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Leupold Mark 5 Riflescope Review

Last Updated: 15.07.24

The gear and equipment you use when shooting and hunting hold great importance as far as the results you get are concerned. Aiming at your target with great precision is significantly simplified and improved when you use a quality riflescope. In case you need a new one or you’re a beginner and don’t know where to start, this review might be of help. 

The Leupold Mark 5 Riflescope is one of the most popular models in this category of products and the reasons behind being highly appreciated by users come in plenty. From the solid build to the superior clarity delivered, this unit breathes performances and durability. Here is more on what makes this product stand out. 


Main advantage

Built with quality materials and equipped with noteworthy features, this riflescope is committed to performing and doing so even in unpleasant weather conditions. The benefits delivered by this particular model are various and they range from durability to versatility. The main advantage that comes to our mind, though, is the enhanced clarity provided. 

When out there shooting, getting a clear view of your target is essential for achieving good results. With this item, you will not only see your game accurately, but you will do so even in low-light conditions. 

Because light conditions change throughout a day and weather may change as well during longer shooting sessions, this riflescope was designed to make sure that such changes won’t affect the visibility and clarity you need to end your sessions successfully. 

To deliver such results, the Leupold Mark 5 Riflescope comes with the Twilight Max HD Light Management system that boasts various remarkable specs that are committed to performing admirably.

For example, the unit can add up to 30 extra minutes of shooting light, reduce 90% more glare than other products in this line, and provide edge-to-edge clarity. With such specs, the item can only elevate your experience and help you go home with that big game. 


Main disadvantage

Given the quality materials used to build this product, its design, the lenses, and the light management system featured, the product may fall a bit on the expensive side. However, if you’re passionate about shooting and you often engage in such activities, then getting such a unit is an inspired thing to do. 

Not only because it will take your experience and results one step higher, but also because it will keep up with extended use and various weather conditions. The solid build and the various product characteristics are bound to perform nicely and do so for a long time; therefore, you will receive a durable product that won’t need replacement anytime soon. 

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Main features explained


Choosing a quality riflescope might not be an easy task since such products boast specific characteristics that require attention. Moreover, the market now offers a variety of models and one can be easily confused by this multitude of scopes. 

To help you know more about this particular model, we have highlighted below some of the features that render it worthy of consideration. 

Superior performance

A quality riflescope should perform. That’s the primary purpose of such a unit. It is preferable to have a nice design as well but that counts less. What one expects from this type of product is to ensure clarity and take the user one step closer to getting the desired game. This unit was engineered to perform and, therefore, comes packed with a few remarkable specs. 

The clarity delivered by a scope is the most important factor to consider before buying. With the Leupold Mark 5 Riflescope, you will get enhanced clarity even if you employ the item in low-light conditions. What makes this possible is the Twilight Max HD Light Management system used. 

Thanks to this system, the riflescope will get you a clear view even when using it in lower light conditions. It is designed to help you focus on your target and where your shot goes and, therefore, it reduces 90% more glare than other items in this line of products. 

Moreover, it adds up to 30 extra minutes of shooting time, which might prove to be of great help if you don’t hold back from engaging in long shooting sessions. The premium edge-to-edge HD lens clarity ensured is bound to improve your experience and make it more likely for you to go home with the desired game. 

Offering a 5x-25x magnification range and superior clarity, the product is worth adding to your list of options whether you’re a beginner or a more advanced shooter. 


Solid build

Even if you check the weather forecast before going out for a new shooting session, you still might be taken by surprise and find yourself in the middle of heavy raining. Thanks to the way this riflescope was built and the materials used for its construction, you won’t be affected by harsh weather conditions as the item promises to perform regardless of these changes.

The waterproof, fogproof, and shockproof build renders this scope ideal for a variety of shooting settings. You can thus use it all year round and in various climate conditions, a feature that adds to the value of this model. 

Think of how much and fast weather can change and how that can affect your shooting if you use non-waterproof equipment. In most cases, if not all, the use of shooting gear and items that are not weather resistant, fogproof, and waterproof means the ending of your hunting. Not with this scope from Leupold. 

If you’re very close to shooting your target and the weather changes all of a sudden, you can still go on with your activity if your rifle is coupled with this scope. The product has gone through thorough testing before being released. The seals and gas blend have thus been tested to a 33-foot depth and different pressure changes. 

What’s more, the item promises to perform at -40ºF to 160ºF, which is impressive even for a product in this category. Also, as we’ve mentioned above, the light management system will get you up to 30 extra minutes of shooting light. Put these two advantages together and you get longer and more successful sessions. 


Ease of use

While shooting, you should focus on your target and aiming at it precisely. Making the adjustments required by your specific shooting conditions and needs should also be done effortlessly, so you can focus on the game. 

Here is where this unit also excels. It was designed to deliver superior performance and do so without calling for complicated settings. Ease of operation is also part of the advantages delivered by this riflescope. The item features an ergonomic design and provides users with three revolutions of elevation adjustment, a revolution indicator, and a push-button Zero Lock. 

Furthermore, the audible click adjustments and large numbers will simplify your experience. The powerful 5:1 zoom ratio and optional high-speed throw lever will contribute to the performance, versatility, and ease of use delivered.  

The Front Focal Plane will make it possible for the reticle to magnify along with the image, which helps the user estimate range at any magnification setting. The adjustment on the side will help you focus the parallax easily whereas the fast-focus eyepiece will help you acquire the reticle quickly. 


Quality finish and lightweight design

On top of everything we’ve mentioned above, the product stands out through its design as well. With so many noteworthy specs, you’d expect such a product to compromise on weight, yet this unit proves that you can get superior performance from a lightweight scope, too. 

The item measures 17.1 x 3.8 x 4.1 inches and weighs only 30 ounces, which is up to 20 ounces less than other products in this class. The compact unit can thus easily be added to your shooting gear as it requires little space. 

Even if the unit is lightweight, it is committed to resisting impacts. The product was built to withstand at least 5,000 impacts on the manufacturer’s recoil simulation machine, the Punisher. Each impact has a force of 3x the recoil of a .308 rifle. You can rest assured that this scope won’t break or fail anytime soon and that you will get to use it for a long time. 

Durability is further enhanced by the scratch-resistant lenses used. They will protect the glass and extend its lifespan, so you can cover your hunting-related needs for years to come. Despite being so solid and durable, the item has a nice matte finish that cuts a fine figure not only from a visual point of view but also from a tactile standpoint. 

The 1 Lithium Metal battery needed for the scope to work is included in the pack; therefore, you can install it and use it immediately upon arrival. The product is designed and assembled in the USA. 


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