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Best automotive borescopes in 2024 – Comparison & Reviews

Last Updated: 24.06.24


Top Automotive Borescopes This Year – Guide & Comparative Analysis


If you’re focused on efficiency, you’ve got no time to waste and need to find the best automotive borescope faster. This paragraph should help identify the model you need. We made some research and our findings suggest that the Teslong Endoscope Kit is the best because it has the compact design that would be helpful when you have to operate with one hand. Having a good control over the endoscope is crucial. It also features a quality semi-rigid cable that gets the job done. Soft cables or overly rigid probes don’t reach their destination or miss it entirely, and this model has exactly what is needed. The rechargeable battery that has a long enough life to let you complete your day’s work is another good reason for which we think this is the right product. If the Teslong Endoscope Kit is unavailable, your next option should be the Depstech Wireless Endoscope.



Comparison table


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There are various types of borescopes now available on the market and plenty of features. You won’t need all of them, but it’s important to know what the options are. This way, depending on the kind of investigation you are interested in, you can pick the sort of instrument that suits you best. Pay more attention to the features we listed below.


The best borescope reviews will always stress the importance of a good camera on an endoscope. Since the main reason we use these instruments is to see as clearly as possible objects and features to which we don’t have access, the importance of this characteristic is self-explanatory.

An automotive borescope camera needs HD lenses and a well-sealed pocket. But the camera alone will not be very helpful if the images are not exploited as they should.

Don’t forget to add the adequate lighting, otherwise over-exposed or poorly-illuminated still frames will be holding you down.



The screen of and endoscope is essential if you want to analyze the images you receive correctly. If the screen is too small for your purpose or the quality is lost because of the LCD, your frustration will grow. Color HD LCD screens are obviously one of the most attractive solutions.

Using a laptop, tablet or even a smartphone is possible today and very convenient, but some professional inspections will require better portability or waterproof features (and you should consider those, too). If that’s not the case, then you could give it a try.



This is a top concern since most of the automotive investigations take lots of time and energy and are supposed to go smoothly from one end to the other. Stopping work for a recharge is not the best option.

Lithium rechargeable batteries that offer long hours of continuous work are a reliable solution, and there are plenty endoscopes for sale that have this specification.


Rigid borescopes are the first to emerge and have been successfully used for military and industrial purposes before been marketed for the general use. They have a simple structure, they’re durable and are easy to use, that’s why they stayed popular for a long time.

Rigid borescopes consist of an optical device attached to a straight tube, a telescope-like instrument with optical lenses. They were primarily used for boreholes and gun barrel examinations.

This sort of instrument, with improved features, is still important in industrial investigations since they provide the best image quality. You will probably find rigid borescopes recommended by the best automotive borescope reviews.

Semi-rigid borescopes, on the other hand, have the important advantage of reaching tight spaces and small spots for which there is no direct access.  Although they make a compromise as far as it concerns image quality, they can bend and go behind obstacles. They will be preferred over much more expensive devices by smaller companies where finesse observations are not vital.

Fiberscopes are made out a bundle of fiber optics. Tightening together thousands of fiber strands, they relay the image directly to the eyepiece. They render a distorted image of the objects when they bend and lack some of the clarity of optic instruments.

Videoscopes are what you can usually find on the market. Typically using LCD screens and a micro-camera, they have dramatically improved the quality of the image, especially since technological advancement made so much progress.

Lots of engines, turbines, valves or pipes need to be inspected like this. The high-end industrial use video borescopes won’t come cheap, but they do save a lot of money.



5 Best Automotive Borescopes (Reviews) in 2024


If any of the above has given you a search direction, you can start by checking the best automotive borescopes that are showcased below.



1. Teslong Industrial Endoscope LCD Screen Borescope


The Teslong Endoscope Kit is a new video digital recording endoscope that has several highly desirable features.

The portable, handheld device has a 3.5 inch LCD screen and a semi-rigid waterproof probe camera. The camera probe uses a progressive scan technology for sharper pictures, while other products on the market use interlace scanning.

The QVGA color LCD monitor only weighs 7 oz, so you’ll feel comfortable using it with one hand. The TF card with a 32GB capacity makes it easy to store the captured images or videos with a resolution that reaches up to 3 MP and 720P, respectively.

The probe is a semi-rigid snake tube with high durability and a good flexibility. The purchase gives you the opportunity to use the accessories included in the kit, to ease your work and get better results. The magnet, hook, and mirror can be used as attachments to the probe to retrieve objects and reveal lost items.



The compact design supports a progressive scanning camera probe of only 0.21 inches in diameter and bearing 6 LED lights. For demanding applications, this seems like the right instrument.

It has a great semi-rigid cable that is flexible enough to turn angles and still hold its shape for entering the tight spots you need to reach. Having a reliable cable is essential, especially for models with a longer cable.

The weight and size make it portable and easy to operate. The screen is 3.5 inches it weighs less than half a pound, so you can handle it with one hand.

The battery offers power for a full workday. The rechargeable Li-Ion battery makes the device capable of 6 hours continuous operation time.

The kit is of good quality and useful, not just for the filling.



The focal distance is not ideal for all applications. Those that need the close-up approach are not in advantage.


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2. Wireless Depstech Premium IP67 Waterproof WiFi Borescope


This new type of borescope is one of the top choices on the market thanks to its great compatibility. It works well with both types of mobile devices, Android (above Android 4.4) and iPhone (above IOS 8.0). Inspection work has become more accessible for all purchasers.

The compatibility is easy to achieve by simply using a wifi connection. Installing the WIFI VIEW app on your device will make that possible.

The Depstech Wireless Endoscope uses a 2MP HD Cmos camera that captures images and videos of the inspected place. The camera is waterproof and sports 6 adjustable LED lights and that allows you to probe poorly illuminated or dark spaces, as well as damp or wet environments.

The semi-rigid cable displays flexibility instead of softness and works in a variety of confined places.

You can use the device for multiple applications, starting from car repair and equipment inspection, down to household maintenance and water pipe investigation.



This new type of endoscope works well with both Android smartphones (above Android 4.4) and with iPhones (above IOS 8.0). This high adaptability makes it great for all hi-tech fans.

It’s a wireless device and it has an easy setup. Using an app called WIFI VIEW, the device can be installed without adapters or cables.

The camera offers high-resolution images. You can use it to record close range HD images reaching a 2MP resolution. It enables you to save AVI videos as well and save snapshots of various resolutions.

The waterproof camera on a long probe makes it well-adapted to damp or wet environments.

The bendable semi-rigid cable can hold its shape to access confined places and distant spots. You can skip costly investigations and find out the exact problem.



A foggy image in very dark places seems to be the main issue of this endoscope, although it uses LED lighting.


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3. General Tools DCS600A Waterproof Borescope


The General Tools DCS600A is designed specifically for inspection purposes. It’s easier to diagnose and repair using this tool, no matter if you’re dealing with an engine, clogged pipe or hole in the wall.

Relying on its waterproof feature, the gadget can face wet environments of any kind. Not only the probe but also the grip and monitor are watertight and leakproof to a depth of 1 meter.

The camera has VGA resolution of 640×480 p and adjustable LED brightness. For careful inspection, the image can be inverted 180 degrees and zoomed up to 4 times. This way no fault can go unnoticed.

The inspection camera has three accessories for a full use of its capacities (a mirror, a pickup hook and a magnetic pickup). In addition to these elements, a hard plastic carrying case is part of the deal, so that it’s easier to store and ready to be taken to work.



Ideal for automotive, plumbing and general inspection applications, the General Tools DCS600A is a professional borescope with specific features.

The waterproof feature is enhanced compared to other brands. The grip and monitor are also watertight and accidentally spilling water on them won’t affect your work.

The inspection camera has a very small diameter (only 8 mm) and that makes it easier for you to inspect tight pipes, valves or cylinders.

The device has great camera focus and viewing field. The 1-meter long probe can far-focus and the depth of field goes from 2.4 inches to 10 feet.

The grip handle and 3.5 inches LCD screen make this borescope easy to carry and to handle.



The AA batteries make this instrument less appealing. You would always have to carry a set of batteries with you, in case the one you use gets depleted.


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4. Oiiwak Borescope with Dual Cameras 


This model adopts an innovative design that uses dual cameras, and you can switch between the front and side-facing cameras mid-task so that you can get a full view of the situation. Both cameras use the same CMOS chip, which means that they deliver the same crisp pictures and smooth Full HD videos.

The side-facing camera is, without a doubt, the most impressive feature of this model because of just how useful it is. When inserting the endoscope into tight and complicated places, such as the valves of a car’s cylinders, having the ability to switch to a 90-degree view on the spot can help you get out of some tricky situations.

All the data from the two cameras is displayed on the beautiful IPS screen that can display brighter and more natural colors and has a wider viewing angle so that you won’t have to move it constantly to get the best view.



The IPS screen is more power-efficient, and it allows the built-in 2800mAh rechargeable lithium battery to deliver up to four hours of continuous working time.

Both cameras and the cable that connects them to the central unit are waterproof, which means that the unit can be used in a wide variety of humid environments.

It comes with a hook tip and magnet tip so that you can use the product to retrieve small items.

Both cameras are equipped with LED lights so that you can navigate through dark environments and still enjoy clear and crisp images.

The wire has enough stiffness to let you progress effortlessly along tight spaces.



It doesn’t come with a case to hold the item and its accessories together, so you will need to purchase one if you don’t want to risk misplacing them.

It’s a bit expensive, but that’s expected considering the dual-camera configuration.


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5. Autel MV400-5.5 MaxiVideo Digital Inspection Camera


It has a good image and a useful angle for detailed examination and you can retrieve both still images and videos with the help of its camera.

For those who prefer to see the videos on a different device, that is also possible, as the endoscope offers the capability to stream directly to a PC.

You can keep recordings in its memory or store them on a microSD card. Being able to send clients details about the repairs makes this good for business.

The model has an easy-to-use, multilingual interface, a nice touch for any technical instrument that needs skillful handling.  

The product relies, for its power supply, on an inbuilt rechargeable battery that provides you many hours of use. It also runs with the charger plugged in.



This is a digital videoscope, providing the user with the same ability to examine hard-to-reach spots but bearing different features from the more popular endoscopes. It can record and play digital still images and videos, acting as an operator station. For detailed examinations, that is a benefit one would be glad to have at any time.

The product has a good LCD display, showing high-resolution images in full color.

The Autel MV400 has a wide camera angle for images with 640×480 resolution. That makes it easier to see how the details integrate into the perspective and solve complicated issues.

The videoscope can save the still images and videos on the flash memory or on microSD card, to be later retrieved, analyzed and filed.

The camera’s viewing capacity is further enhanced by the autofocus feature that works as close as 1 inch.



Darkness makes the picture quality decrease because it only has 2 LED lights.

The Autel MV400 is a videoscope that perfectly serves its purpose, being used by people in the car industry and repairs shops.


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Unavailable products


Dbpower Color LCD Screen Endoscope Semi Rigid


The DBPOWER Endoscope is a handy device that can bring you great advantages when dealing with inspection work.

By using an inspection camera of only 8.2 mm and a color LCD screen of 2.7 inches with HD image rendition, it can help you get rid of problems that you didn’t even know existed.

For a long and productive inspection work, you can rely on a strong Lithium battery that has a long life of up to 6 hours continuous work that allows easy recharge.

The lengthy cable that sports a waterproof camera and adjustable LED lights is capable of reaching small spaces in inaccessible places and record high res videos.

Maneuvering the endoscope is made easy by the compact design. It allows the user to operate the button with one hand while directing the camera with the other one.

The endoscope has several accessories that can ease identification and retrieve of small objects.



The DBPOWER Endoscope has an HD color screen of 2.7 inches that renders the images with clarity, so you can interpret significant details correctly.

The compact handheld design is ideal for maintaining control of all the buttons with one hand. When you’re under the sink, or any other impossible position, that matters a lot.

The Lithium rechargeable battery can face up to 6 hours of continuous work, and that is the amount of inspection you can deal with on a regular day.

The easy recharge that can be done with a standard micro-USB and possibility to completely replace it since it’s a standard type, are a considerable advantage.



The cable doesn’t have enough rigidity and that makes it less capable of reaching the difficult areas that need inspection.

Zooming in on objects as you view them seems to be less efficient than in the case of other cameras.





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