The Extech BR80 has a waterproof rated IP67camera with a  17 mm diameter and a viewing angle of 72 degrees. Unlike many other endoscopes, this is perfectly adapted for large viewing angles that can show you the extent of the damage.

The 2.4 inches LCD color monitor is lightweight and thanks to the handheld design you can use it for quick inspections to find and diagnose problems.

To match the slightly bigger camera and provide better lighting in the darkest place, the camera head benefits from the light of 4 bright LED lamps with dimmer.

The flexible gooseneck cable of 39 inches is built to retain its shape so that it’s much easier to guide it where you want.

For a more efficient operation, the producer featured a battery status indicator, auto power off and controls for lights and image rotation.



The AA batteries don’t recommend it for intensive use in industrial applications.


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3. Dbpower Color LCD Screen Endoscope Semi Rigid


Using the DBPOWER Endoscope has several design features that are about to change your inspection work for the better.

It has a compact main body with a small LCD screen and a long cable with a camera. The benefits come from the details of that description.

The compact body allows the user to perform its work by holding the device and pushing the buttons with only one hand.

The screen is a 2.7 inches color HD that provide a clear view of the live images. When the work is done, these images can be analyzed and processed by retrieving the high capacity TF or microSD card.

To reach its purpose the endoscope sports an 8.2 mm waterproof camera that is capable of navigating various environments. The bright, adjustable LED lights will guide the inspection.

The instrument is powered by a long-lasting rechargeable battery, with enough juice to keep it going for up to 6 hours.



This endoscope has a 2.7 inch HD screen. That is big enough to see clearly the images sent by the camera probe and make good use of them.

The DBPOWER Endoscope has a strong Lithium battery. Since it can be used for up to 6 hours of continuous work, you can purchase it for professional purposes as well household related tasks.

The battery is easy to recharge. Unlike other endoscopes on the market, this one can be charged with a standard micro-USB. It can also be easily removed and replaced.

The user can operate this endoscope with one hand. That is made possible by the compact design offered by the model.

The 6 LED lights on the camera are adjustable, giving you the possibility to increase or decrease the amount of brightness the camera needs.



Some investigations require a more rigid cable for access in the remote, hard to reach spots.


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4. Wireless Depstech WiFi Borescope Inspection Camera 2.0


This newer endoscope model features wireless function for the camera. The wireless is easy to set up on your device with a compatible app, as the signal is inbuilt.

The instrument is equipped with a 2MP Camera HD and provides a great reliability for close range recording. Recording into memory the HD videos in AVI format and snapshots in JPG, it makes them available for later extraction, processing, and sharing.

This model has 10 m of cable, it is waterproof and uses an 8.5mm diameter camera with 6 adjustable LED lights on it. The bendable semi-rigid cable can hold its shape, and it is a great way to gain access to a variety of confined places.

This borescope is representative of the new generation inspection cameras by its superior versatility. It is compatible with Android smartphones (2.3+) and iPhone IOS systems (IOS 6.0+). Using mobile devices in teamed with Depstech Wireless will definitely pay off.


This new generation endoscope has great adaptability since it’s able to work with both Android smartphones and iPhones.

As the model features a waterproof camera with strong LED light, it is well prepared to face various environments and provide information from wet or dark inaccessible spots.

By using the HD camera, you can notice significant details. Both JPG image format and videos can be recorded and stored, and adjustable resolution snapshots can ease the work.

The endoscope uses a bendable semi-rigid cable to give you access usually unreachable places.

The simplified method of wifi setup is easy to master and makes the product accessible to everyone interested. Once you have installed the app, you can connect to your borescope and start the inspection.



As most software is not designed by the mobile devices manufacturers themselves, this one seems to have had some difficulties with the IOS.


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5. Depstech Digital Industrial 10 FT Waterproof LCD Borescope


If you’re looking for a portable endoscope that can be used in a variety of inspection works, this is a nice option.

It has a built-in color LCD screen of 3.5 inches that gives you the opportunity to see the live video and guide your next movements. The detachable design makes it easy to carry and store.

By inserting a TF card into the device, all of the live videos can be recorded and stored for analysis and filing. The image capture and videos are both send to memory with a 640×480 resolution.

In addition to the long, waterproof cable, that can reach inaccessible places, the camera mounted on it has good lighting to make your inspection more relevant. The 6 LED lights on the head are accompanied by a 1W built-in LED that is highly efficient.

The camera is capable of capturing clear close range images with a resolution of up to 1280×720, even in dark places.     



This Depstech Digital Endoscope has a built-in 3.5 inches color LCD screen that makes it convenient to follow the live images conveyed by the camera. The compact design allows you to carry and store it easily.

The unrestricted movement of its flexible arm gives you the freedom to bend and tilt it in order to access confined spaces and take curves to complete your inspection.

The 2 MP CMOS camera makes it possible to get close range quality images. No matter how dark the environment is, you can brighten it up with 6 LED lights, and a built-in, adjustable 1W LED light.

This tool is just the right thing for inspecting aircraft engines, machine equipment, boats, cars, and others, especially as it has a long cable and a depth of field of up to 6-8 cm.



It requires AA batteries and constantly replacing them is a drawback.

The cable loses flexibility because of its length.


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Main technical features


The lengthy piece can solve all your inspection requirements, and bring something extra to the table, just like a premium endoscope should. It is semi-rigid and can connect both via USB and micro USB. It has a waterproof construction, an ultra-small camera diameter, and adjustable lights. The item is black so that it won’t show dirt, and it is powered by a camera that offers rich detail and clarity while using as little power as possible.




In-depth information



Unlike other traditional models, endoscope reviews tell us, this tool comes with a USB to micro USB convertible design, which requires no extra adapter as the seller provides everything in the package. This, along with the fact that it uses LED lights, makes it require as little energy as possible, to spare your phone’s battery life. This aspect is essential for older Samsung models with batteries that drain faster than newer gadgets. It is convenient to use on most versions of Windows computers or on Android devices, but the truth being said, it shines in the Android department because smartphone lovers seem to have nothing negative to say about this nifty product. One fair warning is that the model is not compatible with ancient versions of the operating system or with iOS-powered devices.

Quality is not overrated

One highlight that all gadget enthusiasts like and a comprehensive endoscope camera review should talk about, is a long life. And this particular piece has it. This is mostly due to its premium construction, durable materials, and of course because it has top specs. The IP66 waterproof camera probe with its 7mm diameter makes it suitable for leaky pipes and other wet situations or hard-to-reach places like your car’s engine. The six adjustable LED lights offer a cool, easy on the eye image, so your eyes won’t hurt after you’ve finished inspecting the ventilation system.


A bang for your buck

Armed with a bendable semi-rigid cable, this is a tool that will be part of your toolbox for many years to come. It can bend and hold its shape, without losing image quality and it allows you access inside curved holes or pipes. The camera offers 0.3MP and a 640 x 480 resolution, which, despite the fact that it’s not the most you can find in an endoscope, it is enough for its intended purpose. The focal distance is decent, and the luminosity powerful enough that darkness won’t pose a real threat. In the package, you also get a hook, a magnet, a convenient mirror, the user manual, and a CD with instructions.


Known Issues

Reviewers seem to generally like this model and to recommend it without reservations. But one pointed out that sometimes it can take a while until the manufacturer updates the software and it can have some compatibility issues with some versions of Android. This problem didn’t seem to pop up among new versions.

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