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Last Updated: 15.07.24


Top rated monoculars – Buying guide & Comparison


If you don’t have a lot of time on your hands but you still want to find the best monocular money can get you, this paragraph should help you out. After carefully examining the market by taking into consideration aspects such as product quality and price to value ratios, we have reached the conclusion that the Bushnell Legend Ultra HD Black, 10 x 42-mm is the best product out there. The item stands out thanks to its quality optics and HD clarity as well as because if its durability. What is more, this unit comes fitted with a magnification ratio of 10 x, and with a 42-millimeter objective compact roof prism. If the Bushnell Legend Ultra HD Black, 10 x 42-mm is out of stock, we suggest that you give the Wingspan Optics Explorer High a good look as it is a reliable alternative.



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How to choose the best monoculars


Finding a good monocular or the best borescope is not the easiest of tasks, especially if you are not familiar with the topic. Moreover, this job is made even more difficult by the fact that the market is currently overflowing with countless similar models.  So, in an attempt to lend you a helping hand, we have put together a list of features that you might find useful when making a decision.

Technical characteristics

Whenever in the market for any kind of device, it is recommendable that you pay attention to a handful of key aspects that can help you understand how good a product is. Whether you are looking for a good monocular or a kitchen scale you should first read a detailed review. You will find out that when it comes to monoculars one of the important factors is the magnification ratio. To put it simply, the magnification of a device determines just how much can the model magnify a certain image.

When considering this aspect, keep in mind that you should shop in accordance with how you want to use the device. Although at a first glance, settling for a product that offers 12 x might seem like the best option, you should know that this is not, in fact, true. Actually, because a monocular uses a hand wobble, it is quite tricky to use a high magnification. Instead, it is reasonable to purchase a product that has a magnification ratio of 6x to 8x.

Equally important, all users should settle for a model that has coated lenses. Usually, coatings can improve the clarity and the brightness of the images. This feature comes in handy especially when you are using the device during cloudy weather and/or in the morning or in the evening.

Furthermore, you should be aware of the fact that nowadays almost all models come equipped with coated lenses. Even more so, the more expensive products usually have additional layers of coating that make them fully waterproof and anti-reflexive.

Last but not least, the lens diameter is another aspect that should stir your interest. From this point of view, the bigger is the device’s lens, the brighter is the image and the field of view. However, a big lens does not automatically mean a higher quality image. Moreover, the units that come outfitted with smaller lenses are usually lighter and more portable. This means that you can easily carry them with you whenever you are hiking or out bird watching. So, if compactness is a key factor for you, we recommend that you settle for the later model.


Easiness of use

If you take a good look at any monocular reviews section, you will definitely see that another factor that is worthy of your consideration is just how easy is the model to use. More to this point, a good telescope monocular should be comfortable and not tiring the eye, especially if you wear glasses.

In order to make sure that the user experiences no such inconveniences, some manufacturers supply their products with a feature that is called eye relief. It is recommendable that, all glasses wearers settle for models that can supply you with at least a 14 mm eye relief. Additionally, it might be suitable for users using glasses to purchase units that have removable eyecups.

The size and the weight of the model should also be on your mind. Once again, this decision should be made only after considering the purpose of the product, you wouldn’t want to get a digital thermometer, for example, and see at delivery that it’s not actually designed to tell your body’s temperature but your room’s (check our selection to avoid making that mistake). So, if you are looking for a model that is capable of fitting in your pocket, you should buy one that has a smaller lens. Yet, if you want a bigger model that doesn’t have to be portable,  settle for a device with large lenses.


Special features and clarifications

Before making your pick, it is essential that you get familiar with the additional features that some models include. For example, if you are searching for a device that can be used during the night, you should know that you have to purchase a special type of monocular that has been designed to be used particularly for this purpose. What is more, normal monoculars can only be used in the evening when the sun is about to set and not during the night.

Waterproof and fogproof models might also seem appealing to you, especially if you want to use the device while out in nature. By choosing a model that comes equipped with these features, you can rest assured knowing that your unit is protected no matter the meteorological conditions. Interestingly enough, all potential buyers might like to know that these models are not necessarily a lot more expensive than their counterparts.

Besides, when exploring the myriad of products up for sale, it is advisable that you select a model that comes with additional accessories. While accessories are not particularly expensive on their own, and they are not difficult to find, it is more cost-effective to pick a product that already includes them in the price.

As a result, you won’t have to invest extra dollars in a carry bag, lens caps or neck straps. Even more so, you can rest assured knowing that all accessories perfectly fit the chosen product.

Tips and tricks

Last but not least, before you make your decision it might be helpful to know that the type of material used in the making of the device is relevant. Generally speaking, whenever shopping for any type of optical devices, it is best that you select models made from high-quality materials.

While most monoculars have an exterior coating made out of rubber that prevents the model from slipping from your hands,  it is important that you do some research and find out what type of material was used in the making of the product’s body, as this feature has to do with the product’s durability.

As you probably intuit, most affordable models are made from hard plastic. Yet, if you want the best of the best and you are not afraid of making an investment, it is recommended that you settle for a device made out of a light metal such as magnesium.

Also, if you are a photograph or if you are fond of photography and you are searching for a device that can allow you to take pictures of the images that you see, we believe that you might be interested in a product that digiscopes. To put it in plain English, digiscoping is the act of placing a camera on the monocular for one to take pictures with. Originally, people used spotting scopes.

In order to do so, one has to purchase an additional camera mount. According to photography lovers, this type of activity is quite exciting, challenging and more than anything addictive. So, if you intend to purchase such a model, caution is advised!

Lastly, it is prudent that, before you order anything, you take the time to do some online research. So, if you like a particular model, go online and search for reviews and comments about the product. Consequently, you’ll be able to find out just how reliable is the item and make an informed decision whether to buy it or not to. Moreover, you’ll come to understand whether or not there are any undisclosed issues with the model.


The type of activity you will be performing

Choosing the best monoculars on the market also depends on the type of activity you will be performing. For instance, if you want to use your Bushnell Legend monocular for hunting, you will require an item that is lightweight and provides a wide field of view. Good eye relief is also important, especially if you wear glasses. 

The best monoculars for surveillance purposes must come with a night vision feature that will allow you to see your target in any lighting conditions, including when it’s dark outside. Night vision is also great for hunting purposes since some birds and animals are more active after dusk. 

Whether you’re opting for a product from the Bushnell legend line or any other brand, there are plenty of great choices on the market with the right features, according to your needs. 


Field of view 

The field of view of a monocular is tightly linked to the product’s magnification power. The bigger the magnification power, the narrower the field of view. A product with a high magnification rate will help you see far away objects in close detail but won’t provide too much information about the surrounding environment. 

Certain activities like birdwatching and wildlife watching are better performed when you’re choosing a product with a smaller magnification rate and a larger field of view that captures a wider picture of nature. 

If you want to find the best monoculars for sports games or security purposes, we advise you to choose an item with a wider field of view and big eye relief to prevent adding extra pressure on your eyes while focusing on an image for a long time. 


Inert gases

If you plan on investing in the best monoculars on the market, aside from comfortable eye relief, lens diameter, and the night vision feature, you should take into account another factor. 

High-end monoculars from reputed brands like Vortex, Wingspan or the Bushnell legend series are filled with inert gases that don’t contain any moisture as opposed to atmospheric gases, preventing your lenses from fogging up due to extreme temperatures. A product with multi-coated optics is the right one for you in this case. 

The multi-coated optics feature improves the overall quality of the lenses, making them more durable and even waterproof. This is a very important feature, especially since the weather is unpredictable in early spring and late fall, the most popular season for birdwatching. Again, the Bushnell legend series of monoculars could seem like a great option for you, especially if you’re on a budget. 


To sum up, finding the best monoculars is not an easy task. Apart from taking into account a product’s eye relief, lens diameter, and night vision feature, you must also make sure it is lightweight enough to not cause hand fatigue when carrying and using it for hours during your outdoor expeditions. 

The multi-coated optics represent another important feature if you want to use your best monoculars all-year-round, even when it’s foggy or rainy outside. The lens diameter is not that important, especially if you’re on a budget but it might affect the quality of the image and the overall weight of the monoculars. 

Wider lenses cost more and weigh more, which may not be a good thing if the Bushnell Legend or any other model of monocular you’re looking for needs to be portable. 



41 Best Monoculars (Reviews) in 2024


If you are a novice in the field of monoculars, chances are that you don’t know what particular models one can opt from. So, this short introduction into the world of optical devices might be of use to you. First things first, you should know that this line of products is quite extensive.

For example, if you are keen of hiking and you want a device that you can use during your expeditions, there are models that are portable and easy to use that you might find appealing. The same is true if you are a hobbyist bird watcher or a hunter in need of a new gadget.

Furthermore, a different category of monoculars includes night vision units that are recommended to those that want a model that enables them to see at night. Additionally, thermal monoculars are also available.

So, it is safe to say that the market is filled with countless models that can cater to your needs. Nonetheless, if you are on a budget or you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a product of this kind, you should know that you can also find a lot of less expensive, quality models that might suit you.



Best monocular for hunting


Finding good monoculars for hunting is a rather challenging job. These models have to come equipped with a handful of features that can aid a hunter be successful during (hunting) expeditions. First things first, these models have to be quite lightweight in order not to hinder the huntsman movements.

Moreover, apart from being portable and compact, these products have to have a good magnification ratio. More expensive models also have night vision, a feature that many might find useful. Also, before making a purchase, the durability of the materials should be considered.



1. Bushnell 191142 Legend Ultra HD Monocular with Picatinny Rail Mount


Highly appreciated by both specialists and buyers, the Bushnell Legend Ultra HD Black is a model that is worthy of your time and money. This unit is said to provide its users with quality optics and HD clarity. The main advantage of the model is the fact that it combines portability with excellence in imagery.

According to the manufacturer, the product is made from quality, durable materials and it has been tested extensively in order to eliminate any type of malfunction.

Technically speaking, this device comes outfitted with a 10x magnification and a 42-millimeter objective compact roof. The model also features BaK-4 prisms, fully multi-coated optics and it was made using ED Prime Glass.

Additionally, the unit has a 100% waterproof and fogproof construction and comes provided with what has been described as comfortable twist-up eyecups. When shipped, the product includes a Picatinny rail and a carry clip.



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Best monocular for bird watching


When it comes to settling for a monocular that can be used for bird watching, there are some aspects that all buyers should think about. Firstly, you have to be aware of the fact that this device is usually used to spot and observe birds, so, magnification should count.

Also, in order to have a good view of the animal, it is recommendable that you settle for a model that has large lenses in order for you to be able to see a big part of the landscape. Also, large lenses mean brighter images. However, try selecting a model that is also lightweight.



2. Wingspan Optics Explorer High Powered 12X50 Monocular Bright and Clear


The Wingspan Optics Explorer High Powered is a model that is quite popular among bird watching enthusiasts.

With great online reviews and almost perfect ratings, one could easily say that picking this model is a safe choice.

The unit allows its users to see up to 12 times closer and provides him/her with clear and bright views.

Furthermore, the device comes fitted with an external armor that protects the item and that guarantees its durability.

What is more, if you order this product you will receive a tripod stand for hands-free steady viewing. This model is also waterproof and fogproof.




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Best monocular for hiking


Hiking is the type of outdoor activity that allows people that practice it to get in touch with the beauty of nature. In order to help hiking lovers make the best of their outdoor expeditions, manufacturers have designed devices that can help them see any scenery in detail.

And, because hiking implies a lot walking and physical effort, when purchasing this type of device one should pay attention to whether or not the unit is portable. Additionally, the item should be waterproof and it should have a good magnification ratio.



3. BARSKA Blackhawk Waterproof Monocular 


BARSKA is a company well-known for making high-quality optical equipment, and this monocular only comes to prove that the manufacturer cares greatly about abiding by the highest standards possible. It is made for hunting, so you can expect its construction to confirm its purpose every step of the way.

The O-ring seals ensure that no water will get inside, and the nitrogen purged design makes it impervious to water condensation, as well, such as it happens in foggy weather. You will be pleased with the optics quality as the multi-coated lenses ensure that the image you see is always bright and clear.

Another thing you will like about this model is that the area where you hold it in your hand has a diamond textured grip coating. That makes the monocular hard to slip from your hands even in a wet environment. Along with the monocular, you will also receive a carrying case, covers for the lenses, and a cloth for cleaning them.


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Best compact monocular

Usually, when people choose monoculars over binoculars, they do it because the former devices are more lightweight. Yet, in the wake of new technological developments, manufacturers have been able to create compact units that are effortless to transport and comfortable to use.

The main advantage that these units have is the fact that they do not sacrifice quality for quantity. Hence, although they are quite small, one cannot say that they are inferior to other similar models. The only visible difference is the fact that they have a smaller lens and, consequently, a smaller field of view.



4. Vortex Solo 10×36 mm Monocular Black


If you are interested in a device that does not take up a lot of space, the Vortex Solo 10×36 mm might be all that you need.

This model features fully multi-coated lenses that are said to actually increase the light transition and supply you with a better viewing. Also, the manufacturer guarantees that the product’s lenses have anti-reflective coatings on all air-to-glass surfaces.

Moreover, the rubber armor that covers the device supplies you with a non-slip grip as well as with durable external protection. As a plus, if you are a glasses wearer, you should know that the model comes fitted with adjustable eyecups that twist up and down in order to provide you with a comfortable viewing with or without eyeglasses.

Lastly, all possible buyers should know that this monocular is waterproof. In fact, the unit’s optics are said to be sealed with O-rings that can prevent the formation of moisture.



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Best budget monocular


In general, the task of finding good optical devices is not an easy one. What can make it even more dreadful is having to stick to a fixed budget. Nonetheless, when shopping in this category of products, there are a few tricks that can help you find quality models.

For one, it is advisable that you settle for a product that has a magnification of at least 6X and a relatively wide field of view. Moreover, try to pick a model that has coated lenses, as this will improve its durability and reliability.



5. Carson MiniMight 6x18mm Pocket Monocular 


An excellent option for someone who wants a monocular easy to carry in a pocket is this model from Carson. Its magnification is 6x, while the lens diameter is 18mm. As you can quickly tell from these specs, it is a lightweight monocular. It weighs only 0.2 pounds, which says a lot about its portability.

However, while it is small, it provides you with excellent performance. Its field of view is 426 feet at 1,000 yards. Also, as far as optics performance is concerned, you will be happy to hear that they are fully coated, another aspect that contributes to the overall value of this monocular.

You will receive several accessories with your purchase, such as a carabiner clip, a lens cloth, and a soft pouch where you can keep the monocular when you don’t use it. The hassle-free warranty offered by Carson only comes to complete the picture.


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Best night vision monocular


Another type of monocular that is gaining popularity lately is the night vision model. These devices are usually used for hunting or fishing at night as well as while camping in secluded areas.

There are three generations of products of this type, the first being the most affordable and oldest while the third one includes top-notch products that are multi-featured and that are significantly pricier.  The latter models can supply the user with up to 10.000 hours of vision without needing any replacement.  Also, they function using a handful of practical accessories that make the product more practical and useful.



6. Zeiss T Coating Compact Monoculars 


You can expect Zeiss to make outstanding optical equipment, due to its longstanding tradition in making high-quality gear, and this model is no exception to the rule. What makes this monocular stand out from the crowd is the unique T anti-reflective coating created by Zeiss.

This special coating managed to decrease the amount of reflections that can result when using your monocular. It is capable of eliminating flares, and you won’t notice any ghost images, either. The image quality you will get makes the Zeiss name proud.

As for as other specs are concerned, you should know that this model offers a 5x magnification, which is pretty good seeing how compact the monocular is. The achromatic lens is another trait that plays a role in reducing chromatic aberration. The model uses a Schmidt-Pechan roof style prism design. Even in dim light conditions, this monocular will deliver excellent results.


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7. Barska NVX100 3x Night Vision Monocular with Built in Camera


Every person looking for a night vision monocular is searching for one that can be used quickly and easily at a moment’s notice, and with its compactness and its lightweight, this product is capable of doing exactly that.

This item allows you to see clearly through the darkness with up to 3 times magnification power. The high magnification that it provides enables it to provide obtain a better image resolution and a clearer view of targets that present themselves at a considerable distance.

It comes with an infrared illuminator that permits clear viewing even in pitch black darkness up to 100 meters (328 feet), making it ideal for a great variety of activities that occur at night, such as nighttime observation, surveillance and others.

This nighttime monocular can be mounted on a tripod for recording or taking pictures, and the images can be observed on your television or transferred on your computer.



This product offers a large field of view of up to 1000 yards, meaning it is specifically designed to help you observe wildlife from a safe distance, staying away from dangerous predators. 

It can record high-quality videos and take professional pictures and easily transfer the files directly on your TV or computer. 

The item features a lightweight design that won’t cause hand fatigue even when operated with one hand for extended periods. 

The infrared illuminator helps you see in the dark up to 328 feet, making the monocular a great device for surveillance, nighttime hunting or general observation.



Keep in mind that this is not a professional product, meaning the resolution of pictures and videos is rather low. Therefore, you shouldn’t use the device if you want clear pictures of what is going on in your backyard. 

Despite the lightweight design, some customers mentioned it is rather big for a monocular, so it’s not always easy to handle. 

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8. Night Owl iGEN 20/20 Day Night Vision Monocular with Image Caputre


This device is ideal for adventurous people that like to immortalize their memories while camping, hiking, sailing, hunting and so on. It comes with an ability to amplify light that is adjustable from 300x up to 10000x, it has a variable frame rate and three infrared modes.

It can capture video day or night, the video composite output allowing it to directly record to external devices by using a composite video cable. The pictures are captured in black and white, their format is JPEG or TIFF and they can be stored on the memory card that comes with this product.

You can adjust the wattage automatically according to varying levels of darkness. The intensifier tube technology has a sensitivity that is doubled through enhanced infrared sensitivity.

The ocular lens is adjustable to fit any particular eyesight, and the objective lens allows for focus adjustment in proportion to the distance of the object you are viewing.



It offers a wide array of functions such as three infrared modes, an adjustable light from 300x to 10000x, as well as a variable frame rate. 

Unlike other monoculars, this one can capture videos day and night and even record directly to external devices with the help of a composite video cable.

It is delivered with a carrying strap for hands-free operation and a protective case to prevent scratches, dust or debris from harming the monocular. 

If you’re looking for a product that will help you hunt for UFOs, this night vision monocular seems to be a good choice according to paranormal activity enthusiasts. 



Although most people who purchased the product were pleased with its overall quality, some mentioned the infrared feature won’t work well at long distances. If night vision is the thing you are mainly interested in, we recommend adding an IR flashlight to the item. 

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Best night vision monocular under 200


At a close look, gadgets that can provide one with the possibility to see during the night are not as expensive as they might seem. While it is 100% true that the expensive devices that fall into this category have a series of features that one might not find the cheaper alternatives, you should know that you can still get a good, quality model without paying a lot of money.

The features that many of these more affordable models can supply its users with include allowing you to see moving targets in the dark and providing you with decent magnification ratios.



9. Astromania Portable Digital Night Vision Monocular New Optics Records Video Image 


With a great price to value ratio, the Astromania Portable Digital Night Vision is a model that many previous buyers currently use and recommend. The model has a hard to beat price and is generally regarded as a solid deal.

Among the features that make it worth your time and attention are the fact that it delivers high magnification that enables the user to see in the dark up to 100 meters.

Additionally, the unit lets you actually take pictures and record videos during the night while still catching objects in detail. Later on, you can download them to your PC or phone.

In order to help you distinguish various objects, the model comes supplied with an illumination system that lets you select one of the seven brightness stages available. The unit works by using AA batteries that are not included in the price.



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Best night vision monocular under 300


Staying in a budget while searching for advanced technology that can allow you to see at night is a task many would deem impossible. However, all those that find themselves in this situation should not despair.

Nowadays, the market for this line of products is filled with a lot of models that can satisfy all needs and budget. Consequently, you should know that there are models that you might find appealing. However, before placing any orders, it is advisable that you go online and search for reviews of the chosen product.



10. Bestguarder 6x50mm HD Digital Night Vision Monocular with TFT LCD and Camera


This digital night vision monocular has a 6 X magnification ratio, digital zoom and an objective lens of 50mm. As a plus, the unit can take 2592 pixel photographs and quality videos (1280*720pixel @30 fps).

The unit also contains a built-in infrared illuminator that that allows you to see in front of you at 1150 ft./350m. According to its manufacturer, the model can be used both during the day and during the night hence, this product is quite versatile.

As a plus, the model has a water-resistant housing that ensures its durability. When ordering it you will also receive a mountable tripod. The product operates on 4 AA batteries that have to be bought separately.

It is recommended that you use the device for night hunting and scouting games, security, and surveillance, camping, bird watching, observing wildlife, night fishing and/or boating.



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Best thermal monocular for the money


Although in the beginning, thermal technology was only used by the military, nowadays it is accessible to all people. A thermal monocular is usually used for hunting. The reason for this lies in the fact that these devices can help one actually distinguish the prey in the dark by thermally tracking it down.

By doing so, the hunter can actually see in the dark and can successfully hunt during the night time. When talking about the subject, most users of these models say that they are quite handy and that they can improve one’s ability to hunt.



11. ATN OTS HD 384 Smart Thermal


Undoubtedly regarded as one of the best products in this line, the ATN OTS HD 384 Smart Thermal is the go-to device for all those that don’t mind investing money in quality gear.

This unit comes equipped with a proficient thermal sensor that has 384*288 pixel HD resolution that can help you find your way in total darkness.

Additionally, the model features a smart rangefinder that is said to accurately measure the distance to a subject/ object. Also, the 3D Gyroscope can reduce possible handshake and it can provide you with clear images.

The E-compass that the model includes can help you navigate easily in order to always get to the right location.

Moreover, the E-Zoom function of the product enables you to focus on distant objects while still maintaining stunning image clarity.

Additional features of the device include 1080p HD Video Recording & Photos and Wi-Fi Streaming.


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12. Pulsar Quantum PL77319


With a 50-hertz frame rate, the Pulsar Quantum PL77319 can deliver crisp and clear images even of fast-moving objects which makes it perfect as a hunting tool.

All the gorgeous images will be displayed on the rich 640×480 LCD display so that you don’t miss any detail. This option also offers a magnification of 2x that is complemented by an additional 2x and 4x digital zoom.

The range of detection is also impressive as it can help you spot a human size target from a distance as far as 1000 yards. You can choose between the white-hot and black-hot viewing mode so that you can customize your viewing experience.

Due to the different array of modes available, you can use the Pulsar Quantum PL77319 for various applications. These include hunting, search and rescue, surveillance and even military operations. It includes a tripod mount for those moments when you need the best stability.



This thermal monocular supplies its users with two options, the black-hot and the white-hot viewing modes, a feature that not many other counterparts include.

When considering its 50Hz refresh rate, it becomes clear that this model is one of the top-notch units that one can purchase online.

A digital zoom feature is also included in its design. This way, you can get a better, up-close image of the target that you are observing.

The LCD display that the model incorporates is practical and it makes using this device easy and comfortable.



Before you take a closer look at this device and you fall in love with it, keep in mind that it is quite pricey when compared to other monoculars.

Given its high price, not many hunters can actually afford it. However, those who have invested in it say that it is worth the extra hundreds dollars that it costs.

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13. Pulsar Quantum PL77333


With a great performance, the Pulsar Quantum PL77333 is a versatile product that can be used on many occasions and in many environments. It comes with a sensor that has a resolution 384×288 that will allow you to spot any heat signature with precision from a distance of up to 1970 yards.

To view all the great details that the thermal sensor can capture, you will use the onboard 640×480 OLED display. Unlike an LCD display, the OLED alternative will give you great colors and contrast which will aid you in spotting small targets that would otherwise be hard to make out.

When it comes to magnification, the Pulsar Quantum is the best alternative for you as it comes with a whopping 16.4 magnification strength.  

If you want to be able to observe far away objects, there’s really no best option for you. For added durability, the IPX4 weather-resistant coating will ensure that you get a lasting device.



This device has a 384×288 resolution and an impressive 50hz refresh rate that few other similar models can equal.

It only takes 2 seconds for this product to start and function. So, it is the ideal choice for hunters and for professionals who mainly do surveillance work.

The Quantum PL77333 also includes various color viewing modes. This way, you can pick the one that best suits your needs.

A static metric range finder is also incorporated into its design. This feature comes in handy, especially for experienced hunters.



As expected, given the numerous top-notch features that this device comes with, this model is quite pricey. However, if you invest in it you will most certainly not regret doing so.

This monocular comes in a silver tone that some buyers might not like. Yet, this is one minor aspect that does not take anything away from the quality of its performance.

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14. Armasight Prometheus TAT163MN4PROM21


Detect small variations in temperature with the help of the Armasight Prometheus alternative, which features a state of the art thermal sensor.

You can detect heat signatures in both daylight situation as well as in the dead of night. To get the best viewing experience, the 800×600 OLED display will give you some of the best colors and a breathtaking contrast.

The rugged body that uses fiberglass-reinforced construction will ensure that the Armasight Prometheus can not only withstand the test of time but also stand up to daily abuse and usage in extreme conditions. It is also compact and lightweight enough to allow for easy transport and storing.

You won’t have to fear that using the device will give you trouble as it only requires you to operate a 3-button control system. There you can easily access the digital zoom, customize the settings and even record videos and take pictures.



This unit is lightweight and it has a compact construction that makes it practical and effortless to carry around while hunting.

It can provide its buyers with high-resolution thermal images as it incorporates a FLIR thermal imaging camera.

The product is covered by a three-year warranty policy and by a ten-year policy that independently covers the FLIR detector.

It has a rugged construction and the body of the model was fiberglass-reinforced for increased durability. It can successfully stand the daily abuse. 



This device can only be acquired by people who live in the USA. Buyers are also prohibited from exporting it outside the country.

Once again, just like the other products that we have talked about, the item tends to be rather expensive and it might not be easily accessible to many hunters out there. The majority of its buyers are happy with it and are content with the investment that they have made.

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Best marine monoculars


Investing in a monocular is a great alternative to bringing a pair of high-end astronomy binoculars with you, which are much more cumbersome. Being only half the size of those tools, monoculars are significantly more compact, lighter, and, of course, more portable. The guide we put together talks about how to spot the best monocular for your budget and needs.

Below you have some cheap marine monoculars for sale that are going to impress you with their durability. We’ve picked them so they will be both light and full of features at the same time. That’s why, no matter which one you pick, it will be a reliable and highly useful choice.



15. Opticron Marine 3


Opticron created a product that is durable and waterproof and that comes with 7x magnification. Furthermore, it features enlarged Porro prisms and special anti-reflective multi-coatings to maximize the field of view, cross-field resolution, and also low light performance. That’s why buyers praise the model and its versatility.

An 18mm eye relief eyepiece and the unit’s considerable depth of field provide the ideal chances for stable, comfortable viewing even under constant motion with or without wearing glasses. With a nitrogen gas-filled waterproof housing and the specially mounted prism assemblies, the premium internal elements of the gadget are well-protected.

Its sturdy aluminum body with thick rubber armoring is created to be durable even in the harshest conditions, without weighing a lot and without damaging the pleasant experience the product provides. It has a smooth surface and can be held for long periods of time with both or just one hand.



Like all premium devices, the monocular has a Porro prism design with contoured protective rubber armoring that helps it impress you with its durability even in the roughest conditions.

Furthermore, the model is nitrogen filled so it can be waterproof and fog proof, which is something that outdoorsy people will appreciate.

You also get a fully multi-coated optical system on all air to glass surfaces and low light performances, all for a modest price.

Its long eye relief and large depth of field provide the best chances for comfortable viewing under constant motion, no matter if you’re an eyeglass wearer or not.



When compared to other monoculars from different brands, this model has nothing that helps it stand out. The things it comes equipped with are of the highest quality, but not innovative or unique. It is a simple piece that does its job well but not outstandingly.


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16. Leica Sport Optics Monovid


This thing is tiny enough to comfortably slip into your pants pocket since it measures just 1.4 x 3.9 x 1.4 inches. The weight is less than a quarter of a pound, and the eye relief is at 15mm, so it should be convenient to use with or without eyeglasses.

The 20mm objective lens on the Leica-made provides you with 8X magnification and a view that is clear and crisp, without any blur or distortion. The resolution and contrast are incredible, giving you the feeling of truly being next to what you’re observing.

The monocular offers you a field of view that is 360 feet wide from 1,000 yards, and the close focusing distance of the unit itself is at 6’11″. Needless to say, it will be highly useful in all weather and light conditions, and its rugged body is capable of withstanding years of intensive use.



The Leica monocular uses a roof prism design, which combines phase correction coatings with enhanced light transmission to provide optimum resolution, contrast and accurate colors to the one using the product.

The item also includes a water-repellent Aqua-Dura coating on the outer lens that is efficient in keeping water and dust away from the internal components. Adjusting the focus is also easy and fast.

Because the seller provided an accessory close-up lens, you can view items at distances as close as 10 inches, which is more than other companies offer.

Other accessories include the eyepiece cover and a carrying bag with an attached belt loop.



The price tag is really the only complaint about the monocular that we’ve encountered so far. It is full of features, but it is not budget-friendly.

Also, the lens gets smudgy pretty quickly, and you’ll have to wipe it clean often with a piece of cloth.


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17. Celestron Oceana


The rugged Celestron monocular is designed for those people who enjoy water sports and activities that involve wet conditions. Engineered by experts to withstand the elements, this monocular is fully waterproof and fog-proof. Moreover, its housing is protected by a durable rubber armor that has anti-slip properties too.

This makes the unit easy to grip, and it protects it from hard use. The gadget features BAK4 prism glass and, as expected, fully multi-coated lenses for a high-contrast image. A built-in compass allows you to establish your direction, and the 8x magnification is strong enough to reveal distant details.

If you’re out at dawn, you’ll appreciate the light-gathering ability of the impressive 42mm objective lens. The Oceana model is a useful tool for both experts and beginners, and it is intuitive when it comes to figuring out its quirks. We should also mention that the images seen at higher magnifications are stable and not shaky.



As an optical instrument, this unit from Oceana series offers professional features like the high-grade BaK-4 prisms and its fully multi-coated optics for improved light transmission.

It comes with an integrated compass and reticle, and its ergonomic body will never fall from your hands, especially since it also features a rubber armor with an anti-slip texture.

A wider field like the one on this piece is much more comfortable for viewing, and it makes it much easier for you to find the object you wish to observe.

Moreover, the comfortable 18mm of eye relief this Celestron monocular provides is suitable for eyeglass wearers.



One recurrent complaint is that the compass is not as accurate as it is supposed to be, especially if it’s your only way of figuring out your directions.

Others wished the seller would offer more accessories in the box, to make up for its flaws.


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Best monocular for surveillance


Finding the best surveillance monocular is a task that comes with many challenges. If you are new to shopping for a device of this kind, we can help. To do so, we have prepared a list of aspects that should not be ignored when shopping in this line of products.

Purchasing a good surveillance monocular is a difficult task. To help you make a decision, we have composed a list of products that have received positive reviews from current owners.



18. Gosky 12×55 High Definition


Another fun travel monocular that you should check out before making up your mind is the Gosky 12×55 High Definition. This item is quite powerful as it has a magnification ratio of 12x and an objective lens of 55mm. On top of that, this item is considered a great fit for those that enjoy outdoor activities, as the unit can deliver bright images.

If you happen to wear glasses, you will be happy to find out that this item comes provided with a long eye relief and with twist-up eyecups.

To cater to all the needs of its users, the manufacturer also provides its buyers with a smartphone adapter that allows them to take photographs and to record videos of the area that they are surveilling.

Technically-speaking, this choice comes fitted with a large BAK-4 prism and with a multi-coated, green-film objective lens that can deliver bright and crisp images. The solid framework and the rubber armor that this item feature make it suitable to be used in a wide array of circumstances.


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19. Gosky Titan 12X50


Another budget monocular that might interest you is the Gosky Titan 12X50. This pack consists of a monocular and a practical smartphone mount, and it is currently regarded as a safe investment for those that are looking for a device that is perfect for surveillance.

The BAK-4 prism that it incorporates, and the fully multi-coated lens coating that the item features make it quite functional and likely to supply you with quality images.

Plus, the rubber armor of the model is shock-absorbing and quite durable according to previous buyers. Additionally, the rubber straps that are fitted on the armor are said to provide the user with the needed grip when handling the device.

As expected, this model is waterproof and it has a nitrogen-filled interior. Also, thanks to the O-sealed optics, this monocular can be used no matter the weather. A tripod mount is also incorporated on its bottom.


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20. Solomark Night Vision


If you want to invest in a sturdy product, and you don’t mind spending some extra dollars in order to do so, this next item is just what you need.

This gadget comes provided with numerous features, and it is said to be suitable to be used when observing targets in almost complete darkness. Therefore, the unit can be used when hunting at dusk or when exploring the wildlife in caves.

Furthermore, this monocular has a multi-coated glass objective and a high-sensitivity sensor that is considered rather practical by previous users.

Even more so, the model has an integrated color LCD screen, as well as a 7-level IR LED illuminator that can help its owners see in the dark up to 328ft or 100m.

Differently from most products out there, this item also enables the users to take photos and videos of the area that they are observing without using an additional device. The recorded content can be easily transferred to one’s computer.


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21. Solomark Camera & Camcorder


If you are looking for one of those lightweight monoculars that are multi-functional, this Solomark alternative might fit your needs.

This nighttime device has a 500 feet/150m night vision range, and it comes supplied with a color LCD screen and with a 73-level IR LED illuminator that can help you observe different targets in complete darkness.

Because of the many features that it has, this choice can be used for hunting, navigation, and security surveillance.

On top of that, this item allows its owners to take photos and videos of their surroundings, as it also incorporates an 8GB SD card.  For extra convenience, this device is also compatible with a 64GB card. The choice runs on 4 AA rechargeable batteries that are not included in the deal.

Additionally, a mini USB cable, an AV cable, a carrying case, and a neck strap are also provided by the seller.


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22. Vortex Optics Solo S105


With the Solo option you can be sure that you will always have a quality optical device close at hand. This compact option does not sacrifice on features and performance, it remains easy to carry and capable of delivering quality viewing for outdoor enthusiasts who wish to bring nature a little closer to them.

This option offers a high magnification of 10x with a modest objective lens diameter of 25mm. The smaller lens diameter is required to maintain the compact design of this monocular, but since all the glass surfaces are fully multi-coated, you will still be able to enjoy good performance even in low-light conditions.

Vortex Optics uses a roof prism for greater durability and a more compact size. The unit is also ready to handle a wide range of environments and weather conditions since it comes with water and fog protection as well as a rubber armor for durable external protection.



If you’re looking for a compact, lightweight, and easy-to-handle unit with just one hand, this item from Vortex represents a great investment.

The product features a strong case that is shockproof, fog-proof, and waterproof, meaning you will be able to enjoy clearer images regardless of the weather conditions. 

The adjustable eyecup allows a maximum custom fit for comfortable viewing even by those who wear eyeglasses.

The rubber armor ensures a secure, non-slip grip, and durable external protection against shocks, water or fog. In other words, although lightweight, the Vortex Optics Solo represents a trustworthy gadget that you can take with you when hiking, hunting or watching birds.



Some customers were not pleased with the so-called protective pouch the item is delivered in. According to them, it is too thin to provide any protection and cannot be attached to your belt either, meaning you will have to carry the monocular in your hand at all times. 

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23. Carson 9×40 Tactical


If you are in the market for a budget monocular that is capable of offering similar performance and quality to the more expensive alternatives, the Carson 9×40 Tactical is a great choice for people that are on a tight budget. This model is a compact yet powerful companion ideal for tactical missions.

It is a very lightweight choice, and the compact body will make it very easy for you to store the monocular in your pocket, bag or backpack. When you are on the move, you will be able to grab the Carson Tactical to scout out the territory and get a closer look at the situation thanks to the generous 9x magnification.

The 40mm objective lens will let in a lot of light while the more than adequate field of view of 295 feet at 1000 yards will allow you to get a comprehensive view of your surroundings.



The product is lightweight and extremely portable, meaning you can take it with you anywhere you want. It is of great help for your outdoor tactical missions and activities, whether we’re talking about hunting or birdwatching.

The rubberized body ensures a comfortable, non-slip grip so that you can always have full control of the item, even if your palms are sweaty or the weather is rainy. 

The 9x magnification ratio allows you to see objects easily and clearly from afar.

This monocular is shipped with a sturdy hand strap that helps you keep the product next to you even when you’re not using it. You can attach it to your tool belt.



It is significantly heavier than other monoculars of similar technical specifications, so you may experience some hand fatigue if operating the product for a long while. 

Some customers experienced glare while using this monocular.

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Best lightweight monoculars


It can be quite difficult to find a good lightweight monocular if you don’t focus on a few features to help you narrow down on your choices. Thorough research of the market is a great first step, but few people have the time for such an undertaking. To make things simpler, we have outlined a few of the critical points of consideration when looking to purchase a quality monocular.

While we can’t decide for you, if you have trouble finding cheap lightweight monoculars, we have prepared a list of the top-rated models currently available on the market. These are the products that stood out due to their quality, compact design, and reliability.



24. Vortex Optics Solo


The Vortex Optics Solo offers a magnification of 8x and a 25mm objective lens all in a lightweight and compact body that is easy to carry in your pocket by using its nifty utility clip. To preserve the compact design without sacrificing on light transmission and resolution, the optics of this model are fully multi-coated.

The monocular features a fully rubber armored body which provides it with a non-slip grip and makes it capable of handling a drop or two. The Solo is also nitrogen purged and O-ring sealed, meaning that it can deliver waterproof and fog proof performance in any environment and weather condition.

For users that wear glasses, the adjustable eyecup can allow for a comfortable viewing experience with or without glasses. The wide field of view of 378 feet at 1000 yards makes this product a great all-around choice that can be used for a wide range of activities.



This waterproof monocular has a magnification ratio of 8x and a sizable objective that measures 25mm. It also comes supplied with a carrying pouch.

One feature that makes this device so well liked is its lightweight construction. So, this is the perfect purchase for those who like to go hiking.

Apart from being light, this product is also quite compact. Because of this, the choice will not take a lot of space in your backpack.

The unit is not only waterproof but also fog proof and shockproof. Consequently, you can use it no matter the weather.



There was one reviewer who said that he was not impressed with the performance of this device. Unfortunately, he did not go into details.

Some have argued that this monocular might be pricey for the features that it includes. Yet, it has received numerous positive reviews from most of its users.


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25. Wingspan Optics Titan


With a magnification of 12x, this is the most powerful monocular on our list and it is a great choice for people that are looking to observe distant objects with superb clarity and brightness. The lens diameter is equally impressive, at 50mm it will allow copious amounts of light to enter the objective so that you can enjoy impressive performance even in low-light environments.

The upgraded structural optics will allow users to identify the target and enjoy a face-to-face level of detail with increased precision and accuracy. The quality of this unit can also be observed when it comes to comfort and ease of use. The ergonomically designed single hand focus and ComfortGrip design will make you want to never stop using this option.

While this might be a lightweight choice, it is also durable as a tank. The monocular is waterproof, climate-proof, fog proof and drop resistant thanks to the external body DuraArmor that will eliminate the fear of damage.



With a magnification ratio of 12x and a lens objective of 50mm, this is one of those devices that have a considerably sizeable field of view.

The unit is particularly easy to utilize given its simple construction and it features an ergonomic design that makes it comfortable.

It is very much durable as it was made using high-quality materials. It is also fog, water, and climate proof.

This option is lightweight and portable and it is the perfect unit for those who enjoy taking long hikes.



One aspect that you should know about before ordering it is that this product does not include a tripod mount. Some buyers consider this a drawback.

It has been remarked that the rubber eyecup is too small in size and that, because of it, users that happen to wear glasses cannot enjoy a comfortable viewing experience. Not many owners agreed with this remark.


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26. Orion 10×42 Waterproof


The Orion option comes in a very advantageous small size, but it manages to provide high optical performance thanks to the more than generous 42mm objective lens and the quality BK07 roof prism. As far as magnification goes, the 10x power and the wide field of view will make it easy to track moving objects.

We were also pleased to learn that this unit comes with an amazing near focus distance of just 20 inches, which will allow you to observe your target even when it gets really close to you. This feature makes this particular option great for bird and wildlife watching.

The waterproof rubber-armored construction will ensure that this option can be used for viewing in almost any weather. In the package, you will also find a removable carrying strap so that you can place the monocular around your neck during hikes or climbing sessions.



This choice is compact and portable and it is ideal to be used for hand-held scanning and for minute applications such as birdwatching.

It has a close focus of 20 inches and it can be utilized to view birds and objects up-close. It has a 10x magnification ratio.

The unit measures 6.1 inches in length and it only weighs 11 ounces. The 42mm optics that it features are fully multi-coated with anti-reflection coatings.

Its body has an armored construction and it is 100% waterproof. Yet, it is not recommended that you use it for scuba diving.



One owner was dissatisfied with this product because he was shipped a model that had a distorted field of view. Only one reviewer observed this issue.

Because the threads used to make the mount are manufactured of plastic, chances are that they will break rather rapidly if the device is mishandled or dropped. 


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27. BARSKA Style 10×25


If affordability is on your mind, and you want to get a quality budget monocular, we believe that the BARSKA alternative fits the bill perfectly. This is an option built for fast action on the go, and it fits easily in any backpack, pocket or purse without adding excessive weight or bulk.

The compact design makes it very comfortable to use and hold, while the 10x powerful magnification will enable users to make very detailed observations of distant subjects. The 25mm objective lens might be on the lower side, but the anti-reflection fully coated optics will help with light transmission and performance in shadowed areas.

The entire monocular is wrapped in a very durable rubber armor that comes with raised finger grooves designed to provide grip stability and slip-resistance. Together with your purchase, you will also get a multi-pocket neoprene pouch for storing and a nifty neck strap to help you transport the device.



This alternative features fully multi-coated optics so that its owners can enjoy clear and bright images. 

Given its design, this item is compact and lightweight and it is a good choice for those who enjoy traveling and going on hikes.

If you decide to acquire it, you will also be provided with a neoprene pouch that has extra pockets, as well as with a neck strap.

The model was made using a non-slip material and it is ideal for outdoor activities. You can also pack it with you when you are going to a sporting event.



Even though this product can supply users with crisp, clear images, some buyers said that there are other devices that have a better image quality.</p>

This is a budget-friendly model. Still, some customers noted that there are also similar products at a lower price. This aspect is not regarded as a significant drawback by most of its current owners. 


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28. Opticron T3 Trailfinder


This item is available in two magnification powers, so right off the bat, we suggest picking the one that you need the most. The 8x model works best when used for outdoor activities such as birdwatching or wildlife viewing in general, and the 10x one does the same under these circumstances, but you might also want to employ it for basic stargazing.

Both of these come with a 25mm objective lens diameter, so this device is capable of capturing a little less light compared to some of the others we’ve mentioned in this selection. However, the Opticron unit does come with a series of pros, all of which need to be considered.

For example, it boasts fully multi coated optics and it comes with a long eye relief that allows even eyeglass wearers to use the item conveniently. Also, the nitrogen gas filled waterproof build renders it durable and fogproof, too.



This model is a great alternative for birding and other similar outdoor activities, both because it is waterproof and fogproof and because its magnification power recommends it for this purpose.

The eye relief is comfortable to use, making this device a great alternative for people who wear or don’t wear eyeglasses just as well.

Easy one hand operation is made possible thanks to the slide bar focusing that this unit comes with.

On top of everything, the optical components of this product are fully multi-coated, so you’ll benefit from plenty of image brightness and clarity.

A strap, a case, as well as a cleaning cloth are provided in the box.



Despite being very good, the optics of this device are not Zeiss or Leica level, so keep your expectations realistic.

It is not as affordable as similar models, such as one by Vortex we’ve also described here.


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29. Vixen 1121-04


It might seem a little counterintuitive for us to have added this device to the list, and that’s because it doesn’t come with the same magnification power of some of the others we’ve discussed. The Vixen choice has a 6x magnification power, so to a certain extent, it is less suitable for various outdoor applications such as wildlife viewing.

On top of everything, the model is outfitted with a 16mm objective lens, which practically means that it cannot gather the same amount of light as those that come with a 25mm objective. However, it is lightweight, compact, and highly portable, and it can also be used as a magnifier.

It proves its worth in situations where you want to look at pieces of art in a museum, for example, and you are not allowed to get too close to the exhibits. The near-focus of this unit is as short as 10 inches. You can also look at birds outside your window.



The optics of this model make it worthy of your consideration as they’re said to be of top-notch quality.

The 6x magnification and 16mm objective lens diameter make this device a great choice if you want to look at pieces of art in museums, for example.

Also, you can utilize it to look at animals that are closer than those you might encounter in the forest or when you’re hiking.

It comes with a cap for both of its ends, and that’s another advantage you need to consider since many models don’t come with a cap at all.  

A carry pouch is also part of the deal with this alternative.



We do not recommend this item for uses such as long-distance hunting or wildlife viewing because its magnification power might not be enough for such applications.

If you enjoyed reading this article, perhaps you might want to have a look at the one we wrote about trail cameras.


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Best mini monocular


If you are searching for a good mini monocular, but it’s maybe your first one, then you surely want to make an informed decision. In case you don’t know what features make a great mini pocket monocular, you’ve come to the right place. Check out the guide below and you’ll learn how to make the right call in a convenient and effective manner. We also suggest reading some of our other articles, such as those we’ve written on budget monoculars or the guide we put together about getting monocular scopes.

Whether you’re looking for a decent monocular for hunting or you want one to look at birds or other types of subjects, the fact is that choosing one from the many models available for sale these days can be a challenge. To make your decision-making process a little easier to handle, we’ve showcased some of our favorite models below. Many mini monocular reviews recommend these devices as they seem to do what they are supposed to.



30. Celestron Nature 10×25


The Celestron Nature monocular is a great alternative for people who spend a lot of time outdoors and want to make sure that they’ll invest in a highly versatile unit that’s capable of excellent performance. The model comes with almost everything you might want from such a device.

It boasts multi-coated lenses, so that means that its optical transmission is on point. The waterproof and rugged design makes it possible for this model to be capable of withstanding the test of time. Also, you can use just one hand to focus the image thanks to the diopter focus dial that it comes with.

The durable armor that the Celestron Nature is equipped with makes for a secure gripping surface. This pocket-sized monocular is accompanied by several accessories, too, so you’ll be getting the best bang for the buck. The set includes a belt case, a cleaning cloth, as well as a lanyard.



With this model from Celestron, you get a more powerful magnification than with similar models – 10x.

The 304 FoV makes it possible for you to visualize birds as they fly.

The twist eyecup boasted by this model makes it possible for it to be enjoyed both by people who wear glasses and those who don’t.

This is a waterproof monocular, so it won’t be affected by nasty weather.

The product is delivered with three accessories – a lanyard, a belt case, as well as a cleaning cloth.

Since it weighs in at just 6 ounces, it is one of the lightest models out there.



Since the focus ring is a little stiff, the one-handed operation promised by the manufacturer might be a bit of a challenge.

It doesn’t come with a lens cap, and you might need one if you’re looking to extend the life of the product.


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31. Vortex Solo R/T


Even though it comes in a compact and lightweight package, the Solo R/T by Vortex is one of the top recommended tactical monoculars out there. It comes with an 8x magnification power and an objective lens that measures 36mm. Right off the bat, it’s easy to see that this model is capable of gathering a lot more light compared to alternatives that come with a similar magnification.

Also, this one, too, is equipped with fully multi-coated lenses that feature anti-reflective coatings, so the images you will be able to look at are going to be crystal clear. On top of everything, this unit boasts a flared eyecup, and if you’ve ever wondered why it can be useful, we’ll tell you. It can block external light, allowing you to focus on what you’re looking at.

The eyecup can be adjusted depending on whether you wear glasses or not or just your sight. It’s also worth noting that this model is fitted with a utility clip that can be used for you to attach it to a belt or a vest.



Like many other monoculars that can be used for outdoor activities, this one comes with a textured rubber armor that will allow you to get a good hold onto it.

This model is both waterproof and fogproof, so even if the weather is particularly bad, that doesn’t mean that you can’t use this optical instrument.

Furthermore, the fully multi-coated lenses boasted by this choice will make it possible for you to look at bright pictures of your targets or favorite subjects.

Focusing the image can be done effortlessly since this model comes with a large focus wheel, as well as a smaller reticle focus.



The carry case quality isn’t exactly something to write home about.


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32. Carson CloseUp CF-718


With its lightweight and user-friendly design, this Carson model is definitely worthy of your consideration if you aren’t looking for the most powerful magnification. This 6x model comes with an 18mm objective lens, so it is a good idea to you use it during the day, when there’s plenty of light that can penetrate the interior of the optical device.

Probably the neatest thing about this product is its field of view as you’ll be able to take advantage of the 427 feet at 1,000 yards especially if you’re passionate about birdwatching. For hunting, travel, surveillance, sightseeing, as well as low-vision reading, this model can be an asset.

But wait, that’s not all. You can also use the extreme close focus of just 10 inches that this unit comes with. Therefore, this product is significantly versatile as it allows you to look at both distant subjects and those that are closer to you.



If you truly are in the market for a model that’s as compact as possible, then this one will definitely meet your expectations in terms of a ‘mini’ design.

The 6x magnification is adequate for activities such as birdwatching and sightseeing, and even hunting, in some cases.

Since it comes with an 18mm objective lens, this model is both small enough and anything but heavy, so you can use it as an effective device for traveling.

The 10-in close focus is great for people who want to use the monocular for activities such as reading, for example.

It’s also worth noting that the product comes accompanied with several accessories ranging from a lens cloth to a wrist strap.



There’s only a small margin where the device is actually in focus, so that might make operating it a little challenging.


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33. Carson BlackWave WM-025


Even though it doesn’t cost a fortune, unlike some of the other products in this particular line, the BlackWave is a highly effective waterproof monocular that comes with a 10x magnification power and a 25mm objective lens. These two specs come in handy if you’re into outdoor activities like hunting and wildlife viewing.

Something that’s less impressive about this product, though, is the fact that its field of view is just 273 feet at 1,000 yards, so it is less suitable for people who want to look at birds in flight.

Weighing in at only 4.4 ounces, it’s pretty easy to tell that this optical instrument is among the lightest of its kind. Its nitrogen-filled glass lenses render it durable and capable of withstanding a wide array of meteorological conditions. Additionally, this device ships with several accessories. You also get a strap, a lens cloth, and a pouch.



The close focus feature of this alternative allows you to look at subjects located at just four feet from you.

The 10x magnification means that this device is powerful enough to be used to track your targets or the animals you want to look at.

Moreover, the 25mm objective lens is more than capable of gathering plenty of light so that the images you look at are clear and bright.

The item is shipped with a strap, a pouch that will allow you to carry it conveniently and safely, and a lens cloth that will assist you in cleaning it.

The waterproof design boasted by this choice makes it the perfect option for outdoor applications.



The field of view isn’t necessarily something to write home about since it’s not the best when it comes to looking at birds that are flying.

The 10x magnification can be a disadvantage if you have shaky hands.


Buy from





Best handheld monocular


Monoculars are a combo between telescopes and binoculars. Like its brothers, these monoculars use lenses and prisms to reflect light to magnify an image accurately, and just like telescopes, they contain a single body and viewing lens, which is why their body is ergonomic. While magnification levels are often modest, a monocular can be a fitting alternative to the chunky standard binoculars and may even have some other advantages over the more popular viewing device. Now let’s learn about their must-have features.

Based on the criteria above, below you have some products that met our high standards and that are going to be by your side for many years to come. Each is well-made and impressive on its own.



34. Wingspan Optics Adventure


Unlike traditional models, the Wingspan Optics Adventure puts high levels of brightness, enhanced clarity and intricate details in your hands without costing a fortune. It comes with an armor exterior that lets you take it anywhere, and it is engineered to handle any weather conditions you might find yourself in.

It is also useful to know that it delivers an extended range of view to let you see details at 1,000 yards away and that producing a bright image in dim light conditions is not a problem for the gadget. Buyers also like that it is fog-proof, waterproof, and also impact-resistant.

You should feel free to use it in rough and humid environments because it will survive. It feels good in the hands of the user due to the ergonomic enhancements of the design, and it won’t disappoint even if you use it daily since it was constructed to be highly responsive.



The unit comes with the DiamondBright technology, and it offers impressive brightness, clarity, and color differentiation.

You can easily use it to target and observe your point of interest since the device has a wide view and can zoom in without any distortion or color bleeding. The Adventure monocular is lightweight and portable as well, so you will always be prepared when a rare bird comes in sight.

Moreover, we can safely say that it is water and fog proof and that it has a durable design meant to defy nature and bad weather while being a pleasure to use at the same time.



Buyers said that although the image is clear at maximum magnification, the device has issues when it comes to keeping it stable, especially if you move around. They say that using a tripod might solve that issue, even if it means spending extra money.


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35. Nikon 7394 High Grade


Nikon is a trusted brand when it comes to cameras, but it offers a few models of monoculars to customers, and they’re exceptionally well-made, like this one. It weighs just 2.6 oz., making it one of the lightest products in this category. This way, it can fit well in a purse or backpack.

The lens coatings are multi-layered, as expected from a premium product, and the 5x magnification is significant enough for excellent viewing, but small enough that you won’t have to worry about your hand shaking and about distortion. Buyers who wear glasses won’t have to remove them to make use of the tool.

The model also offers a 472-foot field of view at 1000 yards, and it comes equipped with a 15mm objective lens. You’ll also enjoy using the smooth rubber eyecup, while the internal focusing system will make sure adjusting the focus won’t be frustrating.



If you want something tiny, this is exactly what this machine provides. It comes equipped with a 5x magnification and a 472-foot field of view at 1000 yards, which is decent considering how small its footprint is.

The diameter of the objective lens if of 15mm and the lens comes with multi-layered anti-reflective coatings for better low and bright light performance. And the views will also have accurate colors with no blur.

The gadget is small to fit in a pocket or purse, and it only weighs 2.6 ounces. The 15.8mm eye relief the machine sports allows use by eyeglass wearers as well, which is a noteworthy bonus.



When it comes to downsides, some buyers have noticed that the model doesn’t have a non-slip surface, which would make outdoor use much more comfortable.

Moreover, its list of features is not outstanding, especially if you correlate it to the price of the product.


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36. Orion 10-25×42 Zoom


This is a budget-priced piece, but it doesn’t appear to be short on highlights and features. The Orion-made monocular is a mere seven inches in length, and it features a 42mm objective lens. Moreover, the unit weighs 12 ounces. The eye relief on this monocular is of 14mm.

Buyers also like that the close focus distance is a very convenient 20 inches, which allows you to examine objects near or far carefully. In the box, you’ll also find a soft nylon case with a belt loop and the very helpful carrying wrist-strap, which is to be appreciated as accessories can be expensive.

There’s no reason to talk about image clarity, as results will speak for themselves. The model is waterproof, and it rocks a rubber-coated body that protects the zoom monocular from the natural elements and occasional tumbles. It is surprising that you get so many important things for such a decent price.



The first thing that it offers is variable zoom from 10X to 25X. And to minimize the shake you get at maximum magnifications, the monocular is tripod-adaptable. The images it provides are crystal clear and full of rich detail.

The field of view through its lens is praised by past buyers, especially since it has no blind spots. And considering the 42mm objective lens, it is surprising that you get both for a budget-friendly price.

This monocular uses a high-quality roof prism, and the optics are multi-coated. The focus mechanism is represented by a central wheel that’s fast and responsive.



The accessories you get in the box are halfway decent, but not terrific in any way. The nylon carrying case provides a rather tight fit, meaning you’ll have to work hard and waste energy when you try to remove the monocular, and vice versa when you have to put it back.


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Best travel monoculars


Finding a good travel monocular can be a daunting task since you have so many options available for sale these days. Luckily for you, we came up with a guide that should take you through all of the essential aspects that you need to have on your mind when you are in the market for a brand new optical instrument of this kind.

Since we’ve written extensively about other types of devices, we would like to suggest some of our other posts to you. Check out our insight on astronomy binoculars, high-end handheld telescopes, or budget monoculars.

After going through hundreds of travel monocular reviews, we have created a selection of those models that have impressed the people who have given them a try. Browse through our favorite devices below. While you’re doing your reading about such optical devices, maybe you’d like to learn more about opera binoculars or find out what bino packs are worth investing in.



37. ROXANT Wide View


Searching for a really compact and durable monocular that you can take with you absolutely everywhere? If this is what you have been looking for, then you ought to consider the ROXANT alternative. It’s effective, sturdy, and it can last for a more than decent amount of time.

There are several things that we must note in relation to this product, however. Probably the most important mention we must make is that this one comes with a 6x magnification and a 30mm objective lens. So, on the one hand, you can strictly use this monocular only during the day as its light-gathering abilities aren’t excellent due to the size of the objective lens.

On the other hand, the 6x magnification won’t allow you to take a peek at very distant subjects, so using it for some types of outdoor activities (including stargazing) might be out of the question. The unit is accompanied by a retractable eyecup so that it can be used both by eyeglass wearers and those who don’t need them.



If you decide to give a shot to this alternative, you’ll get not just the monocular itself, but also a series of accessories ranging from a carry pouch to a neck strap and a cleaning cloth.

The 6x magnification and 30mm objective lens are decent if you do not want to look at particularly distant subjects.

The rugged design boasted by this option makes it worthy of your consideration as it can be held in one’s hand comfortably and effectively.

Besides, this model is outfitted with glass optics, so it isn’t one of those cheap monoculars you can do without.



Some users note that the magnification is underpowered for the amount of money you have to spend to get this product.


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38. Aurosports 8-24×30 Zoom


This device is more or less unique, especially if you were to compare it to some of the others that we have added to the list. It is a zoom monocular, so it doesn’t come with a fixed magnification. The magnification range that you will benefit from, should you choose to try this alternative, is 8 to 24x, so that makes this product suitable for a wide array of applications from watching concerts to birding.

Despite its magnification, the Aurosports unit comes with a 30mm objective lens, so again, you have to use it only during the day. Even though the manufacturing brand claims that you will be able to utilize this item even at night and in low-light conditions, that’s not exactly true.

One thing that this product comes with and that you will find helpful is it being equipped with an adjustable focus length. Besides, the dual focus design will allow you to set the image as per your needs and the subject you are trying to look at. The waterproof and high-quality design boasted by the product is another aspect that recommends it.



This zoom monocular can prove its worth under a variety of circumstances such as wildlife watching or concert viewing.

The durable design makes the product withstand the test of time, which is something you definitely want from your travel monocular.

It’s easy to use and versatile and it can be utilized to look at many types of subjects, both indoors and outdoors.

The quality optics that the unit is fitted with makes it possible for the user to enjoy a superior image.

The unit is accompanied by a tripod and a phone clip.



Getting the lens in focus can be a tad difficult, based on what some consumers have reported.


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Best 10×42 monoculars


Is it possible to find a good 10×42 monocular that comes with a decent price tag? The answer is ‘yes’, but you will need to research the various models available on the market to identify the best one of them all. We want to come to your aid and provide you with all the needed information for an educated decision. Save time and effort by using the advice we give below.

By looking at the 10×42 monocular reviews offered by users and experts, we noticed that a few models gather most of the attention due to their outstanding features and performance. We brought them all together here so that you can easily take your pick.



39. Wingspan Optics ProSpotter


The Wingspan Optics ProSpotter is a high-quality monocular for hiking that can be conveniently used outdoors, on your hunting trips, when camping, and so on. The image quality, as you might well expect by now, is superior and you won’t have an issue spotting your prey if you are a hunter, or a bird hidden in tree foliage if you are a passionate bird watcher.

It must be mentioned that this model comes with a lifetime warranty, and it is built to resist wear and tear. Its resistance to shocks, as well as the fact that it is waterproof, fog proof, and dustproof, contribute to its overall excellent value.

The monocular comes equipped with adjustable eyecups so that even people with glasses can use it without a glitch. One thing that must be added is that the manufacturer offers four ebooks on expert bird watching, free of charge.



The image quality is superior, and that makes this monocular a good option for bird watchers, and hunters, as well as for people who are interested in nature viewing, in general.

You can use this monocular in all climate conditions because it is resistant to a wide variety of weather conditions; it is dustproof, as well as waterproof and fog proof, and it has a construction resilient to shocks.

Its convenience expands beyond the standard capabilities of a monocular, as its adjustable eyecups allow even people with eyeglasses to use it in optimal comfort.

In case you intend to become a bird watching aficionado, the manufacturer includes four ebooks on this fascinating activity.



One reviewer notices that despite the overall excellent optics quality, the image tends to get a little softer around the edges; still, the reviewer considers this monocular a good deal.

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40. Wingspan Optics NatureScope


A handheld monocular for bird watching makes perfect sense for anyone who wants to admire nature in all its splendor while sitting at a comfortable distance from easy to scare birds and animals. This monocular offers excellent optics quality, and its durable exterior ensures that slips and drops won’t cause a small tragedy. At the same time, the monocular offers a non-slip grip to ensure that you won’t drop it in the first place.

You can use it with your glasses, or without them, as you see fit because the monocular is designed to accommodate all users. Waterproof and fog proof, it is a good option for anyone who likes to spend a lot of time in the wild, watching nature, or hunting.

One could say that this model is a must have for a bird watcher, seeing that the manufacturer offers four ebooks on the topic, to make the user’s endeavor easier while learning the secrets of spotting rare birds in their natural habitat.



The monocular offers optimal optics performance for observing wildlife, as well as for nature viewing, and hunting.

Its compact size makes it very portable, something that is much appreciated by people who need to haul a lot of equipment with them, such as hunters.

An added plus is the fact that the monocular is just as comfortable for people who don’t wear glasses and those who do, due to the adjustable eyecups.

The O-ring construction keeps away dust, moisture, and other debris; that means that you get excellent waterproof performance, among other advantages.

With the help of the four free ebooks on bird watching, offered by the manufacturer, you can hone your observation skills on your next trips.



While the combination of 10x magnification and 42mm lens is ideal for portability and image stability, there are some reports from users that the image can be a bit shaky at times.

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41. Opticron BGA WP


A monocular must come equipped with a few features that can be considered basic. First of all, the optics construction must ensure that the image you will see is clear and bright. The Opticron BGA WP manages to do that, due to its roof prism design, and it is not the only thing that it does well. The monocular is also compact and lightweight.

Another thing that we must mention is the nitrogen purged construction that ensures proper waterproof capabilities for the model. Using fully multi-coated optics, the monocular has no troubles offering you performance at a decent price.

Even if you are wearing glasses, you will find the Opticron BGA WP easy to use. You will get the same full field of view as someone who doesn’t wear glasses, and that speaks directly of the convenience offered by this model. Its pocket size is another aspect that might convince you this is the right monocular for you.



The roof prism design ensures that this monocular offers proper image performance, and contributes to its overall value.

You will get a waterproof monocular that will behave well in any weather, due to its nitrogen purged construction that does not allow droplets of water to condense inside.

People who wear glasses will find this model an excellent option for nature viewing, as the particular construction will allow them to use the monocular without a glitch.

Its close focus is another excellent trait that should be listed on a list of advantages; looking at objects on the move does not suffer from the usual loss of focus, as a result.

You will love the portability of this pocket-sized monocular that is not only compact but also lightweight.



It can be said that this monocular is a bit more expensive than similar models on the market, and some may argue that its overall performance doesn’t necessarily justify the difference in price.

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Best monocular brands


The market is overflowing with a myriad of similar monocular brads. So, let’s take a look and see what each of them brings to the table.


Bushnell is a manufacturer that managed to make a name for itself in this line of products. The models that it manufactures are of high quality and are ideal for outdoor activities. Its products are usually weather protected, they have fully-coated lenses and are very durable (made from high-quality materials), a reason why many users recommend them. Pricewise, most models produced by Bushnell are affordable.



Another highly regarded brand that all hunters are familiar with is Vortex Optics. This manufacturer designs and produces a wide range of gear that can be used during hunting outings, bird and wildlife watching, outdoor sports as well as by law enforcement.

The optical instruments that it produces (binoculars, spotting scopes, riflescopes, and various other accessories) are seen as quality products by experts and buyers alike.


This brand is particularly a favorite of bird watchers. In fact, the Wingspan Optics are renowned for manufacturing top-notch, compact optical devices that can be used while bird watching. What is more, the models that they produce can be purchased by everybody, including those that are on a budget.

What is more, this brand has some of the best online ratings. Therefore, this manufacturer is highly regarded and should be considered.


If you are looking for a manufacturer that comes from a line of tradition, you should go online and search for Celestron. This company is known for producing all types of optical gadgets, including binoculars, spotting scopes, and microscopes.

The manufacturer is recognized as one of the manufacturers that offer its buyers the possibility of using computerized software programmes that can accurately locate different objects.


This manufacturer joined the business in 1990 and has prospered ever since. With a background of over 25 years in the trade, this producer has continually tried to cater to the needs of its customers by improving their experience.

Also, Carson describes itself as a company that is committed to offering buyers quality products at affordable prices. Most users that have opted for their products were happy with them.


Barska optics need no introduction. This manufacturer offers its buyers a wide selection of instruments and accessories that are safe and reliable. The monoculars that they produce can deliver crisp magnified images and are very much potable.

Their optic gear comes provided with many interesting and practical features that most users appreciate. Moreover, they include a patterned non-slip rubber armoring that is said to prevent slips and to enhance the models’ maneuverability.


Steiner is another manufacturer that all monocular enthusiasts have heard about. The models that it produces are regarded as great German value items that are worth the money. Steiner is nevertheless linked to the development of the indestructible rubber-armored Makrolon® housing.

What is more, Steiner is known for its water-repellant Nano-Protection® lenses and its overall durable and reliable models that can perform well in difficult environments and critical situations.


Described as small but powerful, the monoculars crafted by Carl Zeiss are ideal for sporting events or outdoor activities. The products developed by Carl Zeiss need no introduction. In fact, this manufacturer is well known for its remarkable quality, multi-layer coatings, and sleek design.

Another advantage of these models is the fact that they are rather small by comparison to other similar alternatives. Besides, some gadgets are very versatile as they allow one to also magnify at close range.


Last but not least, we couldn’t have ended this list without mentioning Nikon. This Japanese manufacturer stands out thanks to the fact that it supplies its users with products that are reliable and durable.

What is more, this company has a long line of tradition that goes back a century. Therefore, this brand has had enough time to develop new technologies in order to improve its products.



Frequently asked questions about monoculars


Q: Which is better, a monocular or a binocular?

This is a particularly difficult to answer question. The two different varieties of optical devices have their own pros and cons. However, when deciding between the two it is crucial that you think about how you intend to use the instrument.

For instance, monoculars are recommendable for people that want a light, compact product that is easy to store and carry. On the other hand, binoculars can offer the advantage of allowing you to contemplate scenery while using both of your eyes. Also, they usually have a wider field of view and are considered more comfortable and less straining on the eye.

Q: What is monocular vision?

Usually, to understand this concept it is easier to compare it to the notion of binocular vision. Thus, while the first term refers to the action of looking at something while using just one of your eyes, binocular vision implies the use of both eyes.

Additionally, monocular vision is said to allow a deeper, more detail-focused perception of reality. Also, this vision gives one the ability to effortlessly estimate the distance between the observer and the object observed. Still, the latter type of vision supplies the user with a wider picture (field of view).


Q: Who invented the monocular?

Although the history of monoculars is innately linked to that of binoculars, it is believed that Ignatio Porro was the actual inventor of what we nowadays call a monocular. He was an engineer of Italian origins that moved to France in early 1840.

Here, he founded an institute and spent his time developing optical instruments. During the years spent in Paris, Ignatio Porro crafted the prism assembly, an important piece that can be found in monoculars as we know them today. In his work, he was assisted by Jean Georges Hofmann, a German optician.


Q: Why buy a monocular?

Monoculars and binoculars are two devices that have been constructed with the same purpose: to bring objects closer to the eye of the observer. However, there are a few advantages that a monocular brings that people generally agree upon.

For instance, monoculars are more compact and overall more lightweight than their counterpart. Moreover, by using a monocular the observer gets to correctly estimate the distance between objects. Lastly, monoculars are ideal if you are a light packer that wants a device that can help him/her see specific details in various landscapes and sights.



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Unavailable products


Wingspan Optics Scout 6X32 Compact Wide View Monocular with Carry Clip


If you are in the market for a compact model that has a wide view and that can easily be used while out hiking, we suggest that you check out the Wingspan Optics Scout 6X32 Compact.

The product has a waterproof exterior case that prevents moisture/ water from getting inside it. What is more, because the model is also fog proof, you can use it no matter the weather.

Also, the model has a wide view of no less than 6X32mm that supplies its user with a wide range of vision (1000yds).

Even more so, the unit is quite compact, as it easily fits in one’s hand, and is very light. Thus, you won’t find it difficult to carry it around.

Lastly, the model is considered quite cost-effective and has overall positive reviews from the current users.



Wingspan Optics Outdoorsman 8X42 Compact Wide View Monocular 


If you want a monocular that can do its job well but that is not expensive, we recommend that you check out the Wingspan Optics Outdoorsman 8X42 Compact. With an unbeatable price, this model can supply its users with bright, crisp images.

As a plus, this unit has a significantly wide view and it can safely be used while outdoors. In fact, this device is not only waterproof but also fogproof, dustproof and debris proof.

Similarly to the previous model, this monocular also comes fitted with adjustable eyecups. As a result, just in minutes, you’ll be able to quickly twist them up or down in order to get a better viewing of the surroundings.

As a way of showing its trust in the product’s quality, the manufacturer offers a 30 days trial period. If you are not happy with the device, you can return it and get your money back.



Flir 431-0008-31-00 Scout III 240 Camera


All those looking for a high quality, reliable model that won’t let you down when you need it should take a good look at the FLIR Systems Scout III-240 Thermal Imager. Although settling for this product means investing a few extra dollars, this device is well received by both users and experts.

This unit can supply its buyers with enhanced performance with 30Hz or 60Hz imaging and with advanced image processing.

As a plus, the unit can be used by all hunters due to the fact that it identifies the pray (heat signatures) at 1200 yards away.

Lightweight, this model only weighs 12 ounces and can easily fit in one’s pocket. Moreover, the manufacturer claims that this product is weather and impact-resistant so, you won’t have to worry about it being able to handle bad weather or unforeseen impacts.

Also, you can take pictures/make videos while using it.

Are you in the market for the best affordable monocular and you don’t have the time to spend on random internet browsing? Then allow this short paragraph to come to your aid in finding the product suitable to your needs. Our research based on budget monocular reviews shows that the Wingspan Optics Outdoorsman 8X42 is the best budget monocular available for sale. It comes with plenty of proof to support its case: drop proof, slip-proof, debris-proof, waterproof and fog proof, making it a sturdy, dependable product. You shouldn’t be concerned that it wouldn’t enable you to enjoy bird-watching because it is extremely lightweight which increases portability, making you always ready to sight a rare bird. And while we’re on that subject, you will be pleased to know that distance won’t be a problem because this product allows a wide view and zoom in, so even from 1000 yards out you’ll feel close to your passion. If the Wingspan Optics Outdoorsman 8X42 is out of stock, then look for the Steiner Miniscope 8×22 as it is a good inexpensive monocular as well.



So you are looking for a monocular that is capable of helping you enjoy your hobby. As you probably know by now, the choices are plenty. And with each product comes a plethora of details that may be confusing, at least to the untrained eye. Luckily, our eyes have endured many grueling hours of browsing, and they have allowed us to compile this comprehensive buying guide to help you decide. So pay attention below as we show you what the primary factors to consider when looking for the best monocular on a budget are.


A monocular with faulty lenses is a big no-no. You should look for quality material so even when you’re using the monocular at maximum magnification you should be able to have a clear, bright view. As you probably know the monocular works through the magic of light transmission offered by a prism. A better prism glass guarantees a clearer view.

You may find that some monoculars use Porro prisms while others use the standard roof prism. The difference between them is that the Porro prism optics are affected when drops and bumps happen, causing the image to become blurry, so you can either be very careful when buying a monocular with this type of optics or you may find that the roof prism system is more suitable for you.

Another thing to take into consideration is the focus ring that comes with the product. It should be able to apply to your hobbies so you won’t be bothered from enjoying your free time.

For example, if you are a bird watcher the focus ring should be able to move swiftly so that it will enable quick adjustments while tracking your feathery subjects of interest. On the other hand, if you are the type of person who tends to view objects that are more stationary then the focus ring should not be so easy to move, in fact, the more rigid, the better so that it won’t allow accidental movements.


Choosing right

The best advice you can possibly get right now is to choose the monocular that is the most suitable to your hobby. You need to read carefully the reviews that other users made after using the product and adjust accordingly.

The monocular can be used by a hunter, a hiker, a bird watcher and so on, but the needs vary along with the purpose. Every monocular comes with different characteristics, and you can find every piece of information you want after you choose one that you like so you’ll be able to use it properly.

There are people who, while going on trips, might like to take a closer look at some things and if you are a part of them, you should look for an affordable monocular for casual use. If you are a hunter or a bird watcher you might have to look for pricier products that otherwise offer an increased performance. A hiker might want to choose a sturdier, durable monocular that can withstand harsh conditions.



We all know that true beauty is found inside, but when it comes to the monocular the outside is just as important. The casing can be more durable if it has a rubber coating, or it can be easier to use if it has a comfortable grip.

Its sturdiness is crucial if you really need it to last. Other things that might persuade you in your browsing process are the features of the monocular, for example, if it is waterproof, shockproof and fog proof, for example, might just make it the one. One last thing, be careful with items made of plastic since they might not be as sturdy as you’d like them to be.



5 Best Affordable Monoculars (Reviews) in 2024


To make a choice easier for you, we have showcased below some of the best budget monoculars. After we carefully read the available information we managed to come up with this selection of recommended products. So give them a look to help you decide.



1. Wingspan Optics Outdoorsman 8X42 Compact Wide View Monocular


This monocular is suitable for both the beginner hobbyist and the avid bird watcher, and a big plus is that it comes at an affordable price. Its wide view will allow you to admire or study every bird in detail as if it were sitting at a hand’s reach even when you find yourself at 1000 yards of distance.

Don’t worry about having sore eyes after using this model because its adjustable eyecup provides a comfortable feel while also allowing you to keep your glasses on while looking for birds, ensuring an optimal view regardless of your vision impairment.

Coming with revolutionary optics technology that ensures a bright and clear view, the 8X42 features an easy access strap slot for a convenient grab in quick time.

It won’t slow you down as it is incredibly lightweight, making it extremely portable, keeping you always prepared for a rare bird sighting. The finishing touch that makes this monocular a great choice is its durability, being able to resist against dropping and slipping while also being water, fog and debris proof.



Besides the affordable price, the clear image this model offers its user makes it an ideal choice for both the experienced bird watchers and beginners alike. 

Thanks to the high-quality optics, the user can get clear images of the subject even when it is more than 1000 yards away, which is a pretty impressive performance. 

This model’s adjustable eyecup makes it easy to work with, even for those who wear glasses, thus providing a comfortable feel while you enjoy the benefits of spending time outdoors.

Specially created for outdoor enthusiasts who are looking for a very good performance at an affordable price, the unit is waterproof, fog proof, slip-proof, and dustproof. 



The strap it comes with is not adjustable, so this could be something to improve. 

For some users, it felt a bit heavier than they would’ve liked, so you might want to check the size before placing your order. 






2. Pankoo Monocular Telescopes 40×60 High Power Prism 


Are you an adventurer? A person of action? A real-life adventure hero? Then all you’re missing is this tiny piece of optic machinery. Its small size is guaranteed to enable you to carry it anywhere you might need it, being small enough to fit almost anywhere.

Or maybe you’ve got the last tickets to a concert or a play, and unfortunately, they are too far in the back? Fear not, because it will allow you to obtain an 8-power close-up view so you will get the picture too, not just the sound.

You won’t lose your focus easily because this product boasts a Sports-Auto-Focus system and it allows you to maintain your eyes on the prize with minimal refocusing, as long as that prize is at a distance of at least 20 meters.

Last but not least, its design makes it a handsome addition, being a somewhat futuristic minimalistic eye catcher.



What makes this scope stand out among many others in this category is the compact construction that allows you to carry it anywhere. 

Whether you are planning to go see a concert or a museum and you want to see all the details, this little handy device that weighs as little as 3 ounces is going to get the job done. 

Another aspect that makes it a great investment is the autofocus feature and allows you to see your subject with minimal adjustments. 

Last but not least, the cool and futuristic design makes this handy unit quite the conversation starter, so don’t be afraid to show it off to your friends as well. 



This is a small unit, so you shouldn’t expect the same performance offered by more powerful models, but it still gets the job done quite splendidly. 

Given its small size, make sure that you don’t misplace it around the house right before a night in which you are planning to use it at a concert. 






3. Carson 10×25 BlackWave Waterproof Monocular


Coming with a very sturdy and rugged design, the WM-025 from Carson is a monocular suited for the type of traveler that wants to take a closer look at the wonders provided by nature.

You don’t have to take extra care of it because it is capable of pulling through the harshest climates, making it ideal to take out on your outdoor adventures. Also, it won’t slow you down at all because, at only 4.4 oz, it is extremely lightweight and portable.

The WM-025 is capable of meeting your viewing needs in a multi-functional way thanks to a close focus feature of just 4 feet, at it captures 273 feet of a wide field from 1000 yards of distance.

It also comes with accessories, including a pouch, neck strap, and a lens cloth to clean eventual smudges. The construction has been performed with quality materials, including a BK-7 prism type and its glass lenses are nitrogen filled to prevent fogging.



With a rugged and sturdy design, this Carson monocular is the right partner for many outdoor adventures, especially since it features a waterproof construction as well. 

The field of view stands at 273 feet at 1,000 yards, which is quite generous considering that this is a rather compact unit. 

Thanks to the nitrogen-filled glass lenses, you don’t really need to worry about sudden temperature changes that might lead to humidity and fog. 

The package is delivered with a neck strap, pouch, as well as with a lens cloth that helps you keep the monocular clean and ready to be used. 



The zooming mechanism felt a bit loose in one case, so if you are dealing with the same issue, the manufacturer can provide all the necessary information. 

You will need to get used to it a bit and maybe find a stable surface during your viewings in case you have shaky hands. 






4. Vortex Optics Outdoor Optic Monocular 


When you go to a concert or out in the woods you might want to keep a quality optical instrument close at hand, and you can do just that with the S836 from Vortex Optics.

This solo monocular is compact and lightweight, making it carriable for those that seek to bring nature closer when they find themselves outdoors. You can keep it for quick external access by attaching it to flat edged surfaces through the integral utility clip.

This fine, easy to handle unit is capable of delivering crisp, clear images thanks to it fully multi-coated glass surfaces. Of course, it is also dependable because it is waterproof, fog proof and shockproof.

So, either if you plan to purchase it in order to help you with your hunting or you just want to store it in your backpack just in case you want to see something closer on your treks, this monocular will be a nice addition to your gear list.



This compact and lightweight unit is ideal for those who enjoy spending a lot of time in nature and who go on long hiking trips that require a comfortable but reliable monocular. 

Thanks to the multi-coated optics, the unit delivers clear images that allow you to see details of your subjects, so having it in your backpack is always a good idea. 

The unit can also be attached to flat surfaces that also have edges using the integral utility clip it comes with. 

Since we’re talking about a device that was created for those who want to spend time outside, it’s obviously waterproof, fog proof and shockproof. 



This is a budget monocular, so you should be aware that its performance cannot be compared to that of powerful high-end models. 

The instructions provided with the device can be a bit confusing, so if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to seek assistance from customer support. 






5. Celestron 71210 Nature 10 x 25 Monocular


If you plan on going on trips in damp environments, you might be pleased to find out that this monocular is protected, being waterproof and fog-proof, so rest assured, you will be able to use it anywhere.

It provides maximum resolution and high contrast views through multi-coated lenses. Also, don’t be concerned about having to treat it carefully because, thanks to its rubber covered exterior, this monocular will be able to withstand a few drops and bumps.

Thanks to its weight of only 6 ounces and its length of 6 inches, you won’t be burdened with extra bulk or weight by adding it to your hunting kit.

The 71210-CGL is very rugged and durable, its designers keeping an eye towards protecting the lenses, so even if you drop it front-first onto rocks or gravel, it’s unlikely to find the lenses scratched. Its reviewers find it great to use for viewing landscapes or other stationary subjects.



This model is one you can rely on in terms of durability, thanks to the high-quality materials used, but also to the rubber cover protection that keeps any shocks from damaging it. 

You might also want to know that the unit features a one-hand focus design, so it’s really easy to handle it with the diopter focus dial it includes. 

The eyecups are made of soft-rubber and specially created to be both comfortable and easy to use, even for those who are wearing eyeglasses. 

The waterproof and fog proof construction means that this Celestron device can be used even in damp environments, while the high-quality multi-coated optics ensure great viewings. 



According to some reviews, the unit can be perceived as a bit heavy considering that it features a generous rubber layer for protection. 

The focus might also be somewhat cumbersome until you get the hang of maneuvering it with one hand.


Whether you’re an accomplished hunter or an avid hiker, getting the best compact monocular can enrich your outdoor experiences and ensure you don’t miss a rare bird’s flight or an amazing scene. Not only can such a device bring nature a bit closer to you, but it’s also easy to use, and usually sold for an affordable price. However, juggling dozens of reviews to find the best buy can be tough, especially if you don’t know a lot about these optical instruments. We’ve studied and compared lots of models so we can recommend the ones which provide the highest value and best features. We recommend the Vortex Solo 10×36 800900 – a small monocular that offers increased resistance against extreme weather, high-quality optics with 10x magnification, and ease of use. In case this model runs out of stock, the Vortex Optics Solo is a smart choice as well.



If you’re looking for the best pocket monocular but simply don’t have the time or expertise to find it, then we’re here to help. We can explain the main features of these compact optical instruments and guide you through some of the most appreciated versions so that you get to purchase the right one for your needs.

Choose a small size for extra convenience

While there are many larger models that come with great optical quality, choosing a monocular that’s small and compact can give you many more opportunities than you might think. You don’t have to pack a large viewing device every time and then spend 5 minutes setting it up since a good compact monocular can be within your reach anytime.

These usually measure only a few inches and weigh a few ounces so you can carry them in your pocket or attach them to an outside pocket of your vest, ensuring that you can have them ready in a couple of seconds. If you value spontaneity and the opportunity to catch rare moments in a jiffy, then a small and light monocular is what you need.



With a compact device, you can expect to get a magnification of 7 to 10x, which is usually more than enough for most types of outdoor adventures. These make ideal choices for sports, trekking, boating and even hunting. You can usually get a field of view of 200 to 300 feet at 1000 yards with any of the most popular models.


Optical quality

In case you value quality, you can opt for one of the monoculars which have multiple-coated glass elements. These anti-reflective coatings improve light transmission which means that you get brighter views with higher resolution and better contrast.

With quality coatings, you also get reduced flare so you get to admire the view regardless of your orientation relative to the sun. The prism types are also important, with BaK-4 and BK-7 being the among the most reliable.


Rugged models for extreme environments

Especially if you plan on traveling outdoors a lot regardless of seasons or weather conditions, you want a monocular that can take a lot of abuse. A good choice is a device with an aluminum body and a solid rubber outer casing. The rubber will absorb shocks in case you accidentally drop your monocular as well as give you a firm grip that’s meant to prevent slips in the first place.

You also want your instrument to be sealed against water. Some of the best models for sale feature O-rings which prevent water droplets from rain or fog from seeping through and condensing on the inner lenses.


Affordability is also a factor

There are a multitude of models out there with all sorts of features and magnification ratios. The good thing is that, contrary to other types of optical devices, monoculars aren’t very pretentious, and this means that you don’t have to break the bank to get a decent model.

You can find a cheap compact monocular that offers both quality views and resilience so you can enjoy all outdoor ventures even under unfavorable conditions without going over your budget.



5 Best Compact Monoculars (Reviews) in 2024


With so many monocular models on the market, finding one that’s fit for your style and budget can take quite a bit of time. Fortunately, you don’t have to go through countless compact monocular reviews, we’ve done that for you so you get to select from the very best while you save time and effort.



Vortex Optics Solo R/T Tactical Monocular with MRAD Ranging Reticle


This alternative has a magnification ratio of 8X and an objective lens of 36mm. As a result, because of its wide field of view, this device can be used for range estimation and wildlife observation. What is more, this choice is easy to carry around as it is light in weight and compact in size.

The fully multi-coated lenses that the option features include anti-reflective coatings so that sufficient light can enter the device. Consequently, the buyer will be provided with high-quality, bright images of his/her surroundings.

A small focus wheel and a smaller reticle focus are also featured in the construction of the device, and they enable the owner to focus the monocular in accordance with his/her needs. To make it easy to transport, the manufacturer also includes a utility clip that attaches to one’s vest or belt. The textured rubber armor that covers this device provides extra grip and durability.



This alternative comes fitted with the Vortex R/T Ranging Reticle, a type of reticle focus that makes it easy for the user to estimate ranges correctly.

It incorporates a roof prism and a magnification ratio of 8x. Therefore, it can be used for a wide range of applications.

The unit is quite versatile as it is waterproof, shockproof as well as fog proof. So, you can take it with you on hikes.

Because of the adjustable cups that it comes equipped with, this model can be utilized by glasses wearers. It also includes a handy utility clip.



There was one buyer who complained that the monocular that he received broke after it fell off from the pouch. This has nothing to do with the performance of the device.

Another user noted that the materials used to make the carry case that the model comes with are not high-quality. However, those interested can invest in other cases.





Orion 10×42 Waterproof Monocular


Another option that should make it to your list is the Orion 10×42. This compact monocular is highly portable, and it is perfect for a wide array of activities, including the study of birds and the admiring of the scenery.

Because of its waterproof rubber-armored construction, the device allows one to use it no matter the weather, as the chances of dropping it are rather slim. Overall, this unit measures 6.1 inches in length, and it has a total weight of 11 ounces.

The fully multi-coated optics that it incorporates have an anti-reflective coating that ensures optimum light transmission. According to the seller, this Orion model has a close focus of just 20 inches.

Although this monocular is marketed as waterproof, the seller does not recommend that one uses it for scuba diving. In fact, it is best that you avoid submerging it in water altogether. Its current users speak highly of it.



The biggest advantage of this model is its compact design. Plus, the monocular is lightweight and it can be effortlessly handheld.

On top of that, the lens of the unit measures 42mm and it is covered in anti-reflection coatings that add to its practicality.

The item has a power magnification of 10x and it can supply you with a close-up view of birds and objects.

It is waterproof and it has a rubber-armor construction that makes it durable enough to be used no matter the weather conditions.



There was one reviewer who said that the field of view of the product was distorted. This was the only comment that pointed to this problem.

As it sometimes happens, there were a couple of buyers who complained that they received broken models due to transportation mishaps. This has nothing to do with the performance of the device. In such cases, buyers can ask for a replacement.





Celestron 71213 UpClose G2 10 x 25 Monocular


The Celestron UpClose G2 is a quality monocular at a low price. Thanks to the anti-reflective multi-coatings this device offers highly-detailed views which are brighter and clearer. You get to make distant objects 10 times larger and enjoy bird watching, sporting events, and even hunting.

With the stylish rubber outer layer, this instrument looks good while also offering a solid grip and anti-shock resistance.

The thumb and finger indents are also meant to improve hold and prevent slips. The main body is made of aluminum so you can rest assured that this monocular can take even rough handling in extreme environments.

This model also comes with increased resistance against water so you don’t have to worry about moisture getting inside its body and affecting optical quality. You also get a soft carrying case and binocular straps for extra comfort and safety when traveling.



This model is water resistant and it comes provided with a soft carrying case that one can use for transportation and storage.

A binocular strap is also featured. You can use it when hiking or when going on a bird watching trip.

The body of the unit is covered in a rubber coating that provides buyers with a better grip. Ergonomic thumb indents are also featured in its design.

Because this model includes multi-coated optics, light transmission is enhanced. Therefore, you will be supplied with clear and bright optics.



Some of its previous buyers complained that the device is rather difficult to utilize because it has to be focused constantly. Most owners did not consider this a drawback.

There was a customer who said that, because of the basic features that this product includes, its price is rather high. Still, he did argue that the model is well made and durable.






Vixen 11483 21×21 Zoom Monocular


If you’re looking for an affordable small monocular that offers decent quality, then the Vixen 21×21 is an excellent pick. Its compact body is made to resist mechanical shocks as well as unfavorable weather.

This optical device is designed to keep moisture and water droplets outside and ensure that you get the same quality views even in wet environments.

This convenient monocular is very small and can fit into any backpack external pocket or even a vest pocket so that you can get it out in just a few seconds, making sure that you don’t lose that unique moment.

With a 7~21×21, you get enough magnification to bring distant objects into view and benefit from close-ups of wildlife and scenery that you would miss with the naked eye. This product comes with a soft case that will enable you to protect it during transport as well as a strap for extra comfort.



This model is convenient to use by those who travel a lot as it is lightweight and compact, which is a feature that many appreciate.

It has a sturdy body that was made using high-quality materials and, as a result, it can pass the test of time.

The unit has a magnification ratio of 21x and an optical lens that measures 21mm. A carrying case for easy storage is provided in the deal.

Given that it is waterproof, this alternative can be utilized in all types of weather. This feature is valued by numerous buyers.



Because this device has a high power of magnification and a small optical lens, its field of view is rather small. Not all users consider this a drawback.

This choice comes provided with a limited set of features. As a result, it should be pointed out that it might not suit everybody’s’ expectations.


Steiner Miniscope 8×22 2311


Despite its small size, this device packs quite a punch.

You get brighter and sharper views thanks to the high-contrast optical coatings, bringing nature a bit closer to you while offering an impressive amount of detail. With the 8x magnifying power, you see objects in greater detail, while the Sports auto-focus feature can give you sharp focus from 65 feet to infinity with minimum fuss.

The body of the Steiner Miniscope is made of hard plastic combined with metal which makes it resilient in any kind of environment. Weighing only 2.82 ounces, this small and lightweight monocular can fit in any pocket without weighing you down, ready to use anytime.

Besides offering high-quality optics and performance, this device is also aesthetically appealing, with a futuristic and minimalistic design that will surely make a good impression wherever you go.



Alpen Optics 10×25 124


This Alpen Optics model is a nice addition to any nature lover and hiking adventurer. Built with style, this monocular provides 10x magnification so you can enjoy distant views and animals effortlessly. At 1000 yards you get a field of view of 279 feet with lots of detail and good contrast.

All BaK-4 glass elements are multi-coated so that they increase light transmission which results in brighter and clearer images with improved contrast and edge sharpness.

You get to enjoy the surroundings and study wildlife a lot easier while also benefiting from the long eye relief which will prevent fatigue even after prolonged use.

This optical instrument features a rubber coating and an ergonomic grip which ensures protection against damage and moisture infiltration and offers comfortable handling. The wrist strap is a nice addition that will prevent accidental and give you an extra carrying option.


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