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Vortex Viper hst 6-24×50 Review

Last Updated: 06.12.21



Main advantage


This riflescope combines two of the most popular rifle scope models from Vortex’s lineup to give customers a feature-rich product at a fair price. If you’re in the market for a versatile firearm attachment then this option is a right pick that can rival with most of the other alternatives currently available.

It doesn’t matter if you are perched on the top of a mountain or tree stand or if you are shooting bolt guns or ARs since the Viper hst offers optimized performance for all of your shooting applications. This has helped this model garner customer appreciation as well as critical acclaim.

Thus, the main advantage of this model is without a doubt the versatility it offers since the unit has a professional-grade construction with an optical system that offers unparalleled performance. It will make every shooting application more enjoyable since you can trust this model to provide consistent performance each time.

Furthermore, the versatility of this option also equates to ease of use since this model provides fast-target acquisition, precision, and easy operation so that everyone can enjoy the benefits of a high-quality riflescope no matter their skill level.

Thus, if you’re looking for a unit that will make your long-range engagements successful, the Vortex Viper hst 6-24×50 is the product for you.


Main disadvantage


While for the most part, Vortex has done a tremendous job with this model, there are a few aspects worth considering before purchasing it. The first one that we want to get out of the way is probably the most obvious one: the price. This riflescope is priced relatively high and that may tempt you to go for other options that are available for much cheaper.

The catch here is that although the Vortex may be expensive when compared to other products, the brand has made sure to offer the best value for money. While it is true that from an objective viewpoint it is quite expensive, you do get what you pay for.

It may not be the best choice for people who have a tight budget, but it is certainly a worthwhile investment if you can afford it. With that out of the way, there is little else to complain about this option apart from two extra small details.

First, the eye relief is a bit short and that means that it may take you a little longer to position your eyes at the maximum magnification of 24x. Lastly, the magnification adjustments are a bit stiff but nothing you can’t get used to over time.


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Main features explained


Top-notch optics

This high-quality riflescope offers incredible performance thanks to the premium optics that produce incredibly crisp and defined images with an adjustable magnification of up to 24x. You get an excellent field of view at every magnification which should make it easier to keep the view stable on the target.

The image does tend to get a bit fuzzy once you reach the maximum magnification of 24x but it is not something that detracts from the overall quality of this option. You can also opt not to go further than 20x since that magnification should be more than enough for most hunting applications.

Furthermore, the lens is coated which allows the instrument to push even more light and provide brilliant pictures in most lighting conditions, even at dusk and dawn when natural light is almost absent. The unit also has a very easy-to-use parallax dial which makes the focal point of the lens even clearer.

As far as the reticle is concerned, Vortex has decided to use the same old ubiquitous design which is by no means a bad thing since there is no need to fix something that already works very well. There is instead an improvement to the markings which are now easier to read and based in larger units so that you can adjust the scope on the go.


Great interior and exterior construction

This model is both waterproof and fogproof which is very important for a product that is meant to be used in outdoor conditions, especially considering that when hunting you are very likely to encounter rough conditions.

The waterproof ability comes from the O-ring seals which will stop moisture, dust, and debris from finding their way inside the scope. Internal fogging is eliminated entirely by the argon gas purging so that your view will never again be obstructed.  

For the exterior of the product, Vortex uses a single-piece 30mm tube which is made from aircraft-grade aluminum. This choice of material helps amplify the strength and rigidity of the exterior body while also improving precision and visual performance.

Another advantage of aluminum is that it is very light and that helps make this firearm attachment much more lightweight without sacrificing sturdiness. Thanks to the excellent aluminum exterior construction, the scope is shockproof and it can withstand both impacts and recoil.

The aluminum is hard anodized and has a low-glare finish so that your position is not given away while hiding in a bush or tree stand. Additionally, there’s the ultra-hard Armor Tek coating which complements the metal construction to protect the exterior of the lenses against scratches, dirt, and other debris.


Accuracy and convenience

Another area in which the Vortex Viper hst 6-24×50 stands out is the accuracy that it offers and that is thanks in part to the efficiency of the internal mechanism design which promotes improved performance and accuracy in all conditions and applications.

The Customizable rotational Stop lets you go back to zero once you have made elevation corrections and the Precision-Force Spring System encourages maximum repeatability and easy adjustments. You can also use the new Precision-Glide Erector System instead if you prefer to make the adjustments yourself. Both systems provide very smooth adjustments.

While this model may not be aimed at beginners, it doesn’t mean that ease of use is not a focus at Vortex since this model is big on convenience. It comes with extra features to make your time in the field easier and more enjoyable.

There’s also the MAG-view fiber optic which provides clear magnification reference points, coupled with an easy-to-use radius bar that features tactile and visible reference points for your turret rotations. Thanks to the exposed design of the turrets, adjusting the windage and elevation is very precise and quick.

Lastly, the scope also features a fast-focus eyepiece which allows it to deliver quick and simple reticle focus.


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